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105 Awesome Caramel Highlights That Looks Good On Anyone

For women, hair is all about pride and beauty. This is the main reason why they love to dress up in beautiful colors as well as accessories. Actually, there’s so much you can change about your style if you simply undergo a simple hair transformation. Highlights or hair colors are considered the easiest ways to obtain a hair transformation done. Even so, one of the most preferred highlights by women is the caramel highlights.

This highlight is very popular simply because it looks good in types of hair color. It means you can be anything from a brunette or blonde this hair color will definitely suit you. Caramel highlights on the other hand, also provide lots of opportunities in the difficulties of designing your hair after you’ve got the highlights finished on your hair. Another good thing about this highlight is that you can wear them wherever you go with ease.


Filthy Brown Hair

You can think of this hairstyle as the rebirth of the hairstyles you used to acquire as a child after long days consumed outside. Nevertheless, with hairstyle inspiration, you will definitely achieve a childlike look effortlessly.

caramel highlights

Highlights on Black Hair

If you have naturally black hair, you’re so lucky because lots of women are wishing to have a kind of hair just like yours. Actually, the beauty of black hair is raised up using highlights regardless of what color they’re in. Even so, the highlights in this hairstyle look as if they are simply melting down on her black hair.

Caramel Braid

Undeniably, highlights are fun to wear. Plus, they can actually bring out the finest of your hairstyle. This braided hairstyle is amazing and made even more vibrant because of the caramel.

Sunny Glints

A beautiful style that has long layered locks that are tormented with highlights.

Thick and Wavy Hair 

For most women, having naturally wavy and thick hair is a blessing. However, if you have this kind of hair and want to stand out from the crowd you can add some caramel highlight to it. Also, this style is best suited for ladies with medium or shoulder-length hair. In fact, you can wear this hairstyle for both informal and formal occasions. And, it goes very well with all types of facial shapes.

Long Bob w/ Golden Locks

Brown hair with highlights is a hairstyle that you can’t go wrong with. Nonetheless, if you want to rock a long bob with unique locks then this look is for you.

One Shade Lighter

Want to have a blonde hair but worrying about your dark hair? Worry no more because this is for you,

Golden Caramel Balayage

Planning to change your style? Then, you should try this beautiful balayage finished with splashes of caramel and golden blonde. With these rich shades of caramel and golden running over a dark base, this is a style that is perfect for a royalty.

Easygoing Caramel Balayage

An easygoing caramel balayage gorgeously frames the face especially when the light blonde hair colors are interlaced all over the hair’s front sections. To make this style, make loose waves with a curling iron and run your fingers over the curls for an effortless and carefree look.

Dark Caramel Balayage on Ombre Hair

Looking for a unique hairstyle? Then you can try this ombre look that has dark caramel highlights. Actually, this style works best if you have waist length hair. But if you don’t have, you can still rock this one by utilizing hair extensions.

Soft Caramel Baby Highlights

This style can offer your hair the perfect sun-kissed look that you are looking for.

Light Highlights

This hairstyle has a capability to brighten up your entire face. In fact, it is a perfect look for summer seasons.

Curly Caramel Brown Highlight

There are two different ways to try this style. First, if you’re blessed with naturally curly hair. Second, you can create well-defined locks using hair curler. However, curly caramel style will look more stunning if you have medium length and brown hair. Either way, this one is perfect for evening parties and casual meetings.

Sandy Caramel

When hues of blonde, brown, and gold come together, undeniably, the look they make is something worth getting. This caramel balayage, as well as splendid sandy brown, is proof of the same. The hues are flawlessly come together to make a multidimensional hairstyle.

Cascading Curls

The good thing about curls is that they always look perfect on curled hair.

Long Bob w/ Yellowish-brown Pieces

Yellowish-brown is a hue that perfectly complements on dark brown hair. Either way, this style is perfect for ladies who are looking for a short hairstyle with caramel highlights.

 With Rosewood Tones

Highlights with rosewood tones like this one look awesome on medium brown curls.

Long Loose Toffee and Espresso Curls

Brown hair (dark) that have caramel highlights is extraordinary in its toffee and espresso variety. This hairstyle is best worn loose and long to make the supreme impact.

Caramel Face Framing Highlights

These fabulous highlights with gloomy undertones have been finished in a way in which they frame the girl’s face as well as modernize her round face.

Deep Highlights

Keep in mind that highlights do not need to be flirty and light. In fact, you can also make a mysterious and dark hair look using them.  You can use an intense caramel hue to highlight the lowest half of your black hair to discharge seriously sinister and sexy vibes.

Highlights on Blonde Hair

This hairstyle is really irresistible. Thus, if you want to give your blonde hair a whole new different look, then this style is worth considering.

Caramel and Chocolate Highlights

A magnificent hairstyle that uses a good color combination. In fact, this will improve your locks natural texture.

Messy Yellowish-brown Waves for Brunettes

If you’re looking for a contemporary hairstyle with highlights then this is for you.


When to juicy shades are mixed together, the resultant color is guaranteed to be undeniably luxurious. This style is so colorful that you only need a few delicate highlights to create a Queen-like look.


Reddish Highlights

If you add some reddish highlights to your medium brown hairstyle, you immediately get a completely new look. Light reddish shades improve the brown color and make it sun-kissed and shiny.

Golden Light 

These highlights will show off your natural hair. Also, it will give your curls an extra shine.

Caramel Color Melt

This hairstyle is very simple yet well-groomed.

Dark Hair 

Highlights for dark hair can add dimension as well as vibrancy. Also, this style is very easy to maintain and will heat up your skin tone.

Short A-Line


On Light Blonde Hair 

Accentuate the real beauty of your hair by accentuating it using a rich caramel hue that offers it a particular movement and beauty. Furthermore, this style will look more beautiful when exposed to sunlight.

With Radiance Effects

This look can be achieved using a mix of ginger, cream, and honey hues. Make sure that the roots of your hair will be darkened thus it will perfectly match the tone of your eyebrows.

Light Brown 

A light brown hair coloring that is revitalized using caramel.

Caramel On Chocolate 

We all know that chocolate and caramel is a match made in heaven foods. Thus, why not try a chocolate and caramel combination on your hair like this one?

Wavy Blonde Hair 

This look is flawlessly styled using loose waves. On the other hand, this hairstyle is perfect for ladies who are looking for a delicate intimation of rose gold.

Sugary Style

A breathtaking hairstyle for anyone looking for a bright new change. Nevertheless, a mixture of this highlights and brown color can give your hair a goldish luster that is jaw-dropping.

Medium and Complex Brown Highlights

This style offers a color complexity that isn’t easy to duplicate. Also, this is most suitable for brown skin.

Deep Caramel Balayage

You can pair this hair coloring with some straight cut bangs as well as shaggy waves to offer it a more hipster feel.

Ligh Brown With Natural Hiney Highlights Hair 

This consistent style seizures the perfect combination by only going a hue or two that is lighter than the light brown colors.

Caramel Hair Colors for Brunette Hair

If your locks are lovely and long, then having this style is a good idea.

Caramel and Copper Highlights 

When hues of caramel and copper come together, something magical is about to come about. Take a glimpse of this hairstyle for example. The caramel and metallic copper highlights fizzle and pop on the vibrant auburn base. Either way, this hairdo is perfect to wear when you are planning to attend a wedding.

Caramel & Dusty Pink Highlights

Caramel, as well as dusty pink highlights, works gorgeously on blonde hair. In addition, it can you give you a perfect flirty and feminine look.

Tangerine Love

Enhance your natural hue using some tangerine and caramel.


Awesome caramel highlights that offer a sophisticated look.

On Beach Waves

This style looks very pretty and has a carefree as well as young feel. Give this hairdo a try if you are going to a lazy Saturday outing with your friends.

Caramel and Rose Gold Highlights 

This caramel and rose gold highlights on long dark brown hair will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Wonderful Waves

The light flashes of this style will make your waves more noticeable.

Brown Hair

Straighten your curls and some rounded layers to show off your beautiful highlights.

Soft Wavy Hair w/ Highlights

This hairdo is perfect for ladies who are blessed with natural waves and women who love adding waves into their natural hair. This style looks best with blouses or tops, however, you can also give this hairdo a try with a simple dress. Also, if you’re planning to have a hair transformation this style is also for you.


These super delicate caramel highlights on dark hair will look more stunning when exposed to natural sunlight, offering your hair a sun-kissed and perfect look.


These caramel highlights feature a metallic luster which makes them look mesmerizing and ultra-reflective.


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Wavy Ends 

If you’re not yet ready to create waves all over your hair, then opting for wavy ends is a good idea. In fact, they will outline your brown hairdo as well as make your tresses appear even brighter. Also, you can darker highlights on the bottom and lighter highlights on top.

Dark Brown Base w/ Caramel Blonde Hair 

If you have scoff black hair, then giving this hairstyle is a good idea. Trust us, you will not regret it.

Caramel Opulence

Brighten up your boring brown with this caramel highlights idea. Actually, you don’t need to go full balayage with this style. Simply scatter some caramel highlights and make a luxurious hairstyle.

Soft Highlights

Hair coloring does not necessarily mean that the colors must be too obvious. Soft highlights are normally preferred by ladies who do not want to make too many changes but wish to incorporate some taste into their brown hairdo.

Brown Medium Hair 

An impressive hairstyle that every girl will surely love.

Different Styles 

A medium brown hair that is lightened with some different hues of highlights.


A beautiful hairstyle that can make a simple yet sophisticated look.

Caramel Eclipsing Highlights

This new hair highlighting technique utilizes highlights to change your face’s shape. As you can see in the image below, the girl’s face is framed using soft caramel highlights which improve her jawline and cheekbones.

Fifty Shades of Caramel

Another beautiful hairstyle with some caramel highlights that everybody will surely love.

Chocolate Brown Hair

If you’re planning to color your hair in chocolate brown, don’t forget to ask your hair stylist to add some caramel highlights too. In fact, these color combinations look good together. Either way, this look will bring out your best features.


An attractive highlights that is perfect for ladies who want to rock a new hairstyle.

Intense Caramel Balayage

Give yourself a Princess-like look with this intense caramel balayage. In fact, this hairstyle can give you an overall sophisticated look.


Are planning to have some highlights? Then you can’t go wrong with these glittery caramel highlights. This hairdo looks good with all types of outfits and faces.

Copper Hairstyle 

These highlights look subtle and can give your hair a breathtaking makeover.

On Brown Hair

A charming hairstyle that is ideal for ladies over 40.

Face Framer

Go for these highlights to achieve a modest yet sexy look.

Blonde Hair

Level up your blonde hair by putting some stunning highlights to it. Even so, this hairstyle looks more amazing if you have hair that reaches below your shoulders.

Beautiful Golden Caramel Balayage 

A beautiful hairstyle that you can wear to your next formal event.

Swirling Curls

This hairstyle comes with some amazing curls and brown sugar highlights.

Curly Hair

Another stunning hairdo that has soft and bouncy curls that create shape and much volume. Also, this one is perfect for all occasions and very easy to make.


These sexy highlights on dark brown hair are the epitome of style as well as luxury. In order to complete the look, you need to wear a big ball gown and some diamond earrings.


Show off your love for brownies by having this very beautiful hairstyle. The fine caramel highlights running over chocolate brown base create a delightful and rich color combination.

Wavy and Short Hairstyle 

This hairdo is perfect if you have wavy and short hair. Even so, you can create some waves in your hair using a hair curler. On the other hand, it is easy to achieve and really manageable. Plus, it is perfect for women of all ages.

Shaggy Brunette Bob

Freshen up your current hairstyle with this shaggy brunette bob with highlights.

Brunette Hair 

If you’re someone who isn’t into too many hair experiments but wants to look fashionable, then this is the best style for you. However, this the hairstyle that all brunettes should try. Actually, it looks very pretty and the highlights make sure that you will stand out from the crowd.

Ultra Shiny

These ultra shiny highlights finished on stunning dusty brown hair will give you a look as if you have just stepped out of a movie shooting.

Light Caramel Brown Hair Color



These cool-toned caramel highlights will look more fabulous on ash blond as well as dark brown hair. Add some waves to complete the style.

Soft Highlights on Blonde Hair

If you have blonde hair, then this style will look good on you. You can also improve the style by adding some curls at the lower ends of your blonde hair. Nevertheless, it looks great for play as well as work hours.


By having these simple highlights over your hair, you will definitely have a sophisticated vibe and look.

Chestnut Brown Style

A deep and rich color that is perfect for women with naturally curly and long hair.

Caramel Zebra Highlights

Try these gorgeous highlights to achieve a simple yet stylish look.

Caramel Blonde Highlights

If you want to rock simple yet magnificent highlights then this look is for you. However, this style is perfect for ladies with blonde hair. Nevertheless, finish off this look by making some well-defined locks.

On Fire 

Make your hair stand out wherever you go by having these spectacular caramel highlights on different shades. Make sure to style this look with curls for a more gorgeous result.

Dirty Blonde

This hairdo can give you an effortless and carefree look and vibe.

Black Brown Highlights w/ Blonde Babylights 

This style doesn’t only look amazing but it will also make you amazing.

Light Brown Highlights 

Another great hairstyle that has attractive highlights.


Caramel highlight for brown hair. Either way, the most attractive thing about the hairstyle is the huge variety of shades and tones.

Refreshing Sun-Kissed

This style works with any hair length as well as skin tone with impressive results.

Caramel and Black Chocolate Balayage 

The perfect combination of caramel and black chocolate colors make this style alluring and dazzling.

Delicate Golden Blonde and Ash Balayage 

Achieve a modern hairstyle by adding some delicate golden blonde and ash balayage in your hair like this one.

Brushed Walnut Brown Hair Color

With this style, you will be left with a natural and fresh feel.

On Dark Hair

Another great way to incorporate caramel highlight on your dark and wavy hair.

Dark and Light Strawberry Balayage

Want to have a sweet hairstyle transformation? If so, then pair up your highlights with a dark and light strawberry ombre.

Toffee Color

These toffee highlights will surely brighten up your overall style.

Brown with Blonde

If you want to have blonde and caramel highlights, then you’re certain to love this look.

Delicate Balayage

This beautiful hairstyle works best in medium length hair. Nevertheless, if you want to lighten up your style make sure to give this hairdo a try.

Beautiful and Bold 

Another great example of bold highlights that utilizes a wide variety of caramel hues. Also, this style is stunning you are looking for something that’s certain to draw the eye.

Ashy Brown

If you have a fair to medium skin tone, then look is for you.

Caramel and Auburn Hair

Two hues of caramel combined in a beautiful hair dye method.

Balayage Caramel Babylights

A low maintenance hairstyle that is perfect for ladies who do not have regular appointments.

Balayage Hair 

A balayage hair in caramel shades that adds a feminine feel to your style. Also, it is a good example of caramel lowlights and highlights.

Spun Gold

These highlights can make a huge impact on your overall style.

Ratling Mix

A beautiful braided hairstyle that is worth considering.

Blonde Hair w/ Highlights

This hairstyle can give your long and straight hair more volume.

Caramel Hair with Blonde Highlights

Add some blonde highlights on your caramel hair for a stunning and eye-catching look.


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