Blue and Purple Hair

129 Cool Blue and Purple Hair Inspirations

Hair colors are a fun element to add on when you’re feeling a bit adventurous. They can add so much depth and dimension to dull, boring hair. If you want a hairstyle with some flair and add style to your locks, you must try the blue and purple hair trend.

If your heart is into blues and purples and is looking for that perfect mixture of shades to compliment you, you are at the right place! Shades of blue and purple hair have been seen in many Instagram posts. There is something fierce and unique about choosing bold and unnatural colors like these for your locks. If you are daring to take on this hair trend, here are 129 blue and purple hair ideas that we compiled for you to try on!

Tips and tricks

But before you get to color your hair in such shades, it is essential to know something about the coloring process. Blues and purples don’t naturally occur in nature itself. Thus they can be a little tricky to get on the hair as well. Here are some tips and tricks if you want to try on these hair colors.

  1. The color of your hair will fade, so make sure you take care.
  2. You have to get the colored hair appropriately conditioned.
  3. As you wash your hair the first couple of times, you will see it washing off, that is normal!
  4. Use shower caps and be aware of the color shifting to pillows and towels!
  5. Use cold water to save the colored hair.
  6. If you wash your hair, often color will fade, so do not do that!
  7. Blue and purple hair take time to show up on the hair; you need multiple sessions!
  8. You need to use purple shampoo to keep the color intact.

The Perfect Blend

There is something about the perfect blend of colors that gets the heart attracted! This is an excellent example of the perfect combination of dark blue and light purple shades to give off that well-balanced look.

blue and purple hair

The Process

The process of getting your hair colored can be hectic. The colored hair, in the end, will be the highlight of all the hard times you put into the coloring. It can get a little time consuming, so make sure you have your snacks ready for this one.

The pastel shade

Pastel shades are the perfect color for girls who want to keep things simple and humble. The light shades here are sure to win over your heart and leave others staring at your gorgeous hair.


Black beauty

Black and blue is an impressive combination and works well for all hair lengths. You can keep the blue as light or as dark as you want to make things fun and break the monotony as well.


Purple on top

The light pastel purple in this light bluish combination is perfect. The girly hairstyle is sure to make your heart feel like you are a princess out of a fairytale.

Purple and burgundy

The darker roots are burgundy in color here, and we love how lively and fun the blue is here.


Braids can look so good with your colored hair. They will be the perfect style to compliment your fun and funky hair. Opt for a casual loose braid and relax with the chill vibes of this hairdo.

Silver Strands

Silver strands are the highlight in this hairdo. The pink and blue combination works well here, and we love the alternation between the hues.

The bright pink

The perfect play of colors can be seen in this look, and we love it. The hues of blue and purple in their lightest shades make the ideal combination, and the curls here with the bow add the touch of femininity in this.

Silver and purple hues

The most trending hair colors nowadays are shades of silver and purple. The combination works well and is suitable for pale skin tones as well. They add a pastel like a vibe to the hair too.

The cool look

The cool-toned shades here are the best for the girls that have fair skin tones. The colors are perfect, and the ends with the fierce pinks and we love the transition.

Mystical vibes

The play of dark and light colors are beautiful, and we surely recommend this one if you are a fan of the darker hues. The magnetic blue and bright purple shades work well with the lightest silver shades here.


The topknot in this look is classy and relaxed as well. This one has beautiful colors and also can help you stay cool in the hot summer days.

Full purple

The shade of purple all over the hair is a bold idea. So add the shades of bright blue and break the monotony. The look is perfect, and the tones here work great for dark skinned ladies.

The brown mix

The light brown hair here on the top is a different and unique approach to having blue and purple hair. The front gives you a basic look, and the back shows the perfect pop of color.

Pixie cut

Pixie cuts are a bold and hassle-free hair choice for women. Adding a pop of colors works well for these short haircuts. If you have a pixie cut, opt for this blue and purple hair.


There are colors and braids and other elements too in this look, and we adore the hairstyle here. The braids are a great addition, and the hair accessories add the perfect amount of bling to the hairdo.

Grey shades

Grey shades of locks in this combination of blue, pink, and yellow are beautiful. Try this one if you want a combination that is rare and unique.

The turquoise trend

Turquoise is a significant hair trend and has been a perfect shade of the blue and purple hair combination. You can try this one the next time you want to spice things up a bit!

The transition

The transition of colors from dark blue to light shades here is very smooth. Ombre hair is one of the most beautiful and popular hair trends of all times, and we love this ombre hair take on blue and purple hair.

Short hair

When you get a short haircut, then you usually get scared about choosing a bold color, thinking it may not be worth it. You can surely opt for something bright and fun like this blue, purple, and pinkish shades if you have short hair.

Greenish streaks

There are shades of green stripes here, and we love the combination. There are shades of yellow, pink, and blue, and the burgundy shades also work well. This is an excellent example of various mixes of colors.

Anime looks

There are a lot of looks inspired by anime and people are raging over this look we have right here. The alternation of light and dark blue here work so well with the purple, and the funky haircut makes this a unique choice.


Once you get your locks colored, you will notice that everything looks good on them. The addition of curls, in particular, will help you to feel like a princess.

Even the slightest of waves will make you look effortlessly beautiful.

Long hair

Long hair is a blessing for any girl. There is a lot that you can do with the liberty of long hair.

This blue on the top and pink at the base accentuates the long locks well.

Space buns

Space buns are a great addition to the unicorn blue and purple hair trend. It can give you a cute, girly vibe and we love this adorable hairdo. Here are some great options for you if you are a fan of the space buns as we are!


Medium hair length

The hair length in between can be styled well with this blue and purple hair hues. The hair looks fantastic, and the curls make it look more polished.

Prom hair

If you have to attend a special occasion like prom, this is undoubtedly a hairdo to opt for. You can recreate this look at home, and it will look gorgeous as well.

Complimenting Shades

The shades of blue and purple here are very similar and yet manage to create a contrast.

Be bold

Be the boldest version of yourself and rock this blue and purple hair. The short spikey hair surely compliments this hair color.

You can look your absolute best with this same combination if you have shoulder length hair too!

Bright hues

The blue on top quickly transitions into this purple shade and covers the full hair length. You can try this one if you want to keep the blue at a minimum.

The blonde touch

The blonde hair on top here is a unique take on blue and purple hair. This combination is rarely seen but sure looks good on the hair.

Ashy blondes can also be converted to blue and purple hair easily!


Take inspiration from the galaxies and color your hair in these mystical shades. You are sure to look mesmerizing with this combination of blue and purple hair.
Such a beautiful blend of colors looks excellent irrespective of the hair texture and hair length. Here is both straight and wavy hair texture for you to gather some idea.

Darker roots

The dark black roots here compliment the light and soft shades of blue and purple hair with pastel vibes here. This hair color is for the ladies who want to stay on the safer side of these bold colors.

The Bow

The bow is an excellent addition to this bluish purple colored hair. The look is fantastic and looks shiny.


Here is a more colorful option for the ones who like to be more playful with colors in their hair.

Light Turquoise

The light turquoise hair in this with the darker black base looks gorgeous. The hair will look amazing irrespective of whether you leave it straight and sleek or curl them.

Side shaven look

If you are daring to try this shaven side look, You have to go all the way and try something as bold and daring as the bright blue colors.

Purple and blues

The purple and the blues here are perfect for any occasion. The colors are subtle, and the hair looks beautiful too.

The bob

This bob is gorgeous, and we love the primary use of colors and the simplistic approach.

This bob has pastel shades in here and looks beautiful and elegant as well.
The bob here is taken to a whole new level with the introduction of the light blue and pinkish purple shades.

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The unicorn hair trend has been pretty famous nowadays and will make you look like you come alive from a fairytale book for sure. Spice things up with some jewelry to make this a beautiful look.

The dominance

The purple and pinkish tones have dominated this hair color combination. It has a very feminine vibe, and we love the involvement of bright blues in the middle as well.


The rainbow-like hair is no longer just a dream ladies. Many women have sported this look and carried it off so well. You could be the next one to do so too!


We love how the colors here transcend into another color well. The base here is this beautiful purple, and later it turns into a bluish green shade.


Here you can see how color can change a look. Be electric and amplify your hair with these bold shades.

On the ends

The ends of the hair have the majority of color here, and we love how the basic black transcends into a bright bluish purple hair on the base.

The shine

Having beautiful shiny hair is the desire of many, and we love how these shades are accentuating the shine of the hair. It looks illuminating, and we do like it a lot!


You can make your hair look very voluminous and sexy if you choose the right shades for yourself.


The bangs

For a gothic approach, you can surely use a blend of a darker and lighter shade of blue as below. The bangs here are styled well with the lightest shade of blue just behind it.


This hairstyle is very soft and beautiful, and we love the mysterious earthy shades of blue here. You can get this look by visiting your nearest salon soon.

The Hairpin

The hairpin here is a great addition. It strikes the right balance between beautiful and unique.

Light purple

Choose your shade of light purple and enjoy the perks of looking unique and standing out in the crowd!

All about the braids

Here the braids are the show stealers. The blue and purple hair works so well with the twists and makes this a great hairstyle to try on! Here are some very different approaches to the braids idea that we love for you to try on.


This half and half colors of greenish blue and purple hair are perfect for this braided look. The youthful charm in here is what makes us want to try it out.

These slight use of colors are lovely, and the basic loose braids are perfect for a casual day out with your girlfriends.

A pop of colors is just the thing we need to add some bling and vibrancy to the hair. You can opt for this braided hair with these pinkish purple shades that pair perfectly with the greenish hues.


The burst of colors in this hairstyle is undoubtedly very alluring. You can get this charming look with the perfect blend of colors that bring out your skin tone.


Greenish blue is a beautiful shade that will work so well if you have the same color of hair. You can see the result of the blue that transfers into a greenish hue here.

Lilac hair

Lilac hair is a much-loved hair color trend, and we love how it seems to flatter all skin tones.

The shades of blue do pop out from these hair colors, and we do suggest you try this blend of colors to change things up a bit!

Braiding your hair can surely look extra cute with lilac hair. It makes for a very youthful and pretty look.

Leaving your hair on its natural form will also look beautiful when you have a lovely lilac hue on your locks.


If you achieve the perfect mix of colors on your hair, you are sure to be the center of attention everywhere!

Simple knot

A simple knot can look amazing when you color your hair in bold hues of blue and purple.

The use of the purples and blues here makes this short hair looks ravishing. It sure looks beautiful to the eyes.

The Bow

Add a pink bow to contrast and yet compliment your purple hair. You can surely wear this to any formal event!


This hairdo is alluring and eye-catching for sure. You can wear this to any special occasion, and you are sure to steal hearts with this one.

The basic

You can also opt for a basic look with the blue and purple hair. You can wear a slight purple on top and bright blue on the lower sides to make this a beautiful look.


Big curls

If you have naturally big curly hair, you must flaunt them! Wear multiple shades of blue and purple hair to make your hair look gorgeous.

The blues and greens

Bluish green shades are beautiful, and we love the experimentations with the shades. If you want to wear the combination, here are some ideas for you!


Pink is a beautiful hair color option and an excellent addition to the blue and purple hair. You can see some color options here that work well with pink and get one for yourself!

Blue and lilac

Lilacs are great options, and we love how the blue and the lilacs form this pastel shade. You can get the hair color inspiration from these ideas right here!


Hints of turquoise

The look by Demi Lovato is undoubtedly gorgeous. We can look as pretty as she does by opting for this dark base and intriguing turquoise shades.
It looks great on any hair length as well.

Bright blues

Here are some bold, bright shades of blues here and they are surely for the inner diva in you. You can get some hair extensions to test the color on yourself first.

Combination of blue and blonde here.

Blue and pink is a beautiful mix!
The pinks and burgundy hues!

Here are some pink and burgundy hair ideas if you are into some bright and fun colors!

You can surely go as light and dark as you prefer them to be!

Pinkish purple highlights are also very trendy and attractive!

The wavy ones

Here are some wavy hair options for you with multiple shades of blue and purple hair to get inspired by.
Opting for hair color as dark as blue and purple can be exciting and scary at the same time. There can be some hair damage if you do not take care of your hair after coloring. Make sure you use the proper treatments to take good care of your hair and enjoy the colors you chose. Hair damage can easily make you irritated with your hair. Thus you need to select the right treatment for your hair to keep them thick and luscious.

Colors help to add life to your hair, and we have compiled enough hair color combination here to help everyone find a match for themselves. Choose your color as per your hair length and texture and enjoy the fun of colors! Make sure to share your experience with us down below in the comments section below. We will see you next time!


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