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101 Most Amazing Bridesmaid Hairstyles For You

After the bride and the groom, bridesmaid hairstyles and dresses are for the most part the center of the attention. They are the most photographed element in the whole wedding ceremony. This makes the bridesmaid hairstyle a very critical and influential element of the wedding ceremony. It is very crucial that bridesmaid not only look but also feel fabulous and amazing throughout the wedding ceremony. So that they will be able to perform their role properly. The hairstyle is an extremely important element that has the power to make plain women look wonderful and magnificent women remarkable and unforgettable.

Appearing extraordinary and remarkable is imperative and pivotal for any women during the wedding day be it for a bride or a bridesmaid. Hairstyles for bridesmaid can be a mix of simplicity, modesty, and beauty, elegant and modern, swanky and fashionable. it could be an updo or a down do. You should be very careful to select the one which will compliment your face and will go well with the dress. Bridesmaid hairstyles should perfectly compliment the bride’s hairstyle but it is very important not to outshine and overshadow the bride’s hairstyle at the same time. So, for this reason, the maid of honor and the bridesmaid have got to stay away from extra sparkling, sheeny and especially white color. They also ought to skip out on huge and extensive jewelry, extra bright accessories and excess volume. Adorable and beautiful buns, tender and girlish ponytails and sophisticated plaits are few hairstyles that are absolutely fitting and suitable for bridesmaids. There can be so many types of hairdo’s suitable for a bridesmaid.

Gorgeous braid updo

Tic-tic 1, tic-tic 2! The time is already up and your best friend’s wedding is just around the corner. You should bear in mind that the role of the bridesmaid is very crucial and need to make sure that everything is running smoothly. This easy and beautiful braid updo is the perfect choice for the bridesmaid, especially during the summer. The braided updo will look beautiful and not really steal the show from the bride on this significant day. bridesmaid-hairstyle

The classic bun

If you are in the hunt of the perfect hair look for your face shape, then you do not have to look any further. This chic and classic bun will look impeccable on the bridesmaid. It is an extremely feminine and elegant hairstyle for the wedding day. This hairstyle is not a neat and tidy hair look. It’s more on the messier side. The back upper side of the hair is puffed up a bit to give the extra sophistication to the whole look.  

The retro bun

If you are trying to channel the inner 80’s hair vibes, then this is the perfect hair look for you. At first, the hair should be curled by a thick curling rod from the top portion of the hair. Then, the lower portion of the hair is tied up and made into a bun. It is a very easy hairstyle and the plus point about this hairstyle is that you can even do it by yourself.

Down-wrapped ponytail

If bridesmaids have long hair and are wishing for a subtle, laid back and easygoing hair look, then this classic ponytail with a slight twist will be the perfect look. This classic down ponytail features a thin strand of braid on one side of the head and some loose strands of hair on both sides. In this hairstyle, the hair is split into two parts. They are crossed over and are wrapped and swathed encompassing the main base area of the ponytail. This down wrapped ponytail looks different and more posh and elegant as compared to the normal, everyday ponytail. It also covers up any rubber bands that are used to tie the ponytails which will make the hair look fancy.

Easy and simple pony look

As a bridesmaid, you are automatically the right hand of the bride. Taking that role in mind, bridesmaids have a lot on their plate on the wedding day. There will be many tasks which you will have to complete on time so that the day goes smoothly. So for this reason, the hairstyle for the bridesmaid should be hassle-free. A bridesmaid should not choose a hairstyle that feels necessary for touch ups during the day. Just tie your hair in a simple ponytail and cover the band by rotating the hair itself.

Intricate high bun

You can add a tinge of grace and delicacy to your comprehensive hair look by setting your hair into a fascinating and intriguing high bun. This beautiful hairdo is certainly the desire and goal hairstyle for such a splendid day. This hairstyle is very easy and you can even do it by yourself at home. But, if you want to make it perfect, then you better get an appointment in your most trusted hair salon.

Half pin-up hairstyle

If you are confused with what type of hairstyle you want to wear, then this is another beautiful option for you. You can just curl your hair at the bottom and pin up the half portion of your hair into a messy bun. It is an effortless hair look and is extremely easy to create in addition.

Side Braided Bun Bridesmaid Hairstyles

This down undervalued braided side bun is an uncomplicated and effortless inclusion to the side bun which places the bridesmaid apart from the guests at the wedding. In this hairstyle, the hair is french braided and the lower portion is made into a bun.

Smooth and Straight

Numerous ladies swing to twists for enormous occasions, yet why not grasp normally straight hair? Then again, wavy-haired ‘cleaning specialists should need to switch their normal turn upward by utilizing a flatiron.

Short and Weaved

The bridesmaid can wear tight interlace and free lace twists. It is a very polished look and will give a neat and tidy finish.

Free Braids

Short hair can be plaited, as well! You can pick an intentionally chaotic style to represent hairs that won’t remain put.

Dynamic Duo

We cherish how these wonderful bridesmaid hairstyles appear differently in relation to the lady of the hour’s own style.

Stunner waves

Run all out glitz with a stunner and sensational waves, and as a bridesmaid, you will emanate certainty and confidence with bridesmaid hairstyles.

Turned to the Side

This present bridesmaid’s basic updo is highlighted with a thick side wind. This bridesmaid hairstyle will look very elegant.

Blended hairdos

These bridesmaids all are wearing different types hairdos. However, they didn’t lose their own style. Distinctive ladies can diverse hairdos for a not-exactly coordinating look. You can go for a mix and match look instead of going for a simple, coordinated look.

Half Ribbon-bow Ponytails

For something easygoing yet at the same time beautiful, attempt this half-up, half-down style. These ‘housekeepers’ haircuts are easily excellent on account of basic, small-scale pigtails. Just add a ribbon, make a bow with it and you are good to go. It is a completely hassle-free and fun hair look.

Lace Crowns

To make the bridesmaid bloom crowns additional one of a kind, tie them in the back with strips. Or you can add some pearls for a unique hair look.

Coordinating the Bride

Some custom has it that bridesmaids should coordinate the lady of the hour. In case bridesmaids cannot set on allocating the white dresses, consider having the hair emulate the bride’s hairstyle.

Pulled Back

The bridesmaid in the wedding party can stay with a great half-up, half-down style.

Side-Plaited Buns for short hair

Plaits and buns go together flawlessly. For bridesmaids with short and medium hair, keep the side mesh and flawlessly carry out the updo.

Totally Down Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Bridesmaids can also opt for a completely down hair look like the below image and wear their hair out. Their magnificence looks will show up easily as a result.

Out of this world

The bridesmaid hair look can have a lot of volume on account of a prodded updo.

Innovative Parts

Playing with parts is a fun method to give your hair a chance to put forth a wedding-commendable expression. This hair look could not be preferred by every bridesmaid. Whoever wants to go for this innovative hairstyle, it should be carried out with a lot of confidence and grace.

Plaited Up Top and Front

Plaits over the temple pull hair back while as yet enabling it to be worn out. They’re additionally virtuoso for subduing blasts that might develop out.


This cut back style works extraordinarily for longer blasts, or just to keep strands out of bridesmaids’ countenances.

Knocked Up

A knocked up hair look is a simple method to lift a normal half-up, half-down style. This bumped up hairstyle can be created easily at home.

Bent with Flowers

Rather than a bloom crown, have a go at embedding stems into a perplexing and ethereal interlaced look.

Fishtail plaits

For bridesmaids who are tired of the standard French interlace, consider a fishtail look. We cherish it worn to the side for a loose, somewhat fixed vibe.

Big and voluminous Updos

Who doesn’t need a little volume on a huge day? Full updos look incredible with face-encircling rings.

Side-Swept and Down

Every bridesmaid has a different style and preference. Some can do free, wavy locks, which they hung more than one shoulder.

Thick Braided Crowns

We have a weakness for a great milkmaid-roused twist. It’s a pretty haircut choice for bridesmaids, particularly at an open-air wedding when they’d like to keep their hair set up.

Pulled Back and Twisted

If the bridesmaid has a thick amount of hair then this is a suitable choice for her. The below image of the hairstyle has huge amounts of the surface, and hair is wrapped and bent strands are particularly exquisite.

Up and Braided

This plaited look keeps hair off of the face, while additionally displaying any studs you’ve chosen.

Twisted and Braided

A plait around the crown matched with lovely twists is a secure hairdo alternative.

Something Unique

The dazzling bridesmaids can create a special hair look by adding a pop of pink flower or a favorite one for additional energy.

Blossom Crowns

A spring or mid-year wedding is an ideal open door for new flower crowns and a surefire technique for making yourself standout champion from whatever remains of the visitors. Pick blossoms inside your shading plan, or pick sprouts that supplement the wedding bundle.

Formal Updos

Clearing hair over into an updo makes a bridesmaid look that is rich and formal. What’s more, with hair off of bridesmaid’s shoulders, this look turns into about the dress you have decided for the event.

Beachy Curly Waves

In case you’re tossing an ocean-side wedding party, pick a hairdo for your young ladies that supplements the shoreline chic vibe. This haircut looks extraordinary on all hair lengths and is particularly fitting for nautical-motivated festivals.

Exquisite Chignon look

Chignons are a great French look and are an advanced style for your ‘servants. It’s likewise an ageless look that you’ll think back on in 10 years and still love

Loose Updos

You’d like for your closest companions to wear hair up, yet at the same time need to keep things easygoing. Consider a loose updo like this one, with free, wind-cleared pieces around the face.

Stone Head gears

In case you’re more glitz than boho, swap the blossom crown for a bejeweled headband. The happy topper includes a little shimmer as well, which diminishes the requirement for additional adornments.

Breathtaking Blowouts

Long, excellent hair was made to be let down. What’s more, if your bridesmaids happen to have hair quite recently like that, a pretty and full victory dependably makes for a path prepared haircut.

Beautiful Updo

An extraordinary style that is basic and sweet. On the off chance that you don’t need anything extravagant, this is the ideal style for you.

Twisty Partial

Halfway updos are incredible styles to have on an enormous day. There is a basic curve in the back that is extremely beautiful.

Include Some White Flowers

These strong twists are extremely noteworthy. If you are searching for a great style, attempt these bridesmaid hairstyles as an embellishment.


Marvelous Style

On the off chance that you truly want to look amazing as a bridesmaid then this is the style for you. Between the mesh and the astonishing blossoms, this is a work of art without a doubt.

Gorgeous Updos

Updos are in every case exceptionally well known with regards to a wedding gathering and this one is beautiful.

Cleaned Style

On the off chance that you are searching for class and effortlessness, you are certain to discover it with this updo.

Chaotic Style

We can’t resist the urge to cherish this muddled style for a wedding updo.

Exemplary Hairstyle

This halfway updo is a great look and you can add a few accomplices to it.

Free Curls

In the event that you want to leave your hair down, this is a perfect look that is brimming with twists.

 Ravishing Designs

If you are searching for a charming style, experiment with this wavy updo.

Intense Looks

An extraordinary style that is brimming with class and beauty. We adore the additional stone crown band all through the style.

Spectacular Styles

Another case of a staggering bridesmaid hairstyle that is extremely charming.

Falling Curls

There is a huge amount of hair required with this look so you may need to get a portion of your young lady’s a few expansions. The falling twists down the back are really astounding, however.

Twisted Styles

We cherish the way that the plait circles the bun with this updo.

Delicate Bridesmaid Hairstyles

On the off chance that you are searching for an increasingly sentimental search as a bridesmaid, you can’t turn out badly with this updo.

The Top Braid

In the event that you are searching for an exceptional search for yourself at your best friend’s wedding party, you won’t locate an all the more astounding one than this.

Fishtail Braids

This is another beautiful style that you are certain to adore. We simply think the fishtail plaits are generally so one of a kind looking.

Sentimental Bridesmaid Hairstyles

This is another exemplary look that you are certain to adore.

Incredible Accessories

Some of the time an extraordinary embellishment is all you have to make your style much progressively immaculate.

Stick Curl Waves

If you are searching for a vintage style for your marriage party, stick twist waves are the best approach. It’s a rich style that will take you back to some other time.

Edgy Touch

On the off chance that there are young ladies that have extremely short hair in the marriage party, at that point you should need to attempt this edgy hair look. It tends to be difficult to style short hair for a wedding. You can make your young ladies feel cool with this astounding style.

Charming Design

This is a straightforward fractional updo with interlace, yet it’s a dazzling style. We adore the way that the plait is going appropriately over her head. It’s a shocking style that you are certain to adore.

A Romantic Style

Another incredible case of an incomplete updo with a twist. These are the sorts of styles that look extraordinary on bridesmaids since they emerge yet they are so easy to make. You wouldn’t require a beautician to make these looks.

Novel Designs

Who says that being a bridesmaid, you can’t be novel on a huge day. It’s expansive curving interlace that folds over the head. It’s the sort of style that individuals will discuss throughout the night.

Falling Ponytail

A shocking look that you are certain to cherish. Falling twists enveloped with a pigtail. It’s an exquisite look that is ideal for your best friend’s wedding party.

Little Details

These little botanical extras extremely total the look. It’s a fractional updo that has an extremely straightforward plait. It’s occasionally the straightforward looks that draw the eye the most.

Dazzling Style

This in vogue updo is stunning. The young ladies are certain to inspire with these bridesmaid hairstyles.

Magnificent Curls

Twists are exceptionally mainstream for wedding haircuts. This halfway updo has a greater number of twists than you will ever require. It’s an increasingly formal look that would be suitable for fancier dresses for the marriage party.

The Side Braid

This is a truly cool plan that would look extraordinary for a wedding party. It’s a fractional updo that consolidates plaits and braids together. We believe it’s a shocking style a done that will truly make your best friend’s marriage party emerge.

A Short Bridesmaid Hairstyle

This bridesmaid hairstyle is littler than most and it gives you an altogether different look. You don’t see such a large number of updos like this one so why not make the wedding party a progressively unique one.

Wavy Styles

This style is basic and not over the best. The fractional updo is styled with waves rather than twists. Plaits dependably give a sentimental component to these kinds of styles.

These are the different types of bridesmaid hairstyles that you can try for your best friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid.


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