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101 Superb Blunt Cut Bob Stylist Vouch Always

Blunt cut on a blonde streaked hairstyle is a very contrasting combination. While the steaked highlights separate your hair strands, the blunt look almost blocks that effect mid-way. That said, there is also a majority who just want something new for their hair and want to look different than they did the last year. Now, short hair may seem like a very small area of discussion at first, but there are multiple ways that you can go, and things quickly get all crazy as well. But we’re here to assist you ladies with that and make sure that everything is in control for you. There are buzz cuts, very short ones, or famous bob cut. Even inside that segment, there are inverted bob cut, lob cuts, or Blunt Cut Bob.

That said, we won’t be talking about all of that right here because it might take days at days in the end if we begin to talk about all these things. Today, we’re only focusing on blunt cut of the bob cut hairstyle and things that you should know and see before jumping right into it. There are different aspects that you ladies should consider, and when it comes to blunt cut, the type of hair that you already have played a massive role.

Blunt cut in the bob cut hairstyle realm is very simple to understand and follow as well. In extremely simple words, Blunt cut is bob cut that has a very sharp line cut to it at the bottom, unlike the more traditional shorter and longer ones. While in traditional bob cuts, the hair on the front is slightly longer than the bottom, in a blunt cut, the hair length is the same all the way around. This gives a very blunt look to the hair and makes you look a little edgier as well.

blunt cut bob

For White Hair

This looks pretty amazing on hair that has very light shade like the white one. Because of this, even ladies in their late years enjoy this look very much.

On Blonde Hair With Middle Parted

Blonde hair having people who want this hairstyle the most and also the most successful as well. This does not mean in any singular way that others cannot do this hairstyle. Just look on to see the wide collection we have here.

Layered Hair

For hairs that have natural layers to them, a blunt cut is something that may add as a stopper effect, which ends all your layers at the same lengths instead of going for the more conventional one.

Celebrities Love These

Do you know what? Blunt Cut hairstyle is one of celebrities’ favorite as it makes them look more fashionable and look a little more sophisticated as well. Want to try it now?

Pink Action

So, you’ve got yourself pink hair and want to take it up a notch by trying a new hairstyle. Well, if this isn’t your lucky day already. Here is how you shall look with a Blunt Cut Bob.

For Wavy Hair

Wavy has had one of the most amazing textures, and if done right, it creates a very beautiful style as well. Thanks to this one picture right here, you’re able to see the gorgeous effect of the haircut.

Since the 90s

Blunt cut is not something that only came yesterday. As it turns out, Blunt cut is something people practiced for decades ago. As far as we know, this particular hairstyle is from the 90s.

Stylish Blonde Look

A blonde look is always stylish. But do you know what else makes it stylish? Adding a hairstyle that matches your look and your whole personality like this one does right here.

Even Beyonce Had This

Undoubtedly, Beyonce is one of, if not the world’s most famous artist, and she is also a fashion icon for the whole world. If she herself tried this hairstyle, then you should too.

For Ash Grey Hair

Ash grey hairstyles have the ability to showcase their unnaturally subtle personality projection ability. Adding to that, the blunt cut only does justice to everything here.


Long Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cut bob on longer type of hair like this one right here is a very subtle action that you can take. As you clearly see, the line is not very prominent, which is something that people will like if they don’t want sharp edges.

For Red Carpet Events

During red carpet events, celebrities try different things, and right here is another very prominent celebrity, actress Zoe Kravitz. If you have a similar facial structure, definitely try this look.

For Highlighted Hair

Blunt cut on highlighted hair looks pretty awesome for the reason that we mentioned earlier. As you clearly see, the highlights create layers that come to an abrupt halt. That’s the whole point as well.

Colored Hair Magic

Colored hair enjoys this look as much as any other hairstyle does because of the fact that they look absolutely stunning. The blunt cut adds a very distinctive character to the whole look.

Sudden Halt

The sudden halt in hair length is one of the specialties of blunt cut because it serves as an attention grabber. Everyone has layers that are uneven in length. Try going in a different way.

Wavy Hair Loe

Wavy hair has a distinct characteristic that gives the illusion of layers, even if there are not any. That said, even with a blunt cut, there still remains some illusion of layers, which in return looks very beautiful.

For Messy Hair

If you have messy hair and think that blunt cut bob isn’t the hairstyle for you, then you are pretty wrong in that area. On the contrary, it looks very beautiful, as you clearly see.

Those Frisky Look

The frisky look is when a lady styles their hair smartly between the margin that separates sleek and messy hair. These hair look sleek and messy at the same time, and this particular hairstyle makes it look even more sophisticated.

Blunt Haircut

This right here is the most classic looking blunt cut bob hairstyle that you can go forever. The bob cut is just on point here, and the blunt cut makes it such a simplistic and artistic look at the same time.

For Lob Cuts

Lob cuts are the kind of hairstyle that is longer than traditional bob cut and have more length to the hair. With that said, there’s no reason to not try the blunt cut on this one.

Sweep Them Behind

We get it; you are not a very big fan of your hair getting in your way and want to keep them apart and managed. If that is the case, then try sweeping them behind like this and solve the problem.

Very Sharp Cuts

As far as getting the perfect blunt cut bob goes, this is the closest that you can easily get. For this, you need a hair that is straight in texture as they enhance the cut more.

Long and Straight Bob

We just mentioned very sharp cuts that look pretty amazing, but that was for hair short in length. This one right here is quite similar but also exactly opposite as well—long and sharp cut.

Waves and Highlights

When someone gets highlight on their hair and makes it look a little wavy here and there, it’s all about showing off the new hairdo as much as possible like this one here.

Slightly Inverted Blunt

This isn’t something that purely fits the definition of classic blunt cut because of the way it’s executed. As you clearly seem, this cut has a slightly inverted look to it, which makes all the difference.

The Runway Look

Not only celebrities but models also love this hairstyle very much. Fashion and runway shows are all about becoming and looking extravagant, and this hairstyle does that precisely.

Blunt Cut Bob with Bangs

We might be wrong here, but the blunt cut bob got its inspiration from bangs in its initial days. That said, there’s no reason tieing those both up and coming up with a unique look.

Brown Colored Hair

The color of your hair plays a massive role in deciding your overall look. Luckily, we’ve got a massive collection that you can choose for. Here’s one with a beautiful brown colored hair.

Hair With Volume

Usually, hairs that have the volume to it, there’s not much chance of showing off your hairstyle to the very extent. But a blunt cut has a fair number of changes over its competitors.

Asymmetrical Blunt Cut Bob

This is another great example fo a non-traditional bob cut that leans more towards the inverted bob cut side of hairstyle. Nevertheless, this is a very nice example of trying out new things.

Before and After

You really need to compare before getting yourself into this hairstyle because what if you don’t go on liking it as much as you thought you would. In that case, here, take this as an example.

Front and Back

The front and back look is something that most people want to see but rarely do. Here’s what a blunt cut bob looks like from the front and the back.

Even For Kids

As mother and father, if there are any fathers reading this, you always want your child to look the very best possible. For that, you can try new and different hairstyles on your lovely daughter. Try this one for a change and see how it transforms the whole look.

With Bangs

Bangs are usually a great way of showing off your sassy side of the personality, and that’s something that you can easily do with a blunt cut hairstyle as well. Just go on and give this style a try already.

With Parted Bangs

Parted bangs are a great way of partially hiding your bangs if that makes any sense to you. The whole idea behind this blunt cut is to allow yourself some room to breathe with your bangs.

The Sassy Look

We’ve already seen a very classic example fo Blunt cut bob earlier, and as similar, as this one looks as well, this is a sassy look. Don’t get us wrong here. This is a classic blunt cut, but the way it’s presented here gives a very sassy look in general.

Sleek Blunt Cut Bob Side Part

This is as sleek and straight look as you can get from a blunt cut. The straight hair with silky texture makes it extremely easy for this to look the epitome of a sharp-edged blunt look. Just look at the way it falls perfectly in like, an extremely straight line.

The Fancy One

We call this fancy one because a lot of artists and celebrities seem to love this hairstyle in general. What do you think about it?

For the Love of Punk

Growing up as a 90s kid means that you’ll always have the punk side of personality inside of you. This will certainly bring out that personality.

For Skinny Women

A lot about a hairstyle suiting a person or not depends upon a lot of factors such as their hair texture and facial structure as well. If you are skinny and in a dilemma about Blunt Cut Bob not suiting you, take a look at this one right here.

For Dark Hair

Dark hair does a great job of underexposing, and this might just be something that you need in your life. So, you want to get a blunt cut bob but don’t want it to look very overwhelming as well. Here’s your choice.

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For Pink Hair w/ Bangs

If bangs are your thing and you also like to color your hair, this is the perfect look for you right here. All you need is a perfect stylist to achieve this look.

With Blonde Streaks

Blunt cut on a blonde streaked hairstyle is a very contrasting combination. While the steaked highlights separate your hair strands, the blunt look almost blocks that effect mid-way.

Blunt Cut w/ Bangs

Some ladies rock the bang look when it comes to hairstyle, and we’re all rooting for it as well. Just look at this right here, how amazing this looks?

Blunt Cut Bob for Fine Hair

Fine hair often finds it challenging to stick with a hairstyle because of their natural tendency of not holding to any style. But that is not a problem with Blunt bob here.

Blunt Cuts with side Bangs

The popular blunt cuts with side bangs are very famous amongst a lot of women out there, and they always gravitate towards it as well.

Blunt Bob cut for natural blonde.

Natural blonde hair is a boon if you know how to work it to your advantage. Like this lady has done here. The blunt cut enhances the whole look of her.

For Fine Red Hair

For anyone out there who has red hair, there’s nothing you should worry about. Red hair and blunt cut are as good of a match as anything thing else.

Selena Gomez Did It

In the list of celebrities who tried the blunt cut bob, Selena makes a list as well. Here, Selena sports a long bob cut with blunt ends that suit her very much.

Symmetrical Blunt Cut

This is a very fantastic example of an asymmetrical blunt cut look. When the regular ones do not impress you, go for this one and make yourself look apart from others.

For Sleek Hair

If you have sleek hair as they show on commercials, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try this styled look right away and transform everything.

With Large Bang

Although this is a very impressive look, this may only attract a small majority of people. However, bangs as huge as this is something that you can try once in a while to twist things up.

For Wavy Black Hair

Don’t become overwhelmed right away if you do not have a sleek looking black hair because wavy ones look just as good. It all depends on how you carry out the look.

With Ombre Look

It is already a long time since you went ombre, and now you just want to chop your hair for a new look, try going blunt. This is a great look, and even celebrities have tried this.

With the Natural Look

Often times, we see Blunt Cut bob hairstyles on hair that look extremely smooth, shiny, and “maintained” as well. Not a fan of that? Try this one on your natural hair and rock it.

Short Blunt Cut Bob

Short inverted bob cuts are pretty famous, but this one is a little different than the others here. For starters, this isn’t an entirely conventional inverted bob because it has the slight bluntness of a blunt cut.

Uneven Blonde Hair

For any ladies out there who have an uneven looking blonde highlights, this is the look you should go for this year. That’s right, be bold, and be you.

Light Shade Highlight

For ladies who have very light shade highlights on their hair, make the most out of this hairstyle. As you see, this looks pretty amazing.

Blunt Cut Bob Wet Look

If you have some creative ideas on the mind like trying out this amazing looking wet look on your blunt cut, then go for it. Try new things and break the barrier.



Beautiful Looking Blunt Cut

Regardless of what you choose, Blunt cut adds a certain kind of charm to your hairstyle that other hairstyles rarely do. This is also another reason why it looks so beautiful on people.

Sleek Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut Bob shows it’s rich features in hair that are very sleek and straight, just like this one. The reason is that there are no distractions like waves and curls in them.

Full On Bang!

If you just cannot get enough of your bands and swishing them up with a blow from your mouth, keep them, they look great. Don’t believe us? Look at the picture.

The Precise Cut

This is a very precise example of what it looks like when you have a very sharp and precise cut all around. This blunt cut bob gives you a neat look, which also sends a message that you got everything together.

That Awesome Sweep

The thing that makes blunt cut loo amazing on ladies is the sweeping action that they do with their hair. Blunt cut means that their hair stays like that and looks awesome.

Blunt Cut Bob with Fringe

It’s all about what you do with your imagination. Therefore, don’t let boundaries contain you. Sometimes, you wish to have a fringy look to your hair, and you absolutely can as well.

Bright Colors

Bright colors make your hairstyle stand out from the crowd as it is it’s the main purpose as well. Now that you want everyone one to see your blunt cut bob, they will.

Famous Celebrities with Bangs

As mentioned earlier, a majority of people keep their bangs because it is a very refreshing look. That said, there are many celebrities who swear by this looks and always go for it whenever possible. Some of the celebrities who sport this look are here.

For Sleek Blonde Hair

Sleek blonde hair share much of the qualities that dark, sleek hairdo but with a lighter form. These are also fashionable options if you wish to change your hairdo.

Blunt Cut Bob With Layers

Although a little of an unconventional look, Blunt Cut with layers makes a very attractive hairstyle if done correctly. Get your inspiration from here.


For Asians

Although totally unbiased, Asians have a very noticeable gene advantage over other people. These are two kinds of hair types, dark and white with the same Blunt Cut hairstyle. Which one would suit you?

Typical Blonde Hair

For typical blonde hair, this is what it looks like when you get a blunt cut. Depending on the texture of hair and other aspects, the results may vary. But the essentials are the same here.

For Chestnut Brown Highlight

This is a perfect example for women who have brown highlights to their hair and would also love to have blunt cut integrated as well. Go ahead and try it.

Beautiful Side Bang

Having a very subtle bang is a must for many because they often play with their hair. If that’s the case, then go with this one. You’ll not regret it.


These are some of the most famous hairstyles for Blunt Cut Bob. Along with hairstyles, these are with different colored and textured hair that gives you a more in-depth idea of what to get for yourself.

Choose wisely and rock the blunt look.


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