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91 Brunette Hair Techniques That Can Make You Slay 2021

Do you like the shades of brown? What do you think about coloring your hair brown? Brown suits anyone and everyone. For you to get a perfect hair color for any face type and any color, you can try the brunette hair. It is probably the second human color of hair, next to black. The brunette has various variations and might range in varieties.

If you want to try a few of the shades of brunette this year, you can start with simple techniques. It will make you rock your hair in 2020.

The Popular Long Brunette in Wavy Hair

The most popular shade brunette suits very well with the long hair you have. Do you want some shades of brown that can make you slay? Then, try this beautiful technique of applying brown color to your hair. To add to it, you can turn your hair into waves so that you will look more adorable.

This hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle that you can try and can make your 2020, a special one. Brunette hair with highlights will make you the one with the best haircut in the group of friends or family.

brunette hair

Short Brown Hair With Highlights

Are you a crazy fan of short hair? Have you tried the brown color in your short hair? Do you have any idea that the brown hair color with highlights can make your short hair look very adorable?

If you have a circle or an oval face or a round face, this is the best hairstyle that you can try to make yourself look like you are making your hair day right. So, try this simple and beautiful hairstyle to make yourself look fabulous on days when you are not happy with your hair.

The brown with the shades of ash

If you still wonder about how you look at the nuances of brown, you can picture yourself in good form. This shade is the best of shades of brown hair color chart. So, you can please yourself anywhere and anytime with this pure brunette hair. When you are not happy with yourself and your hair, this shade can make you look perfect and beautiful.

Also, your brown hair will look more beautiful when you have a slightly blue or ash-colored eye. Hence, you can try this simple hairstyle to make sure that you are doing well with the hair that you are carrying in your head.

The Simple Ash highlights in Brunette hair

While you already know that the shade of ash can make you look like you will slay with your hair, you can try it on your brown hair too. The brown shade of hair that you have will look more flawless if you add some highlights of brown. Among the brown hair color ideas, mixing it with the ash color will sound the best.

So, try this simple hairstyle. If you do not get the results that you want, you can recolor your hair into brown again as the shades of ash hair are light and can be recolored. Why don’t you try this simple and renewable hairstyle? Before you try it, make sure that you color your hair with the right quality hair color, in case you do not like the hair color and want to recolor again into brown.

Slight Finger Waves on Brown Hair

If you are familiar with the trends of 2019, you know about this hairstyle a lot. Almost everyone in the year had this simple but beautiful looking hairstyle because this hairstyle was able to rock the Hollywood. Your brunette hair will look adorable and flawless when you add some finger curls to it. You don’t need to worry much about the texture of the hairstyle. You can try it with your finger or can use a straightening iron too.

While you move on with the year 2020, with your new short and slight finger waves on your brown hair, there is no doubt that you will rock any party. Hence, you will catch the eyes of many and win attention too. Try it to be a hair modeling queen.

The Simple Straight

Don’t you want to look fabulous with the dull straight hair? If you’re going to look good on a pure strand, you can try the technique of coloring your hair into a brunette. The shades of brown can make your straight hair look fresh and fancy. For the winter of 2020, you will examine the best with the simple hairstyle. So, try this hairstyle if you want to be in fashion with no effort at all. Be sure that this will be the best fashion of the year 2020 and move with it from the start.

The Golden-brunette on Medium-Sized Hair

What about trying a light shade on your brunette hair? Do you think it will please you?

If you think the dark brunette hair won’t suit you, you can try the light shades of brown too. It will make you feel like you want to share the look of your hair everywhere and anywhere you go. So, try these simple techniques to make sure you don’t fail the hair trends of 2020.

The Dark Brown and Wavy

What when you want good hair with the shades of brunette but also want dark hair? Here we have the best hair color if you are a fan of dark hair. The dark brown, which looks like the shade of brown from a distance, will make you feel proud of your colored hair.

This chocolate brown hair will make you look like you are ruling the hair industry with a different shade. So, do try this hairstyle to feel unique.

Brunette with Bangs

Are you a crazy fan of bangs? Do you want to change your hair style to a simple banged one? If yes, here you have the best hits that you can give to your hair. The runs on brunette will make you look like you are taking care of your hair with high effort. So, you will look effortlessly beautiful and gorgeous. Hence, try this hairstyle.

Also, you can add highlights to your hair with different shades to look different.

One Shade Lighter than Black

Do you want to color your hair black? Or do you want a different color to dark? If you are a crazy fan of the dark hair color, you can try brunette in a little darker color. Here is the best hair color that you can have for your brown hair. You can use this simple shade of brown to rock any party or even at the beach too.

The Pink-brunette Tone

Do you want an inspirational hairstyle? If yes, here you have. The most inspirational hairstyle of all time. This shade of pink and the mixture of brunette will make you feel like your brunette hair will never fail to make people around you attracted. The textures and the highlights of this hairstyle are amazing. Hence, this will be the never-ending trend of the year 2020 and will go on for the rest of the years too. Try this to look amazing throughout the year. 

The Perfect Golden Brunette

Like you are a crazy fan of the brunette hair, you could be a fan of golden hair in no time too. You will be the most adorable girl in any party if you move on with this hairstyle. This hair is the best version of brown hair color with highlights. The crazy shades of gold mixed with brown can make you feel like you are putting a lot of effort and meaning into your hairstyle. But, you don’t require any at all. So, this is the best hair color that you can try for your excessive and brown hair. 

Chocolate Brown Shades

With the view to look extraordinary, every new actress in Hollywood tries this impressive hair technique. Because the chocolate brown hair is not like the rest and can make your hair look unique, you should try it. As this is the perfect mix of the black and the brown, this will give your chocolaty eyes a better look and can match perfectly with your brown eyebrows too. Don’t ever say no to this excellent hair color. 

Highly Highlighted Golden 

While you go out on the street with the perfect sense of fashion, there will be eyes looking at you. This look of the eye is possible when you try the style in ways that everyone will admire. One of the best ways to look best while you are moving with your hair, you should try golden highlights. But, light shade is not enough. So, you need to try to make your hair a little more colorful and try the impressive looks with the vast area of hair you’re covered with golden at the end. 

The Smooth Brunette Hair

Do you like smooth hair? Have you wondered which hair color suits the best for the soft tone? Here’s what you want. 

The best hair color for any smooth hair is brunette. You can try any shade of brunette; this might include light brown and dark brunette hair too. The highly polished and smooth hair will make you look terrific in the glossy makeup look. You will feel like the queen with the silky hair in the room. 

The End Curls with Brunette

If you want a hair contrast, here’s the best option for you. Out of all the hair contrast that you can apply, the best that you can do is by coloring it golden with the shades of brunette. The brunette hair will highlight never fail to make you look like you have the best choice of hair. Hence, don’t skip on this choice. Choose this color and make it the first hair color for the new year. 


The 90s Brown with Waves

Don’t you want to get a classic look? If you want a classic look, try this chocolate brown hair with waves. This hair color will make you look like you have a perfect view of all the hairstyles and make you shine like the queens of the 90s. So, if you want to rule the empire of the hair, you need to choose this pretty and perfect hairstyle. 

Fine Curls with Golden

What to do when you have beautiful curls on your hair? Is your hair color a significant deal? You can try this perfect shade of brown with a mixture of golden. It will look amazing on the beautiful curls that you have. Also, you can add red lipstick to add boldness to your hair. If you try this hairstyle. You will never fail to please your eyes. 

The Straight Hair with Brown tones

In the shades of brown hair color chart, the best one you can kind is brunette. While you try brunette on your hair, straightening your hair can make you feel more relished and special. So, come up with the hair trends of 2020 to bless yourself with the best hair color. 

Short Curls Vs. Long Curls

There’s always a debate on the long and the short hairstyle. However, the discussion is reasonable at some point. If you look at the curls on the short hair colored brunette, you will look fancy. But, if you try the Burnette with the long curls, you will look fancier. So, the sassy nature of the hair color and hairstyle can get exposed to the color of the brunette and the size of hair. 

You can try any of these hairstyles. But, the long curls would look much better. 

Ash Colored on Light Golden

As you know, certain shades of brunette can steal your heart; you must try the ash color with the nuances of golden. Your brunette hair will not look like you have colored your hair brown. It will look like you are giving your hair a mixture of ash and the golden. Do try this to shine. 

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The Scary Golden

Golden is not always the right choice. But, you can make it the right decision when everyone calls it a scary hairstyle. At some events, you can come up with something that no one tries and ad it to your brunette hair. This hair color will make you look unique.

Brunette with the Buns

Brunette hair color with buns is the choice of many these days. From attending parties to planning hair color for their wedding, females choose brunette. You will look adorable if you apply brown hair color and then turn your hair into a bun. Also, it will make you look like you are living a different hair life from the rest people. 

Sexy Shades of Brunette

You are wrong if you think brunette hair color does not look good when you want a hot hair color. The dark brunette hair with the golden highlights at the end will make you look sexy and bold. Also, this might give you a finished look and make your hair look beautiful and healthy. It might make your hair look voluptuous too. 

 The Bridal Brunette

Are you worried about the hair color for your wedding? You don’t need to pressurize yourself about the hair color anymore. Here we have the best shades of brunette that you can apply to your hair at your wedding. Also, you can choose any of the shades of brown hair color chart if you are not pleased with one color. So, go for it choosing the best hair color that you can. 

Crazy Messy Bun with the Highlights of Brunette

If you are a fan of a messy hairstyle, here you have the best of all hairstyles. You can try the shades of brown and mix golden with it to add more emphasis to your brown hair color. Your brunette hair will look crazy and hot at the same time. So, try this impressive hair color technique. 

Pony with Shades of Brown

Brown hair color can look good on any type of hair. Looking gorgeous from the straight to the curly hair, it will make you look fantastic even if you tie your hair into a pony. To flaunt this hairstyle, it is no important to leave your hair open. So, try it. 

Shaggy haircut on the brunette

While brunette hair requires a lot of effort and time, you will be surprised that your brunette hair has become one of the healthiest hairstyles with some saggy added to it. If you want to attend a party or want to go out on a charity event, this will make you look flawless. So, never ignore the power of the brown hair color ideas. 

Celebrity Hairstyle 

Like celebrities, do you want to enjoy the shades of brown hair? The brown hair color with highlights will make you feel like you are one of the trending celebrities of the world if you try it in your hair. Go out to a salon, and ask them to turn your hair into the dark chocolate brown with some highlights. Then, you will feel secure about your brown hair. 

The Yellow-golden with Brunette

Brunette hair is not always the right choice. But, the mixture of yellow and golden with the brunette will make you feel like this is the best thing that you could do to your hair. Add some curls to it and look sassier. Also, you can try a light makeup and move with it at any party. Mark it, you will turn heads and have eyes staring at your gorgeous brown hair. 

Purplish Brown

Beauty does not always come with simplicity. Sometimes to look beautiful, you need a hype that no one has. So, you need to make your hair different from everyone else in the room. For that, what do you think about the shades of purple in your hair? Do you think it will look good on you? If not, you should try it. 

Most of the time, these brown hair will make you look sexy and hot. Don’t miss out on this and go with the trend. 

Kendal Jenner Hairstyle

You might be a great fan of Kendal Jenner. And no wonder you love her hairstyle too. Have you noticed what a perfect match of brunette hair she has? She keeps this awesomeness with herself with the help of her brown hair, which can steal the heart of everyone. Makeup is not only the thing always. Sometimes you need to focus on your hair texture and your hair color too if you want to get fame. 


The Golden

You know that the brown hair would surely suit you. Do you know if the golden suits you or not? Try this shade of light brunette, which looks like a brunette. For this, follow the shades of brown hair color chart. You will gain a lot with these pure hair color. 

The Flowery Curls with Brunette Highlights

Maybe you are a great fan of brunette hair. But, have you thought about adding something to it? Brunette looks good everywhere but will look the best with the precious curls. Your hair will not make you look. You are on the wrong track of hairstyle if you apply these shades of brown hair color. So, try it as soon as you can to flaunt your curls. 


The Lighter Shade of Brunette

If you are confused about what to do with your hair, you need to try some brunette thing. While brunette hair color comes with different shades, it will never make you feel like you should regret your hairstyle and your hair color. This brunette shade of hair colors will shine on your hair no matter the quality of your hair and the hair texture. Therefore, go with it. 

Straight hair with Brown and Golden 

If you are trying to show your straight hair but have no measure to, you can try something called the brown hair. While you flaunt your straight hair, brown and the golden might add more to it. So, you will look like you are going easy with your hair. This hair color will make you feel comfortable anywhere you go. So, try brunette hair for this new year. 


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