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109 Blue Hair Inspiration For Those Who Love Unreal Shades

Blue hair is becoming the hue that everybody wants. There are some excellent styles with the blue hair that you can try as they are getting lovely attention from anyone. The dark hair has been paired with the light ones in these collections.

But there are dark tones as well. We are sure you will find the shades to be one of the best things you try. Here we kept the images of the hair that can set aside. It will make you reflect on the past hair choices you have made.

There is a lot of love and attention that the hair deserves. Uniquely if you have colored them, so make sure you give the hair the chance to shine. Check out the blue hair ideas we are showing off and give them a try.

The change you can see

Here we are showing you the transformation with the hair. If you check out how the hair looks, you will be able to see how it differs from other styles. The first one has dark tones on it. And it can go to a blue hair idea soon. Here are some good looks to reference.

Teal tones to love

The blue hair can go to a teal hue. We can see how the hair has the blue tinges, but they are charged to a lime tone. You can see how the purples are also adding to the hairdo mix.

The mix of colors with blue hair

If you ever wanted your hair to amuse everyone, this is the look for you! Here are the colors that scream fantastic. We are sure you will adore the dark hues with the hair and how it mixes with the pinks and the lime tones.

Add in your hair accessory.

If you add such flowery hair detail to the hair, you can get this look. Here is an idea that you can copy for a particular day. There are some dark hues on the top. And the layers in the hair can also inspire you.

No age for blue hair!

Some mature women are now trying out these blue hair shades are currently rocking the look. We are showing you the ideas here so that you can feel like the youthful person you want to be!

Brown, with the blue!

The top here hs brown hair. And you can see the tones of blue and green hair on the base. You can see how the bottom here is hidden, and it gives it the perfect concealed hair color look.

Dark blue hair with light tones

There are dark hues on the top. And it has the perfect contrast to the hair with the light blue hair. The lovely touches o the waves is what makes this the look we want to see on more women.

Adding waves on the hair

If you ever want to get the hair to a new texture, you can try out the waves. They are not that hard once you get used to using your hair curler. Here are some ideas for you, though.

The royal blue bob to try

The tinges of royal blue were once thought to be too rebellious. But now they are becoming the shade that gives a lot of peace to the hair. More women are now adorning this style.

Katy Perry with her blue hair

You can see the Roar singer in her beautiful locks. The colors are looking great on her, and it matches her skin tone perfectly as well. The high pony is also looking lovely.

Dark violet shades of blue

The purple tones on the blue hair are lovely. You can see how there are added glitters on the hair to give it that majestic touch. We are looking to see more of the enthralling ideas on some women.

Messy hair and dark base

You can see how this look is messy. And it does not have that charming perfect effect. But the tones of the dark hair is lovely and goes well with the light shades on the base. This can be the bob you try.

Adding oranges and reds with blue hair

This look is lovely with the colors we all adore. We can see how the mix of these shades can make you look. The golden use of yellow and reds with blue hair is stunning.

Dark with the tinge of bright!

There are both the depth you want and the dimension you need with these hairstyles. The addition of the dark and the lighter shades of the blue can help you with the same look.

Majestic braids with the mix of colors

There are some strands here with the mix of shades that gives you a fairy-like look. Here we add braids to the same to give that good idea. We are sure you will get the hair to look like it was professionally styled.

The dark hair on top

This is one ombre hair look that we think of the time and again. You will keep going back to the same style if you get it done once. So check it out and learn to style the hair.

The level of depth with the hair color

You can look at an image to see the work someone has put in. And this one here shows you how you can get the hair to look deep with the help of a professional.

Add your personal touch with the hair.

Your hair is your business. You can see how there is turned hair that is going from one side to the other. And it is up to you to make the hair look this way. Choose the look that you can set yourself.

The shades we adore

We adore the shades here with the lilac tones. We are loving how the colors with the dark tones are making a big comeback. Check it out in this collection to try them soon.

The jewels you need to add with blue hair.

If you are a teenager who wants to look good, here is an idea for you. There are some clasps here, and they are adding the bouncy detail. The lovely mix of colors is also making this hair look like a unicorn hair fantasy.

Space buns to wear with dark hair.

This is one look that you can try out. The buns are stunning, and you can wear this for so many occasions. You can wear this to a party. And you can also wear this one to the gym. This is also a good look for a day out.

The anime look we adore

When we watch anime cartoons, we notice the fun colors. There are some dark hues here, but the short hints of light tones follow them. The textured look is lovely, and we adore the look. If you want this look, set it aside.

Ashy tones with blue  hair

If you adore the lovely dark blue hair, you will love this one too. There are grey tones with the ashy look. And they are the hairstyles that you can get to look trendy. It will make you feel like a whole new confident woman.

Choose your texture with the hair.

You can leave the hair with sleek texture. But you can also get the hair in some curls. Here are some ideas that can be referenced. The adorable touches of the dark and light tones are lovely. You can choose to get one or the other. Or wear both.

Sky blue hair with dark royal touches

There are some royal blue hair ideas here. But then the mix of the light blues are adding to the appeal. The adorable use of the hair color mix is adding the needed charm here. You will love this style for yourself soon.

Back to school look with braids

The love for braids will never die away. There are dark blue hair ideas here. But you can see how it can work well with different twists. The thick sections are making it look lovely. Here are some ideas for you to check out.

Keeping it soft and subtle

There are some long layers in the hair here. You can also see how it has these short and stunning sections of hair. The adorable styles can give you a new form. And adding the colors with the dark blue is what makes it desirable.

You can add gray to the hair.

If you desire your gray tones on the blue hair, here is an idea for you. Here we have the perfect combination that you can try to achieve on your own. These are some intense colors that work well with the rest of the dark hair.

Feathery look with the blue and blonde

There are so many ideas in this collection. But the love for platinum blonde is lovely. You can see the dark blue and adorable cut. If you decide on this look, you will see how it makes you look cute.

Check out the tinges here.

If you need inspiration for the hair, you can look at this hairstyle. The idea here is to get the gray tones with the blues and the blacks. We are sure you will adore the waves and the styles you can do on this hair color blend.

Spikey hair with dark blue and light hues

You can see how there are some spikes on this short hair. The love for the hairstyles comes from the short haircuts that we adore. The desire for the dark tones in the hair will drive you to new points of perfection.

The blue hair that gives you confidence

When your hair is colored, then it can be styled to look perfect. And as you look that way, it can give you a confident look. We love the feel and appeal of this hairstyle. You can try it this year.

The new tones and styles to try

Some styles are coming back into fashion. Here you can see how the subtle tones of blue hair are molded into a braid. They look great, and the one on the bottom has sleek, straight hair that we adore.

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The color story for you to wear

If you are not sure what colors you want on the hair, here is an idea. There are light green and lime tones here. But there are also some good blues to love. Here are some ideas for you to enjoy and adore.

Long hair and love for it

Do you love the idea of the lovely long hair? Here we have the idea that you can wear! Add hair extensions or get your long hair colored. It can give you a princess look. Check out the waves on the hair, and you will adore it.

Hair extensions with thick hair

The hair can look stunning with the hues. But you may be scared to try out blue hair. You can then take the help of hair extensions. It will make you look like a princess. The charming, dark, and thick hair will make you feel good.

The dark and the light

Keeping the dark black tones on the hair can add depth to the hair. You can see how there are blue tones that follow. And we head to the part where the light hues are added to give it that additional oomph.

Single-tone hues with the hair

You can see how there are royal blue hues here. They are looking stunning, and you can see how it brings out the blue eyes. If it makes your skin tone shine, you know it can make you look gorgeous.

The hues for black hair

There are black women with dark hair that are trying out new shades of blue hair. They are adding the needed touch of lovely streaks to the hair. The tight curls are good-looking. And we want you to see that it has worked beautifully.

The modern-day colors with the perfect cut

When you cut your hair, you can then color it up. There are some top layers out here. The dark blue and green tones are ideal for you. Check out the cut and the hues to try and get it done.

Bright, bright blue hair

There are dark blue tones out there. But this one you can see is bright! Here are some ideas with the lovely hair texture. We can see how the royal blue is adding the needed charm to the pale skin tone.

The dark hair with the hues

The hair has dark black tones on the top. But there are some cool purple and blue in the base. You can see how a simple knot on the back has made it look good. Make sure to try this one as well.

The multiple tones with the hair

You can see how there are dark black hues on the roots here. But the lovely use of grey and blue hair is making this one shine out more. The beautiful use of dark and light hair colors can give you a new appeal.

Head out for an adventure

When you see the hair with the teal tones and the perfect makeup, it makes you look gorgeous. The hues here with the lovely texture is ideal for anyone who wants to do more. The color is also bold and light!

The comfortable styles for the hair

When you color the hair, you want to mold it into a new look. There are twists only in this look, but it can make you look different. The love for the dark tones of purple is evident here. But blue has a functional role in this style as well.

You can see the shine!

The hair has lovely tones on it for sure. But the way it shines will give you new life! The dark tones of the green and teal hues are beautiful. You can see how there is also extreme shine in the hair. It will make you feel like a princess.

Slight texture for the blue hair

Some hairstyles can look great when you add some texture to it. The hair colors have lovely tones on it. But you can see how the addition of waves and the curls give it that needed oomph. You can also try it out soon.

Highlighting with blue hair

When you add highlights to the hair can give you an intriguing look. The dark locks on the hair can look stunning as you add light tones of blue on them. The daring look is lovely.

The lovely afro look with flowers

When you have hair like this, you can see how it transforms you. The afro here has the thickness we love. And the flower that has been added gives it that charming appeal. Check out the style and copy it soon.

Casual summer look with blue hair

When you want to look breezy and beautiful, these are the colors you need to check out. They add to the fresh feel and give you a lovely look. You will thank us for this idea soon.

Dark black with grey and blues

The dark tones on the top are lovely and add depth. Then you can see the silver-gray sounds. After this, you can see there are light neon blue tones. All of which you can see makes it perfect.

Make a bun with the hair.

The bun you can make with the hair can give you professional hair. The hair has small sections on it that are tied well together, and it makes a good look. Here are highlights that add to the appeal.

The side we ignore about blue hair.

The colors look good, and we can see how it became the best hair idea out there. You can see how hair can become dry and brittle. So make sure you oil the hair and take care of it.

The lovely peacock looks

When we look at the feather of a peacock, we think of getting the same pattern as ourselves. The dark shades of blue with the purple tones on there is ideal for anyone. We are adding the hair color with a jewel as such looks good.

The gothic look with the blue hair

The gothic look with the black eyes and the blue hair is working out well. If you feel you want to explore these ideas, you can see it here. The lovely touches of the light blue hues can set you aside.

Live out your fantasy.

There may be hair fantasy for the hair with the color. And we want you to have the chance to try out the looks. The hues here with the blue tones can give you a chance to look your best.

Some fantastic ideas for you

Here you can see ideas with blue hair. The lovely tone and texture you can see can make you lose track of time. The dream here is to get hair that looks as lovely as the ones we are showcasing here.

The conclusion with the hair colors

When you see the hair in these collections, you will want to try them out too. If you adore the colors and the cuts, you can try it out. We are sure the locks will stun you and others who lay eyes on it. Some styles will make you feel like a lady!

You are never too late to try out these shades. And they are now becoming trendy as well. So you are sure to give the hair the ideal hue to it. We are going to look for more of such looks and give them to you. Then we will let you know how you can style them.

Here we presented more than a hundred ideas for you. So check it out, and one day you will feel like trying them out. You will get the idea of how to style them as you go along.

The waves and the sleek hair will be the ones that you see mostly. But we are sure you will see how the hair has a mix of stunning colors. The yellows, reds, and gray hair colors are all mixed in with the blue tones. So stick around for more!


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