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101 Alluring Crimped Hair Techniques For 2021

If you are willing to bring back the trends of the 80s and the 90s, here’s what you can go. Crimped hairstyle is the best hairstyle that can bring back those trends. You will gain a very brand new style in the ’20s. Crimps are the best for they can make your volume less hair look like they have some thickness. It is a perfect hairdo for any event to flaunt it flawlessly. Sometimes, the crimped hairstyles took as zig-zag style and crinkled hair. Whatever the names we give, crimp hairs are the best for any occasion. They are not just right for your small and curly hair, but also your lengthy and thick hair.
Try this fantastic crimped hairstyles to bring back the trends of the 90S and ’80s.

Shoulder Length Crimps

Crimps look good on any size either; long or small. But it seems flawless on medium length hair. You are wrong if you think what looks good on a girl is crimped hairstyles for short hair. This excellent and perfect crimped hair can bring back your 80s look with literally no effort at all. Blondes look extremely good on crimped hair. So, try this to flaunt your beach party.

Blonde Crimped

Crimps look extremely adorable on colored hair. If you are thinking something new for your hair then you should choose crimps on the blonde. You will look as gorgeous as ever. Your face will get that best look from the crimped hair 80s. Never say no to this new hairstyle.

Long and Brown Crimps

You can flawlessly carry your long hair with no effort and fair. If you are thinking of something perfect for your long hair, here’s what you have got. The brown color looks adorable as well as fascinating. With no fear, you can take this hairstyle anywhere you want.

crimped hair

Crimps On Long Straight Hair

Crimp hair is one of the best hairstyles that you can afford. If you are trying to get a bold look that can attract the eye of everyone, you got it right. You can work this fine but straightforward loose crimped hair on your flawless hair. Long hair can make your crimp hair look tidy and prepare you for any occasion.

Loose Crimps On Black Hair

Your black hair can look fresh and modern with just a simple crimp. All you need is a little bit of makeup touch on your face and make a middle puff. Your black crimped hair can give you a fresh look.

Bangs With Ponytail

It is good when you can flaunt your hair on your ponytail with single hits and a finished crimped look. Your hair will look like you have put much effort into it. It can be the best hairstyle for the new athletic you. Baseball and basketball will be your favorite sports if you try this superb crimp hair.

Violet Crimps With Pink Highlight

It is always fascinating if you can have loose Dutch braids on your hair. If you have long hair, you can give it an excellent purplish violet color with a slight pink highlight. Your looks will finish, and you will not look less than a fairy.

Double Ponytail

Have you ever considered a double ponytail with crimps on either side? If yes then you have thought of a perfect hairstyle for your high school. You can also try coloring the ends with brown. It will give you a finished and charming look. Don’t say “NO” to this hairstyle if you are still in high school. You will surely rock.

Halloween Crimps On Different Shades

Halloween Crimps On Different Shades
Crimped hair black is always a good idea, but it can look much better when your hair is on different shades. It is still a good idea to add volume to your colorful hair by crimping it. Also, this hairstyle can look gorgeous on Halloween makeup. Try this to rock this Halloween.

Gorgeous Golden

Golden is never a dull color. Hairstyles look very dashing and cool on golden hair. This summer, try these simple crimps on your ever beautiful golden hair so that you can flaunt any party or occasion. You can also apply some hair wedges and jewelers to add extra effect to catch others eyes.

Single Pony With A Little Highlights

Ponytails always look fantastic and superb. And crimps add more to it. If you are willing to try an entirely new and surprising hairstyle to catch the eye of everyone here’s what you have got. Try this alluring and sexy look for your crimp hair to attract the eye of the people. Pink, blue, purple and violet can be a fantastic color for the highlights.

Red Head Crimps

The red hair is the fines trend of the season. So, why not add a little crimp and flaunt it even more? Here you go, with the trendiest hairstyle of the season. Crimped hair 90s can look even more gorgeous when you color it red. So, try it.

Wavy And Loose

Wavy crimped hair is always a good idea to rock any curled hairstyle. It looks like your hair got an extra and dazzling look. You never look less than any princess or Disney fairy. It can also give you a bridal look and make your groom be surprised.

Black Bangs With Soft Crimps

Your dark and straight hair look fancy when you apply bangs. Nevertheless, you can also add a few soft crimps to give it an exciting look. You will never fail to rock party or gatherings.

Waterfall With Crimp

The waterfall is always extraordinary and a right hairstyle. It can add fine texture to your hair. Crimps look fizzy and well managed on the waterfall.

Using Straightener For Crimps

When we use a straightener for creating crimp, it looks wavy and warm. Wavy crimped hair looks extremely adorable while straightening. You can try this simple hairstyle at a party or proms. All eyes will be attracted to you with no wonder.

Updo On Crimp Hair

It is a perfect idea to make updo and add some crimps to your hair. Also, some Japanese hair accessories can add a beautiful look. Applying crimps to marge updo makes it look elegant.

Simple and Sweet

Sweet and simple is the new trend. Crimped hair 2018 was all about its simplicity. You can create this sugar look with no extra effort. It is how your fizzy hair gets an elegant look.

African Crimps

It is easy to create African crimp by first putting into a macro braid. After you get bored with your macro braid, you can open it up and get the crimped look. Try this to follow the trend.

Gorgeous Shoulder Length Blonde

Blonde hair can rock any event. You can transform yourself into a ramp model by applying twists to your hair. A little bit of makeup does not harm.

Bold and Sexy

Curling your hair and adding some crimps at the end is an exclusively good idea. You look as beautiful as ever with this look. Bold and sexy is what you look trying this hairstyle.

Fabulous Rosy Crimps

To make yourself look like a transformed princess, you can try this dazzling rosy crimps. Crating this hairstyle is effortless. It is the best hairstyle that can make you look amazing.

Freckled Face

Why worry about hairstyle for your freckled face? Here’s the best haircut that you can find to match your freckled face perfectly. You can try to lose crimped hair and go flawless in any event you want to join. So, don’t say No to this. Your freckles will rock with a slight golden crimp.

Beach Crimped Hairstyle

Ever thought hoe crimps look on the beach? If not, here’s the result. You can try this simple but rocking beach hairstyle to flaunt your hair on any beach you go.

High Volume Crimps

Crimps look fascinating when given a high volume texture. You can try this ever gorgeous and alluring crimped hairstyle to look bold and sexy at the same time. It offers a soft effect to your face. High volume Crimps are the best for a wedding and casual cocktail party with friends. Try it.

Blonde Crimps

Here’s the best hairstyle that you can have for your oval face. It is simple and gorgeous at the same time; it is the best hairstyle for random occasions.

Lose Mermaid Braids

Who says that you can’t wear your crimped hairstyle loose and free? Crimped hair makes your hair shine if you add a little lose curls to it. Also, a simple mermaid hair adds softness and elegance. It is one of the perfect hairstyles among crimped hairstyles for your short hair.

Light Golden With Shades

Have you ever thought of a crimped hair with shades? Yes, here you go. You have found a fantastic hairstyle that can suit you to go along a sunny day with shades. Try this to flaunt this summer with long crimps.

Perfectly Brown

Brown hair is the best color for any crimped hair. With this sweet and perfect brown, you can look sassy and highly stylish. Fashion is never out of line when you try this easy hairstyle technique.

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Sexy Crimps on Short Hair

Crimps are the best hairstyle that you can have for any occasion. So, why not try this in fashion crazy and sexy crimps on your short hair. With no doubt, you will flaunt this hairstyle as you will rock the short hairstyles for crimped hair.

Black Crimps

Your face can look shiny as well as gorgeous with a simple effort. The hair is classy, sassy as well as shiny black which emphasizes your eyes and as well adds more to make your face look bold. With this hairstyle, you will feel beautiful all day with minimal effort.


Fizzy and Volume Crimps

If you think your straight hair looks dull and boring, mix it up with crimps that add fizziness to your hair. With this, you can gain an excellent look of crimped hair 90s. You can stand out flawlessly slaying this look. Your hairstyle will be appreciated anywhere you go. Don’t hesitate to bring this trend back in the 20s.

Cherry Red Crimps

Long hair is always a matter of great effort. You can make your long hair flaunt with a ponytail. Doing this makes your face visible and also removes the burden of hair in your head. Long hair always does not have to be boring. So, try this hairstyle and make your hairdo a quite memorable one. Also, experience flattering of your hair all day long.

Dutch Braids

This massive and large dutch braid gives you a relaxed and unexpected look that makes your hair look thicker and voluptuous. This hairdo makes your hair look more abundant and more appropriate. Dutch braiding makes the finest. Try this fantastic hairdo this summer.

Pixie For Crimps

Here we have the most exceptional hairstyle of all times. Pixie looks outstanding on blonde hair. Also, slight crimps add pleasant texture, and then you get a very finished look. Girls with short hair should never worry about the right hairstyle with this easy one.

Soft Black With Middle Partition

Black hair is the best of all hairstyles. And, crimps add more to it. You can get this flawlessly beautiful crimped hairstyle by using your crimping iron. Your brown face will shine on this easy hairstyle.

Red Crimped With Braids

To get a warm and sleek ponytailed look; try this awesome dutch braids on the top. Tie your hair up to a ponytail and leave it free. You will get a cozy and warm ponytail look.

Micro Crimped Mermaid Updo

To give your hair elegant and fancy look, try this mermaid updo that looks good on your hair. Try using a crimper to get small crimps all over your hair. After that, tie your hair into a French mermaid braid loosely. Apply this till the end. In the end, use a rubber band to tuck it in and wrap it into a simple bun. You will flaunt this hairstyle.

Colorful Crimps On Bob

Bobs look gorgeous and adorable while crimps to weave adds extra style. It can give you a carefree and straightforward look for any occasion. For people with low personalities and high fun, this is the best hairstyle. This hairstyle is a must-try hairstyle for people with short hair.

Monster Crimps

If you want to get a new look on your curls, you have this fantastic crimping technique. It makes your curly hair look fancy and fashionable. Monster is the best hairstyle that you can have for a cocktail party with your friends.

Fishtail  Braids With Small Crimps

Here you have the fantastic fishtail hairstyle of all seasons. Fishtail braids add much volume to your hair and give maximum thickness. Small crimped hair adds softness and romantic look on your hair.

Classic Crimps

The crimped hairstyle can be one of the best hairstyles to learn. It is straightforward, and the best part about it is that it gives excellent layering and finishing to hair. You can apply crimps to your hair and get a classic and fancy look. Your hair looks like the crimped hairstyle 90s, and it gives you a decorative look. For this adorable look, try crimp. Never say no to this.


Unicorn doughnut French Braid

This completely round, colorful and healthy updo creates a fantastic look. The colors add more textures to your hair. It makes your face look great and gives an iconic style to your hair. Rock on with this trustworthy crimped hair.

Colorful Updo

Crimps perfectly suit updo. Also, they give your hair a fine and new pattern. This hairstyle can look fun and funky at the same time. They often give you a semi-formal attire and make you look more beautiful than ever. Try this crimped hairstyle this 2019.

Long Lose Crimps

Your long hair can get this stylish long curls with a simple look. With no doubt, it adds volume to it. You only need a crimping iron and you get this excellent look.

Clipped Pony

Pony is always a good hairstyle. So, why not add some crimped clips to your straight ponytail? All you need to do is tie your hair into a high pony and add some clipping effects. There you go, you will flaunt this hairstyle.

Simple Bangs On Highlighted Pink

If you want a highlighted look to your hair than you can try this super cute hairstyle. All you need to do is make your bangs straight and crimp the rest of the hair with few pink highlights. You can get an outstanding look. Try it.

Gorgeous Straight

For this fantastic look, all you should do is straighten your hair using a straightening iron. Then, add few crimps. It’s all simple. You can get a bold and sharp look with this hairstyle.

Unicorn Crimped Hair

Unicorn hair is the best thing that you will ever do to your hair. This hairstyle is pleasing. Also, add some butterfly clips in different colors to make your hair look superb. It can add a lot to your beauty.

Frontal French Braid

With no doubt, French braids look astonishingly beautiful on simple curls. It seems like you have put a lot of effort into making your hair. Try this simple and convenient hairstyle.

Shoulder Length

For sure, crimps can be the best hairstyle you can get. For shoulder-length hair, all you can do is turn your hairstyle into crimped hair. To add effort to it, part it. It will give you a cooling effect anywhere you go.

Very Short Crimps

Do you want for try something new to your hair? If yes then why not try this crimped hair on your short hair? You can add crimps to make them look gorgeous. Try it.

Alternative Crimps

Crimped hair looks fabulous when alternate crimps added to it. It seems sassy and adds an entirely new texture to your half-straight and half-crimped hair. For sure, you can bring back the trend, crimped hair 80s. Crimped hair looks fabulous when alternate crimps are added to it. It looks sassy and adds a completely new texture to your half-straight and half-crimped hair For sure, you can bring back the trend, crimped hair 80s.

Single Pony

It is never a bad idea to tie your hair into a ponytail and add crimps to it. Naturally, you can flaunt this look with no effort.

  Simple Pony

Simplicity is the new trend. Hence, to go with the trend add some simple crimps to your hair for outings. This can make you look good with no makeup at all. Go for it.

Voluptuous Crimps

Volume is always a big deal for hair. But, not more with these crimps. Try this fascinating crimps to add volume to your hair.

Round Crimps on straight hair

It ‘s never a bad idea to add some rounded crimps to your straight hair. It can make your hair look like you have added some accessories and makes you flaunt. Try it. It will not be worth regret.


High Puff on Baby Pink

Baby pink is the color of a girl. It looks extra and adds fashion to your hair if you try crimped hair 90s with a slight pink tint. Volume and thickness are what your hair gets with this look.

Flat Crimps on Blonde

Flat crimps add volume to your hair. Your hair looks refined and fresh. It will look like you have molded your hair into excellent pasta. Have fun trying this hairstyle.

Small Crimps

Small crimps on every part of your hair never is never a bad idea. You can make yourself ready for any event. Try this simple crimp hair look on your long hair.

Polished Crimp Hair

Polishing your hair into shiny was the trend of crimped hair 80s and crimped hair 90s. A simple updo with a little twist can make your hair shine.

Dutch Braids

Crimp hair looks adorable on dutch braids. You can try this hairstyle at prom and party. This simple rounded updo can make you beautiful in nightgowns.

Slight Crimp on Colored

Colored hair is a fantastic idea. Flaunt this look by adding some sweet crimps in your green, pink dyed hair. Try this to be in style.



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