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89 Blue Black Hair Ideas To Transform Your Locks Completely

The thrill of trying on new shades has never been this high! You can try on any of these looks from our blue black hair collection, and we are sure you will see yourself as this bold figure! We are exhilarated to bring out this collection to you. There are hair textures and lengths of different types in here, and it is an all-inclusive list. So you do not need to feel left out when they dive into this article. The depth in these hairstyles are stunning, and there is a powerful vibe radiating from all of them as well.

There is a fun side to trying out these hairstyles. And we are sure if you are deciding to get these hues on, then you are familiar with the idea of coloring for sure. There are not a lot of things that we need you to get accustomed to in that case. But if you are a newbie and have decided to try these daring shades, then we applaud your choice! Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want and communicate it well to your stylist as well. End up with a hairstyle that gives you a stunning appeal.

Let’s get into the world of deep and dark hair colors with the best blue black hair ideas in here.

Braided hairstyles for long hair

Braids have to be the best friend for girls who want to head out in a hurry. They are easy to do and have an excellent level of comfort with them, as well. You can get creative with the process and braid your hair in a lot of ways. There is an ashy blue black hair in here, and we are showing off a beautiful French braid. These are ideal for days when you want to look fresh and elegant.

blue black hair The messy bun

This hairstyle is one that we are sure you will love to sport on days when you feel lazy. Take all of your hair and twist it around in a bun. Secure it on top and let them stay there. If you have bangs, then this will make for a cute look. Want to hang out with your buddies or have a relaxing day at home? Later try this hairstyle here and get ready to feel cozy!

Blue black hair with long locks

There is a vast mass of people who enjoy having long hair. When we lay our eyes on this hairstyle, we want to grow out our hair as well. But you can attain the same by getting on blue black hair extensions on yourself. You can also opt for clip-in extensions if you are in a hurry! Keep them sleek or add on some stunning waves to add body and dimension. Here are some ideas to get inspired by.

Layered hairstyles

Have you ever wondered how to get volume and texture in your hair the natural way? If you have then we are here to answer your questions. The easy way out is getting a layered haircut for yourself. As the short sections fall on top of each other, you will get a fuller-looking hair. Lay your eyes on this blue black hair and admire the cascading layers on them. The streaks of colors are adding on a significant detail here as well!

Long bob blue black hair

Bob hairstyle is an iconic hairdo for sure. Some celebs swear by this hairdo as they need minimal styling and still manage to look polished. We have some great bob ideas in here to check out. The darker shades on this hairdo are admirable, and we encourage you to try it out as well. You need to maintain this look for sure since the layers can grow out and make it look a bit uneven.

Adding some bangs

This is no new idea for sure, but they are still a great idea! You can see the effect it has on most people! It can frame the face thoroughly and add that extra dimension to your hair. You can choose from a lot of options out there. Bangs can be side swept, full-frontal, and also may differ in size! You can see they can be longer to reach the eyes even! And you can keep it short as well.

Short blue black hair ideas

The ideas for blue black hair pale skin is in this part of our article. When you have lighter skin, then you can add on some darker shades to contrast the colors. This makes for a fantastic look. You can see how the deep blue black hair complements these women well. You can cut your hair short to get a youthful appeal as well. The excitement of such colors and cuts is sure to entice you.

Highly photogenic

When you have a hair color that stands out, you will look your best, and it will show off in pictures as well. These images are proof that your hair will make you look extraordinary in any lighting conditions. You are sure to get the maximum number of likes when you post your picture on Instagram. With a hair as sleek and stunning as this, you are sure to make an everlasting impression!

Sleek and smooth hairstyles

Are you one who loves straight hair and the soft appeal of it all? Then there are some ideas we collected here to show you how you can wear these sleek blue black hair on dark skin. This color is ideal for everyone, and you need not worry much about your skin tone and undertones as well. You can ask your stylist to change it up and match it to your skin tone.

The unique appeal

This one here is ideal for all of you who want to change their hairstyle. This is one that sets you aside from all. There are blue tones on one side, followed by this black tone on the other. We love the layers on them as well and the way the longer bangs are framing the face. The fresh and young vibe radiating from this style makes us want to book an appointment today.

Pinning them up

Need to head out to a night party and want to look unique? Then here is a look you are sure to love! The volume on top is stunning. It makes your face look longer and gives it an oval shape that is known to be an ideal one! The messy layers are also welcomed as it gives off an imperfect yet perfect vibe to the whole attire.

Adding waves and curls to blue black hair

There is much blue black hair tutorial online that you can look out for if you are not sure how to style them yourself. The locks are stylish when you add on some classic waves! There is not much labor that goes on into creating such hairstyle. It is helpful if you have an excellent hair styling tool to work with. The colors get the limelight they deserve when you put on a style that is as beautiful as this!

Almost teal shades

There is so much shine in this hairstyle here that it almost looks teal to neon! You can add on the same to yours if you are interested in a color that radiates through and steals everyone’s attention. It is perfect for teens and women who are looking to add that oomph to the hair without going on too bold! Get them on long hair, and you can enjoy the chic appeal of it as well.

Getting them to look darker

Deep shades are harder to attain. They can fade out soon and leave a cast on any place where you lay your hair. You can see that there are some ways to get them to stay on your strands. Head to a store and try to find a sulfate free shampoo and a color-protecting conditioner as well. Or you need to head out to a stylist every once in a while and get them touched up.

Side swept hairstyles

The bling in your hairstyle will set you aside for sure. But these are the hairstyles that work out if you want to add that touch of style to your locks! Here we are demonstrating the way to place your hairdo on to one side. That way, you can achieve a fuller-looking hairstyle and make it easy to style as well. Section the hair on the side and pin them down. And as you push the hair on the back, you are done!

Central partition to blue black hair

Stylists always come up with ways to make things fun for sure. With the constant change in these styles, it is hard to get yourself to follow one particular look. You can try the ones that are less complicated so that it is easy for you to style your hair. If you do it yourself, then you need to stick to things that work out for you! The middle partition here is transitional and helps to add a right balance to the hair!

Celebrity hairstyles to follow

When we look at these paparazzi images, we are usually wondering how these stars get their hair done so well. Every strand on their hair is styled to perfection, and they remain in place as well. There are a lot of blue black hair dye brands that you can choose to get the effect as these celebrities! You need to be careful while you pick out these colors. And leave the rest to the styling!

Straight cut

This one-layered haircut is exciting to us for a lot of reasons. You can get the same if you have long hair now and want to change it up to something fun and easy! It takes a lot of expertise to get them done well. So make sure you head to a good salon with a hairstylist you can trust. Otherwise, you may end up with uneven ends on your colored hair.

Fabulous and fantastic!

Looking good has never been so easy. You need to try the shades we are showing off in here to get the same effect. Find ways to style your locks by observing these women in here. You can add on some beautiful makeup and use a hair curler to get some waves on yourself. From these images, it is clear that dark hair is the new trend to follow this season.

Check them out!

You are wondering how to get blue black hair? Then you can see what shade to get from this collection here. Firstly, you need to pick out the tones you want to try. Then you can choose the intensity to add to them as well. When you get them on, you will have to take extra care of the locks. That way, you can prevent it from getting frizzy and dry.

Natural blue black hair

These blue black hair natural styles are inspirational in all forms. You can see how the darker shades complement the curls and twists well. The hair has the bounce in them, and it also adds on a punch! Women look confident and have a stronger appeal as they carry off such hairstyles. You can cut your hair in layers to get the added bounce! The bangs in here are flattering to everyone.

Stay trendy always

You can stay trendy by getting this hairstyle in here with the blue black hair. The hair is short with it falling on the chin, and you can see how they fall on the inward section. The hairdo is one part of the whole look. There are many aspects to looking gorgeous. The swag here comes from the shades that have a vintage look! The dress you wear also adds to the mystery of your attire.

Hints of blue and green

It is hard to stick to only blue black hair. Especially, when you have so many shades other than that to get on board with. You can use the green tones on as well. The finish in this look is gorgeous, and the oomph in them is something you cannot get wrong trying out. Style them by adding on some waves on the locks, and you are set to explore the day! The colors are sure to cancel out any other option.

Perfection in your hairstyle

The idea of so many women today is to get a haircut that is perfect in all fashion. And we are here to share with you that it is not an impossible thought! There are ways to reach a level of beauty that has little to no flaws, and here is one! The sleek, smooth hair with the dark black hues on the top and lighter blue on the bottom is stunning. This is a hairstyle you need to wear once!

The goth look

The gothic look is one that a lot of teenagers are interested in trying out. And a big part of that appearance deals with the hair color as well. Get the darker shades on with an edge and look fabulous each day! Here we are showing off some super stylish hairdos that have an edge to them. Get the bangs to frame your face, or you can opt for an open look with the hairstyle on the bottom here.

Something unique

Using dark tones that are unnatural in some ways are already unique! But you can also add on some streaks on them to make them extra appealing! The range of these hairstyles is far and wide. And they seem to work great for pale skin tones as well as the ones that are on the deeper side. The ones here with the multiple layers of coloring are attracting our attention, and thus we recommend you try them out as soon as you can!

blue black hairThe ombre look

Ombre is a hair trend that needs no introduction. This is one technique that shows off a beautiful transition of dark colors to light ones. We have an idea for you here as well. If you want to look extraordinary, then you can try out the blue black ombre hair we have here. Any hairstyle you try will look different and uniquely beautiful. There are many images on the internet today that can prove this point of ours!

For black women

If you were wondering how to get blue black hair dye for African American hair, then this is the section for you. You can see that they are complementing the skin tones correctly and adding on a flattering touch as well. Here we have some references for you. These can show you the tone of hues and the intensity you should be opting for. You can also look at some color charts to find out which undertones suit you better.

Familiar ways of styling

This is the section where we show you the styles of managing your hair that you are already familiar with. The centrally parted hair with some waves is an everyday hairstyle for most women. Mature women are cozy with such hairdos as well. But that doesn’t mean others don’t sport it. You can wear these hues and hairstyles for yourself if you want a quick and easy fix for your blue black hair. Take ideas from these images here.

The carefree fun hairstyles

Want to head out without having a care in the world and want your hairstyle to make that point for you? Then these are the hairstyles that you will want to try out. The wind will knock your hair off in places and make them get this ruffled look. We are sure you will get the vibe of a fabulous hairstyle from these pictures. Have fun and do what you want when you have the hair that takes care of itself!

Lighter shades on

Tired of only seeing hairstyles with darker hues on them? Then gear up to see some stunning shades of bright hues on dark blue and black hair. The ashy tones in here are adding the perfect lighting to the hair with sufficient depth. You can get any other tone, but we are a fan of the ash grey shade. They coincide with the rest of the colors and form this stunning combination. Check it out in this image here!

Some variations to try

If you did not find the one to try out till now, then you need not worry. There are still a wide variety of options out there that you can fish through to get to the one you love. It may be a tiring process, but we are sure it is worth it! For once you get your hair colored, you will never want to stop admiring it. And the compliments will keep making you realize how beautiful you look!

As you get to coloring, you need to understand a few things. The hues you get on are always hard to keep on. Be it some light ones or some bright tones. And when the choice is as deep and dark as blue and black, you need to get ready to see the colors fade away faster. As you wash your hair, the water will take some shades away, and it will also show up on your pillow and towel. So get ready to deal with these nuisances. Other than that you will surely enjoy the colors that look out of this world.

We showed you some fun ways to style your blue black hair in this one! We are working to bring exciting topics that show you ways to get style into your locks! So stay in touch with us to get informed about the new techniques hitting the market. There is some exciting content up on our website as well, so do check them out. If by any means you found this to be an entertaining read, you can give us some love by liking it. Make sure you spread the word about this to your near and dear ones. That helps them to find the right hairdo, and it aids us too!


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