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123 Classic 70s Hairstyles For A Modern Day Look

Times have changed, but the love for hairstyles has not; not will it ever. If we glance back to the history of hairstyling, the 1970s brought some pretty iconic styles from the free-flowing feathers touch to the puffy bowls that have survived through all these decades. The 70s was a decade of change- A change so bold and so overstated. The 70s hairstyles have surely influenced a lot of fashion designers like Chloe, Victoria Beckham, etc. till this date.

70s hairstyles are fun and glamorous at the same time. Many hairstyles evolved in the 70s that made hairstyles the direct token of that time. A lot of hairstyles were created in the 70s that involved experimenting and growing, of course. 1970s hairstyles varied from long, soft and feminine to short, edgy and androgynous. A lot of TV and film stars were the main source of inspiration for the 70s hairstyles. Celebrities like Cher, Donna Summer, Liza Minelli, Farrah; these women were the poster gals all over the place with their flicked feathers and shag hair-dos.

Although the most popular hairstyles were the bouncy feather cuts, skimmed bangs, the shag hairs, etc. which might seem a little inconvenient in this decade but some tweaks and turns go a long way, ladies. Here we shall look into the 70s hairstyle gallery to get some insight into the updos practiced back then. You’ll not help but fall in love, for sure.

Braided Partitions

Just one look at it, and you know it is classic. 70s hairstyle involved multiple tiny braids on the front and mid-section of the hair that seems like beautiful partitions. The use of vintage jewels makes the look more glance-worthy.

Back Puffs

Back puffs were pretty popular in the 70s for the seeming volume and body that it gave to the hair. The puffs really create a great presentation to your hair. And thanks to the fashion industry, puffs haven’t died. Add some curls to make your hair look more vintagey.

Blonde Bangs

This hairstyle looks super achievable and easy to get as it is still worn by many ladies throughout the world. The blonde hair with some front bangs does not seem so tricky, does it?

Frizzy Curls

Ah! Who knew frizz could also look so glamorous, right? 70s hairstyle normally didn’t brace the sleek and polished hairdos as we are aware of. The frizzy hair on that wavy hair is surely very tempting.

Brow Skimming Bangs

Another very popular 70s hairstyle is the skimmed bangs which are still not backing down, girls. Actress Dakota Johnson also wears the brow-skimming bangs as her signature hairstyle for its soft, long, and loose manner. Quiet frankly, I have tried the brow-skimming bangs, and my eyes had never been more enhanced.

Long Bowl Cut With Fringes

70s hairstyle era proved that the bowl cuts don’t have to be terribly boring all the time. Don’t take my words; just see for yourself. The long bowl cut with packed fringes surely flings a 70’s TV star vibe!

Loose Fringes

The loose fringes on a medium sized hair isn’t a very bad idea, is it? It looks quite charming and manageable, too. Fringes were worn tightly back in the 60s, but as it evolved more, these loosely worn fringes became more preferable.


Classic Pop Star Hair

I am in awe of this classic 70s hairstyle and makeup. The fringes falling fringes and the puffy hair makes this look so iconic that I can’t even wait to try it out. Choosing colors is really delicate for the hair glow.

Side Swept Puff

Another classic 70s hairstyle is the ultra side swept puff. This hairstyle frames your face perfectly, contouring it all the while. This is a perfect hairdo for school and a day out. And I am pretty sure that you won’t regret wearing this updo.


Long Beachy Waves

Our all-time favorite hairstyle: The long beachy waves actually originated in the 70s. Did you know it? Well, now, you do! Add some long front fringes for more allure and charm.

Frizzy Classic

If you see any hairstyle with a frizzy element to it, then remember that if came straight outta the 70s. Just look at how effortless and amazing this hair looks. Wear this hair like a morning rock star any day.

Sleek and Straight

I personally like to call it ‘an evergreen’ hair because the straight and sleek hair fits everywhere and anywhere, anytime any day! It is so true because we can wear this sleek 70s hairstyle on any hair length and types. Get ready to rock your world.

Elegant Curls

This is the kind of hairstyle that you can wear to a ball or a gala; simply say a party! The elegant looking lengthy curls can be pulled off on any events and trust me when I say they are just awesome!

Hair Bands

The leather headbands practically started from the 70s that look so classy. The all-around headbands create a sexy element to any kind of look. No matter the hair length and size, you can always opt for the headbands to get the 70s look.

Curly Tied Up Hair

Nothing is hurt you when you wear a tied up curly hair with an extravagant makeup. This looks like she just came out of a fashion runway. Opt this look for the festive season and cherish the 70s vibe, gals. 

Front HeadBand

Ah, here comes the sexy baseball player look. Wearing plain elastic headbands along the hairline originated from the 70s, and it still survives through all these years. This is a simple addition of accessory to totally change the hair look just within a few seconds.

Classic Hairstyle

One of the most elegant hairstyles to date comes all the way from the 70s. This hairstyle is also otherwise called “the Barbie hairdo”, for its charming look and vintage vibe. A lot of 70s TV and film stars wore this look that influenced a several girls throughout the world.


Temple Bangs

As the name refers, the following style with the front bangs seems to resemble the temple shape mostly because of the middle partition and sided fringes. The brow-skimming bangs are surely a great invention into the 70s hairstyle.


Auburn Wedge Cut

Wedge cut is the most popular 70s hairstyle. The trend of the wedge cut was brought into the fashion industry by Dorothy Hamill, which portrayed a bit more of puffiness and volume. But you can try this look with a polished and sleek side and color your hair with some pigmented auburn colors to get a workday look.

Half Perm Hair

Perm hairdo exhibits style and a magnificent change to a regular day hairdo. In this 70s hairstyle, the fall hair starts with a sleek and straight hair that slowly transitions into a frizzy perm hair. This looks very comfortable as well as doable, too.

Brow Skimming Bangs on A Short Hair

To even out your classic 70s look. Try some brow skimming bangs that were so popular back in the day. Even now, a lot of celebrities to models and regular day gals pull off this hairstyle on the red carpet to the runway and home, too. It is super stylish and chic.


High Volume Wedge

This 70s haircut is the same as the side swept, razor-edged wedge cut but with a slight tweak. You can carry off the wedge cut on a puffy and voluminous hair as well. This is the look that Dorothy Hamill influenced a lot of young hearts.

Step Cut

Looking through the gallery, we also found out that the step cut originally came from the 70s. The step cut gives a stepped layer to the hair. It mostly looks great on a wavy or curly hair as it gives the hair with more visibility and depth. Try this cut for a casual look.


Redheads have always been a center point of attraction, and this auburn red hair rolled around from the 70s.

Stylish HeadBands

As the headbands look so great when worn along the hairline; you can choose to wear headbands with multiple eye-catching patterns and designs. Headbands look great for summery casual days as it protects your face too.

Medium Length Bangs

Every bang has a story to tell, and so does the classic 70s medium length bangs. The length of the bang does not reach the brow, which gives a somewhat fierce and tempting look. This hairdo makes me think of a deep dark secret. It is great for an everyday look.


Bandanas are very, very popular these days, right? Girls find tying a bandana on their hairline very comforting as it avoids the falling hairs and also gives a catchy look after all. You can choose pretty colors whichever favors you and rock your summer day look. This 70s hairstyle comes handy on vacation while traveling.

Extra Large Pouf

To be quiet honest, this large and heavy pouf is not my cup of tea. In fact, I find it very difficult to even imagine me with such a weight on my hair. Hands down to the 70s queens for pulling off such an amazing and difficult hairdo. If you want to carry this look, then you’ll surely need lots of hair products and guidance, too. But if you have the heart to carry it, I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

Box Braids

Box braids have been around the corner for a very long time now, and it’s a perfect style for getting a protective look, girls. Try the cornrows with some added beads to it.

Queen Look

This look reminds me of the hairstyles from “The Lord Of The Rings” movie series. The front crown surely accentuates the whole look making it ‘queen-like’!

Back Pouf

The poufs were pretty popular as the 70s hairstyles for its volume and body. The poufs help elongate the face and give your hair a great body, too. Add it with bangs for lot more vibrancy.

Rolls At The Front

This is such a chic hairdo of all time! The puffy hair with rolls hanging at the front added with a head band makes this hair look very lacy and vibrant.

Vacation Hair

Just let your layered hair and the long bangs flow with the breeze and enjoy your vacation hair all the way from the 70’s. 

Thick Perms

Depending on the size of the curling rod, you can always go for thick or thin perms. The thick perms surely give a 70s hairstyle vibe, doesn’t it?

School Girl Hair

You are under a rock if you haven’t heard of the school girl hairdo. This 70s hairstyle with a high ponytail tied up with ribbons and the front falling bangs is a great hairdo for kids and even a jolly adult. I wore this hairstyle to school every single day and never got bored of. 




Layered cut on a wavy hair surely looks very elegant, right? Can’t wait to try it out.

The Bushy Hairstyle

This 70s hairstyle is most popular among the African-American women. This hairstyle provides the hair with a lot of volume and body. Simply gorgeous.

Half-up, Half-down

The half up, half down hairstyle never seem to go out of style. Ribbons were surely a 70s thing so try this 70s hairstyle for weddings to a casual day.

High Updo

The classic curled 70s high updo is surely a game changer. Try this look to standout and turn all the heads on the way, girls.

Stylish Side Hairpin

The vintage hairstyles go a long with some dramatic hairpins. You can coil up your bangs and add an extraordinary piece of clip to attract the eyes.

Puffy Ponytail

To get a puffy ponytail, you can backcomb your hair or add some artificial padding to the back of your hair. Rock the 70s hairstyle with a simple pouf!

Lacy Hair

Even when someone wears a lacy 70s hairstyle these days, all yes are fixed on the lady, trust me. It is simply amazing.

Medium Wedge, Short Wedge, Long Wedge

The hairstyles shown below are the three different variations of the 70s hairstyle. The wedges can be worn on a long, medium, or short hair. Go with a hairstyle whichever flatters your look. 


The Long Curls

This hairstyle came out directly from the TV show back on the ’70s. Love the way the hair is dressed with a bunch of flattering curls and the tied up bangs up in the front. Simply gorgeous and seductive, no? It is perfect for long hair.

Tall Pouf

Let me say that this hairstyle is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to go with a pouf that elongates your face, then you must surely try this 70s hairstyle.

Crazy Red Hair

Love how the red pigments come out so well with the makeup and how glowing she looks! You can try this 70s hairstyle for a change, girls.

Side Bangs

Side bangs and a flower tucked on the side can totally make a ‘good hair day’! 

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Band And Fringes

To get the ultimate 70s look, you gotta tie a front headband and let your jolly fringes fall down in perfection. This is the most amazing 70s hairstyle of all time.


The use of hats elated from the 70s for a classic hot-shot look for girls. An addition of a simple hat won’t hurt anyone.

Swooping Curls

I am a big fan of the swooping curls as they are easy to get, and it looks stylish at the same time. This 70s hairstyle is a great one!

Back Combed Hair

Did you know that the back combed hair can do a lot of magic to your hair? Yes! The back combed hair brings out the extra volume to your hair, giving it the 70s runway model vibe.


Braiding the hair has always been so much fun, and it is a quick takeout hairstyle of all time. You can braid your bangs horizontally to get an alluring look once and for all, girls!

Shortest Fringes

If you wanna go for an intimidating and a fierce look, then you should get some short and straight fringes. To get the exact element, paint your hair by a cool and refreshing shade of ash and get the 70s hairstyle.

Long Bandana

I still use an eye-catchy and vibrant colored bandana to tie my hair to get that 70s hairstyle once and for all. It is a great option to choose vibrant colors and let the remaining fabric fall on the sides as shown in the picture.


The Curly and Frizzy Hairstyle

Love how amazingly the 70s women pull off the curls and frizzes, even. I am a great fan of the 70s hairstyles! It looks so effortless, and you can wear it anywhere and feel like an absolute superstar! Both the pictures shown below look so tempting, right?

Crown Braid

Just imagining a crown braid on a black hair gives me an irresistible rush to get it done! You can see how beautiful this hairstyle looks accompanied by the fringes. Simply the prettiest by making her eyes pop.

Ribbon Ties On A 70s Hairstyle

Hold on to the ribbon ties and the back combing to get this classic 70s hairstyle. This hairstyle actually frames your face and gives the chubby cute look to the whole outlook! 

Bands on A Pouf

Next up we have a tall back pouf that is accentuated by a totally contrasting hairband. This look is great for cherry blonde hairs as it makes the color more noticeable and pretty!

Curled Bob

Stacked bob is one of the very embarking hairstyles of all time. Here, bob has a curled effect to it, and the length is kept medium, AKA manageable.

Plain Hair

Gosh, is this a fancy hairstyle! You can check out the 70s hairstyle tutorials to get the swooping curl on a plain hair. Whoever lays their eyes on this hair, will surely fall for it. 

Men’s Style

Women can always rock anything, be it the men’s clothes or even the hairdos. This style is eye catchy, and the front hairline is given a slightly tousled effect. I can’t believe how gorgeous it can look!


Ahhhh! Just another classic 70s fringes with a braided bun for you to try it out.

Like A Cap

This hairdo literally looks like a cap is placed on her head. This 70s hairstyle creates a beautiful dimension to the hair, and it looks very, very charming. This updo can be a break from your boring everyday look, girls. Think about it.

Sleek Blonde Hair

This 70s hairstyle never goes out of style!

Soft Perms

The ’70s included a lot of curls and perms in the process of hair styling. This hairdo can be your classic 70s rendition once and for all.

Side Braids

If you have long hair and you are bored with leaving it to fall in a charmless manner, then the side braids are the way to go, gals! The concept of braiding has been here and there forever for everyone to try it out.

Shaved Back

70’s surely enhanced a lot of hairstyles bringing fashionable tweaks and turns to it. The back of this hairstyle is shaved in style, giving it a great design.



I am digging the most famous 70s icon hairdo with a big puff and side partition. Gives you such a star vibe!

XXL Curls

Curls here and curls there! These XXL curls are gonna add a very adorable element to your whole outlook given its sassy and messy persona. You will not regret this hairdo!

Tousled Red Head

The tousled feathers never let you down, that’s for sure. Try out some pigmented red hues to accentuate the whole 70s hairstyle.

There you have the simple, over-the-top, and everything in between of the 70’s classic hairdos. I hope you found some inspo to get the 70s hairstyle. Be creative with the accessories and colors that you choose; after all your designs define and make you. Let us know in the comment section below which was your favorite 70s hairstyle. Happy styling, xx!


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