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101 Perfect Ideas For A Braided Ponytail

There are lots of people who believe that the only place you are supposed to have any sort of ponytail at all is at the gym or during any sporting activity. To people like this, the idea of the ponytail as a hairstyle is lost. They see ponytail has something you do to ensure convenience and that is the end to it – simply put, this is very wrong.

If you type into Google, “Braided Ponytail Ideas for Brunette”, one of the first resulting images you’d notice is that of American Rapper, Asap Rocky. For people who have no idea who Lord Flacko is, well he is just one of the most respected rappers/figures in the fashion industry, and he rocks a ponytail with so much confidence and swag, you wouldn’t want to see him on any other hairstyle.

Why Braided Ponytail? 

The emerging trend of ponytail, especially braided ponytail, is gradually and increasingly becoming one of the most popular hairstyles among females of any age. One of the reasons for this is the aforementioned traditional reason for wearing a ponytail – with a ponytail comes convenience and ease. You might not believe it, but a hairstyle that gets its name from the resemblance to the tail of the pony is one of the trendy and fashionable hairdos in 2019.

Braided ponytail has always been a practical choice due to the fact that they keep the hair out of the face, ensuring that you spend less time adjusting your hair (some would say it removes the endearing feel of a partner doing that for you). Braided ponytail also keeps the hair off the neck but nowadays, it is more than just a means of ease – braided ponytail is as loud a fashion statement as they come. They come with elaborate and trendy styles, many of which you would see in this guide. If you are not sure about having a braided ponytail before reading this guide, there is no way you are not having your braids pulled away from the face and gathered at the back.

Ponytail Options with Images

Here are some of the most fashionable and cutest braided ponytail options – some options look great with blonde hair, others are perfect for the brunette, and some are made for black hair. In all, you get what you are looking for.

Simple Ponytail

Braided Ponytails with cords

Are becoming the go-to style for urban women lately, owning to the fact that you can use any color to create a vibe and as well match your outfit.

Blonde Ponytail

Combines a lot of hair idea to form a trendy and pleasant look. First, you have your beautiful blonde look combined with the braids which are given a sun-kissed vibe by the blonde highlight.

Blonde Braided Ponytail

This option is one of the most common feature in women of middle age – and it is easy to see why. At the right angle, it can be worn as formal as well as also worn to informal events like parties.

Trendy High Ponytail

Comprises a mix of two types of braids – thick braids as well as thin braids. Usually for this look, you leave two of the thin braids to hang on your shoulders, making it all the more stunning.


More High Ponytails

There is doing no wrong with high ponytails as they instantly ensure that you look classy and super stunning. Most people add some bit of accessories to these hairstyle to give it more depth (like it needed more!)

Long  Ponytail

Naturally, braided ponytails are ‘long’ but when we talk about long braided ponytail, we are talking about the type that gives you that queen status straight up.


This is another braid ponytail hairstyle that features blonde highlight – elegant and beautiful still.

Brunette Hair

The first mention of brunette hair in this guide definitely didn’t disappoint. It is classy, trendy and simple – the hairstyle does all the talking for you.

Ponytail with Multi Designs

Braided Ponytails usually come with a simple design, most times just a single design. In the cases where there are a number of designs, the braids form a circular shape that blends seamlessly to the hair packed at the back.

Beyonce Inspired Ponytail

This classic style looks even better on Queen B. The length is long enough to get the attention of the entire room. The braids start as thin before becoming thicker after they are gathered in to a ponytail.

Trendy Hair

 Ponytail Idea with Blonde Highlight

Another braided ponytail option that features the ever gorgeous blonde hair. We love it and we want more.

Platinum Braided

Platinum is becoming probably the most popular hair color among females of the age 20-30 (the exact reason for this is not known but I’m sure a certain Dragon Queen has something do with). On its own it is trendy – combined with braids, excellent, packed into a ponytail, short of words.

Burgundy Hair

The highlight of this hairstyle is the color of the hair, bringing a certain elegant feel with it.

Pink Hair

For many females, pink is their favorite color – it is reasonable then that some of their hairstyles feature this color.

With Brunette Shades

Mushroom Brown 

This shade of brunette is one of the most desirable color to have your braided ponytail

Bronze Ponytail

Another shade of brunette which puts the emphasis on the shades of brown as well as the ponytail

Rose Brown Ponytail

There is no missing a rose brown ponytail from any distance – sharp, pleasant and fascinating.

Cocoa Butter 

This is one braided ponytail you would do well to have during the summer – it matches the vibe and feel of the season.

Dark Chocolate

This is a hairstyle that features multi-dimensional shades of brown, highlighting the black tone as well as the brown tone of the braids.  

Urban Braided Ponytail Options

Black Hair

Braids in black color has never looked more delightful.

Side Ponytail

Keeping the same blonde energy as the former blonde hairstyles.

With Platinum Highlight

In this particular hairstyle, the focus is on the braided ponytail with just a touch of the platinum color.

With Tiger Eye Highlight

You won’t see any color, design, or braid more fascinating than this.

Dutch Braid

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Dutch braids are always a great sight to see and when gathered into a ponytail, they are even more delightful.

Shades of White

White Hair

This particular hairstyle comes with some angelic feel – maybe it is the color.

Ash Brown

braided ponytail

For females who want their hairstyle option to feature dull color in order to let the design and ponytail be the focus, this is the ideal option for you.

Smoky Highlights

Another braided ponytail option that puts the emphasis on the braids packed into a ponytail and not the color of the hair.

Traditional Options

French Braid

We like our braids French, we love our French braids when they are packed at the back.


This particular hairstyle usually feature two colors – one bright and in this case pink, the other dimmer and in this case, royal blue. This is one hairstyle that screams ready to party.

Dutch Braided

Dutch braids are beautiful and it is even better when the braids are excellently crafted into a ponytail.

Multi-color High side Ponytail

This hairstyle features a mix of two distinct colors – black and bronze braids, interwoven together and packed at the back.

with Color

This particular braided ponytail features thin and thick braids with several subtle touches of color, giving it a bit of class and style.

Simple but Stylish

Thick Braid

These type of braided ponytail are characterized by very thick and long braids which are usually completed with either beads or cords. Thick braided ponytails do not feature any thin braid.

Thin Braid

This is the exact opposite of the one right above it – it features neatly braided thin braids along with the hair.

With Ribbons

braided ponytail

These are usually worn by kids or schoolgirls who are involved in sports or activities where loose hair would be an inconvenience. The point of the ribbon is to add a bit of substance and style to the hair.

Hazelnut Braided Ponytails

The essence of this particular hairstyle is in the color of the hair – the unmistakable hazelnut shade of brunette makes this one of the must-have hairdo this season.

Cinnamon Inspired Braid

Another color inspired braided ponytail, simple yet classy with the shade of brunette touched with vibrant curls and highlights.

Casual Hairstyle Options

Scrunchie Ponytail

This is a throwback to hairstyle to the pre-90s days of scrunchies – which is where the look got its name. Classic braided ponytails might just be the look for you.

Urban Ponytail

This has everything you are looking for in an urban look – trendy, could go with any outfit and makes you look badass at the same time.


There is no messing with anyone who is rocking a hairstyle which was dubbed this particular name. This is the season of female empowerment and nothing screams empowered than a hairstyle that plays to the strength of a woman.


In this look, hair elastic does the work keeping your hair super stretched. Long braided hair always a sight for sore eyes.  


One word (or maybe two), superfly.


This unique braided ponytail is so hard to describe that the only appropriate name is ‘freestyle’.

Super long 

Your hair cannot get more obvious than this. An exquisite look that would make for a great wedding look (especially at the reception).

Blonde Inspired Looks


Not the first blonde braided ponytail, and definitely won’t be the last.

Pineappled Braid

The ponytail is made to spring and curl like a pineapple, which is where the look got the name from.

French Braid Inspired Ponytail

This is a ponytail that is inspired by the characteristic look of a French braid. This hairstyle is serving some exquisite French look.


The ponytail is made deliberately round when the hair is being gathered and packed. Beautiful and bold!

Circular Braid

The detail in this look is centered on the hair that is braided round the head, creating a circular feel with it. Classy and easy to achieve, this might just be the look for you.


Like the wine, this hairstyle and look is sparkling.


This is one of the easiest braided ponytail look to achieve and is increasingly becoming the look for many working females. Would go well for a casual Friday too.

Funky Ponytail

Stunning, fierce and fascinating – the funky braided ponytail is one that is sure to only get more popular. This hairstyle is here to stay, and you best believe that!


For this look, all you have to do is gather the hair at the top of your head and let the curls stay elegantly on your shoulders

Messy Ponytail

Don’t get distracted by the name, this is probably one of the most neatly and carefully crafted look in this guide. The whole point is to look intentionally messy and still look classy.

Wrapped Ponytail Options

Wrapped Ponytail

For normal ponytails, the hair is usually wrapped with some type of material but in this case, the braids are used as the material for wrapping.

Long Wrapped

braided ponytail

Just like the look above, the braids are wrapped to form the tail of the pony look. But in this case, they are super long!

High Wrapped

The hairstyle is raised at the top while the braids are wrapped with the ponytail.

More Stylish Options


An increasingly popular look especially among trendy and fashionable females – and it is easy to see why.  

Long Ponytail

Another braided ponytail where the length just wows you.

Heart Shaped 

There are few things in the world that are cuter than this braided ponytail. The intrinsic design of the hairstyle makes it extremely heartwarming – it gives off that little princess vibe and this would fit perfectly for any girl. An interesting hairstyle, really.

Braids With Ribbon and bands

This is another hairstyle meant for kids. There is a sense of simplicity in the hairstyle itself but the ribbon attached to point where the ponytail starts adds a touch of style. Combine that with the purple bands and you have one of the most lovable hairstyle you can give a female child.

Exquisite Looking Options

Mohawk Inspired

This is one interesting braided ponytail – it takes the element of a Mohawk and combines it with a French to form a hairstyle that even an adult would love to have.


It would be almost impossible to give a name to a hairstyle this eccentric. Therefore, it is only appropriate that it is called the Eccentric Braided Ponytail. It is a trendy look that combines several elements and inspiration to form a very unique look. This is definitely one hairstyle that would look fit in perfectly at New York or Paris Fashion Week.

Fishtail Braid with Ribbons

Unlike a normal fishtail ponytail look, this particular hairstyle features ribbons and cords with adds a touch of elegance and style. Another hairstyle that gives off a princess aura.

Ponytail in Braids

Also See:

We like Blake Lively, scratch that, we love Blake Lively. She looks beautiful rocking this blonde look but when has she ever looked anything but beautiful. Here, she is wearing a simple yet classy hairstyle that puts the braids in the ponytail. We are going to talk about her lovely red dress some other time, but for now let’s just enjoy the equally lovely hairstyle.

Of course we get another Blake Lively!


The last look on this guide puts emphasis on the springiest of curls that looks exquisite and pleasant.

Why You Need To Have A Braided Ponytail This Season

Braided Ponytails are not just another look, this is the look! The perfect braided ponytail matched with a gorgeous outfit would have you feeling on top of the world.

braided ponytail

braided ponytail

braided ponytail

braided ponytail

braided ponytail

braided ponytail


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