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125 Stunning Blonde Balayage Ideas To Try Out

If you are looking for a new style this year, then why not try out the balayage look. It’s always a bright way of showing off your blonde tresses in the best way possible. If you are not familiar with the term, then let’s learn a little bit about the style. It’s a French hair coloring technique that involves literally painting color onto the hair. It allows the stylist to give you a custom look that no one else has had. The color is applicated by a free-hand which makes it even more special.

It’s also a way of achieving a more natural look that for those that didn’t want something that’s flashy. The balayage allows you to create a special hue that allows you to transition from blonde to another color naturally. You can literally balayage with any color whether it’s caramel, red or blonde.  There are so many beautiful ways that you can try out the style and we have some great choices for you. Check out these 125 Stunning Blonde Balayage Ideas To Try Out:

1. Subtle Changes

A simple and subtle change is sometimes all you need.

How is Balayage Applied?

If you have ever wondered how the magic happens, it’s the combination of developer and lightener together. “If we need it a lot blonder, we use foil or stronger product,” says Staci Mains, a stylist at The Clip Joint”. Some stylists use brushes and even paintbrushes to do their magic.

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

The goal of balayage is to give the client the most original and custom work that they can offer. “Balayage is custom to each client,” says Shawna Houser, a balayage specialist at The Trove Salon. “A client may come in with a picture of a style they want to recreate,” Houser says. “However, you can’t recreate Picasso.”

blonde balayage

2. Blonde Highlights

Blonde and caramel colors really present a pretty landscape for your style.

3. Golden Colors

A great shade of blonde that has plenty of balayage elements all through it.

4. Subtle Changes

You might think that going blonde means that you have to go really light but that’s not the case at all. This is a great example of how you can still have dark hair but take advantage of the balayage look.

5. Pretty Shades

You can see here that there are a few different highlights here and we love it.

6. Highlight Styles

You can see that the highlights here have no rhyme or reason, and that’s because they are free-hand.

7. Subtle Style

If you want a subtle change, then this is a great look for you. The highlights are a touch of something different.

8. Shiny Styles

A shining style like this has some gorgeous and bright colors. We love the different layers that come with this style.

9. A Touch of Class

There is just a touch of blonde to this style and it really makes the look pop. You can see that the style was hand painted on because there is no structure to it.

10. Lighter Bottom

A stunning shade of blonde that goes even lighter going to the bottom.

11. Smooth Style

Her hair is so silky smooth and her highlights are so thin that they are barely noticeable.

12. Pretty Shades

There are so many different highlights in here that it’s hard to keep track, but that’s the beauty of balayage.

13. Simpler Styles

A simple highlight here and there is all you need to change up your look.

14. Hot Shades

This is a gorgeous shade of white blonde, but we can see some darker highlighted pieces throughout as well.

15. Dark and Light

There is plenty of lights and darks with this style, so it adds dimension to the look.

16. Golden Styling

Another beautiful shade of blonde that you are sure to love.

17. Painted Areas

You can see in this photo that the highlights start at different lengths. That’s how you know it’s balayage because it literally looks like it has been painted on.

18. Softer Shades

This is a very short style and the highlights are really showcased in the layers.

19. Glamorous Looks

This style looks a lot like Farrah Fawcett’s look and it was an iconic one.

20. Creative Designs

We love the positioning of the highlights here. There is a lot more focus on the front of the face.

21. Ombre Styles

The highlights are sparse throughout the hairstyle until you get to the bottom. What a gorgeous look!

Colin Caruso (@colincaruso) of Salon Caru, Hoboken, NJ is a Paul Mitchell Artistic Director of Color and he loves Balayage!

Tips: Bring pictures to Salon

According to Caruso, it’s best to bring in pictures to show your stylist exactly what you are looking for. He states to also keep in mind that it may take more than one visit to get the exact look that you are going for.

22. Flowing Styles

Another great example of a transitioning color.

Tips: Balayage Is Erasing

Caruso states that balayage is not about adding color but erasing it, which is a really cool way to look at it. “The harder I press the more I saturate and remove. The softer I press, the more I am going to blend.”

23. Thin Highlights

There is a huge difference between the way that your hair will look with thin highlights or thick once. Subtle changes should always have thin highlights.

24. Dark Blonde

This is a darker shade of blonde, but it looks better with a darker natural shade.

25. Cascading Blondes

Who wouldn’t love a stunning color like this one? It’s beautiful.

26. Light Highlighting

The base is dark and she has a smattering of blonde balayage throughout the style.

27. Awesome Colors

If you love the bright and white blondes, then this is the look for you.

28. Beautiful Changes

This is a great example of a natural look if that’s what you are going for.

29. Short Looks

With this style, the highlights are focused more on the front of the face, then the back.

30. Bold Shades

The style here has the highlights getting thicker the closer to the bottom that they are.

31. Stunning Ombre

This is an ombre style, but you can see how close to the top the highlights are sparse, those ones are likely balayage.

32. Light and Dark

A great style like this has plenty of contrast with the lights and darks together.

33. Grey Styles

This is a very lights style, one that includes light and dark blondes and possibly some grey as well.

34. Shiny Styles

She has gloriously healthy hair which really makes it shine.

Need to Know: Balayage is Expensive

Getting a hairstylist to do balayage isn’t the same as going in and getting your color done. Since they are basically hand-painting your hair, they are going to charge a lot more for your style. It can start at $100 and depending on who your stylist is, it can go up to $200-300. So make sure this is a style that you really want and that you can afford the maintenance of your hair.

35. Transitioning Colors

We see the highlights going from dark to very light.

36. White Lights

These gorgeous blondes are perfect for a fresh new look.

37. Pretty Looks

This light shade is a really pretty color for blonde.

38. Pretty Designs

Blonde colors are popular for a reason and these shades are pretty cool.

39. Stunning Blondes

These pretty blonde highlights are so perfect that they look natural.

40. Subtle Change

She’s not about to have a huge change, so she chose highlights in a caramel shade. These fit a little better with her natural hair color.

41. Beige Highlights

A great style that has blonde and beige highlights throughout the style.

42. Grey Looks

A great style like this has grey colors that that’s the new blonde.

43. Sexy Styles

Balayage is a style that could be classified as sexy.

44. Fun Styles

A gorgeous style that starts off with a darker blonde and goes even lighter.

45. White Blonde

It starts off brown and gets to a very sexy white blonde style. It’s a fresh new look that anyone can try out.

46. Natural Styling

There are highlights all over the place and this one is scattered.

47. Pretty Lights

From light to dark in a few steps and it’s really beautiful.

48. Soft and Pretty

Another simple look with some pretty highlights.

49. Caramel Highlights

We can see how these highlights were painted on instead of applied on foil. It’s a gorgeous look that has an artsy vibe to it.

50. Patchy Highlights

There are only a couple of highlights here to break up the whole look.

Need to Know: It Takes A Long Time

If you are looking to be in and out of the salon quickly, then balayage is not the look for you. If you are booking an appointment at the salon, then you should know that it could take a couple of hours at least. If your hair is dark, you could easily be there for four hours. You might want to bring a book or a magazine and hope that they have free Wi-fi.

51. Cool Images

Another dark style with just a few highlights.

52. Silver Lights

These stunning highlights showcase an incredible silver design. It’s a great way to create a light style.

53. Gorgeous Glow

If you just want a small change, then this would be a good start.

54. Gorgeous Designs

A sexy style like this is not overdone, or over the top, it’s beautiful.

55. Pretty Styles

A natural look with some amazing highlights.

56. Striking Blondes

These white hot highlights are truly amazing and bold.

57. Different Shades

These shades are different from each other, but together they make a beautiful hairstyle.

58. Creamy Colors

These colors look creamy and that’s because they are. There is blonde, but there are also warm shades like caramel and beige. It makes for a beautiful combination.

59. Fun Colors

try these beautiful shades and you will have a marvelous style.

60. Shining Blondes

A great style that shows off the blonde highlights in the best light.

61. Great Shades

There are a ton of white-hot highlights here, and you are sure to love the style.

62. Great Bangs

It looks like these bangs have some balayage to them.

63. Thin Lights

These thin highlights really create a shockingly beautiful style.

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64. Cool Styles

Another great style that has some light highlights.

65. Bold Designs

If you want a look that is more natural, then here it is.

66. Amazing Looks

If blonde is what you want, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

67. Messy Blondes

From dark to light, this style is amazing in so many ways.

Need to Know: You Have to Do It Often

If you get balayage and want to keep the style, then you might as well expect to have to maintain the style. That means having to go in every 6-8 weeks to get your style updated. That may seem a little frequent, but if you don’t do it, you will end up with your hair looking like a mess.

68. Suprise Styles

This is a pretty amazing style and we love how the bottom is completely blonde.

69. Bold Looks

How could you not love a wonderful shade like this one?

70. Simple Styling

The balayage is seen mostly in the front of the hair, they usually do that to give a little pop to your complexion.

Need to Know: The Color Gets Lighter Over Time

You might be surprised to hear that the balayage blonde will get lighter over time. One girl experienced her balayage changing over time. She stated how it took her by surprise when she first left the salon. She felt that the color was a little drastic even though she really liked it. When she returned home and talked to her roommate about her experience, she was told, “Oh, but it gets lighter over time.” The more you wash the hair, the more the color will come through. The bleached pieces will become more prominent. After three weeks, the girl realized this was true. Every time that she has washed her hair, she finds that the color has shown through that much more.

71. Sexy New Looks

There is just something about a new blonde look that can make you feel like a million bucks.

72. Soft Lights

This bright blonde style is truly one of a kind, you won’t be able to stop loving this awesome look.

73. Multiple Colors

There are a couple of different colors in the balayage hair and that creates a pretty special look.

74. Pretty and Bright

The roots are darker and the rest of the hair is quite bright and beautiful. There are a lot of different colors here and they are all pretty.

75. Soft and Stylish

The highlights here are stylish and soft, it’s not a big change.

76. Pretty Blondes

If you have always dreamed of being a blonde, then you should probably try a style like this one. It’s a stunning shade of blonde.

77. Gorgeous Blonde Styles

If you want a cool color, then you can’t go wrong with a style like this. We love all the different shades here.

78. Great Styling

It’s a darker shade, but if you look closely, you can see the different shades. It’s a very pretty look.

79. Glorious Colors

A great style that has some fun colors in it.

Need to Know: Get A Special Shampoo

A great style like this needs some special shampoo and conditioner. You can use the same old drugstore brand that you have always been using. You need a good shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. These beautiful colors need some special attention, so make sure you are buying good products that can protect your hair.

80. Gorgeous New Styles

Another natural-looking style that is pretty cool.

81. Swirling Shades

There are a ton of great shades here and we love all of them.

82. Pretty New Looks

Another great look that is sure to put a smile on your face every day. And why wouldn’t it, it’s gorgeous in all the right ways.

83. Subtle Changes

We love the balayage right in the front of her style. The rest of the coloring is at the bottom of the hairstyle.

84. Bright & Hot

There is dark and light blonde in this style and it’s all gloriously beautiful. How could you not want to run out and get this beautiful style?

85. A Touch of Blonde

You don’t need to go bleach blonde to have an incredible new style. Simple touches of blonde are all you need.

86. Beautiful Strands

There are a few different colors here and they all make for a good hair color choice. If you want a great new look this season, then you can’t go wrong with this look. It’s both special and unique.

87. Balayage Love

There is a whole darker shade underneath and the top is bright blonde. The blonde pops because of the bottom being darker. It’s a great way to show off a brand new shade. These blonde styles are one of a kind.

88. Brighter Highlights

There are darker shades that have wonderful bright highlights in them. This style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

89. Darker Designs

A darker design here that has some pretty simple highlights. The highlights are definitely painted on because they are so random and all over the place. We love these hairstyles because they are so unique.

90. Gorgeous Designs

The best part of this style is the remarkable colors. There are so many different highlights here and they create an amazing style that anyone would be proud of. There are blondes, browns and even something close to reds here. It’s a gorgeous style that is pretty close to a work of art.

91. Pretty Styling

This is a darker style that has some gorgeous caramel highlights. If you prefer a darker shade, then this could be the perfect color choice for you. It’s definitely something to consider.

92. Pretty Soft

These soft highlights are pretty and simply placed in the style.

What is the appeal to balayage?

There is a reason why people love balayage so much. Rosie Hardy of Sydney salon Colour Lounge, who is also a Color expert says that people love the style for a reason. She states how you achieve strong and punk rock looks from a soft and natural style. Some people may think that it’s low maintenance and that’s why they go after the style. A big reason why people go for the style is that it’s not only fashionable, but it makes them feel good about their appearance. The issue that a lot of people have these days is that they don’t have the time to be in the salon for hours at a time, so a simpler style is more favored.

It’s actually a better way for you to keep a classy style as well. Hardy says that it’s a great economical choice for you and that’s the best news ever. Balayage doesn’t leave you with a strict regrowth line. That way if you can’t afford to get it done right away, it’s not going to be a big deal.

93. Goddess Colors

We’re not sure it’s possible to find a prettier blonde style than this one.

94. Unique Styles

If you want a custom style, then balayage is for you. It offers you the chance to have a style like no other. No two balayage styles are the same and we can see why anyone would want a style like this one.

95. Touchy Blondes

You can see the painted on highlights at the top of the style, that’s why they are so unique. Balayage allows the stylist to paint the highlights wherever she thinks is best. This unique style is truly remarkable. We love it.

96. Cool White Styles

Even styles like this white blonde one have thin highlights throughout it. It’s a bold and bright style that can totally rock the rest of the year. It’s an amazing color and one that is sure to brighten your life.

97. Sexy and Short

A gorgeous style like this looks just as amazing with short hair as it does with long hair.

How Do You Create the Style?

Balayage is always going to be different depending on the length of your hair. It will be applied differently depending on whether you have short hair or long hair. Hardy says that the length of your hair comes into play with how the balayage will work. Some of your strands are going to be painted on with a backing board and some will be painted on with a brush. Depending on your hairstylist, they may also use foil or wool. There are some that will completely freestyle your look.

98. Wavy Colors

This gorgeous wavy look has different colored highlights and they are all so very pretty. Lights and darks always come together to create such an eye-catching style.

99. Cute Highlights

Another bold style like this is sure to impress anyone. We love these subtle styles.

100. Cool New Shades

If you want a cool look, then you came to the right place. This stunning style has some pretty cool highlights. If you want to go blonde, it just may take a few salon sessions before it gets really light. The darker your hair is, the longer it will take to lighten your hair.

101. Grey Styling

A great style like this is made up of greys and blondes. It’s a beautiful way of showing off a unique balayage style.

102. Naturally Beautiful

These cascading waves are beautiful all on their own but add in some balayage and you have a stunning style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. This is the type of style that makes changing your hair so worth it.

103. Beige Looks

When it comes to picking highlights, you should pick a few different shades so that there is dimension created in the hairstyle.

104. Sparkling Shades

Another style that goes from dark to light and we love how beautiful these highlights are. There isn’t a ton of them, but they do the job of creating a pretty hairstyle.

105. Front Styles

A great style that has the highlights only in the front of the hair and at the bottom. It’s a different way of presenting an edgy style that you can show off at your next get together.

106. Pretty Blondes

Another short look that is truly unique. The pretty colors here really stand out with the short hair cut.

107. Dark and Dangerous

If you want a dangerously edgy look this Fall, then you can’t go wrong with a dark style like this. There are subtle highlights throughout and the placement is pretty random.

108. Cool Colors

Another great example of a color that proves that girls have more fun.

How Do You Know If it’s the Right Color For You?

It can be hard to determine whether a style is right for you? But believe it or not, not anyone can wear the style. Hardy states That Balayage will always look best on natural hair, it’s harder to achieve on already colored hair. But there is always a way around it. There are a few different ways that this is achieved. That’s what your colorist is for, to help you to find the best look for you. She will also find out what will look the best for your overall style.

109. Edgy Cuts

A simple and yet edgy cut can put a smile on anyone’s face. We love the thin highlights all over.

110. Tight Blondes

We love how some of the highlights go all the way to the top of the style while others don’t. It’s true balayage fashion.

111. Bright Front Styles

The front of the hair has really bright highlights and we can bet that they make her eyes pop.

112. Fresh and Natural

As we heard already, it’s best to dabble with balayage with natural hair. It’s a wonderful look that is pretty because of the lighter shades at the bottom of the style.

113. Pretty Blonde Styles

The style is golden and beautiful. It’s a short style which is perfect for these sweet highlights.

114. Bright Beige

The base color is dark and once again we see some of the highlights going to the top of the head while others just go halfway.

115. Bold Highlights

This look is bolder because there is a huge contrast between colors. Again, there are just a few highlights on top while the bottom is bright and beautiful. It’s an amazing style that is edgier because of how dark the base color is.

116. Stunning and Simple

A great set of highlights that go much lighter at the bottom.

117. Blondes and Brunettes

Her brunette style is made so much more beautiful by these amazing blonde highlights.

118. Glamour Blondes

Blondes have more fun, right? This color is definitely going to show you that it’s true.

119. Whiter Shades

The pieces that are highlighted on top have been chosen because they suit the whole look perfectly.

120. Proper Color

A style like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s a stunning shade of blonde that has got to be your new Fall shade.

121. Pink Balayage

Blonde and pink are a great combination and they can be placed anywhere.

122. Simple Blonder Styles

A simple and short look that has some amazing blonde highlights.

123. Hot Styling

If you love white blonde, then this would be a great style to choose.

124. Blonde and Pretty

It’s a subtle style that would impress just about anyone.

125. Red Carpet Looks

A style like this one belongs on the red carpet and we can see why.


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