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106 Outstanding Auburn Hairstyles For The Year 2021

It’s only been a month into the new year and it is the perfect time to try something new. It’s the perfect time for a makeover! But some people are hesitant for a complete wardrobe haul ( it can also be expensive), so why not go for something smaller and just go for a different hair color than what you are used to? Try auburn hair and you will not regret it!

If you’re getting tired of your color and you want to go beyond the usual brown, black and blonde, then read on because we might just have the perfect hair color for you! Auburn is a variety of red hair. More often than not, we describe this hair as reddish-brown. No matter what it is called, it a  hair color that can very flattering and can suit people of all shapes, sizes, and age!

Check out these 106 auburn hairstyles for the year 2019.

How do you achieve auburn hair?

If you do not have a natural auburn hair, you will need to go to a salon to achieve the shade that is perfect for you. Unlike some hair colors, transitioning from black to Auburn can actually be easier than when you have blonde hair. Apparently, blond hair has a hard time keeping the red color in their hair so it fades quickly. There is more maintenance involved when you go from blonde to Auburn.

What shade of Auburn is right for me?

There are so many red hues to choose from and you might feel overwhelmed when asked to pick. The good thing is that it can look good on many skin tones. Some experts have pointed out that light and dark auburn shades can look good on just about everyone. What you can do is to go for highlights first if you are hesitant on what shade you should choose. You can choose to go with a brilliant copper or perhaps go bold and choose a really bright red. It depends on what your preferences are.

What you need to make sure is that you are getting the opinion of a professional. If it is your first time to color your hair, attempting to do it by yourself can be dangerous, especially when you need to bleach and color your hair several times in order to achieve the perfect shade.

Leaving your hair in the hands of a professional is the safer choice. They are trained and have enough experience n dealing with different hair types. It may seem costly to you but remember that it will be worth it once you see your new auburn shade.

If you don’t have a regular salon that you go to, ask friends and colleagues for recommendations on where you can go. You can visit the salon first and ask about their processes. You don’t have to avail of their services right away. Choose based on how they were able to answer your queries, how comfortable you feel with them, and of course, the value for money.

What kind of maintenance is there for those with auburn hair?

Right after you get your hair colored, you must wait at least two days before you wash your hair. It’s also important that you use the right products in maintaining your hair.

If you want to keep that rich auburn shade longer, you will need to keep your shampooing to only two or three times a week. Since the tendency of auburn hair is to turn brassy when exposed to the sun for a long period of time, you may want to use some SPF to protect it from sun damage.

Also, you should look for shampoo and conditioner that is specially manufactured for redheads. This way you can keep that hair color longer.

What styles can I do for my auburn hair?

Now that you have decided that this year is the year that you turn heads with your auburn hair, here are some styles that you can do. There are so many to choose from, and you can change your style depending on the occasion.

It’s good to remember that styling is not just about one thing, but the whole ensemble, so make sure to look at your clothes, makeup and even accessories to see if they all match and make a striking look that truly complements you.

You can check out the extensive list below for some ideas on how to style your hair. The styles enumerated below range from styles you can wear every day, plus some glamorous and hot looks that befits someone who will walk down the red carpet.


1. Add a little more red to it

Serve some eye-catching looks by deepening the red color of your hair.

auburn hair


2. Amber hair

Feel like a pretty woman with this hairstyle and pair it with a bright smile.

3. Short and sleek hairstyle

For a simple everyday hairstyle, choose something like this. Add a bonus of a row of earrings and you’ll surely catch attention.

4. Big rustic waves

This look is perfect for a day out with your girlfriends.

5. Short auburn bob

If you like to maintain medium-length hair, try this look from Emma Stone

6. Sultry, brown waves

Paired with a dark, red lipstick, this hairstyle is surely dramatic.

7. A glamorous shade of red

Parted at the middle and paired with pale lipstick, you can wear this on special occasions.

8. A perfect blend of red and brown

With the right color, you don’t need a dramatic hairstyle to catch attention.

9. Rich, chocolate waves

This hairstyle has boho vibes that you will love.

10. Pair it with natural makeup

For a simple look when going out on dates.

11. Take it a little lighter

This rich auburn look looks great with red lipstick.

12. Add lighter highlights

A great style that is convenient for any event.

13. Choose a messy wave

This hairstyle makes it look like you just woke up straight from the bed and went to a party. But paired with pale pink lips, it can look both sweet and sexy at the same time.

14. Go for a lighter auburn shade

You can clearly see the contrast between the two pictures, but going for a lighter auburn does not diminish the drama of the hair color.

15. Choose a great earring to go with your look

The whole look is not just about the hair, but accessories too. Choosing a pair of drop earrings

16. Pale skin goes very well with a rich red shade

If you have pale skin like Bryce Dallas Howard, rich red shade is perfect for you.

17. Include a statement necklace

Copy more than Drew’s great hair but also her fashion statement with an eye-catching necklace.

18. Red lipstick is always a good idea

Isla Fisher always looks gorgeous, and this particular shade of red looks great even in just simple clothes.

19. Messy Bob

Make your medium length hair more interesting by adding some volume and waves to it.

20. Add chocolate highlights

If you’re still on the fence regarding changing your hair color, you can try to add highlights first to see if they look good on you before you color all of your hair.

21. Classic auburn shade

Debra Messing’s hair color looks great and is still popular up to this day.

22. A dark orange shade goes perfectly with dramatic eyes

This hair color is attention-getting and perfect for parties.

23. Add some highlights and lowlights

If you are a bit more adventurous, you can try several shades of auburn to make it more fun.


24. Choose a pale lipstick

Kristen Stewart’s style always looks on point because of her great hair.

25. Classic ginger

Those dramatic eyes really set off her ginger hair.

26. Layered haircut

If you are tired of having just one hair length or having it too long, getting a layered cut is a good idea instead of chopping it to a shorter length. It can also frame your face perfectly, just make sure to go to a salon that you trust.

27. Chin length, wavy bob

Even a simple hairstyle like this is perfect for a red carpet event.

28. Lighten the color and pair it with dramatic makeup

Keep it straight and sleek for your everyday wear.

29. Soft brown curls

You only need a few minutes with your hair curler to achieve this type of curls.

30. Ginger ombre

This particular look still seems natural despite being an ombre shade. Go to a salon to achieve this look and wow your friends with your new auburn ombre hair color.

31. Cherry red hair

Feel like an exotic fairy or mermaid with this hair color.

32. Mix red and orange

If you are the type who wants bold and bright colors, this red and orange combination is perfect for you.

33. Sleek and straight hair

You don’t need big curls to wow the audience at a red carpet. This straight and sleek style is perfectly paired with a structured dress for maximum impact.

34.Combination of different colors

You can see a deep brown and some streaks of pink in this hair. it really makes for a perfect, cool hairstyle.

35. Keep it one color

If you would rather stick to one hair color, this rich red shade is a perfect choice.

36. Pair it with bold eyeliner

With a bold eyeliner, you can really pull off a dramatic look.


37. Add some highlighter on your face to give off that soft glow

This look is perfect for a beach trip with your friend. While you must not forget your sunscreen, you might want to add a touch of bronzer to give off the healthy glow.

38. A crisp, white shirt will be the perfect outfit to show off your hair

39. Curly ombre

This ombre is such a rich color. It will complement any skin tone.

39. Lighten your hair color

We are always used to seeing Emma Watson with dark hair, but this lighter shade is still good.

40. Short, wavy bob

This is perfect for everyday hairstyle.

41. Add some side swept bangs

Emma Stone can pull off all shades of Auburn.

42. Big, classic curls

Katy Perry is known for having shocking and bright hair color, but this deep auburn hair color also looks good on her.

43. Combine curls and bangs

There used to be a time when curls and bangs clash, but this particular look proves otherwise.

44. Keep your hair healthy with nourishing products

Having this hair color may be high maintenance for some, but with the right products, it can be easy to do.

45. Pair it with pale brows

Simplicity is the best as seen in this look.

46. Simply elegant

The side-swept bangs elevated this look from simple to high fashion.

47. Simple waves

Make your everyday wear more special bu styling your hair into simple waves. You can go from the office to the club with this hair.

48. Stylish red

Demi may not have natural auburn hair color, but she made it work in this look. Notice that though her eyebrows do not have the same color as her hair, it was still lightened in order to complement it.

49. Glamorous style

The ginger hair color gives it a little more sexiness than the usual hair color.

50. Blunt and curly

The blunt cut makes it easy to maintain. Curling your hair may take some effort, but it can be worth it once you see how good it looks.

51. Model style

The combination of lilac eye color and auburn hair might seem like they clash, but it works pretty well in this model’s look.

53. Bold and beautiful

Go for bold curls when you want to impress someone. Adding the striking lip color can also make you more confident.

54. Messy pony

This particular hair shade and style is perfect for a day at the gym.

55. Dark Auburn

The perfect hairstyle when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare.

56. Lighter auburn

This shade leans more toward the blonde, but it still looks absolutely beautiful.

57. Fashion auburn

The windy effect makes the ginger hair look like they belong in a fashion magazine.

58. Pale auburn style

If you’re coming from black hair and want to change your hair to auburn, don’t forget to bleach and color your eyebrows to match your chosen auburn shade.

59. Hollywood style

Isla Fisher really knows how to work her hair. The curls are perfect and the messy partition makes the whole look pretty sexiness and elegance at the same time.

60. Half-pony hairstyle

For a style that is easy to accomplish, choose a half pony hairstyle. The deep auburn shade makes a perfect contrast to her blue eyes and pink lips.

61. Straight and orange ombre hairstyle

The colors look like sunset and would be perfect during the summer.

62. Burnt copper

What a striking hair color. Make sure to ask for a professional opinion when you want to achieve this auburn shade.

63. Messy pigtails

It might look simple, but this look can surely turn heads.

64. Hot hairstyle

This is a cute look that you can wear for a friend’s birthday party.

65. Striking brown

Kristen Stewart’s brown locks are always on point. Get this look and pair it with some edgy fashion to make it even more special.

66. Glamorous, Hollywood curls

This type of hairstyle can be worn during prom or even weddings.

67. Cool auburn color

Striking a pose is not a problem when you have the perfect shade of Auburn.

68. Dainty hairstyle

This messy half pony with some bangs is great for those dramatic OOTD shots.

69.Beautiful, Hollywood red

Achieving rich, healthy hair takes a lot of effort. Make sure to research

70. Short curls

These dramatic curls can make anyone look glamorous.

71.Stylish ponytail

A messy ponytail might seem like it’s too informal, but when done right you can wear it even on formal occasions.

72. Straight hairstyle

Julianne Moore is one of Hollywoods most popular actresses, and she has the perfect ginger hair color among everyone.

73. Simple, wavy curls

Add some highlights to your hair to achieve this look.

74. Hot and short

This is definitely a look you can enjoy during the summer season.

75. Dark red

Demi Lovato or anyone can rock this shade at any red carpet event.

76. Bright brown

Bright brown auburn hair with some waves can be good enough for a party.

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77. Dramatic orange-brown

This type of hair may seem too orangey for some people, but it can bring a great contrast to blue eyes. If you pair it with a lacy dress and drop earrings like shown below, you will look great no matter what occasion.

78. Pair your hair with glasses

Glasses can be great accessories to your outfit. You can choose to get something that complements with your hair color, or go for basic black which can be paired with anything.

79. Chic and sexy

This sexy hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear.

80. Deep auburn

Miley Cyrus’s deep auburn hair paired with nude lipstick is perfect for any occasion.

81.Sleek styling

Keep your hair healthy and straight by skipping shampoo on some days.

82. Beautiful ombre

Go for something a little different and creative. With an ombre shade, you don’t need a lot of styling to look amazing.

83. Sweet blonde

This color is a great contrast to her eyes.

84. Sleek and straight

This youthful, modern look is great for the younger ones.

85. Lots of orange tones

If you’re tired of just having brown hair, you can mix it up by going for a tone that is somewhere between orange and brassy.

86. Breathtaking curls

Looking for a style that screams Old Hollywood? This rich auburn shade along with the big curls is a good choice.

87. Sweet cherry red

If you want to catch attention, go for a red color that really pops. This particular shade looks especially great when combined with pale blue eyes.

88. Gorgeous auburn

If you do not have natural auburn hair, you will need to bleach your hair first in order to achieve the desired color. Make sure to touch up your roots after a while.

89. Sweet light auburn

This warm golden brown hue really brings out the glamorous beauty in you.

90. Simple auburn

If you have natural auburn hair, make sure you take care of it by using hair masks regularly.

91. Fun style

Whether it’s for a family vacation or a romantic getaway with your significant other, this fun style that incorporates some subtle highlights is always a good choice.

92. Cool style

If you’re looking for a style that you can wear every day. By keeping your hair long, you can have a lot of options for your hair.

93. Hot, Auburn style

Jennifer Lopez pulls off this sweet and glamorous hair. She did a cute messy, low bun and some red lipstick.

94. Big and glam

This hair is perfect for a party that has a disco theme. Use some mousse or hair spray to keep it big and beautiful.

95.Pretty auburn

This is a sweet hairstyle that is perfect for the day at the beach.

96. Hot and dark

Pull off the hot and dark auburn look by putting on some heavy eyeliner while keeping your lips pink and pale.

97. Layered cut

A great style like this layered cut is what you could be looking for

98. Layered, wavy hair

You don’t need some big curls to attract attention. Just

99. Dramatic eyeshadow

Go big with your look by adding pink, brown and gold eyeshadow.

100. Bold curls

Add some volumizing spray to puff up your pretty curls.

101. Striking red

Pair your red auburn hair with some emerald green accessories to show off that striking combination.

102. Cool highlights

For some cool hair for your outfit, add some pink highlights to your auburn hair.

103. Stunning shades

This beautiful red auburn color for your hair also looks great on tanned skin.


104. Simple brown

Simplicity is always best. With a deep brown shade, you can still turn heads.


105. Make like a mermaid

If you’re looking for the perfect shade that is similar to a mermaid’s, red wavy hair is the best hairstyle.

106.Blunt layers and bangs

Add some layers and bangs so that you


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