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110 Coffin Nails To Bring Out The Fashionista In You

Coffin nails are a beautiful nail shape, and they are not as scary as they sound like! They are the shape of nails that we love, and they are being loved by celebs too. Kylie Jenner has made this look famous among the masses. They are more than a nail shape, they are an iconic look, and we are making you familiar with the idea. You may be thinking about that style of nail you want to get this season, and we are here to show you what can be the best look for you. Here we have nails that are ideal this season.

We are here to show you all the styles of nails. This article is focused on the coffin nails, but we will also let you know about all the other options out there. So be assured that we will talk about the ideas of how to make your nails look good in this collection. So you can choose this manicure idea and get the look of the famous Kylie. Or you can look and admire these nail images and be happy about the day when you get these nails. We will show you the trendy looks for sure.

Here we have a hundred ideas of coffin nails that can inspire you in 2020.


coffin nails The sparkle and bling

When you try out the short coffin nails designs, you may want to make it shiny and good looking. We are showing you these micro glitter particles on the nails. Coffin nails are a beautiful way of making your nails look balanced. But the shine added on by these chunks is admirable.

Here we have a couple of ideas that can give you a head start. If you love bling as we do, this will be the first choice for you as well. So keep it saved up in your phone somewhere.

The rhinestones to add on coffin nails

How can one ever miss the ideas of rhinestones? They give the nail something that shines through. When light falls on them, they will reflect and give you the sparkle you always wanted. So what are you waiting on? These can be on your hands as soon as you decide on it.

The ways to add them and how you arrange them are your individual choices. But there are some colorful ideas here in case you are lost. The best trends are all collected in this section of our article.

Bright nails and how to get them

Nails that look as clear and pretty as these can be the look for any woman. The subtle look is perfect for anyone who wants to get a non-overpowering look. Here it has been paired well with the light golden-hued nail polish. Since it has glitter, it looks good.

They are best for when you want to transfer them from day to night look. The idea is to get the charm of the glitter and take it to a new level. This can be your look for a date too.

Add some jewels on the nails

Ornaments on the nails are an excellent way to make your manicure useful. Some styles can give you an idea as to what is beautiful. So we are giving you these! They are the best small and big ideas of nail jewel that can set you aside from all.

The pearly nails on the first image here are beautiful. You also do not need to go overboard with them. They can be as subtle as you would like. So keep only a few stones on the nail to give it that boost.

Shiny tones of chunky glitter

In this section, we are showing off some coffin nails with minor chunks of glitter. The best look to try out if you are a teenager. There are no loud colors here, and the placement of these chunks is beautiful. The shape of the nail in itself is iconic.

There are a lot of women who tried on this style this year. You can have bright nails or go dark with the black nail polish. They can have a starry night like effect on the hands with white glitter.

Green tones with coffin acrylic nails

There are so many colors that this year has brought on to our notice. And the ones we adore are the ones that are different from the colors we usually see. The green shade here on this image is perfect if you want a versatile nail. The nail art with the coffin nails looks perfect.

They are paired with pink and gold, and it makes a good look on most women. The gold striped patterns are beautiful from every angle. If you want a classy style, this is the way to go.

Pink nails and styling them

Do you want to try out coffin nails pink ideas? Then here is the perfect chance for you. There are so many things to add to the manicure to make it stylish. Here we have the glitter and rhinestones and jewels all on the pink hues that are working well.

Make sure you get the nails with the length you love. Then you can work with adding anything of your choice on them. You can be the feminine diva you have always wanted to be with these colors.

Some nude shades of coffin nails

Nude colors are all in fashion, and we also have to thank the Kardashians for it. There are shades of nude that Kim has worn over the years, and we can see them on every woman. And when you try them with the Kylie Jenner coffin nails, we love the combination.

The section here has a couple of ideas for pink hues. The nail paint can give you a lot of oomph! If you want, you can try out the silver and rose gold tones and make it the look you will be proud of.

Multi-colors to add on coffin nails

Playing with colors on nails is fun, and you can see the perfect blend in this image. You can see the blues and pink with the white, and it works out beautifully in this combination. The nail art is ideal for anyone who loves multiple shades on a single nail.

This is great for a short nail idea, and it gives you the chance to explore the flirty designs. You can see the fun side of your personality with this manicure. So if you want the perfect style, try this one!

Marble coffin nails

You can add the marble shades on the coffin nails. They are also a significant way of making your nails look like they are perfect. You can pair these styles with any color of your choice. There are some remarkable ways these women have paired the shape with the colors.

The shiny metallic rose gold, blue and black is beautiful. If you want you can also wear them with pink paint on some other nail. But if you love the marble nail, you can wear them in all of your fingers as well.

Bright and bold hues

Who does not want to look bold? There are some shades in this manicure that we adore for being brave. You can get better with time in the selection process for these nail colors. But if you have yet to decide, you can look for the dark royal blue and pink!

They are both majestic shades, and they can be paired with rhinestones and jewels. And if you have never seen such a stunning color before, you can get it on yourself to get the complements. They will never stop coming!

Gold and black nail designs

The coffin nails black ideas are grasping from all sides. There is no denying that the way these dark shades transform you is beautiful. If you get your nails in these dark tones, they can make you look powerful and sexy. So play with the nail sizes and length and give yourself the liberty to have fun.

The black coffin nail with the lace designs on them is one of our most adored images here. The glitters are an excellent addition to the deep shade. So play here in varied ways.

Ombre coffin nail colors

There are so many coffin nails colors in this article. You can go through the images here to give you a range of colors. But the one we love is the coffin nails ombre ideas. They are beautiful, and we can see how they transform from a dark to a light tone.

That is the thing about ombre nails; there are colors of two tones. They transform from something dark to a light one, and the fade is perfect. Check it out in these images here if you are unaware of what they are.

Grey tones

Grey is not a color that used to get a lot of attention. But they are becoming the center of love for most women now. They are all over the color palettes with clothes and nail colors as well. You can see how they can be of different undertones in these images.
If you want, try out the rhinestones. Or you can also get the same color with a glitter base on a single nail. If you are willing, they will be the look of your dreams for at least a time of two weeks.

Purple shades of pink

Pink can be a versatile color. The lavender ones are better when paired with any skin. So if you play the colors well, you can get the perfect, feminine style. Make sure the shade and undertone of the nail polishes you try are matching the other colors you add on to them. Your nail artist will also help you do the same.


Get creative

There are so many colors that pop here. The reds, blues, yellows and white works well and they bring all the fun. The long nails and the different shapes on them are gorgeous. We will love for you to be able to try this fun color. If you are going to a music fest, this has to be the color you wear. You will be the center of attention!

White coffin nails

White nails are an excellent way to make a bold statement. They can be simple and look good. If they are a bit designed, they can look chic as well. So take a peek at these white coffin styles. Pair it with the best of these gold and silver tones. We will love your feedback on these nail ideas for sure. So give us a belief in the comments down below.

Single-tone coffin nails

Try the same color on the different nails and get the look that sets you aside. There are some stunning colors here that are best for this year. The artists and celebs on the internet have these bright hues on their hair and nails, and we cannot help but be inspired by it.

If you want the same, then dive into the color lane and get the shades that make you look beautiful. Check out the single color on these pictures and look like a pop star!

Everyday wearable coffin nails

There are nails colors that anyone can try out. They are best to be worn on a day to day basis. The nude shades are best as they work with all skin tones. They can be molded into any darkness of your choice. So look to your salon artist and ask them if there are shades that fit your look. Here we have the ways to make simple nails look magnificent.


Iconic ideas

There are nail styles here that can give you a boost of confidence. And this is undoubtedly one of those looks. Women of all ages love the best designs. We can see how the colors act up on the nails and the way the designs look on them. If you want, you can view your best by copying the same model, colors, and patterns.

Get inspired for the nails to try

These coffin nails red ideas can give you the courage to try out any shade. The nail colors and designs are lovely, and we can see them be the next big thing to try. We love the red hues on well-shaped nails. The coffin nails have the perfect balance for such a color.

If you are willing to get the same, you can also try out the options here. They are stylish and can also have the look of a diva. Check out the styles and consider them for your next appointment.

Sexy nail ideas to try

There are some hot ideas for nail art here. The bold colors of the orange and the reds are beautiful. We have always associated the color red to the concept of love and romance. So if you want to feel feminine and sexy, these are the colors to try.

The red tones are of specific importance for sure. We adore these nail designs, and thus they are on top of our list for things to try.

Tones of silver glitter

Silver goes well with most coffin nail designs. You can pair them with the colors and let them shine. If you ever feel like the nails can do a bit better, you can try out these beautiful shades. Pair them with the colors of your choice and see them in the nails of your hands.

They can be holographic, and they can also give you the illusion of a mermaid. The silver lights are beautiful, and we are willing to show it off in this collection here.

Droopy styles with coffin nails

The coffin nails’ ideas are broad, and there are so many available styles. You can see the way there are the styles of Kylie lip kits on these nails. Since the diva made these styles of nail shaping relevant, this can be thought of as a tribute to her.

These are droopy styles of the melted lip, and we are in awe of the perfection. Some artists can try and replicate this for you. We are sure you will adore the way they make you look. It is the way of self-expression for sure.

Different styles

There are many different styles that you can try out with coffin nails. So here we are showing you how you can try out different things like the time changes. You can try the colors and the designs each time you head to the salon to get the nails changed.

There are colors here that are different as well: the blues and the white work well with the silver. There is also gold in the final image. But the one that dives into the dark tone is the top one. The black makes a bold impression.

Some flowers to try

Flowers are one way to make you feel good. When you add some petals, they can give you a feminine touch and take away from the shape of the nails as well. You can see how there are white petals and some rhinestones on the top here. They are looking gorgeous.

The next one is a bolder approach to the black nail. You can see how there are blue and grey tones of the flowers on the dark paint. You can also pair these colors and play with them to give you a stunning style.

Some dark tones on the coffin nails

Colors on the nails are personal. They are sure to make you feel good and set you aside. There are dark shades in here that you can try out if you want to go! The blues are beautiful, and you can see the way they pair with a neutral shade of Grey.

If you are not interested in the blues, you can try out this maroon shade of the coffin nails. The gold snowflakes and the reindeer in the nails are beautiful. You can try this one for the holiday season and look your best.

Options you have with coffin nails

Now that you have seen most of the articles, we are sure you know about the coffin nails. Here are some images. Look at them, and you can find something to try this year.

Here we love the colors and the jewels that are shiny and beautiful. The coffin shaped nails can give you a lot to show off this season. Try the manicure and show some pictures off on your Instagram. They will be well-received by all who lay eyes on them for sure.

Coffin nails and how to decide on one!

Coffin nails are the nail styles that can last you long. They will make you feel like the diva you are. You can see that there are so many colors that look good on this shape of nails. It is satisfying to look at and how they make you feel is the new thing on its own. They are the accessory that can make you feel as good as a handbag or some shoes can do. They will give you the personality that shows off you are bold and fashionable. It can be the best decision of the manicure you have made.

Some designs complement the shape perfectly. You can see that are the idea that all youngsters want at this time. The tapered ends are lovely, and if you add the right colors, you can see how perfect they are. The way they are cut off to a straight line at the bottom and the way they are shaped to be thinner on the sides are stunning. You need no other look on this nail style once you see it. There are so many options here, so choose one and get it done soon!

As you finish this article, you will find yourself in love with these ideas. There are so many options, keep an open mind, and give yourself the time to feel good. Here we are showing you the best looks, and so they are going to boost your confidence. You can look like a stylish fashionista when you wear your nails in these long styles. Others may also follow your look when they see your nails. So be the inspiration for them as well!


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