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91 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle For Modern Day Brides

In a general sense, people take bridal hairstyle like a bun. However, the modern day’s bridal hairstyles are not seen in a bun. You don’t need to try a bun and make your bridal hair boring and traditional. These days, the hairstyle for beautiful brides have come with a different type and suitable for each face type. As you should be choosing something perfect to fit your makeup and your dress, it is undoubtedly a big thing to worry about. However, you can make a very thoughtful decision regarding your bridal hair and get a natural compliment on the day of your wedding.

Try to be a gorgeous bride with a great hairstyle and kill everyone on your wedding day with a gorgeous hairstyle. No matter if you have long hair or short hair, you can always have choices while you choose this hairstyle. Here are some beautiful bridal hairstyles that can flatter you on your wedding day. Try some.

Simple French Updo with Flowers

The most straightforward bridal hairstyles for long hair are the french braid. This was the most common bridal hairstyle from ancient times. As you will require a beautiful hairstyle for your beautiful day, this hairstyle will look the most beautiful. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to visit your hairstylist. Try this easy hairstyle on your wedding day.

bridal hairstyle

The Taylor Updo

Bridal hairstyles do not include the bridal hairstyle for the bride only. The bridesmaids need to look beautiful and flatter their hair as well. As the bridesmaids are also a primary source of attraction for the day, they need to be in a grand style. One of the popular hairstyle for them is the Taylor updo which the famous singer, Taylor Swift often goes out with.

Highlighted Updo

In case you are looking for wedding hairstyles for short hair, you can try the messy and straightforward updo with the highlighted hair. Highlight your hair into a creamy ash color, and you will look fabulous. This hairstyle won’t fail to rock your bridal attire. Hence, try this bridal hairstyle for natural hair.


Messy Russian Bridal Hairstyle

Russian hairstyles are on a significant trend. Along with simple Russian hairstyles, the Russian bridal hairstyle is one of the most trending hairstyles in the present context. People who are looking for a great and unique hairstyle for their wedding day can choose this hairstyle and shine. This will be the best hairstyle that you can try on your wedding day.

Loose Curls with Crowns

For brides, the loose curl is very popular. As the curls go well with the bridal gowns, it makes the bridal attire look beautiful. To give more emphasis to the curls, you can add a bridal crown too. Take some fringes out at the frontal section of your head to add more beauty to your hairstyle. Also, you can add some highlights to make it look attractive too.

Crown Braids with Updo

As braids are popular with the brides, the crown braids can give a new and impressive look. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to start braiding your hair at the frontal section. Leave some fringes open down the braids. Then, in the end, tie your hair into a messy bun. In this way, you can make your hair look great. Add some flowers in case you want an elegant look for your bridal attire.

Simple Puffs with loose curls

Are you searching for bridal hairstyles for natural hair? Here you have the best bridal hairstyle that you can achieve in your natural hair. Most of the people have hair with loose curls. Hence, all you need to do is make your hair look voluminous at the top and leave the rest of the hair open. In this natural way, you can shine at your wedding.

Fishtail Braids with Side Bun

The forever bridal hairstyles are buns with braids. As buns with braids were famous for brides from the traditional time, it is still trending. You can try this hairstyle from your engagement day to your reception day, including your grand wedding ceremony. This hairstyle works for every wedding function. Make sure that you don’t miss this masterpiece on your wedding day.

Classis Updo

Are you planning to keep your hair off your neck during your wedding? People usually like all of their hair tied into a bun. So, you can try the classic updo yourself. It can also work at times when you don’t have a hairstylist. With this easy hairstyle, you won’t ever feel like hair styling is a tough task to do. Give a little time on making your hair, and you will feel glad about yourself on your wedding day.


Loose Ponytail for Indian Bride

For Indian brides, updos are not only an option. As the Indian face looks great on all types of hairstyles, most of the Indian brides choose simple one-sided paintings on your wedding day. However, the plaitings that they try can vary from loose to lose. Most of the time, loose braids are popular. It is also known as mermaid braid.


Bengali Bridal Hairstyles

The Bengali brides are the most popular and fanciest in India. These people love a variety of hairstyles and try unique hairstyles every time. For a Bengali bride, it is common for them to do a simple updo and place a beautiful crown at the updo. Also, they try the smooth waves and decorate the hair with accessories. Most of the time, they also try simple braids with a messy updo. Whatever the hairstyle that they try, they make sure that it is well decorated. Hence, it looks beautiful.

Unseen Braids

If braids are what you don’t want to show off on your wedding day, you can hide it well. Try the mermaid braids at the middle section of your hair and protect it well with the hair on the sides. Add some decoratives if you want some fancy stuff on your hair.


Simple Updo with Side Partition on Veil

For brides who want simple bridal hairstyles with veil, you can try the simple updo. In case a partition suites well on your face, try a side partition. Tie your hair into a simple updo and then cover it with the veil. If the look looks too simple, you can also add a crown to add little beauty to it. However, it’s all your wish on what you choose.

Oversized Curls with a Flower Crown

Do you want to be a stylish bride with much glam? If you are on the plan, you should probably try oversized curls on your long hair. These curls require a more significant iron, and to set your curls; you need to spray some setting spray on your hair. On top of it, add a flower crown.


Beautiful Bridal Updo

As updos are the most beautiful bridal hairstyles, you should try some updos on your big day. Prepare your long hair to be tied into a big and voluminous updo. With this, you will get a fresh, unique, and bright bridal look. Also, it goes well with the bridal attire too.

African Bridal Hairstyle

African brides have a wide range of hairstyles. They usually like big updos on the frontal section of their head, starting from the forehead. Also, the Africans put a lot of accessories in their hair. Hence, this will be a perfect hairstyle for African brides to show off their accessories that they used for styling their hair.

Twisted Updo

Weaves can look extremely fabulous. So, you should surely go with the designs and try the twisted updo. It is the hairstyle that is made just for you to flatter you on your wedding day. Take the frontal section of your hair and then make a twisted updo out of the waves. If you want more style, take out a strand of your hair. Add a beautiful crown on the upper section of your updo. Doing this can make you look gorgeous.


Voluminous Updo with Curled Fringe

If fringes suit you well, you should probably try a curled fringe. As a fringe looks better on the updo, you should try updo with an edge. This unique style that most hairstylists are working on the bridal hairstyle is rising into fame. Flatter your buns by adding bridal hair accessories.

The Big Bun

These days, people usually don’t try to style their bridal hairstyle with a veil. In these times, the best thing you can do to avoid veils is to try a big updo at the upper part of your head. The big updo won’t make it possible for your hair to hold a veil. Use a similar pair of hair accessories and earrings to match it.

Cornrows with Simple Udo

Cornrows are very popular with updos for African bridal hairstyles. The cornrows are well visible when you try it with a jumbo braid and then place the jumbo braid into an updo. The updos can go on either position, down, or up. Also, you can try it in both positions as well. To style your hair more precisely, you can add a flower with a matching pair of earning. In this way, you will gain the look that you always wanted to achieve.

Wedding Updo on Crimped Hair

Crimps are the classic trend of the African fashion industry. For African brides, crimps can look beautiful as well. All you need to do is crimp your hair or tie your naturally crimped hair into a voluminous high updo.  Make it look sexier by adding a flower barrette clip in the middle of the updo.

Natural Hairstyle

Most people don’t like to put high effort into their hair these days. These people can try staying their natural hair on their wedding day. Leave your natural hair, and then try adding a veil to make it look beautiful. However, the bridesmaids can try wedding hairstyles with updos and look different than the bride.

Halo Braids with Bridal Updos

As one of the most romantic hairstyles, the halo braids look endlessly romantic and beautiful. Along with the romantic side of your hair, it can also show off your beautiful highlights too. Try some beautiful hairpins with embedded flowers to give the braids an elegant look. Your bridal attire will rock in this simple look.

Easy Waves for Brides

Do you have any statement hair accessory that you want to show off on your wedding day? You can show off your hair as well as an accessory by leaving your hair open and adding waves at the end of it. Your hair accessory will be well visible, and your loved ones will enjoy the new bridal hairstyle.

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Side Swept Waves

The wedding day is the best day to show off your rigid personality. You can look cute and beautiful with the side swept waves. In this way, you can show off your personality on your big day too. You always don’t need a classic tiara to look like a queen. Sometimes, leaving your hair open and applying a simple accessory can give you a similar look too. Don’t feel shy to try this unique style on your wedding.

Messy Updo with Curls

If you want something chic and effortless on your big day, you should go with the messy updo with the curls. As it looks like your hair is woven into one another, your bridal look will flaunt. Also, leaving some hair open at either side curling them will make it look more beautiful. Like always, add a hair accessory on it.

Simple Chignon

Chignon is the trend of the early 90s. However, it is still known as one of the most fashionable hairstyles and is famous as a simple bridal hairstyle. Although the chignon look is simple, the effect that it has on your hair is impressive. It goes very well with the shiny wedding dress. This is what the modern bride should try if they want something fancy at their wedding.

Easy Curls

Brides usually like curls. Hence, curls are famous as the best bridal hairstyle. For modern brides who want a simple and stylish wedding, this will be the best hairstyle. All you need is a curler and a setting spray. Sometimes, clipping a side of your hair with a hair accessory can make it look beautiful too.

Indian Bridal Look

Other than the bohemian braids, what Indian brides usually try is the big birds that give them the complete look of a classic Indian bride. Although this hairstyle is old, it looks fashionable as well as stylish. It can be carried easily with simple and heavy Indian ornaments too. Do try this bridal hairstyle.

Chingon with Veil

The bold and sexy look in a wedding dress can be achieved with a high chingon. In case a romantic and flowery updo does not please you, you should try a chingon. However, the bridal look can be obtained by wearing a hairstyle with a veil. This hairstyle is effortless and timeless. For people like you who crave a sexy look on their wedding day, too, this is the best bridal hairstyle that you should try.

Round Flowey Bridal Crown

While you tie your hair into a bridal bun, you can always make it fashionable with the accessories. The best accessory for a bridal bun is the flowery round bridal crown. Try this hairstyle and look natural on your wedding day.

Royal Bridal Hairstyle

For royal brides, the bridal hairstyle is the most important thing. As they should look unique and presentable, the hairstyle that they try on their wedding day never fails to win the heart of people. Although simple, the hairstyle looks gorgeous on their wedding veil. Also, the way that they put their tiara on their updo is quite breathtaking. So, try this hairstyle and steal the breath of your loved one looking like a princess on your wedding day.

French Braids with French Updo

As the french braids are the fascinating hairstyles for young and teenage girls, these hairstyles have evolved to be one of the most trending bridal hairstyles too. It is the best for someone who is looking for bridal hairstyles for long hair. The texture of the braid and updo is quite impressive and attractive.

Flowers on Bridal Hairstyle

Common in the Indian bridal hairstyle, flowers are highly valued when it comes to styling the brides. You can get the iconic bridal hair if you decorate your bun with abundant flowers at the end. Your hair will look pretty and playful. This is the best type of Indian bridal hairstyles that you can try on your wedding day.

Very Messy Updos

The cute and beautiful updo can steal the heart of many. Likewise, the messy updo is no less; Although you will require a lot of time creating the look, you won’t regret it at the end. Also, it looks sophisticated, and people will admire your hair on your big day. Don’t hesitate to put a little effort to shine on your wedding. Do try this messy updo.

Natural Updo

For natural brides who like the bridal look as simple as it can be, the best thing you can do is tie your hair into a simple updo. The shiny and pure hair that you have will rock this look. In no time, you will be all ready for your big day with this hairstyle. Try it.

Sexy Bridal Look

Supermodels who are in the modeling industry do not enjoy the easy and simple bridal look. As they are adopted to looking hot every time, they usually try the hot and sexy look at their wedding too. Try this super sexy bridal hairstyle and flaunt it with a long pair of accessories.

Bridal Hairstyle with Gajra

Gajras can look extremely beautiful on brides. This soft and white flowery thing on your beautiful black-brown hair can give your bridal look a more delicate look. Like most of the Indian brides, you will also be able to win the hearts of people with your bridal hairstyle. Try this look.


Classic Bride of the 70s

The bridal hairstyle of the 70s was unique. The beautiful curls at the end with a follower accessory at the side can give you a different look in the modern era. Try this cute bridal hairstyle of the 70s.

Beautiful Net Veil

Bridal Veils are not meant to be at the backward part of the head only. You can also try the bridal veil from the frontal section of your head too. The unique bridal hairstyles include styling your hair into an updo and then covering your face with the net vile. It won’t affect your vision or cover your bridal makeup too. Try it.

Classic Hair Accessory for Brides

Most brides like the idea of styling their hair on their wedding day with a classic accessory. If you are one of those brides who want the look of the vintage accessories, you should try this hair accessory. The stones and the pearls in the attachment won’t require much effort on your hair. Try it if you love accessories.

Typical Indian Bride

The typical Indian bridal hairstyle is still trendy. As ideal bridal hairstyles are effortlessly romantic, there is no harm in trying it on your wedding day. Also, it is the best for Indian people wanting bridal hairstyles for long hair. However, this hairstyle can look good only with heavy ornaments.

Styling Bridal Hair with Natural Flowers

Although styling hair with natural flowers can look too much at times, it never looks overrated while you try it on the bridal hairstyle. For flower lovers, who want to shine on their wedding day with natural flowers, try this hairstyle. However, make sure that the flowers you choose will go according to your hair color.

Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hair

Growing long hair is always a tough task for people who have thin hair and the hair that does not grow well. You can gain the ultra-glam look with the short hairstyle that you have too. Also, you don’t need a hairstylist to achieve this bridal look. Try this easy bridal hairstyle if you have short hair.


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