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128 Most Unique Box Braids For All Hair Enthusiasts

If you haven’t already heard about box braids, then you’re certainly missing a very major fashion trend. Honestly, have you never heard anything about one of the most iconic hairstyles of a couple of decades now. Well, don’t get all upset and overwhelmed on that fact right away because we got you covered.

You’ve seen this hairstyle on famous celebrities and other famous people who absolutely love it as well.

Now that we’ve got this part out of the way, there are different shapes, sizes, and looks that these braids come in, and you’d do better if you choose the one that suits you. Now, how do you do that exactly remains as the question here because there are a countless number of braids out there and people come up with something new every once in a while?

How do you possibly manage hastily keeping up with all of that? That is where we come in for you. Fortunately, we’ve taken the liberty of showing you box braid hairstyles and help you choose the best one for you.

box braids

A Partial Top Knot

This top knot is one of the most prominent ones ever because it projects massive confidence, which is always a good thing in a lady. Do you like it?

Mid-Length Braid

Mid-length hair always stands between short and long hair. This also means that it has the ability to enjoy the looks of both long and short hair. That is pretty amazing if you are asking us.

Fine Braids

Getting braids in a boxy manner is a good thing, and what’s even better is when you have hair that looks absolutely fine as well. Just like this one right here.

Clean Boxes For Kids

The clean box is a trait that many women who are a fan of braids with boxes want. Turning your imagination into reality, there’s no question why you should not have this.

For Nerds

Did you think that nerds are some of the most boring people with no idea about fashion? Well, give that thought a second thought when you look at this box braids style pictures here.

Micro box with Tiny Bangs

Bands are our all-time favorite and for absolutely good reasons as well. These right here are a starter pack in the box-braids biz, and they look pretty stunning as well.

Full Bob Top Knot

A full top knot in this matter means when one musters the hair from all directions and tires it up in a thick knot. If you’re not a big fan of partial top-knot, then this one should help you out.

Medium Box Braids

Box braids are for everyone. We repeat here. Box braids are for everyone and don’t you think that you cannot rock these if you have a short of a medium hair. Just look how amazing this one looks.

Box Braids for Long Hair

As we mentioned earlier, these braids come in all different shapes and sizes. That is the simplest reason why you should try this out if you have long hair.

For Burgandy Colored Hair

Braids on burgundy hair look pretty stunning, as you clearly see here. Also, if you closely notice, you also see different shades of burgundy as well. That’s some creativity at work.

With some Different colors

If the only burgundy color isn’t your thing, then don’t fret just yet. You can always go with a different colored approach and get that vibrant look.

Pony Knot

A pony knot, as shown like here in simple words, is a ponytail but in the form of a knot. Now, you may say we’re butchering the word ponytail here, but believe us when we say that we are not.

Knotless Box Braid

If you think that your boxes are pretty dull looking and that can happen to anyone out there, just go ahead and have one strand a different color and make it look like there are no knots. Any color that you like.

Classic Two-Part

The classic two-part is one of the most famous forms of boxy braids out there, which people absolutely love. If you want this classic look, definitely go for it.

Creative Mini-Mouse Look

The creative mini-mouse look is a work of art, and there’s no denying that this looks gorgeous as well. You need a lot of patience to achieve this one.

Medium-Sized Box

Braids come in different sizes, and that does not only refer to the length of the hair. It also refers to the thickness and thinness of the braids as well. If you’re wondering, this is what a medium braid looks like.

Complex Top Knot

The complex top knot is all about creating a work of art in just a few steps. Achieve this by making one knot on top of the other or simply by making a complex pattern of knots.

Side-Part Box-Braids

Box-braids do not usually have to create a box-like architecture, but rather it depends upon your creativity instead. A slight boxy pattern prevails here with a side-part action.

Multi-colored braid

A multi-colored braid gives you the option of getting more than two of your favorite color and achieves the look you desire. The fact that you choose colors also means more joy.

Braid On Braid

Braid on braid is the term we use when there’s a braid done on a hair that already has a braid. Like this one here as you see, a small braid goes from the sides to back.

Elegant Top Knot

This remains as by far one of our favorite types of box-braids because of the elegant look. The tight top knot that also shows off perfectly done box architecture.

Tilted Pomade With Red Highlights

Pomade isn’t only famous amongst men, but women love that every bit much as men do. This is a clear example of a woman achieving the pomade look and rocks it effortlessly.

Curly Ends

Has anyone ever told you to remain inside the box when it comes to hairstyles? Well, that is pretty horrible advice as it also suggests to not let your curls on end.

Spiral Top

Spiral Top is actually a pretty easy hairstyle that you can simply achieve. As a matter of fact, all this requires is a simple twirl and voila, there you go.

Boxy Thick Braids

Boxy and thick braids get all the love from women who love their hair with volume. The hair also looks pretty amazing and easily stands out from the crowd.

Long Braids with Rings

In the modern fashion world, there’s no hard and fast rule. Instead, there are actually no rules at all. That said, rings aren’t only mean for fingers. Get those flashy ones out and rock on your braids.

Perfect Boxes

Perfect boxes like these are what give this hairstyle the name itself. Now, you may easily go a little less hard on the size of the boxes here by making smaller sections.

Ombre Hair For Life

Ombre hair color choice is a very popular one, and most people easily rock it as well. If you’re in for some experiments, why not try ombre inspired box-braids?


Elegant Top Knots

Top knots are the way to go when you don’t have much time on your hands and want to get by quickly. These braids also make it immensely easy for you to manage your hair.

For Dark Long Hair

Anyone who’s into braids benefits most if they have natural and long hair. Although most people also add hair extensions, remember, there’s no harm in doing good to yourself.

Large Box Braids

Remember when we showed you earlier about the thick boxy spaces and also suggested a larger boxy version. This is what we were actually talking about.

Sassy Looking Top Knot

The reason why we call this sassy looking top knot is that the lady here who has it also looks pretty sassy. So why not just give it the title, right?

With Open Locks

It’s one thing about adding beads to your braid locks, but did you know there’s another option you can try? Well, that is leaving the locks free, meaning no braids on the locks.

Thick and Perfect

This thick braid has two major advantages that you should know about. First of all, thick braids are more manageable. Secondly, these also give you the nicely spaced boxy look.

Colorful Mini-Mouse

You are heading towards Disneyland for a visit. How good would you feel meeting the mini-mouse while sporting a similar look? Just think of the joy.

Thick Partial Top Knot

This is a perfect representation of a thick and rich in volume partial top knot looks like. The thickness of the braids also makes for nice and spacious box architecture as well.

Jumbo Box Braid

Jumbo Braid is another word for large braids that looks mesmerizing to other people, and when you look at yourself in the mirror as well. That said, add some flair to it with some beads.

Small Box Braids

If you feel like the massive braids are not something that you see yourself doing, then we’ve got a proper solution for you. Try these smaller braids that also give your smaller boxy look.

How To Front Swirve

The front swerve look looks pretty decent to the eyes, but it also looks a little intimidating as well. However, here’s how you achieve this look with practically no effort.

Messy Braid Boxes

Most of the time, these braids look pretty neat and decent, but you knot that is not something in your area. Therefore, we have here a messy look for you.

Symmetrical Box

When it comes to boxing braids, nothing out there beats the preciseness of this look in general. How the hair strands make a perfect box looks like a mystery. But it’s not.

Goddess Box Braids

Getting that close to mohawk while looking like a goddess is a sinfully fashionable trend, and no one blames you for loving it. Tie your hair into a bun, and you get that goddess look turn on.

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Fine Hair Box Braids

Fine hair box braids remain a people’s choice for a very long time because of it’s neat and clean look along with the slight sophisticating air as well.

The Bad Girl Look

Here’s another one of our favorite bad girl look that clearly steals the whole show. Pair this with your unnaturally attractive personality and see the world topple onto your feet

The Simple Look You Want

We get it. There’s not a part of you that requires a flashy and overly attention-grabbing look. That is why we recommend this simple and classy look to you.

With Some Bangs

Now, practically saying, these are not bangs, but if that’s what you go with, you will not get bangs with braids like these. Remember, there are no strict rules with fashion. Create your own bang as she did.

The In and Out Top Knot

The top knot has an air of complexion to it, but the real deal here is just simply an in and out method of tying a knot. Absolutely simple yet beautiful.

Kontless Box Braids For Young Girls

For all the young and beautiful girls out there who remain perplexed about a new hairstyle this year, you won’t go wrong with this one. Give it a try and rock new year in school

Very Thin Box Braids

We’ve already talked about large ones, thick ones, and medium ones as well. But did we miss something along the way? It looks like very thin braids did not make a cut till now.

Tight Braids

At first glance, you see that these are some tightly and perfectly done braids. The clean aesthetics of this braid is out of the world

Partial Top Knot

Partial top knot has many benefits. Firstly, you get the option of flaunting your flawless hair and its length. And secondly, it just simply looks beautiful.

Use Some Accessories

There’s always a way in which you can elevate your style, and the use of accessories is one. Add these tiny details to your advantage and see wonders.

Massive Braids

These braids, in general, have the uncanny ability to accentuate your look in general. Why don’t you give them a try?

For Everyday

You don’t need an occasion to rock this look but rather just go ahead and make this your everyday look. You have all the choice in the world.

Swish To Side

On the side, action always gets the job done of making your hairstyle look just a little more sophisticated. You get the idea, right?

Magical Looking

You did not know earlier that your hair possesses the ability to make your hairstyle look like magic. You do now, so get working on it right away.

From Front and Back

From the front and the back, there always some modifications that you have the options of. Firstly, you choose where you leave your hair and secondly, the options of tieing it all up.

Short vs. Long

The war between short hair and long hair is one of which that shall never end. But you get to choose the winner for yourself here. Which one would you choose?

Braids on Braid

As you clearly see here, there’s another braid on top of the already braided hair. That said, which braid would you love to have?


We clearly know how much you love the multi-colored look and, as an inspiration, brought this one in our collection. One of the most amazing multi-color looks so far.

Thin and Perfect Box Braids

Thin and perfect braids are some of the most amazing looking ones and get you most compliments as well. Try it out.

Slightly Blonde Look

If you have naturally black hair and happen to also want to get something new, why not adding the color blonde to your look?

Twirl Like Look

The absolutely unique thing about this one right here is that the braid looks like a twirl, which gives a sophisticated look here.

For Young Ladies

For any of you young ladies out there who feel that they’re not quite ready for all the braids and stuff, go for this simple one.


The elegance lies in simple stuff, and this remains as a perfect example. Just bringing parts of your side hair to the back and tieing them up does a charm.

Blonde Splutters

Splutters of blonde here and there add more dimension to your plain looking hair. Make a bold move and achieve this look.

Thin Locks For White Girls

Many ladies leave their hair lock the size of their top hair, and that’s all fine. But also consider leaving hair locks tiny as well when it comes to boxing braids hairstyle.

The Red Carpet Look

The Red carpet look remains solely focused on making such an entry at shows or events that everyone has their eyes on you. This hairstyle does just that.

Platinum Colored Style

We’ve seen hairstyle with a hint of blonde, entirely burgundy in color, and now we have the platinum-colored hair. Do you like it?

For Curly Hair

Usually, braided hair is straight and falls on a line, but if you want curls, then that’s absolutely possible as well. Just tell your stylist clearly what you want.


Braids Of Different Color

Braids of a different color are a collection of colored hair that ranges from greenish hues of tint to wood brown. These are some of the hairstyle inspiration that you may like.

Outdoor Look

What do you do when you’re in love with your hair and sunshine as well? Well, you go out a dummy. What more of a better combination would you need to go out?

Classic Box Braids

The classic look becomes classic when there’s nothing that interferes with the traditional look. That is, what you did is entirely the conventional way, just like here.

Some Dutch Braid

When you thought that box braids couldn’t get any better, we hit you with the combination of box braids and dutch braid. Didn’t see that coming did you?

top knot

Party Look

All set for the great party tonight? No, you’re not because you haven’t tried this absolute bombshell of a hairstyle. Hurry and change.

With Beads and Color

There’s something unique and magical about using colors or accessories like beads because they make the hairstyle look 100x interesting. You’ll also get compliments for your creativity.

Natural Looking Brown Braid

Inside the color brown, there are many hues that may become overwhelming to choose from. If you’re really unsure, go with this natural-looking brown.

Partial vs. Full Blonde

Are you currently in a dilemma of choosing between a partial blonde look and the full blonde one? This should ease your confusion instantly.

Creative Triangle Box

Box does not always have to have a square shape, you know. Like this one right here, go for a creative one and try triangle as well.

Box Braids with Thick Partial Knot

Partial knots have become quite a famous trend in the fashion industry, and everyone seems to love it as well. The real question here is, do you?

For Medium Hair

If you have what we call, a medium length hair and want box braids as your new hairstyle, choose between thin and thick braids because it makes all the difference.

For Long Dark Hair

For long and dark hair, there’s usually one look that’s universal. That is the straight and elegant look. No one really goes wrong with this choice if you ask us.


These are famous hairstyles in African or African-American society and consists of tight braids similar to Havana twist but braided in boxy fashion. This is the reason why this particular style is called boxes. These are some of the most amazing and unique examples of box braids. Naturally, there are more and more examples, and it would take all eternity to talk about it all.

However, we strongly think that this collection of over hundred of examples will do their job and help you find that perfect hairstyle as well.

There’s also quite a lot of questions regarding how one achieves this look in general. The simple answer is that you do it by either braiding your natural hair or getting extensions for longer ones.

Most people go with the option of getting extensions on their hair because it makes everything look a lot better.


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