Braid Hairstyles for Kids

106 Adorable and Time saving Braid Hairstyles for Kids

When you are a mom, you are doing so much work. You need to take care of your toddlers and run the house; it sure is overwhelming at times. It gets harder on the busy mornings when you need to send your baby to school, and it is hard to get everything done, especially their hair. Braid hairstyles for kids seem to be the easiest way to go for sure. Braids are flexible and versatile and will not take a lot of your time. You can opt for these braids and make your baby feel comfortable and look adorable as they go through their day!

Braids can be a little boring if you only stick to the basic braiding methods. Braids can be as intricate or as simple as you want them to be, so amp up your skills and opt for something fun and cute. You can make your kid feel like a princess and also keep her hassle-free all day long with braided hairstyles.west to find the perfect hairdo for your baby! Here are some braids ideas for the moms out there who are looking to try new and unique twisted hairstyles on their kids.

Box Braids

Box braids are an excellent choice for kids. They look cute and stay longer. This is a low maintenance hairdo and is perfect for school going kids.

braid hairstyles for kids

Tie them up

Create sections in the hair and braid them up for this beautiful hairdo. You can get cornrows by doing so and style them up as you like.

S braids

The bow on the top of this hair is an adorable touch to this sectioned braids. The s-shaped endless twists are unique and pretty as well.

Blue accents

Add blue accents to your baby’s hair and achieve this unique look. Your princess will surely stand out in the crowd.

Wonderful hair

There are many braid hairstyles for kids, but this one is unique and intricate. You can see the results, and it looks beautiful.

Bigger braids

Take larger sections and braid them till the ends and tie them up in a ponytail to get a hassle-free look. You can add beads to the end to make this hairstyle prettier.

Braids for boys

Braids are not just limited to girls! They make an excellent hairdo for boys as well. Experiment with twists on your baby boy and get complimented on your skills.

Intricate sections

There are multiple multi-direction hair braids here that make us look at it again and again in amusement. The twists here keep hair away and is an easy hairdo to carry out throughout the day.

Side swept braids

Sweep your braided hair to the side to achieve this hairdo. You can add beads and accessories as you please here. If you want a neat and cute hairstyle, this is undoubtedly the one to choose.

Heart bun

Arrange your braids in a heart shape and leave the rest in its sections. Put the rest in a bun to make a hairdo perfect for any special event that your baby needs to attend.

Large cornrows

Take a different approach to cornrows and create more massive sectioned rows next time. It will look different and also looks like a hairdo that needed a lot of work. Add a cute ribbon to make this a well-balanced look.

Colorful braids

There are just so many elements in this hairdo that makes it different. There are multiple sections and have been decorated with beads of various colors to make it look festive.


When you recreate this hairstyle on your baby, she is sure to love it! The zigzag details here are impeccable. Add ribbons and beads to make it look prettier.

Narrow ends

The ends of these braids are tight and curly. The whole head has been braided at an angle and is side swept for a hassle-free look. Many young girls have

Bigger braids

Braid hairstyles for kids are beautiful in every form. This is one such hairdo where there are larger sections of braided hair in parts, and it is lovely indeed.

The crown

Braids need not be only done at the back. You can create braids in the front and make it look very polished and pretty. This braids have a crown like an effect and are perfect for occasions or school even.

Multiple ties

There are various sections in this hair, and we love it. It has a bit of spunk to it and the tied up parts are braided and tied as pigtails. This is a perfect school day hairdo.


Tug on the sides of braids and get this loopy hairdo. It looks enjoyable and is perfect for a wedding or any other special event. It might look hard to do, but it is effortless and less time consuming as well.

Triple Braid

This is another braid hairstyles for kids perfect for a wedding, especially if your baby is the flower girl. She is sure to be the center of attention with this polished braided hairdo.

Flowery ornaments

Adding any hair accessory or decoration can uplift a hairdo. It can make even dull and simple hairstyles look fabulous. Here are some ideas for using precious hair jewelry on braid hairstyles for kids.

These green and red flowery hair ties are surely the centers of attraction in this braid hairstyle for kids.

The combination of these colorful flower ornaments compliments this hair braids well.


Style your baby’s bangs with some beads, and it will look adorable. The sections here are neat, and these braids will last longer in time.

We heart it!

Heart shapes in hairdos are a perfect combination. They look delightful when incorporated in braid hairstyles for kids. Here are some smart ways to integrate heart shapes into hairdos, and we heart it!

In this hairdo, the braids have been sectioned in a way that forms a beautiful heart shape. The cross-sectioned braids are perfect for a festive look.

This is another one of braid hairstyles for kids with sections that form a heart shape. It has been styled with beads to make it more colorful and fun.

These shaped braids will work on any hair length too!

Hair ties

These braids have a beautiful curve to them, and the pony at the top is elegant. Add a fun hair tie to make things enjoyable.

This is another beautiful hairdo that has a funky hair tie. There are sections in the front of this hairdo that makes it so appealing.

Braided updo

You can add a twist to a simple hairdo by adding a braid to it. This updo is suitable for any event or even a day out.

School day hair

In those days when you can’t figure out what to do with your baby’s hair on a school day, you can create this braided ponytail. The beads and ribbon here make this look more polished.

Loose hair

The braids here at the sides make these loose braid hairstyles for kids perfect for any day. This hairdo is easy to do and looks casually fun. This hairdo will work well with naturally curly hair.

Flat braids

The middle parted flat braids here are working so well together. This will take you minutes to do, and it looks perfect for any occasion.

Triple tie

A triple tie is a good hairstyle, especially if your baby has thick hair. These braid hairstyles for kids is just perfect and protective as well. You can opt for a single tie at the top or at the base as you like.

Cat Ears

You may have seen many headbands with cat ears in the market. They are just adorable, and we love them. You can recreate the same effect with braided hair and is unique as well.

Low Bun

The twists end in a low bun at the base and is a braided hairstyle for kids that can be worn by adults as well. The darker roots and blonde hair in this hairdo add perfect dimension too!

Party hairdo

This hairdo has the perfect party vibe. There are intricate details on this look, and it has a mysterious effect.

Natural hair

Braid hairstyles for kids look great on natural hair. You can choose any of these hairdos below for your little princess.

Choose two sections and braid them upside down and leave it free at the top for a fluffy, voluminous hairstyle.

You can also create braids with multiple sections that meet in the middle and leave some hair free on top. This will make for a very charming hairstyle for sure.

Free hair

Loose some free braided strands from the sides to get this adorable hairdo. The addition of beads and fancy hair ties makes this a joyous hairstyle.


Twisted that have been placed in a criss-cross fashion makes for the perfect braid hairstyles for kids. Here are some excellent options for you to choose from below.

There are many crosses over sections of hair in this look, and the cute hair tie at the base makes it more polished and pretty.

If such detailed hairdo is too much for you to do, you can opt for these smaller criss-crossed sections. There are fewer details here, but the results are as beautiful.

This is one hairdo that is perfect for Halloween. The spider hair accessories are adding to the spooky vibe.

Unique hairdos

There are braid hairstyles for kids that can be unique and flattering for any hair length. They have a different vibe to them and is sure to make your little girl stand out.

The central beaded braids with ornaments is a unique and artistic hairstyle.

The thick braids on top with crossed sections before them is unusual and we are sure your little one is sure to be happy in this one!

These cornrows have smaller hair all tied to the base, and we love this approach.

Some different looking braid hairstyles for kids has been presented here. They sure look alluring!

Thick twists

Young adults have also sported this braid hairstyles for kids. You should give this thick twisted hair a try the next time you want to do something special.

Ghana Braids

This Ghana braids look beautiful when done well. You can give this one a try and stay carefree for long as they last for a long time.

Short hair

If your toddler has short hair and you are thinking about which hairdo will suit her best; this is just the one for you.

This short braid hairstyles for kids has a charming vibe, and we love the way it can be worn anywhere.

Opt for this short braided hairstyle if your baby has tiny hair. Add any jewelry and hair accessories to finish the look.

Long hair

Placing a simple hair accessory on long locks of your girl can make her hair look subtle and delightful.

Style your baby’s long hair by using hair bands of varied colors.



Topknot braid hairstyles for kids are an excellent hairdo for any event. You can create these topknots in a matter of minutes, and it is super adorable.

Here are some topknotted looks to inspire you!

This front braid that forms a topknot is very stylish. Fishtail braids are an excellent choice for this hairdo.

The braids tied into a bun at the top looks very neat and beautiful.


Here are some differences in hairstyles with sections that you can opt for your baby girl.

Keep it simple

You can keep things simple with these braids if your baby girl has a medium length of hair. Here are some thick and thin braids with and without beads.

The simple, colorful hair ties here add so much color to the look.

Add some colorful beads to the braids to make it more fun and fabulous.

Braid hair in different sections and from different angles this striking hairdo on your baby’s hair.


Add some curls and waves to the ends of your baby’s hair to make the braided hairstyle look a lot more polished.


Sectioned hairdos are trendy, especially with braids. You can keep these hair sections as narrow or as broad as you’d like them to make it more appealing and beautiful.

Here are some inspiration for sectioned braids for you!

Sectioned hair on one side with braids is a fascinating look. You can leave the rest out to be free, and the hair accessories here are also lovely.

Triple Sectioned braids

These tiny braids have intricate crossed over sections. Long hair is perfect for creating a hairstyle like this. It might take a little time but will look amazing once you are done.

Thick braids

These sectioned braids are packed, and the bands here are also adorable. This is one beautiful hairdo for young girls.

Pretty in pink

Use a bright pink hair accessory as such, and it will add a lot of flair to the whole hairdo. This hairstyle has sections too that look very artistic.


Opt for a stylish and neat hairdo like this and your baby girl is sure to love! These braids will last longer, and the beads at the base are also a great addition to this look.


Cornrows are a classic hairdo and are a great look for school going, girls. These sectioned cornrows with have a lot of details, and we surely recommend this one!


There are so many styles that you can create your braids with, and they look fantastic. This waterfall braids are one such beautiful hairdos for your baby that is suitable for short hair too!


Ribbons are a great way to make any hairstyle adorable. If you are looking to make simple braids look more polished, add beautiful, colorful fabrics.

Here are some ribbon ideas for you to choose from for your baby.

Ribbons work for all hair length and texture as well!

Hair jewelry

Add a piece of rustic hair jewelry if you are going for a look perfect for weddings and formal events.

Ponytail Variations

Braid your daughter’s hair and put it into a ponytail and that’s as simple as a hairdo can be! Here are some side ponytail ideas for you.


If a single pony is very common, You can opt for creating two ponytails and style them with pretty beaded hair ties.

This is one beautiful thin braids ideas that we adore. The sections here are neat yet have an edge to them.

Space buns

Space buns are very trendy hairstyles and the great things about them is that both the baby and their moms can wear them!

This braided space bun is very different from the standard no braids space buns. They are an excellent hairdo for small kids.


All the moms will be complimenting your hard work on this hairdo if you choose to recreate it someday! You will surely need some time to get this done, but the results are astounding!


This half up half down approach to the space buns are just perfect. Kids will love this hairdo as it will let them stay hassle-free all day long!


Add hair ornaments and jewelry as you like it to make things more special. You can experiment with these buns and make them look fresh and polished every day!


There are so many elements in this hairdo that adds a touch of mystery to the look. It can be a little hard to do on your own, so you can get this one done at the salon for your baby.


This beautiful braid hairstyles for kids is easy to do, and we love how hassle-free it is!

Long hair

If your baby has a long hair, this sectioned braids might be the thing to try! The ribbon her adds so much flair, and we love this neat hairdo.


Dreadlocks are a beautiful hairdo, and we love how we can style it in multiple ways. Check out this adorable hairdo that will save you a lot of time in the mornings!

Faux Mohawk

This faux mohawk look created by braiding the hair on the top section is just so funky. We love this easy to do hairdo!

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Try this sectioned braids and turn into a bun and change things up a bit. You can try this hairdo for days when your baby needs to attend a special occasion.

Braids Trio

Rope braids are everyday hairstyle, and we know how easy they are. The twists are knotted down, and we love this look. It will take minutes in a rush filled mornings.

 Yellow beads

Beads are an excellent option for accessorizing a hairstyle. You can change any hairstyle from dull and simple to vibrant and beautiful.

The addition of beads here has made this braided hairdo even more fun and festive!


Add a beautiful white headband and add chic and elegance to a simple hairdo. You can try this hairdo at a special event like a wedding.

All about braids

Here are some pretty braid hairstyles for kids ideas for your little princess if you are looking for something fast and straightforward.


A bow adds so much elegance to a hairstyle. This look is perfect for days when you are taking your baby for a day out!


Choosing a hairstyle that will be a perfect match for your baby can be a little tricky. When you are in a hurry to send your kids to school, this can be an even bigger problem. We have thus carefully compiled hairstyles that are easy to do and are less time consuming as well. These are some adorable braid hairstyles for kids that is undoubtedly going to come in handy. We have hairstyles here that work for any occasion and event and also for the hectic school days!

We hope you liked our efforts to find you the best braid hairstyles for kids. You are sure to be the one all moms ask about hairdos once you try these! If you recreate them someday, do share your experience with us in the comments section below. Share this article with other moms and stay tuned for more on stylish hairstyles and more!


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