Burgundy Nails

104 Colors And Designs of Burgundy Nails For You!

d Are you a big fan of burgundy nails? Then this is the best collection that you can ever come across. We are showing you these nail polish styles that are not only a universally flattering color but are also a shade that goes well with gold and silver. You can buy a shade that suits your skin tone and pair it up with other nail paints that are already in your collection. So what are you waiting for? Get bolder and get to the tones of the colors that are looking like a dream in the fall. You can also wear them for the summer.

In case you did not know, there are shimmers and glitters that you can add on to the burgundy nails. If you want, you can also take the time to add some rhinestones and jewelry on them. You can also take the time to add some little pieces of jewelry on top of the base coat. You need to get the glue on the bottom to get the jewel to adhere. If they fall out, it will not be much of a style for sure!

So let us dive into the collection of ours with more than a hundred burgundy nails that are trending in social media!

burgundy nails

The lovely ideas of burgundy nails

We are all in awe of these burgundy nails. The best thing one can try out to get the skin tone to shine through is the use of these dark hues. Yes, reds are beautiful, and they are a sultry choice for most. But we are also big fans of these hues. If you have not tried out these nail art, it is time for you to do so now! This year is all about opting for new styles to reinvent ourselves. The need for sparkle can be added on with a bit of glitter. You can trust us with these designs.

When festivities arrive like Christmas, these burgundy nails are loved by all women. You can add hints of glitter and green shades on the side to get a charming effect. We adore how well they bring out the glow of the skin. In most Asian cultures, it is taken as a good omen to involved hues to dark red for the bride. If you want to feel great on your wedding day, you can add on these hues on your nails and get them shaped well. The idea of a manicure is perfect for when you want to experience a bit of pleasure for your free day. The thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to use high-quality nail paint if you do them yourself.

How can you choose the shade?

The nail color is one of the first things that anyone notices about you. When we look at the hands of a woman, we usually conclude them with the way they care for their nails. When you get your nails done, you need to take the time out to get your manicure. There are chrome nails and glitter particles that you can add on to these colors. You can take the chance with these colors. If you adore these hues, it is time for you to play it up and get the burgundy nails that everyone is trying on lately.

Now let us tell you how you can choose the shade that fits you the most. The colors can be as dark as you want. And if you have pale skin, you can try to get as dark as you can go. That will create a contrast and make you feel like a princess. If you are willing to get the paler shade of burgundy, you can think of olive tone skin. Add on some rhinestone, and you can achieve a sparkle that can be noticed by all. It will add to your beauty and your persona. So get the attire that you want with these options of beautiful burgundy nails.



The addition of ornaments on the burgundy nails

If you have checked out burgundy nail designs 2019, then you are sure to have seen some stunning jewel ideas as well. If you are looking to get yourself some bling, the addition of some rhinestones will take them to a whole new level. You can check out the images we have compiled here to get inspired. The thing is, you can get this look at the home itself. Yes! You can take the time to get the glue and add the stones and jewels on top of your coated burgundy nails.

Anyone active on Instagram can tell you about the stunning nature of the burgundy nails. They can tell you that there is a touch of glamour that comes along with it. Get the deep, glossy, and dense color on the nails that can show your inner diva. If you get yourself the jewel of your choice, you can look up for ideas and copy them. In case you are not good with the artistic side, head on to a nail salon to get the stunning look down! Check out the options we have here, and you can replicate the same for a special occasion soon.


Common colors that you can add to these nails

Nail paints can be added on with a lot of other shades. You can see how to add on these shades and carry it off with a lot of ease. If you are looking to get the manicure of the season, you can pair burgundy and rose gold nails. They are increasingly becoming popular with women of all ages. If you want to see yourself in a new light, you can take the dark hues of burgundy red and pair it with peaches and gold. Here we are showing you some good ideas that you can copy for a beautiful look.

We are showing you not only the gold but also white and black on this collection. If you are looking to bring out a bit of color and oomph, you can switch from your simple colors to these darker tones. They can not only get people to notice you, but they will also make the time for you to admire yourself. Greys and blacks are also one of the most beautiful combinations that are making the rounds. If you add on metal attachments to the nails with black, it will make you look powerful and stunning. Pink is another feminine tone that you can opt for.


Shiny or matte ideas for burgundy nails

Your choice of burgundy nail polish can be shiny or have a matte finish. You can see how they are one color that looks good on any of these textures. If you are willing to look for the perfect texture, we are sure you will want to try out new things. The matte look can be merged with the shiny ones. You can work it with both the finishes to give yourself a beautiful look. If you are feeling gutsy, give our nails a boost with glitter and some chunky highlights. This will be the look that reminds you of the good days.

If you are one who is always confused about the kind of polish to get, this collection will surely help you out. The colors and the images here are lovely and are an inspiration for you. Check out this collection, and you can take the images of styles that you adore the most. Take off the polish you have on you and sharpen your nails. You can then take the nail paint of your choice and slather it on top, and If you are looking to add some ornaments, you can get some glue on top. Attach it on top, and it will help you look stunning each day.

Adding glitter on the nails

When you are looking at anything shiny, you feel the need to get the same on you. They look lovely from all angles. When the light hits it, it will reflect through the microparticles. As that happens, it makes your nails look fresh and presentable. Some women are always looking to get the shine on them. And if you fall under the same category, you can try out this look with dark burgundy nails and big chunks of glitter. Get yourself an idea about the kind of nail art you prefer and put it together one by one. It is safer to get all the colors and instruments you need before you start the process.

We love the ideas of these colors being paired with these glitters. There are colors of these particles that you can use, such as gold and pinks. They are exquisite for all occasions. You can take the time to involve these silver rhinestones with the fine powders if you want that bling. Look at the ideas of the most popular nail art, and you can ask your salon artist to give you the same look. You can change colors from time to time as the trend changes. Be on the lookout for these changes. If you desire to be fashion forward all the time, this is the way to do it. The liberation of it all is what makes us feel beautiful each day.

Most popular nail shapes to try

If you want to try a new manicure, then these burgundy coffin nail ideas will be the next big thing to try out. The beautiful ones to try out are the oval ones and the big stiletto ones as well. There is no other thing that makes a person feel better than getting compliments. And when you have nails that look this great, compliments will be showered from all sides. Check out the ideas we collected here, and you can try it out for a chiseled, sexy look. If we ask you to try out this bold look, we also will promise you to get the best look ever.

This dark color can be a bit hard for you to wear. Especially if you are used to subtle, matte shades, this can be a big deal. But try on the colors and one day you will thank us. The reds and pinks are out of date now. They need to be tried on with the color as beautiful as the burgundy. When you place your hands on the table on a day out, you can people will have eyes on them only. There is a lot of charm in the hands of a lady whose nails are manicured in this way.

Taking care of your manicure

There are so many burgundy shades out there. There are light burgundy nails, and some are dark as the chocolates themselves. But you need to understand that they are not colors that can stay on for long if you do not pay attention to them. So you need to take the time after you go to a salon to keep away from water and chemicals. If you use a lot of rhinestones and glitter, you would not want your nails to be under forces of water. They can loosen the glue and make them fall. This will ruin your manicure, so you need to be careful.

When applying lotion and working with chemicals, you need to pay extra attention. If you choose long burgundy nails, you do not want to put them through pressure. They can chip off with time. In case you want your nails to last for two weeks, you can step away from working in the kitchen as well. Go through these nail art ideas and try to copy them for the look of your dreams. Here we have the complete collection that can give you an idea if you are looking for one.


Nail ideas for a special occasion

We are always looking to blow everybody away with our looks. There are a lot of occasions out there in which you need to look well put together. And for those days, we need nails that look like royalty. These burgundy nails are surely going to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. The collection can show you how to get yourself this style and make it work in your daily life. No color can give you a strong feminine feel like this one. If you are not yet convinced, we are sure these artistic designs can get you going. They can cause your heartbeat to go wild.

So you need to discover new things and try them out as well. You will end up loving your nails as you get out of the salon. In case you are not good at doing it yourself, you can also get help from your friends. The simplest look you can go for is the painting of all of your nails in the simple burgundy shade. Oval shaped nails go well with this look so you can also consider this idea. If so, you can try it out soon now.

Get ready for your big day!

Are you getting ready for an engagement party? Then you need to try out these burgundy nails. They are dark shades that can have a raspberry hue on them. Ask your friends to help you choose a color that compliments your skin tone. They can make you feel like a queen and give you the confidence you need on a big day. You can also add some prints on the nails. One we love is the addition of roses and such patterns on the fingers as some others are laced with these dark colors. You can try to keep these on for the big day when your close one pops the question.

In some parts of Asia, brides choose to get these darker tones on the nails to give it the bridal feel at the wedding. Were you looking for a color a bit different than red? Then you need to wear this shade. Pair it with your dress and check out how it flatters your look. You will be in luck if you get the perfect shade on the store. If not, you can take the time to head to a salon. They will put you up with the color that pairs well for your event!

We are changing the monotony with the red hues!

Women widely use the colors of red. And we all know that they are the color of passion and love. They are lovely for all seasons for sure, but this time you can change up the colors to a bit of dark shade. The burgundy tones are beautiful, and we love how they are going well with ladies of all skin tones. The pale and light skins make them look great. But they also pair nicely with olive and dark skin. If you are getting tired of the similar hues, then try this one for a big change.

This can be the color that gives you the style to try for this season. If you want the class and good appeal that this color offers, you need to check it out today. The short and long nails are both good with this look. In case you wanted to get your nails the texture and shine, this is the way to go. We have made sure to keep the nail ideas to a look that anyone can try out. They are not too bold, and neither are they too easy to try out. This has the perfect mix of colors and art for sure.

We are keeping it classy and simple!

Then some women want to keep it casual and pretty. So we are looking to show you options for the same. If you want a polished nail but do not want it to be too out there, you can try out these simple nail ideas. We suggest you put in the colors on well-shaped nails. The shades are for you to decide on for sure. The look for all of us to copy is here in this collection itself. We do not want you to be in the doubts for a look. So take a picture of the look you want for yourself and save it.

Keeping it to a bare minimum can be the best thing to do if you do not want yourself to have a loud appeal. These are the things to consider when it comes to getting a new manicure. We suggest you take professional styling in the nails. They can make you look like a perfect woman. These are the styles that give anyone a headstart for a good day. Get the perfection you deserve after a long day of work and start to appreciate yourself more.

As you have finished the article, you will see how there are a lot of options for burgundy nails out there. These are stunning styles, and we all love them. And then some styles look good all through the year. The burgundy tones are flattering for everyone. If you have long nails, they will look sultry and sexy. And if you don’t, they will make sure your nail look polished and pretty. We also want you to take this polishing to a new level and try the bedazzles nail options out there. Here were the best that we found circulating the internet!

If you loved this little collection, make sure you keep it bookmarked. You would not want to lose it when you book an appointment. They can be helpful for your salon artist, and they can also give you a head start! If you are looking to get them done at home, make sure you have the right picture in mind. You need to be able to try out simple ideas rather than make a big mess of things! So have fun with these burgundy nails and keep the fashionable look going. Follow us and stay close for more on stunning nail designs!


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