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73 Easiest Buzz Cut For That Stylish Look

Men’s hairstyle has always been quite simple and straightforward. All they want is a proper hairstyle that remains stylish for a very long time and also requires very little work as well. Well, do you know any similar kind of hairstyle for yourself? Well, there are famous styles for men like the fade and other kinds of styles that share similar traits as well. But, there’s not just as manageable that easily. But fortunately, one particular kind of amazing hairstyle has crossed our head just now. It’s called Buzz Cut and remains as one of the most manageable and stylish looking of all time.

You might have heard about this hairstyle before as well because most of the men have already opted for this one. On a scale from 1 to 10, buzz cutting remains on top of its league, undefeated. Now, how many hairstyles you find with such good scores in manageability?

Moreover, this style perfect for men also remains very stylish in look as well. They look great on an array of ethnic men and also suit different facial structures as well. It’s like god sent this hairstyle to rule over any other styles that are present in the industry right now. Of such a great style, we’ve compiled a massive collection for you here.

buzz cut

Buzz Cut With Beard

A thick beard also refers to many men’s dreams of achievement. And, if you already have a thick beard, then you’re one step ahead because you remain perfect for this hairstyle. Quite attractive looking, isn’t it?

Will Smith’s Favorite

Did you know that this Buzz cut also remains favorite of one of the most famous celebrities of all time, Will Smith? He absolutely loves this hairstyle and cannot get enough of it always. Doesn’t he look amazing?

Fade Buzz Cut

A fade buzz cut is something that most men remain quite familiar with. The thing about this particular hairstyle is that you might already have this hairstyle but not know it. Yes, there’s a very massive probability of that.

Perfect for Asian Men

Hairstyle for men also looks for some features like ethnicity, but needless to talk here as buzz looks great on Asian men. Apparently, Asian men have tried this look for a very long time now and probably before anyone else as well.

The Zayn Malik Look

It’s not only Will Smith who loves this hairstyle as there’s another very famous personality. This man, Zayn Malik, a British singer-songwriter, got a hairstyle to revamp with this appearance, and it looks absolutely amazing.

Some Straight Lines

What do you do when things began getting a little more ambitious for you before you go for your new haircut? If that’s the scenario, then you, as a person who wants the utmost style, have to try this look with straight lines. You just have to. These straight lines give you that clean look.

For Chubby Guys

If you’re a chubby guy out there, then raise your hands up in the sky. Well, not sure about others, but all chubby guys should definitely give this amazing look a try. This does not counter your round and cute looking face at all.

That Salt & Pepper Look

Are you one of those older gentlemen who are getting close to their later years and starting to see some white hairs. Rock those white hairs with blacks and get this amazing short yet amazing salt & pepper look. Ladies love this.

Line Across

With a straight line across either side of your head, you draw a very sophisticated look for yourself. A simple line like this one does wonder when it comes to changing your whole appearance for good. Go ahead and try this line.

Another Malik Favorite

Guys who have facial structures like this amazing British actor benefit a lot because, as you see, buzz cut looks pretty good on him. A similar facial structure gives you a very similar look that most people can easily rock.

With Light Beard

In the beginning, we talked about how this hairstyle looks great on men with thick beards; however, others don’t lose hope. As it happens, light beard growing men out there have the same kind of advantage here.

With Little Style On

What you usually see around is just blunt buzz haircut where men do not think twice about styling it. Well, you don’t have to follow that, you know. Just add a little style to your hair like here, and you’re fine to go.

A Little Messy Look

Whoever said that short hair does not get messy said it wrong because as it happens, they do tend and get a little messy at times. Especially when it hasn’t been styled for a long time. But that’s not primarily a bad thing right.

Uniformly Buzzed

A uniformly buzzed style leads to a very nice looking hair, and people love it for a reason. It’s clean-looking, takes very less effort most of the time, and, most importantly, you look absolutely irresistible.

Over Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hairstyles remain as one of the boldest looking hairstyles, and that’s because not many people try to do this style. Needless to say, whoever tries this on a small hairstyle like this one instantly looks more confident.

Buzz Cut Men

This one, in particular, stands as a little more extreme than usual cuts we see around. However, for any men who have receding hairlines or who just want an extremely easy to maintain hair have to try this out.

Young Teens Look

Teens have the most advantage when it comes to trying out new and different hairstyles most of the time. Since their age allows them all sorts of things, getting a short cut like this one never harmed anyone. Do you agree or not?

Jawline Flaunt

A beautiful thing about short hairstyles like this one is that it musters all of the attention to a person’s face. Like in this picture, you instantly notice the sharp jawline that this young gentleman has. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Blue Eyed Guys

Have you gazed at some of the most amazing and handsome men in the industry of acting? Like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and others. They all have tried a short haircut like this one at least once. Here’s another famous actor. Can you say his name?

For Casual Look

Not all men want to look classy most of the time as they want to have comfort with good looks all day. For those men, getting their hairstyle maintained all day seems like the best thing. Get it done with this style.

Slim Face Style

There’s good news for all the men who have a slim face. You don’t need to worry about looking like Shrek when you go for this small haircut. On the contrary, the buzzed hairstyle looks better here for slim faced men.

Curved Hairlines

Do you have beautiful hairlines as Chris Evans does? Consider youself lucky like Evans here because buzz cut does well in flaunting your beautiful hairlines. Yes, those lines that wave-like ocean waves on your forehead.

Young Men’s Look

Here’s another great example of a haircut for young men out there. Nothing makes a better first impression than this look. Giving you a clean and classy look, buzz cut on young men makes everything better.

Military Man’s Cut

Do you know why men in military service do not grow their hair long? Well, the number one reason for military men is that hair does not get in their way. Another one is convenience. The sheer convenience that short hair gives them.

For Nerds

In all usual sense, nerds do not get much luck when it comes to looking good and making it up to a style level. However, that does not mean that there are no possible ways of doing so. On the contrary, how do you see and feel about this hair?

High and Tight Buzz Cut

Did you know that there are different types of cuts inside this one simple-looking category of style? Here’s another one that’s called high and tight buzz cut. The high fade and tight cuts make this an ideal style for all men.

Curly Top Hair

Having curly top hair can become pretty annoying because there are several ways that it can mess up your look. They get haywire as well. But with a haircut like this, that problem goes away a long way. Say bye-bye to messy curly hair.

Fuller Top

Variations in a hairstyle are what makes it quite unique and amazing. Like that, a cut of this category has options like keeping the top hair shorter or longer than the surrounding ones. Would you like to try this look?

Same Length Beard and Hair

When it comes to the length of men’s beard and hair, the full choice and options remain at your command. In other words, you may simply follow this cut example and make sure your hair and beard length match with each other.

Ryan Gosling Look

Would you not like to get a hairstyle that even some of the most famous celebrities of all time have gotten for themselves. One of the world’s most handsome men, Ryan Gosling, has tried Buzz Cut, and it looks so good on him.

Getting Right Style

Getting the right kind of style is a crucial thing in making your whole appearance better. The usual technique suggests that you take every little aspect into consideration. That said, if you have similar features like this one, you should probably get this.

Buzz Cut for Black Male

Here’s a very nice looking buzz cut for black males. Usually, a large number of black males have that distinct characteristic afro hair. Taming it can be quite a job, so why not just cut it short and style it real easily?

Fade Buzz Cut

A fade styled cut like this always, without any fail, gives you that classicly clean look that many people long to get. Give that; you’re always also susceptible to getting a lot of compliments. And we’re sure you won’t mind that.

Number 4 Buzz Cut

A number 4 cut like this one in this particular category of hairstyle gets a lot of things done for you. However, this cut especially remains perfect for anyone who wants to hide their receding hairline. The minimum exposure of scalp on top helps with hiding top hair loss signs.

Square Faced Men Style

If you’ve been wondering if this Buzzed style looks better on men with square facial structure, then you can remain assured that it does. Looking good never became so versatile that everyone can enjoy it.

Buzz Cut With Beard

Beards and buzz type of cutting style seem to go hand in hand. Because of this factor, there are many men out there who love this particular haircut. It looks great with many, and almost all kinds of hair and makes men look more masculine.

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For Slim Men

Since not all men have a round and chubby looking face, hairstyles are not usually one size fits all kind. However, buzz cut remains an exception. For anyone who has a slim face like this one, you should definitely try this amazing appearance.

Types of Buzz Cut

Here’s an example of two types of buzz cut for men. These two types are not that much different than one another at first glance, but they pack a lot of punch. They are giving the person a lot of confidence boost and everything that comes with it.

For Young Men

Well, not every hairstyle that says young guys mean that it’s for teens. That’s a category where we say for young boys. This one is for young men, a little older, a little wiser men. Preferably for those who like to keep their style in check.

Long Buzz Cut

What exactly do we mean when we say long buzz cut here? Anyone who knows how lengths work knows that this isn’t a long hairstyle. However, when compared to the ones we see on the standard buzz cut, these look quite long.

David Beckham’s Favorite

Here’s another hairstyle that one of the most famous footballers in football history, David Beckham loves. It’s as you already guessed, a buzz cut but rather unkempt looking one. Regardless of that, this looks quite amazing.

Round Faced Chubby Guys

Here’s another look for round-faced chubby guys who love keeping their hairstyle on point most of the time. Chubby guys usually struggle with finding the right hairstyle but not anymore.

Cut In Progress

Here’s what it looks like transitioning from your long hair to a short one such as this. Many gentlemen think that the whole transition is one horror show. However, on the contrary, this looks quite amazing, don’t you think?

A Model Appearance

We get it, you want to look like a model, and that’s absolutely fine as well. Everyone has their own idea of looking amazing and feeling amazing. If you’re seriously considering looking like a model, then we suggest you go with this amazing look here.

Short Caesar Cut

Here’s a hairstyle that you might like if you like the classic Caesar look. Getting ready for a proper Summer experience also becomes more pleasant with thsi hairstyle as it keeps your head from running hot with all the hair and mess.

For Office Environment

The office environment is what makes it quite complicated for people when it comes to style. This is because their particular style may not be appropriate for the workplace. Well, with a buzz cut like this one, you won’t need to worry about that.

Beckham’s Short Style

Another one of buzz cut that Beckham made famously is this one. A prime example of versatility as Beckham has often gone with this appearance in both on and off the field situation. Look at the smile of confidence on his face.

With Lines

Since you already have buzz cut on you and it’s been quite long as well. Now, you want to make the addition of something new to your look. Well, in that case, let us present you with the subtle art of adding lines. It makes your appearance look different so easily.

Short Black Hair

Everyone who has black hair should probably this one right away. Looking like a snack never became any easier than it did just here. Here, we’re giving you one of both men’s and women’s favorite style of a haircut on men right here.

Even Cut Hair

Even cut hair has many benefits, but the most amazing one is that it makes your whole appearance unique. In the age of fade and other kinds of styling trends, go and do something different by trying this style on.

With Large Beard

Isn’t it amazing how the opposite ratio of length makes such a good match? Usually, in fades, the hair is longer than a beard. Buzzcut reverses it all and makes your hair look shorter than a beard. A pretty nice discovery.

High and Tight Fade Style

A prime example of how a high and tight fade style looks remains this one. The fade goes very closely all the way up and makes it way right till the top edge. This manner of haircut gives you a clean look for months on end.

Flaunt Hairlines

Do you possess that amazing line of wavy hairline that most of the men around want and desire to have? In that case, why not just straightforwardly a buzz cut like this and show off your amazing wavy lines. People will shower you with praise.

Executive Look

Have you ever noticed closely that most of the executive men do not have long and stylish hair on their heads? Instead, they go for that simple look and get their hair short. Well, the reason is quite simple. They want a presentable yet simple look.

Dealing with Hairloss

One of the most common and highly useful traits of buzz cuts is the fact that it helps men who are struggling with hair loss. By keeping hair short all over, they divert attention from their hair loss altogether—such a neat trick.

Simple Look

A messy hair is the one that goes haywire most of the time and does a very feeble job of keeping things together. That is also another reason why buzzed style suits most men. It gives a simple look to almost everyone.

Getting Burst Fade

Burst fade is another hairstyle section in the simple-sounding fade style. Paired with a buzzed style cut, it makes quite an amazing style on its own. That said, wouldn’t you like getting your hair like this?

Long Buzz Cut

A long buzz cut, by all means, is an unorthodox approach to getting this classic look. However, since you’re inclined towards it, we recommend you go with this style. It’s because there are no strict rules when looking good matters.

For Classy Look

Are you getting ready for a major event this weekend? Well, if that’s the case, then you strongly should definitely try getting yourself a fresh haircut. What about this one right here? A clean look that most classy event goes nicely with.

Round Hair Structure

When it comes to round head structure, you should definitely want to try this cut style. Shorter haircuts like this one give you the option of keeping your hair in check all the time. Also, showing off your features gets easier.

Short and Curly Hair

Men who have short and curly hair have the most problem when it comes to looking good from a hairstyle perspective. That said, there are ways like getting a short cut that makes everything better.

For Skinny Men

What do you do when everything and the only thing that you want is good hair, but you are insecure about not being able to pull it off because of your body type. How about a hairstyle that’s approved by fashion icon and artist Zayn Malik?

Get a Masculine Look

A masculine look is something that gives a man that signature appealing appearance. Getting more of that requires a lot of precision haircuts. Try this look.

Stylish Appearance

A stylish appearance is, most of the time, how a person makes use of their features like face structure, clothing, and all. However, the type of haircut that men get also plays a massive role.

On Large Men

There are types of buzz cuts available for a large number of people around. It scales from chubby to skinny men. Here’s another for not just chubby but also for men with large built. Try this out.


When it comes to a conclusion, the types of buzz cuts that we showed you create a vast sea of options for you men out there. It makes it easier for you to get the next haircut that will probably become your permanent style for a very long time. Now, go out there and get it all done.


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