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102 Unique Bantu Knots For An Awesome Hairstyle

The African-American community has given us some of the most famous and stylish looking hairstyles of all time. For example, take a look at the box braids and other types of braids that they have come up with over the years. Today, it’s time that we talk about another kind of hairstyle that the African-American community coined, and that made it into the fashion industry in full force. This particular hairstyle may look familiar to you, but believe us, it packs a lot of punch that you don’t see coming. Today, we’re talking about the Bantu Knots.

Do you think that the name used here is a little on the funnier side? Well, its got a lot of history attached, so brace yourself for a little introduction. Bantu knot origin came from the African side of the world, and the name itself comes from a community that speaks that language. Yes, there’s a language called Bantu language spoken by up to 600 ethnic groups in Africa from the past century. The people who spoke this language coined this hairstyle and rightly so named after them as well.

Now that you know this hairstyle history, there’s no reason for lingering around. Let’s get right into talking about the hairstyle and help you find that perfect one for you.

bantu knots

Small Knots

This small knotted Bantu hairstyle remains perfect for anyone who isn’t going the route for bigger ones. They are subtle and do most of the work other knots do as well.

Thick Knots

If you feel like you’re not one of those ladies out there who enjoy their knots thin and small, then this might do the trick for you. As far as getting thick knots to go, this is our choice for you.

Medium for Skinny Women

To all the skinny women out there, this might just replace what you might be thinking for a new hairstyle. Yes, your body weight and structure affect your choice of hairstyle. You know that now.

Modified Bantu Knot

This modified version of the Bantu knot has a unique characteristic to it. The fact that this one is a little more on the accessories heavy side makes you look a little sassier.

For Asian Women

We mentioned earlier that the Bantu knots origin came from the African community who speak the language of Bantu. However, that does not mean that it’s only limited to that one ethnic group.

Bantu Knots on Dry Hair

Dry hair usually has some of the hardest times when it comes to styling their hair. However, that problem gets vanished when you approach the world of Bantu knots. Try out if you don’t believe our word.

Slightly Jammed Hair locks

Usually, the African and American community have hair that remains tightly compressed and have major curls. If that’s the kind of texture that your hair has, then this might be your choice of hairstyle then.

Classic African Texture

Just like mentioned just now, African hairstyles usually has a very distinct texture to their hair, and most of the time, the term fizzy describes the texture. Bantu knots solves those problems.

For Silky Hair

All that we’ve been talking about earlier is that very distinct African textured hair that we’ve totally forgotten about other hair types. Or did we? Here’s an example for anyone who has silky hair.

Artistic Approach

The Artistic approach to a hairstyle remains very crucial, and most people like it as well. Here’s one for you out there who like a little touch of creativity to their hairstyle.

Braided Knots

Here’s a hairstyle that adds two of the most distinctive and widely known hairstyles into one: the braids and the knots. Together, pairing these two hairstyles into one gives you a very distinct look.

For Dread Locks

Dreadlocks are another very famous type of hairstyle, and people love it for so many reasons. Now, would you believe if we said that your dreadlocks make into solid Bantu Knots?

Little Girls Knot

Little Girls do a lot of copying elders, and that’s so cute of them. Now, next time your little daughter, niece, or any family relative wants your look; it’s completely possible. Just look at this cutie here.

For Fall Seasons

The one special thing about Bantu Knots is the fact that they go with all seasons. Now, do you feel anxious about their wearability during the fall season? Don’t. Here’s why you should not.

Side-By-Side Look

These are two different kinds of looks set side-by-side so that you can see them clearly. The core difference between the two here is the fact that one has an excessive number of knots in thick volume while the other has only a couple in thin volume.

Like a Masterpiece

Wouldn’t you like getting the hairstyle that we call a masterpiece? Now, this title isn’t a light one. The way this hairstyle creates intersecting blocks is truly magical looking—that why we call it a masterpiece.

Free Back Curls

These free back curls on the backside of the hair give your whole look a new dimension. Other normal kinds of Bantu knots are uptight and do not have any excess hair. This one breaks the chain.

Sleek Knot Challenge

This is a sleek knot challenge because the way this hairstyle comes off is very uniquely sleek looking. The precisely separated knots give a very nice touch to the whole hairstyle.

Bantu Crown Hairstyle

The Bantu crown hairstyle is another type of method of getting your Bantu knots to look like a crown of sorts. This way, you do a lot of things right. The main one is looking like a crown queen.

How To Do Bantu Knots?

You are wondering how to do a Bantu hairstyle from the very scratch? We knot that this hairstyle comes off as a very complex one. Especially, if this’ the first time, you see this hairstyle. That said, there’s not really much to this hairstyle because all you do is twist your hair into a single ball looking knot with whatever method you like. That said, you must think that all this is easier said than done.

Well, in that case, the picture above is an example of how it all works and also how easy the whole process is.

Bantu Knot Short Hair

Children have short hair, and there’s a knot for that as well. For all the children with curly hair, their mother might find it hard to style their hair. However, with this particular Bantu knot, the problem vanishes just like that. Like it never existed before.

Bantu Knots For Red Hair

If some of you out there have got any color on your hair. Let’s say red, and remain thinking that it may ruin your whole Bantu look, then don’t worry. This example shows that it looks spectacular.

Bantu Knot without Heat

When it comes to Bantu Knots, the good thing about them is that any hair type can enjoy this look to the fullest. All that you need is a proper hairstyle you’d love to have. That’s all.

Bantu Knot With Ponytail

Certain demography of people love keeping their hair in ponytails, and no one remains arguing about that as well. Don’t want to lose your ponytail with knots? Then simply don’t. They look good either way.

Turning Curls into Knot

There’s a reason why people consider Bantu knots as a magical solution to your hairstyle needs. The reason is because of its power to transform your whole look. Like this one right here.

Mohawk from Knots

There’s a reason why we say that hairstyles only get as good as your imagination does. A pretty good example lies in front of you as this hair turns into a mohawk made out of knots.

Medium Sized Bantu Knots

These medium-sized Bantu Knots are perfect for anyone who does not need an overwhelming volume on their head. That said, do you like the one of the left or the one on the right?

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Bantu Knots Before and After

Many ladies out there fret about their hair getting damaged because of these knots. However, this might just show you how elegant of a hairstyle you get after these knots are undone.

Free Thin Locks

This particular hairstyle has a lot of fans and followers because of how elegantly it’s executed. These two free locks on either side make all the difference when it comes to hairstyle dynamics.

Create Love Not War

When you’re all about spreading happiness into the world, there’s hardly anything else that matters to you. That said, thinking about sharing that vibe from your hairstyle? This one’s your true bet.

Partial Knot Hairstyle

Going full-on Bantu knots may not sound like an appropriate hairstyle for a particular setting. However, if you feel like not separating with your hairstyle, go with this partial knot look.

Bantu Knot to Curls

Earlier, we talked about the beautiful after effect that Bantu hairstyle leaves to your hair. If that wasn’t clear, then this one does the trick. You get some of the most amazing looking curls you’ll even see after undoing the knots.

Swirling Knots

When talking about unique hairstyles, there’s this one that comes on top of that category. That said, the way these knots come on top in a swirling manner is absolutely amazing.

For Frizzy Hair

Did you know that Bantu knots also serve as a proper solution for anyone who has frizzy hair? Yes. If you’ve got frizzy hair and it bothers you, try this hairstyle for a change and look stunning.

Thick Knots

Everything when it comes to hairstyle comes down to preference, and things stay like that for many people all around the world. If the thick knot is what attracts you, then try this one.

Bantu Knot Styles

According to Tom Form, an iconic personality when it comes to fashion and mens styling, there’s always a better side to a face. Here’s what Bantu knot looks like from the side.

Box Knots

This particular style gets the inspiration from box braids because of the whole boxy look to this. This remains positively attractive and gives you a managed hairstyle as well.

Boxes and Lines

When it comes to boxy textured hair, you don’t strictly have to stick with only boxes. Add some lines to your knots and witness how dramatic the change in style looks.

Bantu Knot Straight Hair

You do remember when we talked about how the African ethnic community coined this hairstyle. Well, that shouldn’t stop you, Caucasian ethnicity ladies, out there from getting this look. Even though most have straight hair, it still looks awesome.

After Bantu Knots Curls

Earlier, in one of the examples, we talked about how Bantu knot helps you with frizzy and unmanageable hair. This is another example of beautiful curls that you can get.

For Children

If you’ve got children, then you should probably want to get this hairstyle for them. Kids always want to look a little more stylish these days, and Bantu knots makes it possible.

Perfectly Spaced Knots

This hairstyle, among others, remains as one of our favorites so far because of the incredible artistic touch to this hairstyle. Because of it, the spacing the hair is undoubtedly majestic.

Perfect for Teens

Young teens have some of the most advantages when it comes to trying new and different hairstyles every time. If you haven’t tried this, then you’re missing some major style.

Free Back

Bantu knots are pretty amazing just as they are, but you know how you can take it up a notch? Well, you can just leave the backside of the hair-free. Just like this one right here.

Undercut Knots

Many people get the undercut look because of the sleekness and a clean asthetic look that it provides. However, you don’t have to trim your hair for that. Just tie them in a knot like here.

Badass Look

The simple and stylish look has it’s days, but what about the badass ones? Well, if you’re into such style, then here’s your perfect look. Add a leather jacket and some matching accessories.

One-Side Mohawk

The one-side has some of the biggest fans out here because it makes a generic hairstyle look pretty damn awesome. That said, for permanent needs, knots help you.

Rihanna Did It

You probably remain familiar with famous singers and artist Rihanna and her unfathomable style. This amazing woman tried Bantu knots herself. Every reason for you as well.

Mis-Matched Hairstyle

The mismatched hairstyle suits each and everyone who wants to break the usual norm of getting their hair done in a certain way. Bantu knots help you do just that, as you already know. You don’t always have to go with a conventional boxy look.

Sleek Intersections Look

Bantu knot undoubtedly elevates your look to a whole new level, and that’s a very positive thing as well. However, did you know that another major highlight with this hairstyle is that the intersections also provide with a very impressive effect?

Love For Frizzy Hair

For some, frizzy hair creates nothing but unmanageable hair. However, there are people who’ve mastered the art of managing their hair and make it look effortless in every way possible. This is one of those hairstyles that restores your faith in frizzy hair.

Like A Drawing

We call this one like a drawing because the amount of detail in this particular hairstyle remains unparalleled. This, as said, has an effect, similar to the pictures that make people hallucinate. That’s right. We just compared a hairstyle with hallucinating pictures, and we don’t take it back.

Manage Your Fizzy Hair

Unlike the other hairstyle that we just talked about, there are many people out there who do not love their fizzy hair. Is there a way how we can manage this hairstyle, and make it look better. Yes, there is. You can simply tie your hair in Bantu knots, wait for a couple of hours before undoing it. Voila, you’ve got yourself manageable curls.

Unparalleled Boxes and Lines

As we mentioned earlier, there are ways that you can tie your hair and make it look undeniably flawless. However, there are also times when we get mesmerized by the after effect. The after-effects that Bantu hairstyles give are the lines and boxes. This hairstyle makes them stand out in an awesome fashion.

Creating Bantu Hawk Hairstyle

Earlier, we saw a hairstyle that gives you the mohawk look with the help of knots and some precision tieing of hair. In this example, we show you how you’re able to get the Bantu Hawk hairstyle from the very scratch. Hawk style with Bantu knots gives you a temporary solution to a new hairstyle.

Use Some Accessories

Accessories always help you get the most out of your hairstyle and make everything look tenfold better. This one is all about using accessories to your advantage and making it all come together. You can try head necklace like this one or go with tiny ring attachments.

Equally Divided Bantu Knots

You have a lot of options & choices when it comes to getting your hair the way you want. Like we showed you in earlier pictures, you can go for the uneven lines and intersections. However, if you’re more into symmetry, this should grab your attention.

Post Knot Hairstyle

This is the kind of hairstyle you end up with after doing your hair in knots. Not only do they look amazing while in knots, but they also make your hair beautifully curly afterward as well.

One-Side Mohawk

The one-side mohawk is all about giving your hair the look of having a mohawk without having to trim any hair in reality. Your knots do everything for you.

For Braided Hair

Braided hair uses a lot of creative approaches and showcases it quite nicely as well. Braids like these and knots both remain prominent African community hairstyles. They also make a pretty powerful hairstyle as well when paired.

The Happy Look

Have you noticed one particular thing among happy looking women? The one thing that’s common mostly in these women is their hairstyle, which always remains on top of its game.

Ascending Box Sizes

To an avid hairstylist, this fact remains universally simple. Hairstyles come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. That’s something that you should keep in mind while doing your hair. There are always some rules that you can bend to your ease and liking. Take these ascending box sizes, for example—an unorthodox approach and really beautiful.

For Highlighted Hair

Anyone who has done highlights to their hair, there’s no need for you guys to worry about anything. The highlights in your hair make it look even more beautiful. Maybe, the reason for your worry is because you don’t know the dynamic look highlights give your hair.

Slaying Mohawk Look

We’ve talked plenty about mohawks in general. They vary in sizes and subtle details, but they all share the same core. The ones that we talk about mostly is the one-sided mohawk. However, if you’re all about the slaying, a look, then don’t stop right at the on-sided look. Go full board, and do the whole thing.

Tiny Box Braids

The tiny box braids attract the majority of the population who do not feel like thick knots are their thing and that all fine. It’s all about preference as well. If you’re into thin knots that are smaller in sizes, then you should try this one.

The Model Look

There are plenty of hairstyles that make you look like a model. But does any of those hairstyles give you this level of confidence projection and a positive attitude?


In conclusion, we’ve compiled 100+ examples of Bantu Knots and the varying hairstyle that it has. Bantu style that originated in a particular African community is a very unique and attractive hairstyle that everyone should try at least once. Not only that, this hairstyle gives a new look, but when undone, it also gives you very attractive curly hair.

Now, they may go a little tighter on the roots, but you can tie them in variable strength so that you don’t hurt your hair roots. In this collection, we talked about knots that are thin, thick, for children, and also with different hairstyles lies mohawk, free back, etc. We’re pretty sure that you’ve found your ideal hairstyle.


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