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112 Extraordinary Asymmetrical Bob That Are The Hottest Around

Bob cut has always been our favorite and if you’re something like us then this single hairstyle isn’t enough to satisfy our hunger for more. Because of this hunger present in many people around the world, the fashion industry always evolves and gets to better places. That said, we’re talking about a different kind of bob cut here that falls under the unorthodox section. However, the more unorthodox an approach, the more revealing it gets and you knot that for sure. It’s a part of let’s just say a sibling of bob cut that we’re talking about today that’s called Asymmetrical Bob Cut.

Have you previously heard about this one? If you have then kudos to your fashion and knowledge on different hairstyles. However, if you still haven’t heard about this one then there’s no need to worry; we’re here to guide you. Now that you know that we’ve got your back covered here, let’s elaborate on the topic here.

Just a quick briefing about Asymmetrical hairstyles in the realm of bob cuts. Asymmetrical, as the name suggests is a kind of hairstyle that isn’t truly inline or in other words, isn’t truly symmetrical. That said, asymmetrical cuts in bob cuts have uneven lengths. Here are some examples that show you different kinds of hairstyles even inside this non-symmetrical bob cut.

asymmetrical bob

For Brownish Hair Color

For any ladies who have a natural brown looking hair, here’s what it looks like when you get this bob cut right. Look beautiful.


That Shaggy look

Just like the name suggests, the shaggy look here became possible due to the way it’s cut. The whole look has an imperfectly perfect look to it.

Slightly Wet Look

As you see, this one is a very good example of what looks like a slightly wet hairstyle. Wet hairstyles often give the illusion of wet hair for a long time.

Sleek Side part

The sleek side part has the air of a carefree lady who knows what she is and makes the most out of it as well. Rings some bell for you??

On Blonde Hair

Blonde hair has that look that almost no other hairstyle has. It makes every hairstyle look pretty amazing and pair it with this asymmetrical bob cut. You’ve got yourself a winner.

For Flaming Red Hair

Red hair fall under some of the most rarest kind of natural colored hair. However, your bob cut doesn’t have to look dull because you don’t have natural red hair. Get that dye on.

A Sassy Look

This sassy look has a lot to do with the kind of hairstyle this is. As you see, the lady in the picture looks very bold and seems like she has the world on her palm.

Celebrities Love it

There are plenty of celebrities out there who love this particular kind of hairstyle. As everyone knows, celebrities also like going unorthodox with their fashion approach. Perfect fit.

Asymmetrical Bob Undercut

Undercut on a bob cut means that the hair on any side of the head is closely trimmed while the top hair falls over graciously over. That’s an undercut.

Sharp Bangs

Bangs as we mention often in here gets the reputation of a very important style spot for ladies. They love to flick the bangs up and you’re able for that with this bob cut as well.

Wavy Asymmetrical

Wavy hairs is very pleasant and subtle at carrying the personality of a person and it says a lot about them as well. Try this one out.

Event Crasher

The name event crasher here isn’t a bad one because it means that with this hairstyle on, you’ll surely crash a party in the most stylish way possible.

The Dark To Light Look

Dark to light here means the kind of color that this lady has. The darker roots that gradually end on a lighter point make all the difference in the world.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

This perfectly asymmetrical cut shows what it looks like when you decide the classic non-symmetrical bob cut as your main hair goal.

Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

The reason why we call it gracious bangs is because of how elegent it makes the whole attire look. Adding a very important dimension to the overall look as well.

Wavy Blonde Hair

The wavy blonde hair remains one of our most favorite one so far. The level of sophistication this simple look gives remains unnatural.

The Model Look

The model look has a lot of dealings with coming up with a certain level of confidence. Luckily, this bob cut gives you just that.

Careless Vibe

The vibe that this utterly careless hairstyle gives off appeals many of the ladies out there who aspire to something similar. Look how bold she looks.

Rainbow Colors On

Colors as we repeatedly say are a way of representing your true personality. If rainbow does it for your bob cut then go for it ladies.

With That Red Lipstick

The red lipstick stands as an undeniable symbol of extreme confidence. That same goes with hair color but let’s just stick with lipstick here.

Almost Silver Look

The almost silver look gets the best our of both silver and blonde because it stands right in the middle of both. Pretty clever to try this.

Multi-color look

The specialty of asymmetrical bob cut is that it gives your hair layers that go perfectly with hair colors. That is also how you achieve this one.

By The Ocean Look

This look gets the name from how it manages to replicate the hairstyle when you go around the ocean. Easily wavered and messy looking but elegant.

Pink Underneath

Pink underneath the hair is a style that most people would appreciate immensely. That is because of the multi-dimensional look this one gives.

Longer Bangs

The Longer bangs on these are just a perfect way of getting everything in order. While you have a bang you also don’t with just a sweep.

Perfectly Asymmetrical

We earlier mentioned how a hairstyle gives you a perfect asymmetrical look. We’re not wrong. This is just another one in that league.

For Asian Women

Now, Asian women usually have a very dark shade hair color. However, going this route not only changes the color but the whole look of yours.

Sweeping action

When you have a asymmetrical bob cut, there’s one undebatable advantage to it. You’re just a sweep away from getting a new look instantly like this one.

Layered Hairstyle

The layered hairstyle is one of the best because it gives your hair so many factor that people are able to see as well. Like the rugged unevenness.

Straight Chop Undercut

This one here hardly has any edges because of the hair color. But if you look closely, there’s a undercut hairstyle on the backside of the head.

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Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Usually, people who have curly hair are a bit conscious about their choices regarding hairstyle. But this asymmetrical look fits you perfectly if you have curly hair.

The Boss Lady Look

This boss lady look is all about how you pair the hairstyle that also suits yours overall personality. Match this hairstyle with similar-looking accessories and you rock already.

For Nerds

There’s no reason why nerds should always go with that university look of disheveled hairstyle and make it go all over the places. Try this one instead.

Long Asymmetrical Bob

The short back and long front has an illusion effect to it. This means that the hair has a double effect where it looks short from the back and long from the front.

Tilt To The Side

Tilt to the side is a look that many also look up to as a sassy looking hairstyle but that just a misleading name. We just like to call it tilt to the side because that is what this is actually.

Long End Hair

The long end hair is all about keeping the front locks of your hair very long so that it again gives an illusion. An illusion that your hair is long when in reality, the overall length is short.

Magnificent Curls

The sole reason why we call this a magnificent curl is because how well this looks. If you previously thought that asymmetrical bob curly hair does not look good, think again.

For Brown Hair

Ladies who have dyed their hair into another color and worry about getting rid of it just because of this bob hairstyle then don’t. Here’s an example of how well you can rock this.

Asymmetrical Bob with Fringe

When you color your hair, there’s no reason to go for a bob cut that looks neat and sleek. Go for the opposite catch and make it look wild. Try out this amazing style with a fringe.

Right Side Long

The right side long is a very good way of achieving this asymmetrical look in general. You always have the option of choosing the side you want longer.

Massive Bangs

The bang on this hairstyle is generally the part of the overall bob. But you possess liberty fully and no one shall question when you use it as a bang.

Jennifer Lawrence Loves it

Even one of the most famous and talented actress on the planet, Jennifer Lawrence loves this hairstyle. If you’ve noticed already, she rocks this hairstyle most of the time.

Perfect for Red Carpets

Red carpets are a place where celebrities show-off their skill and creativity and often they do so quite elegantly. Here are some examples when ladies dominated the carpets with this asymmetrical look.

For Casual Outings

Casual outings are usually fun and there’s no better hairstyle than this asymmetrical which look elegant and try not too hard as well. You know what we mean.

Mixed Hairstyle Look

The mixed hairstyle look has a lot of colors to it. Like this one right here which has hints of brown, blue, green, purple, and so on to it. How creative.

Frisky Blonde Look

Usually, blonde hair color are the ones that steal the show when it comes to getting that frisky look in general. That is why we see this as one of our favorites as well.

The Sleek Blonde Look

Just now, we were talking about the frisky looking blonde hairstyle. Now, here’s another one of the contrary hairstyle that showcases the sleek look.

The Jet Black Look

Jet black colored hair on asymmetrical bob cuts looks so elegantly in place. The depth it gives all the while separating the layers remains pretty amazing.

The Golden Look

Looking closely, you see how pretty this hairstyle looks while also maintaining an edgy look as well. This type of hairstyle gives a very similar effect to the frisky ones.

Layers and Streaks

Layers and streaks are another kinds of hairstyle that anyone aiming for an asymmetrical look has as an option. These look elegant and separate the layers quite nicely as well.

One Side Curls

The one side curl hairstyle is another touch to your asymmetrical hairstyle and make it more interesting instantly. Just curl it up a little and there you go with your new look.

Straight Look

This is pretty straightforward in regards with the hairstyle. Yes, that was an intentional pun and yes it did not go right. But the hairstyle’s pretty amazing.

With Some Volume

Bob cut usually gives your hair some volume but this one’s a little different because it has some volume on the front as well. That said, if you love volumes in your hair then this is the one for you.

Asymmetrical Bob Black Hair

There’s something special about asymmetrical bob that also has some flare to it. These hairstyles look pretty simple but add tons of value to your overall look.

Short Asymmetrical Bob

Here’s another great example of a short asymmetrical bob hairstyle in an asymmetrical manner. If you like this then, by all means, go for it.

Rihanna Loves It

The queen of music and modern fashion industry Rihanna once consecutively rocked this hairstyle and looked pretty amazing. Do you like it too?

For Eastern Ladies

Ladies who come from the eastern side of the world have pretty distinct facial features and require special attention as well. That said, they look pretty good in these bob cuts.

Asymmetrical Bob Black Girl

The asymmetrical look on black women has a very distinct effect on their overall personality. This brings out a new look in a world where people only think afro as their style.

Multi-Color Look

If you’re in love with getting bangs in your hairstyle and also want to add colors to it, why not just get both of them together. It looks pretty cute as well.

For Stylish Moms

Lives of mother always remains pretty hectic and things get out of control at time. But that shouldn’t stop you from styling up and looking beautiful.

Black and White Ombre

We know, ombre hairstyles are usually for hairs that are long in length. But that does not mean bob cuts can’t have any fun either. Look how good this looks.

Uneven Cuts

The uneven cut here is all about giving your hair the uneven look that makes everything look out of proportion but still intact. Here’s an example.

With Some Volume

Giving your hair some volume isn’t a bad idea. Use some blow drying technique and make things look fluffy and give the whole look a new look.

Full Blonde Hair

The Full blonde hairstyle is for women who have naturally blonde hair from the roots. Weather you want it sleek or frisky, it’s all up to you.

Layers and Waves

The fact that bob hairstyles are not for women who prefer wavy hair and also want layers is an absolute myth. This is why we’re debunking that for now and ever.

From the Side

There are many ways of styling your hair and this is how the classic part looks from the side. There’s no way you won’t love this.

Appropriate for Work

If all that you want from your new hairstyle is style and appropriate for work then this one is perfect for you. Get this today and never regret it.

With Sharp Points

This is the kind of hairstyle that projects immense confidence and tells people that you’re not joking around when it comes to fashion. Pretty amazing right.

Magical Layers

The layers on this particular hairstyle is a work of art that many people appreciate dearly. When in doubt, go with layers. They never make you regret it.

Long Front

The long front in this asymmetrical bob cut gives the illusion of having short and long hair both at once. That said, add some flare with different highlights.

The Red Carpet Look

When it comes to red carpet, ladies like to look their best and make the most out of their fashion as well. This is where bob cut comes in handy.

Since 90s Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob cuts have remained around the fashion industry since the 90s. Since then and till now, people make the most out of this hairstyle.

Jagged symmetry

Jagged symmetry is all about giving your hair extreme makeover with uneven cuts here and there. The purpose is to make as many layers as possible.

Sleeked Sides

The sleek side is all about keeping your hair sleek and straight on the sides while making them go haywire on the front. Needless to say, everything looks pretty amazing.

Vacation Look

Going for a vacation or planning for one and you need a new hairstyle for it? We’ve got you covered with this. Just take a look at this one right here.

Short and Chic

The short and chic hairstyle suits everyone who does not want any fuss with their hairstyle and want an easy hair day every day. Looking for one? Try this.

Rachel McAdams Loves This

Another one of world-famous actress Rachel McAdams loves this hairstyle. If you’ve noticed, McAdams often goes with this hairstyle every time.

Red Hair Look

The red hair look is for women who have recently dyed their bob cut red or want to color it red. Either way, this looks pretty amazing.

Amazing Undercut Look

The undercut remains one of the world’s most-followed hairstyles at the moment and for all the good reasons. With asymmetrical bob cut, this looks even more amazing.

The Happy Look

Happier are those people whose hair is always on top of their game. That is also another reason why you should consider this bob cut in general.

Salt and Pepper Look

There are not many people who rock this salt and pepper look often and if you’re thinking about doing so then go for it. Here’s an example of what you can try.

Asymmetrical Bob with Shaved side and Back

Hair possesses the ability to transform a look in an instant. Here it’s done with shaved or extremely trimmed sides and back parts of the hair.

Straight Blonde Look

The straight blonde look remains as one of the most iconic look on the planet for one reason. This gives you a boost of confidence with that bad girl vibe.

Straight Platinum Hair

Your hair deserves every bit of care and consideration. That said, if you’re thinking about coloring your bob cut platinum then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Messy Look

The messy look is for ladies who oppose the sleek and shiny look. Usually, this one’s a bit fun to experiment with as well.


Here are some of the most famous and most looked after asymmetrical bob cut from around the world. There are more than 100+ examples of this kind of hairstyle that makes it easier for you to choose between.

Usually, the simple rule of thumb in getting this hairstyle is having one side of your hair shorter than the other and making it look uneven. That’s it, that is what it all takes to get this iconic hairstyle.


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