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115 Beautiful Burgundy Hair You Have To See

Hair color is usually a very tricky aspect when it comes to styling and coloring hair. Undoubtedly, you have a lot plethora of questions regarding what kind of hair color remains the best for hairs. And here we are, trying to tell you the right choice and making sure that you look your best as well. Because of that, we’ve managed to bring a very nice kind of hair color idea for you that will surely uplift both your mood and your personality as well. What is the hair color that we have in store for you? Well, get ready to get burgundy hair ladies.

Now, you might have already seen this hair color option in a few places and may have also thought about trying it out. But what stopped you? Was it the uncertainty of how you might look that got the best of you? Well, today, we’ve brought a very massive collection of burgundy color hair that will surely make choosing the right kind of hairstyle easier for you.

Here are 100+ burgundy hair options and styles that you can choose from and get that amazing and glowing style moving.

burgundy hair

With Amazing Shine

Shiny hair is quite amazing on their one, and the burgundy hair here just gives more for everyone to admire and love. They reflect more in the sun. You should try it.

Red Burgundy Hair

Belonging to the same family of colors, burgundy and red go together pretty well. If you did not know this combination factor, now you know.


Dark Burgundy Hair

Some ladies tend to gravitate more towards the darker shades more than the brighter ones, like this shade here. Maybe, this resonates with their personality more.

Short Hair Style

Having short hair should not stop you from getting that amazing style of hair. Yes, try out different colors, here’s one in the burgundy shade right here.

With Massive Volume

Massive volume is all about getting that right look on your hair and bringing your hair to life. Yes, you should always consider getting more volume like this to your hair.

Deep Burgundy Red Hair

Since when did you find yourself adoring the deep shade of red burgundy that you see on other people’s head. It’s high time you try this style by yourself and rock it.

On Curly Hair

Curls like these are a great way of enhancing your whole appearance and making your hair look like it has those natural layers. Wouldn’t you love that appearance?

Different Shades Comparison

You should always look at different styles and blends of hair color before fixating onto them. That’s why glance at this style and figure out which one you love.

Dry Looking Hair

Burgundy Hair has many benefits in making and elevating your whole appearance. Even if you have a dry texture, this color will surely suit you and your appearance.

Burgundy Hair Dye

One simple way of getting the perfect kind of color onto your hair is by getting the perfect kind of hair dye. You’ll do well if you consult with your stylist regarding your preference.

Light Burgundy Hair

A light shade of burgundy hair is all about reflecting more sunlight so that your hair has that amazing shine to it. Yes, light shade like these gives your hair just that.

Curly Lock Hair

Giving yourself a curly look might just be the best thing that you do over your burgundy colored hair. Yes, sometimes, all it takes are some curling actions.

For Straight Hair

Do you have extremely straight hair? In that case, you should give this appearance a proper consideration because it looks great on straight hair.

Deep Shade Burgundy

Coloring your hair requires a lot of consideration and precise calculations as well. Even the smallest amount of variation in portion leads to other shades.

Mid-Part Style

Are you wondering how to style your dream hair this weekend? Go for this chic looking mid-part on your lusciously colored hair. Believe us; you won’t regret this decision at all.

Subtle Style

As you clearly see, this is one of the most subtle kinds of styles so far. It would not be wrong to state this style mostly fits the winter season because of its heavy nature.

Mixture of Brown

Mixing burgundy with other hair colors seemed like a pretty bad idea to many people upfront. However, they do not know the beauty that this style can give.

Burgundy and Red Style

They are thinking about mixing two different kinds of hair color, but in their own separate manner, so they both flourish? Well, in that case, you have this amazing burgundy and red style as an option.

With Blonde Mix

As we already mentioned, your hair color solely depends on the kind of idea you have. If red isn’t your thing, then fine, go with mixing blonde. Gives a similarly amazing effect.

Burgundy Hair Ombre

Ombre is probably one of the most famous styles of coloring hair and for every good reason. This amazing burgundy and blonde ombre say it all.

All Classic Burgundy

Classic burgundy is those kinds of burgundy colors that do not have any other kind of color mix to them. In it’s purest and original form, we call them classic.

Street Style Look

A beautiful thing about this hair color is the fact that it fits most of the kind of style preference that people have. Is street style your thing? Then rock this by all means.

The 2000s Girl Look

Do you remember this hairstyle that was in such hype back in the early 2000s? Even though this style has had its run in fashion, Burgundy color still lingers around.

Frisky Haircut

Haircut for anyone also plays a pretty massive role when it comes to looking good with any kind of hairstyle. That said, you should probably try out this frisky haircut.

Perfect Prom Color

Are you worried about what kind of hair you’ll be doing in the nearing prom night in your school/college? Consider you’ve found a solution to your problems.

Pinkish Hue

When you measure out particular portions, there are many kinds of shades that you’re able to get out of burgundy. How about this pinking hue holding style?

Celebrities Tried It

If you need any more convincing, here’s your convincing factor. Even famous celebrities have tried this color and swear by how good it looks.

The Selena Gomez Style

Wouldn’t you want to have the same kind of look that Selena Gomez once had in her teen days? If even the thought of it excites you, here’s your inspiration for that style.

Massive Interlocking Style

Massive interlocking style on the burgundy color that’s partially done plays a pretty amazing role. That’s because the color burgundy appears and disappears between the braids and knots, as you see here.

Different Classic Burgundy

Earlier, we showed you a classic burgundy hair color that looked amazing. Here is more of that same category of burgundy hair but with different styles.

Purplish Color

In the same color family, burgundy has a lot of followers, but there’s another one that has the same competition. Purple. This amazing style proves exactly why.

Majestic Waves

When you wave your hair in the right way with curling irons, your burgundy hair color shows it’s magic to everyone. It shines through the whole color, and things are looking quite amazing.

Boss lady Style

In life, you have to sometimes change your appearance to get that level of recognition. Well, a boss lady looks like this will surely deliver you that amazing style factor.

Ombre into Light

An ombre style, as we have already told you, is a very amazing kind of style that’s pretty worth trying. Here’s another one with blonde color infusion to it.

Burgundy Hair Color

Getting yourself a new hair color in itself is a very commendable thing. Well, if you want more of an inspiration, we suggest you go with this faded burgundy look.

Rough Burgundy Look

Many ladies out there are not a big fan of styles that are very heavy on the sleekness factor as they’d much rather prefer a rough look. Here’s a surprise for them all.

Lightest Touch

Blending a newly burgundy color to your already colored hair might seem like a pretty massive step for you to take. In that case, go for this very light infusion of burgundy.

Before and After Look

Here’s a pretty nice example of a before and after a look at a very long and very patiently grown hair. As you clearly see, all the patience paid off with this color.

Bright Mix of Hues

Maybe you are among those kinds of people who are fond of displaying and projecting their personality through their hair color. This should do a pretty good job at it.

Simple Hairstyle

A simple hairstyle like this one seems like a go-to for college students. They often don’t have much time to get ready, so this is quite perfect for them all.

Magical Layers

Magic sometimes come out from places people think very less of. A burgundy color mixed with a lighter tone very intentionally gives astonishing layers. See these.

Amazing Party Look

An amazing party look is all about to look extravagant and making sure that all eyes remain on you. This look right in front of you gives all that.

On Excessive Curls

Do you have excessive kind of curls on your head? Well, in that case, you have to try looking like this. As you see, the colored curls look beautiful.

Mixing Dark Shade

Burgundy hair on a dark shade of hair gives you unnaturally beautiful hair. Keeping burgundy on the outer part is such an amazing thing.

Multi-Colored Hair

It all boils down to the type of color on your hair that you want. If you have multiple favorite colors, go for all of them and don’t regret later.

Exquisite Shine

A properly portioned color like this one right here gives immense shine to hair. That’s also one major highlight of burgundy color hair.

Ariana Grande Look

Earlier, we suggested that you try the amazing looking Selena Gomez style. Here, we have now the Ariana Grande tried burgundy style.

Bridal Look

Ladies, if you’re getting married soon, make sure that you consider this beautiful bridal look into your list of considered hairstyles. This gives an amazing vibe.

Streaks of Blone

Streaks of blonde hair usually give a person a unique look. This technique also gives beautiful layers to hair that people don’t have already.

Burgundy Hair Ombre

Here’s another ombre style example that’s one of our favorite so far. The sole reason is that this hairstyle has incorporated a very subtle method of blending.

Dark Shade All Over

This style of burgundy is for anyone who does not want that light texture to their hair. We know, it’s shiny and looks beautiful, but you always have to go with your preferences.

Brown and Burgundy

Another good mixture of colors is a mixture of brown and burgundy together. They are quite different than one another but complement each other yet.

Emo Look

Did you notice that back in the days, when Emo look was in fashion, most of them had this burgundy color on their head? Yes, it was that famous always.

Very Light Shade

A very light shade like this one right here is one of the most amazing looking ones. Yes, you’ll have to bleach, but it looks well worth the effort.

Subdued Shade

A subdued shade when it comes to hair color is the ones that appear quite reflective but also look a little dark and faded at the same time. A better example of such style is this hair color.

Red Streaks

Since you’ve always wanted to color your hair strands with multiple and not just one, how about copying this style. It has prominent red streaks but also green, and also ashy silver as well.

Summer Look

A summer looking hairstyle is the one that is light in texture, has some volume to it, and also looks quite carefree as well. Like this style right here.

Top Knot Look

A lot of ladies love this top knot look because it’s also one of the easiest out there. Because of that, we’ve included a top knot with a burgundy color to it.

Elegant Layers

Layers are one of the most captivating kinds of look, providing a feature that everyone loves. Yes, you can easily get this style. All you need is to have a little talk with your stylist.

Extension Use

If you’re not entirely sure about coloring your hair because there are concerns about hair damage, go for extensions like these—temporary and still amazing look.

Different Shades of Burgundy

In this single hairstyle, there are different shades of burgundy available that are spectacular looking. The inner side has classic shade while the exterior goes a little blunt.

On Curly Lob Cut

The length of this hair is what ladies refer to as lob cut, and now you see that this color also looks quite amazing on lob cut hair as well.

Long Wavy Hair

In comparison, long hair has an advantage over short hair in regards to hair color. Long hair just has a little more real estate, which helps show the color quite a lot more.

Purple and Burgundy Mix

In Burgundy hair chart, purple and burgundy share the same color family, which is also why people often mix them together. While some incorporate this look like an ombre, other or for separate streaks like this.

On Blonde Hoing

Here’s a solid blonde hair transformation to burgundy and look how amazing it looks. As you see, the previously done blonde hair has turned into a very beautiful burgundy shade, and it looks spectacular.

Casual Day Out Look

If you’re going out on for casual day out this weekend, opt for this chic yet simple hairstyle. Curls done take that much time, and they also look quite amazing on your hair as well. Try it out.

Long Choppy Hair

Choppy hair is a very distinct kind of haircut method that makes the hair look like unevenly chopped. However, that’s all intentional as it makes for a very ravishing looking style. Do you agree?

Aqua Green and Burgundy

Mixing colors from entirely different colored families might seem like a very far-fetched idea, and you may think it would look horrible. But one glance at this stylish hairstyle shows you how wrong you were before.

Sunshine Look

A sunshine look of burgundy haircolor is the one that makes your hair shine beautifully in the sun. Thanks to the light shade of the color.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Look

Did you know that burgundy color is also one of the most favorites of famous Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who is also former Miss World?

Teen Girls Look

A lot of teen girls want to change their look every now and then. What best way of doing so other than coloring your hair. Who knows, you might find your soul color.

For Black Ladies

Sometimes, a certain kind of hairstyle does not look good on certain ethnic backgrounds. That’s not the case with burgundy as it also looks good and compliments the skin tone of black women.

Deep Burgundy Hair

Since you love the amazing deep burgundy hair, you’ll also love this amazing style and color. It’s pretty premium looking and also gives you the same kind of feel as well.

Burgundy Hair With Highlights

Highlights play a massive role in making any kind of hair look sophisticated instantly. If you look closely, you’ll see the amazing work of highlights on this hair.

Red Look

A red look from a burgundy hair is nothing but the shade of burgundy that you’ve chosen. Yes, even though this looks red, this is another shade of burgundy, a darker one.

Dual Tone Color

Have you ever tried coloring your hair into two different color partitions? If you haven’t, here’s an amazing inspiration for your next revolutionary hair color.


Dynamic Color

A dynamic color happens when you’ve selected a style of color that goes with all kinds of scenarios. It fits all style, season, and other aspects that affect fashion.

Sassy Look

A sassy look gets a woman a lot of compliments as it amplifies their personality. And men and women alike are very much attracted to this particular kind of look as well.

Curly Bun Style

Buns are an easy way of managing your hair, but sometimes it can look quite stylish as well. This look is a perfect bun+culy hair combination example.

Beautiful Hair With Highlights

Hair with highlights often gives a very nice look to the wearer. This adds a lot of dimension to hair and also makes you look more stylish. Isn’t that everything that you want from your hairstyle?

Lana Del Ray Look

Here’s another very famous personality who just loves trying out different hairstyles. In this picture, she has a very subtle looking burgundy hair color going on.

With Braids On

Incorporating braids on this particular hair gives a very naturally princess look. Since the hair color and your braid go well together, why not try it right away?

Rihanna Style

If Rihanna has tried this hair color, then there’s no other excuse that you’re not trying this look. Go ahead and get this look on your head already.

Bright Burgundy Look

Here’s what a burgundy color that’s a little brighter than the classic one looks in real life. You already have the example now, why are you still here? Hit the salon already.


With all of these amazing styles that we just showed you, you should be able to see how amazing Burgundy Hair looks on people, whether you are thinking about getting a new hair color or revamp your old one. There’s always a better way like these burgundy options.

You can simply get the amazing shine that looks natural and most appealing as well. Also, this color goes with almost any kind of style as well. Even if it is curls, straight hair, or other creative styles, this looks all of your desired hair looks.


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