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92 Crochet Braids That Are Sure To Rock Your Style In 2021

If you are a fan of braids, then you are not going to stop by trying on only one type of these hairstyles. You can also try on the crochet braids if that is the case. It is a form of braiding that needs you to add on a latching instrument on your hair for you to add on hair extensions — this way for you to prevent your hair from damage and pollution that comes from the environment. Here we are showing you a ton of ideas to follow if you are ready to look good while protecting the hair as well.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best ideas of crochet braids that can be added on to get the hair that you have always desired. These are the new trend that has hit the fashion markets. There is a countless number of ideas that are floating around us, and we are here to share them with you. They were loved back in the 2000s, and they are making a good comeback currently. So you need to join the club and get on board this fabulous hairstyle. We will tell you all you need to know about these growing trends!


crochet braids

So what are these crochet braids?

You may have been familiar with these ideas of the crochet braids by looking at these pictures online. But do you know what they are? They are not the name of the hairstyle (which is what most people think it is), but they are not it! These are the method that we are talking about. This is the way of adding on hair to your scalp. When you add on hair extensions on the scalp, you need it to latch on to something, and that basis here is the crochet.

Firstly the process starts with cornrows. We get the front section on the cornrows and then later add on the hair extensions to the hair. The hair extension is looped under these cornrows. And that is what separates it from any other form of hair extensions. They are usually added on with a hook of some sort. We are talking about the crochet needle which secures the hair in place. And it is secured with a knot in the end. You can get it done at home as well, and it may just be the reason for their immense popularity with teenagers!

Why should you choose to get crochet braids?

If you are feeling like it looks good but is not feeling the need for it, then we are going to show off some beautiful reasons for it. The primary reason can be the way it looks on its own. There are some cute and crisp looks that you can create with these braids. They are also great for everyone, and that makes it an ideal choice for everyone. Here are some reasons to consider these crochets and by the end of it, we are sure you will be asking yourself what was the dilemma about!

  1. It is easy to get done

Most of the time, we are admiring women whose hair look good. But a visit to the salon can be expensive for most of us. Thus this is an excellent idea for you to try out! These crochet braids are not too hard to get done, and they can be a DIY project for you. You do not need to be an expert at hairdressing to get it completed. If you know how to get that cornrow done, you can pull this off. You may need some time and some well-conditioned hair for this.

  1. You will not be broke trying them on!

These styles are getting popular day by day as they are one right style that needs less money too! You can take your time to find the hair extension that works for you. They are usually anything between three dollars to five dollars a pack. So you can visit your local beauty salon and get it done. These are styles that have a natural touch to them, so you will not need a lot of extensions.

  1. You will get out of the salon sooner than you think!

You may think that you will need a lot of time to get these done since they look so good. But they take less time than most other options. You can get them weaved in a matter of three hours if you want an everyday style. You can style them in various ways once you are done, and it will save time each morning. So it is a win-win situation!


How can you take care of these crochet braids?

When you try on a hairstyle, you want to know about how it will look and all those details for sure. But you also need to know how hard it will be to take care of them. You need to be well informed before you make a decision. Think of this as how-to crochet braids for beginners guide that also tells you how to take care of them! We are going to let you know some facts about these crochet braids as well. So check them out in this section of the article.

The addition of the extensions can add some weight to your scalp. So there is the need to get on with some scalp treatment when you have these braids on. They usually last from two to eight weeks, but that is if you are taking good care of it. You will see it being ruffled out if you want it to last for a longer time. If you want it to last, you need to be attentive to them. One choice is to get the big tight curls on your hair so that they loosen up slow and keep that look intact!

 Things you can do to wash your crochet braids!

  1. Do not use harsh shampoos on your hair. It is best if you add on some water in a bottle and mix it in with shampoo before you spray it on the scalp.
  2. You can wash the scalp gently with some cold water to keep them from getting ruffled, and it also soothes the head!
  3. Use your fingers to massage the scalp; this way, you will get the natural oil to add moisture to the scalp and ensure blood flow too!
  4. Do not use rapid motions to merge the shampoo and mix it to your scalp.
  5. You need to add on conditioner to your hair and the added hair extensions as well.
  6. Make sure you properly rinse out all the products you used to cleanse and condition your hair.
  7. When you are done, make sure you use some excellent hydrating product on the hair to keep it nourished.
  8. You can also use some oils in the end if you want to keep the frizz to the minimum!


Crochet braids that work for curly textured hair

Some women are attracted to the wavy, textured hair more than anything else. And thus, we need to get you to check them out as well. They can add the needed dimension to your locks and crochet braids curly styles are adored by all. They give off a good impression when you style them. If the natural texture of your hair is significant, then you need to use deep conditioning products! Do not over-moisturize as that can cause infections too!

There are some excellent options for crochet braids that women with curly hair adore. You can also make a transition from the straight hair to a textured one if you are looking to change the way you appear! Take some help from your stylist and ask them how you can get your hair to stay hydrated without pushing it to the limits of infection! You do need to be mindful when you take care of your hair. Read the components in the products you use beforehand.

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Crochet braids to try if you have short hair

There are more and more women who are tilting towards the ideas of quick crochet braids nowadays. Before it was known as a hairstyle that only working woman opted for! But now some girls love the option as well. It has been the year of short haircuts, and you can try out any of these. If you have curly hair, you will like these images we collected. You can make them as thin and thick as you want!

Here are some of the images that are trending over popular social media sites. The use of colors on the first one is excellent. It has this ombre effect that everyone adores. You can also get your hair to look chic by adding on a side cut with these hairstyles. If you want that youthful tone, opt for thinner twists. There are some blonde hues here that are sure to work for everyone. You can change the intensity of these hues to make them suit your needs.

Medium length crochet braids to try

Are you tired of your hair is too short and too hard to handle? Then you can try out the medium length of hair. This is an experimental length for sure. You can see if you like that length and are comfortable with handling it. There are some feminine options to choose from here with these crochet braids. And if you are not happy with it, you can move back to short hair as well. But who knows? You may love it and head on too long hair!

There are some thick and thin hair sections that we considered while coming up with this compilation. So there is something for every woman out there to choose from. You can also add on some beautiful hair clasps of golden colors to get that traditional vibe to the whole thing. There are also some fancy ideas that we are showing off at the end of this segment, so make sure you check them out. The one that is sure to steal everyone’s hearts is surely the thick option with clasps on it.

The crochet braids for kids and teens

If you were wondering if this was a right hairstyle for kids, then here is your answer! They are crochet braids for kids in this collection that you will find adorable. You can get them ready in a matter of minutes in the morning, and it looks excellent each day. They are perfect for school days, and they work out well if you tend to get late each morning. You can also get your teenage daughter to get the same look.

Many moms would love to recreate these ideas as a pair with their daughters. It is sure to get you excited once you try it on for yourself. It is one adorable idea to get both of you in the same look. The best thing is your kid can play around and learn new things without the hassles of having to handle their hair. Here are some of the best ideas in these pictures. We are sure you will keep them saved up for use as soon as you can!

You can get it done on natural hair

Yes, it is most commonly practiced to have false hair extensions on these braids. But there are some crochet braids with human hair ideas out there as well that you can explore if you feel like it. These are the hair extensions that have been made with hundred percent natural human hair. As these braids are needed to be as natural and straightforward as possible, it is best to use this human hair too. They can be a bit weird for women who have never tried it, but everything has a first time!

The effect is the same, no matter what hair you use. You can get that there are some excellent options to choose from in this section. From long hair to short, there is much you can decide upon if you check the internet. You can also get them on your local beauty store. So you can be alert as they are on sale as well at times! This way, you can save money while looking fabulous as well.

Thick beautiful hair to admire

When you head out to get your hair extensions, you need to make sure what look you are going for! If you want to make that hair look thick, then you need to purchase more bundles of the hair extension. After you get that done, you can choose any crochet braids pattern on and look like a dream! If you are not sure how it will look on you, do not worry! We made sure to keep some of the best ideas near to your sight here.

These are some thick hair crochet braid options that can give you that naturally healthy-looking hair. The thick hairstyle is not limited to the same long hair. You can also get it done on short and medium hair lengths. So make sure you have a clear idea before you start these braids. You can go through some of the best ones we found over the internet in this section. After you are done, you can make a top bun, and you can also braid and secure them on the base!


crochet braids

Things to do when you have crochet braids

There is so much you can do with these crochet braids. You do not need to stick to a particular portion. You can try out crochet braids twist ideas and also get them pushed back and secured to get that sleek look! These are best for women who are working days and need to get their locks not to be an issue! You can see we included women of all ages in this section. So you can choose the ones that are age-appropriate to fit you.

Many wonders if they can go swimming and carry on with other such activities when they have crochet braid on them. And the answer to that is yes! You can do all the activities you did the way you used to before you had them fastened to your locks. You can get them styled for some fun party and also get them to look chic every day. It is the perfect look to try that works out for any and every occasion.


Crochet Braids for Straight Hair

Are you tired of the textured hair ideas of crochet braids and need to make a change? Then you can try out the crochet braids with straight hair options that we are showing here. These images can show off the way your hair looks if it doesn’t have the bulky, voluminous look. Here you can check out some ideas and then decide for yourself if that is what you want. These girls are surely looking good as they wear these braids in buns and also when leaving them loose.

We presented three different hair length options to choose from so that you can see how it looks. This way, you can decide how your hair extensions should look when you get them done. Check out the thicker ones on the bottom, and there are some thin options to choose from in the middle as well. When you lay your eyes on this section, you do not need to take reference from any other place. Post pictures of how it turned out so that we can see it too!

Colorful crochet braids ideas to try!

You can say that the fashion world is making colors a big thing this season. There are so many hues and undertones that you can choose from, and they are all fantastic. These are some of the ones that caught our attention in the first time. You can try out subtle shades of brown and blonde if you want to stay safe for sure. But there are some darker and lighter hues in here that are exciting us the most. You can try them out the next time you want a change in your look.

The purples are exciting, and they are hip too! You can see there are a lot of tones in purple also, so there are options to choose from no matter what your choices are. You can opt for ombre hair as they never seem to go out of fashion! There are some top knotted blonde hues for those of us who are too scared to try out a neon shade of bold tone! Check them out and entertain yourself also. Ask your hairstylist to help you with the choice of colors if you are not sure what will suit your skin tone.

If you are not yet inspired to get on with these crochet braids, then you may never want to try it! You can take cues from any of these hairstyles we have here and make it your own this season. We made sure to add on any needed information that you may have wanted to know about before getting on with something as casual as these braids. So we are suggesting you take the screenshots of the ones that are intriguing you the most. This way if you are going to talk to your stylist, they will know what to do with them to give you a look you want!

Make sure you make it your mission to take care of your hair! They need to be hydrated and cleansed timely so that they can grow well. This is also a way to avoid any discomfort. You may have that with the extensions pulling on to your hair. The colors you use can also redefine beauty for you. So make sure you use colors that attract your attention. There are many options out there, and they are readily available in the market for purchase. We hope you will have a good time looking at these images and then getting them done as soon as possible!


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