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105 Spectacular Comb Over Fade For Men

Hairstyles are usually a great way of projecting your personality. But the main contribution that it has to your hairstyle is making you look good. Usually, all the things that you want to try out, as a man remains in your reach. Because men’s hairstyles are usually based on a single template, let’s say. It’s usually the same kind of hair length and nor many are modified to personalized style as well. So there’s that. You don’t have to worry in the slightest about not being able to get the style that we’re talking about here today. And the style is the comb over fade.

Have you previously heard about this hairstyle before? For men, this is one of the sleekest looking options out there with significant compliment getting abilities. However, like any other style, there’s a catch but not a dire one. Before choosing one particular kind of style, you must first do your research. But that can be lengthy and torturous, right? We’ve got that problem sorted out for you here. Here’s a massive collection of comb over styles for you.

Justin Timberlake Style

comb over fade

This Justin Timberlake style gives you a very classy look right out the box. With a perfectly tapered fade to a mid-length comb over. Everything’s just right in place.

Short Comb Over Fade

This short comb over fade has some of the most subtle looking characteristics ever. The combing intersects in the middle while the mid-fade makes it look sharp.

Wavy Top

This highlight of this style is the gently styled wavy top that extends towards the side. While the little fringe left from a high-fade looks amazing.

Undercut Hairstyle

You shouldn’t only focus mostly on getting fade done. Sometimes, look over the horizon, and you may find sharp-looking undercuts like these.The Bad Boy Style

Comb over usually gives men a very well-put-together style, but there are exceptions. It all depends on what you wear as well. If a bad boy look is what you want, try this one out.

Mid-Line Segment

You probably want to add some more of that edgy style to your hairstyle. In that case, copy this look. The abrupt line intersections give you that edgy style.

Comb Over Fade with Beard

We’ve always talked about how amazing the combination of fade and beard look. Now add comb over style to the equation as well. Look at how the hair goes sideways beautifully.

Lean Back Over

Lean back over is a style that many gentlemen would prefer. This is not as much of a loud style that’ll overwhelm your whole appearance. But a laid back and relaxed one.

Sharp Mid-Fade

There’s only one purpose of this sharp-looking mid-fade style. That’s to perfectly part the fade instead of having that seamless transition from short to long style.

Long Hair Side Over

If you have long hair but don’t want to put it back, just make it lean side over. It gives you a new way of making sure that your hair does not fall back constantly.

Front Twirl Style

This front twirl style on men works like bangs does for girls. This front twirl for men gives them a sophisticated yet classy look. A look that most men want to have in their lives.

Comb Over with Stubble

Usually, we only see fade hairstyles paired with long and bushy beards. But for men who grow stubble and work in the professional field, nothing can beat this comb over with stubble. Classy and stylish.

Casual Highlighted Hair

This style uses two or maybe even three kinds of factors to make it unique. On is the hardly touched fade. The second is the highlighted hair. And the third is the overall casual and carefree style.

Medium Comb Over

Medium comb over fade is usually followed by younger men because they can easily turn it into a straight pompadour. That’s because of the length of the hair.

Tapered Side Over Style

Tapered side over style fits men who want to look carefree while also maintaining an uptight stylish look. While the side over gives an easygoing style, the tapered side gives that elegant touch.

Over Orange Hair

There are very few instances where men color their hair. If you’re one of them, then trying out an orange-based comb over+pompadour seems like a nice idea.

Mid-Fade High part

This mid-fade high part style deals with the method of doing mid-level fade to your sides. But one side has that high parting to it, which can be done with a razor or just hard parting.

Sleek and Combed

Usually a fitting style for office men or just a very classy event scenario, this sleek combed look only needs two things. A wet styling gel and a comb. That’s it.

High-Rise Comb Over

This hairstyle combines two things into one. The first thing that we noticed is the high fade on this hairstyle. The second thing is the high-rise comb over that looks almost like a pompadour.

Casual Mid-Fade Style

The casual mid-fade style is for any guys who are not a massive fan of spending tons of time in their hair. It’s a casual look with mid-fade that’s meant to serve you quickly.

Classy Man Comb Over

The classy man comb over is a style that’s fit for any guy who likes that cleanly kempt look. A little bit of blowdrying styling and handwork gives you this look.

Nick Jonas Favorite

If you’ve noticed, Nick Jonas always goes with his signature Comb Over Low Fade style. He does so by simply opting for a low-fade and then casually combing his top hair.

Undercut Dry Hair

Is there a way with which you can easily get yourself a dashing looking comb over without using any products? Try out this undercut based dry hair comb over.

Long Highlighted Mid-Fade

Long hairs serve best for highlights because they have enough area to showcase the highlight. Pairing that with a comb over gives a steak like an appearance to the highlight.

Short Black Hair Fade

This is a classic for many men out there and for all the good reasons as well. The fade here is very subtle and mid-level, and the top comb over on black hair gives a very neutral style.

Long Hair Pompadour

If you’ve been wondering, if you do a comb over, you’re only one step away from creating an amazing looking pompadour. The secret is adding volume to the front of the hair.

Comb Over Fade for Kids

Kids comb over fade; no matter how hard you try, it always goes on to look cute. That’s because of their facial structure that screams cute all the time.

Messy Comb Over and Beard

More on hairstyles’ rugged side, you can always expect a very carefree appearance from this hairstyle. The way is to apply some styling cream and ruffle your hair backward.

High-Fade with Blade Use

Using blades while getting your hairstyle done can add a little more character to your style. Also, a blade work like this one right here makes hair parting effortless.

Beach Days Fade

As you clearly see here, the whole point of the fade here is to look as minimal as possible. This makes sure that most of the attention goes to the top comb over.

Short Thick Texture Style

comb over fade

Short and thick textured hair has a solid advantage over other hairstyles. That’s mainly because of how dense it looks. Moreover, the hair even looks longer than usual as well.

Stylish Mid-Fade

Mid-fades become the best option for your hairstyle choice because it stands right in the middle of high and low-fade style. It gives you men the best of every world in that way.

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Mid-Fade Layered Comb Over

Usually, layers are the kind of feature that mostly only ladies have in their hair. The way men get this is by combing with the comb’s wide-tooth side or even using your fingers.

Sharp Undercut Style

Sharp undercut style gives your haircut that much needed bold look. The sharply done undercut fade also gives you room to experiment with arts if you’d like that.

Kids Comb Over with Razor

If you thought using a razor while styling a kid’s hair, you’d think otherwise after this look. The razored line parting subdues the cuteness a little.

Mid-Fade Pompadour

As we mentioned earlier, the mid-fade pompadour is just one step ahead of the classic looking comb over. This gentleman added some volume to his comb over by using a blow dryer and a roller comb.

Teen Comb Over

Teens have very specific demands when it comes to hairstyles. They want a stylish haircut that also does not violate school rules. In that case, a mid-fade comb over might just be your right choice.

High Fade + High Part

A combination of high fade and high part is an unorthodox approach but always gives you that edgy style. But if the edgy style isn’t your thing, then add comb over to lower that vibe.

Looking Sharp

Maybe you’ve got a date or just a very amazing night out plan. No matter the occasion, you cannot go wrong with a sharp style like this one. Using razor never looked sexier.

Layered Side Over

Layered side over style is one that gets a lot of compliments. Not because of the stylishly done high fade or the razor is parting but solely because of the layers. Get them today.

Ruffled Comb Over

There’s a very easy way with which you can easily get yourself an amazing looking comb over style but without the sleekness. Opt for this ruffled look that you can easily do with your hands.

Comb Over | High Fade

High fade haircut usually provides you with one additional hidden feature. This style allows you to get artwork done on your faded area. How about that?

The 70s Comb Over Fade

Men’s hairstyle hasn’t really changed over the years. Even decades ago, men used to gave amazing comb over without any type of equipment. They were just using their combs.

High Fade + Sharp Corners

Sharp corners are usually a style that only young men in their 20s go for. The use of a razor in this way gives a clean look. It amplifies when paired with a comb over, but it looks aggressive as well.

High Comb Over and Undercut

High comb over style is great for kids and works like a charm for them. Add an undercut hairstyle to it, and you’ve got yourself a very nice looking hairstyle, even for kids.

Curly Top Haircut

One of the easiest ways of managing and styling curly hair is by simply opting for a comb over fade style. The fade gets rid of curly hair on the sides while the comb over takes care of curly hair on top.

Symmetrical Fade

A chic symmetrical haircut is one that has a very nice shape that goes towards the back in a seamless manner. Comb overlook best on this kind of fade haircut as it gives the whole hairstyle a very symmetrical style.

Comb Over Taper Fade

Among other combs over fade styles, this tapered fade comb over is one that’s very versatile. This works best for almost anyone. Even for ladies if they want to try it.

Blonde High Fade Comb Over

Hair color is not a massive determinant for haircut suitability. However, taking that into consideration never harms. Here’s a blonde based high fade comb over style.

Curly Front Comb Over

The way that the front hair parts from the rest/back and falls towards the front into a curl is just quite impressive. Even the sides are perfectly combed over.

Subtle Fade Side Combed

Many men do not prefer the sleek back comb over style. Some prefer a side comb over style with a subtle fade. Get your stylist to do a very subtle low-fade. The side over is something that you can do yourself.

Long Comb Over Fade

The long comb over fade style is very intriguing to look at. The fade option is yours, but we suggest you go with the mid-fade. The top hair stays long and drops to whichever side you want.

Total Comb Over

Since you don’t want that hassle to do with getting fade and everything, just go with the total fade style. Here, even your side hairs are combed over along with the top as well.

High Fade, Slightly Wavy

There are different kinds of combinations out there. This combination of high fade with a slightly wavy top comb over is amazing. Even if you have straight hair, just wave it up a little.

High & Tight Fade

The high and tight fade style is an excellent option for a new look. This has all the qualities that make you look bold. Apply some wet gel and rock your hairstyle all day.

Frisky Long Hair Comb Over

A long comb over sometimes seems like a too everyday hairstyle for all men who want that classy look. Add some volume and make it up an almost pompadour and see the magic happen. A frisky comb over. Unique and stylish.

George Clooney Style

Even the world’s most handsome man alive is a fan of comb over fades. Because of his age, Clooney does not really go with fades these days. But the comb overstays.

Young Guys Version

Young Guys’ version of comb over is a little different than the other ones. Usually, young guys don’t come near the Sleek ones. That’s why there’s this messy looking comb over for all of them.

Gentleman Comb Over Fade

Want to go in somewhere as a real gentleman? In that case, this classy haircut remains your best choice. Perfectly paired with a mid-fade, the top hair also gives that settled look.

High Fade Layered Comb Over

High fade usually gives a very uptight, bold look to people but not when done intentionally for a classy look. Layered top, high fade, a classy outfit, and you’re ready, even for the red carpet.

Blonde Trendy Comb Over

To be honest, a sleeked back comb over isn’t a daily hairstyle. As an alternative for that, here’s a trendy but still loose haircut. Do you like this one?

Short Comb Over Fade

Short comb over fade is a lovely style that looks great on anyone. However, the short hair and high fade’s cleanliness make this an appropriate hairstyle for all professionals.

Comb Over Fade with Light Beard

You don’t always need a heavy beard to rock a nice looking combination of fade comb over and beard. Like heavy, bushy ones, a light beard also does the work well.

Messy Top Comb Over

You must be wondering how a messy top and comb over go together. They do if all you want is a comb over style that’s done in a jiffy. You only need your hands to style here, not even a comb.

Comb Over Mid-Fade

Right in the middle, comb over mid-fade is the best option. Here, the mid-fade is a secondary highlight. The primary is the awesome, mildly layered comb over that heads from back to front, then sideways.

Short Hair and High Fade

Short hair and a high fade is a hairstyle that’s quite a surprise. The short hair comb over eliminates any possibilities of mess while the high fade adds to the style.

Short Comb Over and Beard

High Part Curly Hair

Curly hair usually gets very messy, even in normal conditions. But a way to easily get rid of that issue is to get a high-fade paired with a high-part look. It’s all that you need to look great in your curly hair.

High Fade Blonde Comb Over

High fade here is similar to other classic high fades you see around. The special feature is the highlighted top hair that showcases the amazing color on the comb over style.

With Razored Edges

Using razors in a very tactical way is something that yields priceless results. The sharp corners here, paired with razored partition and an amazing comb over black hair, is a perfect hairstyle.

Contoured Comb Over

There are a plethora of ways following which men can easily personalize your comb over. A great way of doing that is going for a contoured comb over style.

Comb Over Fade with Volume

Adding volume to your hair is a great way to change and modify the conventional haircut of comb over. This stays right in the middle of classic comb over and pompadour.

Extremely Sleek Comb Over

comb over fade

If you want that extremely sleek comb over style, then your only option is using wet gel or some other hold products. That way, your comb over does not gets messed up.

High Fade Shiny Comb Over

It’s a straightforward trick with which you can quickly get yourself a shiny looking comb over. After you’ve got the high fade in place, just use some oil and comb through. That’s all you need.

Long Back Comb Over

One of the most classic comb over fade is one that’s combed backward. This gives a man that extremely classy look that most women dig for. Also, your hair remains in place longer.

Short Comb Over Using Gel

Using styling products can sometimes give you a very sophisticated appearance. Look at this amazing short hair comb over that uses strong styling gel to hold it in place.

Long Hair Sweeping

Fade hairstyle on long hair is a classic look. Adding low-fade to the style only adds more to the style factor. Do you see how the low-fade almost blends in the comb over? That’s the perfect classic comb over style we’re talking about.


As you see, comb over fade style comes in a lot of variety. You saw how different kinds of textures determine the look and how they look different from one another. The whole point of this massive collection is to give you an idea of how unique and versatile the comb over style can become.
It can give you a perfect look for a casual appearance while also providing a comprehensive and sophisticated, classy look. Find out your ideal style now.


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