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74 Burst Fade That Helps Bring The Best Out of You

Hairstyles usually have a lot of segments in one another, and often people find themselves lost in it. However, if you look closely and pay attention to all the things about hairstyles, you’ll know that these are only variations and nothing much. The whole process repeats itself with every different hairstyle. We’ve always emphasized how there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion, and one can easily manipulate things here and there. That said, we are particularly focusing on mens hairstyles today. Did you know that inside the most famous low fade, there are other segments as well? We’re talking about Burst Fade.

Have you heard about this particular kind of fade before? Well, this is something new in the industry, and many people do not already know about it as well. However, there are also people who have done this haircut for quite a while but do not already know the term that describes this haircut. That said, let us educate a little bit about the burst style fade to you so that we’re in check, and you don’t get confused altogether.

In simplest of words, burst fade is the kind of hairstyle that deals with a very clean look. This look usually has a person’s side part hairs very short in an inverted slope manner without influencing the back or top part of the hair. We know words can be a little confusing. That is why we skip this and get into talking about different kinds of burst style fade we’ve compiled for you. Hopefully, by the end of the collection, you’ll get a proper idea of your favorite one.


brust fade

For Spiky Style Hair

Anyone who feels like a spiky look to their hairstyle is the perfect one for them; then, this example should serve you right. Attractive looking and a bad boy look as well—best of all worlds.

Fade With Some Linings

Linings do wonders when it comes to making hair look more attractive and a little more sophisticated. This hairstyle has a very subtle touch of lining to it on the far backside, which makes all the difference.

Taper Fade for Curly Hair

For all the people who have curly hair, this looks like the best kind of hair. Men with African roots usually have this kind of curly textured hair. If you have one, then definitely give this one a try.

For a Sleek Back Look

Aiming for that sleek back look for your hairstyle? The low fade on either side of your hair gives you a perfect look when you sleek your hair behind. It looks like one continuous flow of hair in an elegant manner.

Burst Fade Mohawk

The whole idea of a burst fade look is that it gives a person that so wanted bad boy look and makes it look all-natural. This burst look gives the person a perfect modern mohawk that everyone goggles their eye at.

A classic for Black Hair

When you’re out and about in a quest for a new hairstyle, there’s hardly any better choice than this one. That said, this suits best for people who have black and thick hair texture. Do you have the same kind of situation? Well, go for it all in then.

Fade with Blonde Top

Going bright shade of blonde on your hair is perhaps one of the boldest moves you’ll ever make because everybody isn’t that brave. However, the payoff, as you see here, is huge and looks pretty amazing as well.

For Very Short Curly Hair

Men who come from African descent usually have that signature thick and curly hair. For most people, it looks like a pretty big chunk of unmanageable hair. However, this type of low fade gives you a change of perspective.

Create A Line Across

Some lines create history, while lines like these create an unmistakable sign of style and confidence. Getting one might just answer all your queries about elevating your existing hairstyle or a new hairstyle makeover idea.

Highlighted Curly Hair

So, you’ve finally decided to get color on your hair as you’ve always wanted. Curls that are highlighted and basically, you want a fresh look with that on top. Go with this exquisite looking burst fade. Neat and rugged at the same time.

With Dreadlock On Top

There is a way that you can clearly win and kill your hairstyle game. We say kill in the most positive manner possible. That said, there are other paths of getting your hair look this amazing, but you dreadlocks may just thank you if you go with this one.

A Casual Long Top

Like we said in the beginning, the whole idea about burst styled fade is to have longer top and back part of your hair. Staying true to that, this hairstyle is one of the most casual looking and pays off really well for the effort put in as well.

Burst Fade Mohawk For Kids

You may have a young man in your family. A son, brother, or family relative. And that little young man wants a style lift and seeking your help. If there’s a similar scenario, then get this look for that little young man. He’ll give you all the love.

Straight Hair For Teen Guys

During teen days, it’s all about looking good for yourself and for the ladies around as well. To look good, a teen boy must have a killer hairstyle and where to start better than with this look right here? Perfect for all the young lads out there.

Very Classy Pomade

We get it. The frisky and bad boy look might not be your jam, and that’s alright as well. As commonly as burst fade gives the bad boy look, it also gives a very classy look to those who seek it. Here’s how.

Thick Black Hair

Different hair textures require different kinds of attention, and that applies to almost any kind of texture. For men who have a thick looking textured black hair, why not trim the sides like this? Easy for maintenance and everything else.

Classic Burst Fade For Black Male

This is among some of the most known, common, but also popular types of hairstyle texture among most African descent men out there, so this applies to many as well. A burst style fade like this catches up with all requirements of such hair texture.

Clean Cut for Curls

The kind of hair texture that you see here is a very common one, and people often find it difficult to settle with one kind of haircut. But that changes today. A burst style like this compliments the curly texture, and clean cuts make you look neat.

Some Artistic examples for kids

Any kid who wants to up their style and make sure that everything looks neat and clean should give this style a go. While the aggressive art on the side may be frowned upon in school, the whole haircut should work just fine.

For Kids with Short Curly Hair

Dealing with short and curly hair like this one might be too much for any young man. It gets frustrating when trying to manage it. But what about after getting the burst style on your hair? Everything changes for good, and you start looking amazing.

The Massive Afro Look

An afro, in simple words, is one of the most common types of bushy curly hair that has great volume as well. Taming that might be a nightmare for many. So, trimming it down seems like the logical step. How about trimming it in style?

Burst Fade On Buzz Cut

Combining two kinds of things in the fashion industry gives birth to a new fashion. This is the same here. This example shows the perfect merge between a buzz cut and burst fade, and it looks so amazing.

For Your Braids

Who said that only women do their hairs in braids. Well, if you thought that, this comes as news two you. Like pairing buzz cut and burst together, this style pairs braids with bursts. How amazing does this look, right?

Before and After

The before and after look here shows you exactly how the burst style changes a person’s look for the better and makes everything awesome. Just some slight changes turn the whole look around, and here’s the outcome.

Clean Aesthetics

When it comes to clean aesthetics, who can beat the work of the precise use of blades? With the help of blades and clever use of machine trimmer, this look remains one salon visit away from you.

Keeping a Top Knot

A top knot or as the internet likes to call it, man bun became quite famous, and we think it looked pretty amazing as well. Here’s a version of top knot but with some very clean looking burst style fade.

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For A Messy Top Hair

We already told you how to burst fade makes a person gain that bad boy look. Well, this one remains just right up the alley. The messy top part of the hair here looks like rugged mountains, and that’s the whole idea here as well.

A Messy Curly Top Hair

Messy top hair, according to research, remains as one of the most attractive traits in mens look. A sleepy head hairstyle gets a lot of compliments from ladies out there, and this look gives you exactly all of that.

Cleanest Look Available

When you want the cleanest look available, what do you do? Well, the first thing that you do is go to your barber or stylist and tell them your requirement. Then show him this example, so the deal gets set.

Curly Mess But Attractive

There’s a lot of combinations out there, and then there’s this one right here. This look has two aspects to it, a curly textured hair that looks messy in a purposeful manner. That said, who said that curly and messy hair couldn’t look very good?

For Stylish Children

For all the children out there who want to look stylish and those who have a very distinct taste in style, this one is for them. Did you know that children can get away with any type of hairstyle most of the time?

Another Burst Fade Mohawk

When it comes to mohawk, burst fade makes sure that the mohawk looks hits all the essentials. Meaning, this burst style fade does not leave any sport from where you can complain about your mohawk. It’s spot on most of the time.

For Jet Black Hair

Jet black hair usually has the tendency of hiding away any layers in hair. However, that adverse effect remains more prominent in long hairs. For short hairs like these, it does not really matter.

Half-Moon Look

Did you notice how this hairstyle resembles the look of a half-moon? Well, just take a picture of a half-moon and this example side-by-side, and you’ll see what we mean. Now, who wouldn’t want to have a look that resembles the moon?

Blonde Mohawk

Burst fade usually makes one of the best-looking mohawk ever and all that with so much ease. Now, if you’ve got your hair colored blonde, then this comes as a treat for you.

Perfect Burst cut with Goatee

This right here remains as one of the best examples of a burst fade cut that you’ll ever see. Adding more to this look is that subtle goatee that hangs on by the chin is probably a very subtle addition.

Some Blue Colored Hair

There are colors other than blonde or brown that people love to put on their hair. If your like and your favorite color is blue, and you are thinking about highlighting your hair, by all means, do it.

For Fizzy Hair

If you have one of those hair textures where your hair looks fizzy and unkempt, then this haircut comes in as a savior. Yes, this kind of burst fade is exactly what you need right now.

Sleek and Swept Back

As the world gets more professional, one cannot always go with the bad boy look? Who would run a business or sign deals with someone who has a bad boy look all the time? Change it up with this formal look.

For Young Men

Young men have a lot of advantages when it comes to trying new hairstyles. They do not have that professional job yet that requires a formal look, and they have the liberty as well. Try it out today.

With Elegant Side Part

For men, there’s not usually much that they ask. Just give them an elegant looking side parting hairstyle like this, and they’re all set. That’s it. Isn’t that right, gentlemen?

Buzz Cut Burst Fade

For a burst fade, the side of the hair part is usually cut very short, and if you’re all about matching your hairline, then go for buzz cut all around. That said, buzz cut on top gives you a cleaner and more manageable look.

Short Curls Solution

Are you looking for some kind of solution that will make your short and curly hair texture look better? Well, this one might come handy for solving your problem. Try it out.

Layered Burst Fade Mohawk Look

We’ve seen a couple of mohawk looks earlier, but this one grabs the prize if we’re talking about actual and premium mohawk. The layered action created by the colored hair remains unparalleled.

Add Some Art To Fade

Fades don’t always have to look boring and bland looking. You know how things, especially with haircuts, begin looking monotonous. If you’re feeling like that, get some art like these on your hair. They look amazing and show that you have immense confidence, as well.

For Long Texture Hair

Burst fade long hairstyle is one of our favorites because long hair gives you enough room to work and experiment on. That said, this look satisfies all of your needs. Formal, casual, you name it.

From All Angles

Since you’ve decided to get burst style fades on your hair, let us congratulate you first. And also show you how you’ll look from all sides in general.

Curly Mohawk

Did anyone tell you that curly hair can never rock a mohawk properly? Well, it’s time to prove that person wrong. The curly-haired mohawk here remains as a perfect example of how it’s done. Also, the lines on the front and side are so cool.

With a Pointy End

People often see the front of you and the backside of your head most of the time. That said, is there something that you can add on the backside of your hair to make it look amazing? How about a pointy end like this one?


For That Classic Afro

Classic afro looks very amazing if a person knows how to style it. Thankfully, it isn’t that difficult as well. Do you like this hairstyle? If so, then go ahead and make an appointment already.

Spiky Hair Look

From the front to the back, when spiky hair is your kind of style, going all out remains as the only proper option. That said, this remains appropriate for kids and teenage boys.

Long End For Kids

As we have already mentioned, kids do pretty well with hairstyles and always get away with. If you’re thinking about a new hairstyle for your kid, then look no further than this.

How to Do Burst Fade?

Doing a burst fade seems like a pretty easy task, but only stylists know what really goes on. However, if you’re thinking about DIY, then here’s a guide on how you do it.

For Brown Men

In most cases, brown men have naturally black hair, which serves them very well as well. However, there’s no need to be so conscious when trying a new hairstyle. These examples show you they’re worth it.

Young Men Look

We’ve mentioned this pretty consistently that young men have the uncanny ability to try new hairstyles. On a hairstyle spree this week? Why not try this one?

Popular for Thick texture Hair

If you have one of those thick texture hair that’s a little bit curly as well, there’s no need to worry at all. A prime example of things looking pretty good for this kind of hair is right here.

Guide for Subtle Burst Fade

When you’re around in the market for a more subtle looking burst style fade and don’t find the right person to do it, this is what you do. Show them this guide on how to do it.

Usher Did it

You’re probably familiar with the famous singer and songwriter Usher, who has massive influence over the music industry. Well, he loves doing this hairstyle as well—all the more reason for you to try.

For Short and Spiky Taste

Since all that you really like when it comes down to your hairstyle is short and spiky, this seems like a popular example. The sides are already short, so this gives you room for hair long enough to create a spiky look. Isn’t this perfect?

For Caucasian Men

So far, we’ve seen most of the examples where only men with African or Eastern background seemed to get the fade style. However, don’t feel secluded just yet. Here’s how handsome a Caucasian male look with these fade styles.


In conclusion, the burst fade has a pretty massive following as you’ve seen, even famous artists like Usher love it. We’ve compiled a pretty extensive collection of fades for you that are different than one another. This is because of how every face is different and how it, in general, affects the outcome of your hairstyle—even the slightest of changes in facial structure matters when it comes to hairstyles. Then there’s about the use of colors and highlighted hair. Moreover, the textures of the hair itself have a huge impact.

From this collection, we remain positive that you’ve found your proper hairstyle and on the way of getting it as well. You can try the mohawk, different designs on your fade haircut, and much more. Only your own creativity is your limit here. Now go out there and own the fashion industry.


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