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85 Amazingly Cute Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Event

So, you need a cute style. Whether you are looking for something cute for the formal season upon us or just something that you can wear to your next party, we have the styles that you are looking for. You can even have some cute hairstyles for a lazy Sunday morning. It doesn’t matter what you need the cute hairstyle for, we are sure that we have something for you. We have styles for short hair and long hair and everything in between. Check out these 85 Amazingly Cute Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Any Event:

Cute Hairstyles For Formal Events

Make sure you pick a hairstyle that is appropriate for the event that you are going to.

  1. The Side Braid

A great style like this is one of a kind and that’s why it’s perfect for your party.

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2. Backward Ponytail

A great style that would be great for a formal event.

3. Braided Styles

Do’s & Don’ts of Braids

Do get a unique style if it’s a formal event.

Don’t go over the top if it’s just for a party.

4. Sweet Styles

A great style like this is perfect for a family event. 

5. Wavy Styles

A great look like this is perfect for a party or a formal event.

6. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks can be worn anywhere, so it’s a cool style that anyone should try out. Add a little color too and that will create this look perfectly.

7. Double Braids

Braids like this are so eye-catching, you are sure to want to try this out at your next formal event.

8. Tight Buns

These tight buns are on the top of the head which is a very popular look right now. The buns make the look even more special.

9. Stunning Braids

Braids are one of the most popular hairstyles and there is a reason for that.

10. Loose Braids

Another great look that is one for the books. These unusual looking braids are always eye-catching.

11. Fishtails

Fishtail braids are perfect for any event. You could wear this to the beach or even to a formal event. They are honestly the perfect cute hairstyle to have.

12. Crowning Styles

Who wouldn’t love a style like this? It’s the kind that makes you feel like a royal.

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13. Formal Styles

If you like romantic styles, then you are sure to love this gorgeous look. The braid crowns the head and the rest of the hair is loose and wavy.

14. Unpolished Looks

Not everyone wants to be polished for a party. This cool look is sure to get you compliments all night long.

15. Loose Looks

This stylish updo is perfect for a formal event. We love that it’s so loose and unpolished. There are tendrils falling beautifully around her face.

16. Cool Styles

This braid was created on the outside. It’s a bold and fresh style that you are sure to love.

17. Thick Braids

These two braids are gorgeous together and they will make for a cool style at your next event.

18. Sweet Styles

It’s a really simple style and yet it’s the kind of look that is show-stopping.

19. Heart Shaped Designs

These heart-shaped designs are unique and not something that you would wear just anywhere. We get to see it from two different angles and it gives us an idea of how it’s done.

20. Loose Styling

Another great braid design on top of the head. These updos are creative and one of a kind.

21. Ponytail Braids

This gorgeous ponytail looks like it has multiple braids in one. It’s a unique style that is going to make you the hit of the party.

22. Tight Styles

This is a cute style that would be perfect for the first day of school or picture day. It’s casual and yet trendy.

23. Pretty Looks

This is a very simple style, one that can be done at home. It’s easy, yet very pretty.

24. Messy Styles

You can wear this style anywhere. That includes running errands, going to the beach or having lunch with your friends. It’s trendy and yet easy to put together.


25. Cute Looks

A great look that is simple to create and will have your daughter looking adorable.

26. Short Styles

A fun style that has a loose braid on the side. It’s a great style for short hair.

27. Cute Buns

This loose style has some cute buns that are reminiscent of Mickey Mouse.

28. Short and Wavy

If you love short hair, then you are sure to love this style. This wavy look has a lot of body that you are sure to love.

29. Cool Colors

If you are looking for bold colors, then purple is always a great choice. Aside from that, the braid is a style that could be popular for many different events.

30. Cute Braids

This adorable style would be perfect for a backyard BBQ or an outdoor excursion. It’s playful and fun, a style that will have you looking cute as a button.

31. Simple Looks

Another great look that is simple and easy to put together.

32. Long Braids

A great style that has a cool braid that goes down one side of the head.

33. Side Braids

Another casual look that you can wear anywhere. It’s a great look for anyone with long hair.

34. Gorgeous Braids

Another great braid that is sure to wow the crowd. Seriously, this style has braids inside of braids and they look incredible.

35. Kid’s Styles

A slick style like this is perfect for picture day at your child’s school. The small braids are tight and polished. It’s a great look that is about as polished as it can get.

36. Polished Bun

This is a cool style that is polished and well put together.

37. Multi-Colored Style

Another great fishtail braid and this one has some great contrast to it.

38. Sweet Braiding

A stunning braid that circled the bun and goes down the bun.

39. Fun Styles

Another simple style that has two braids on the top of the head.

40. Celebrity Style

This actress knows how to clean up nicely and this would be a cool look for you to try out as well.

41. Wide Braids

Braids come in many shapes and sizes and this one is wider than most. It would be the perfect style for a formal event.

42. Classic Looks

You could try this style out yourself or try it on one of your kids.

43. Short and Casual

If you are looking for a casual style for your short hair, then you should try out this messy style.

44. Side Ponytail

This cute style is a great one that you can try on your child. She is sure to love it just as much as you do.

45. Polished Updo

This sexy updo is a great one to wear to your next event.

46. Pretty Crowns

These crowning braids have been a popular style for a while now and you are sure to love them too.

47. Cascading Curls

A style like this one is meant for a formal event. There are only a few places you can wear a style as fancy as this one.

48. Amazing Braids

A great style like this is sure to get you a ton of compliments. If you want a style full of romance, then this is it.

49. Creative Braids

You will be the talk of the party with a style like this.

50. Formal Looks

A look as grand as this one is sure to be a show-stopper.

51. Bow Tie Styles

This is a style more suited for a child or young adult. It’s too precious for an adult, but it is pretty cute.

52. Model Looks

Who would have thought that a ponytail could look so glamorous? This is a stunning style.

53. Pretty Braids

Two braids that are connected together at the top.

54. Long and Braided

A cool style that is all tied up beautifully in a braid and a bow.

55. Messy Looks

This magical look is one of a kind. The braid is crowning a messy and unique updo.

56. Cool Styling

This is a simple look that would take nothing at all to put together. The braid on the side really makes the style stand out.

57. Messy Waves

Another formal style that has tons of unpolished waves.

58. Waterfall Braids

Another popular style right now is the waterfall braids. They make for a great formal look that is easy to create.

59. Soft Waves

Another formal event that would be perfect for a child or young adult. It’s exactly the kind of style that’s perfect for a wedding.

60. Fun and Flirty

This casual look is fun and flirty. It’s a short style that is perfect for running errands.

61. Pretty Styling

This is a soft style that is romantic and sweet. Try it out for your next event.

62. Bold Looks

What do you like better the style or the the bold colors? Either one is great for a fresh look.

63. Twisty Styles

This fun look has a heart made out of twisty braids. It’s a style that is creative and unique.

64. Criss-Cross Style

A beautiful style that has braids all over and they are crisscrossing throughout the style.

65. Creative Braiding

If you love braids, you are sure to love this style. It’s tight and polished, a truly gorgeous look.

66. Fun Buns

A cool look like this one has backward braids that end in buns.

67. Twisty Bun

A stunning style that could only be used for a formal event.

68. Sporty Styles

Maybe it’s a day at the gym or just a fun sporting event, either way, this would be the perfect style for you. It’s flirty and fun and totally unique.

68. Intersecting Braids

This is another unique braid style that is one of a kind. You don’t see many braids like this around.

69. Straight Styles

Sometimes all you need is to straighten your hair to be super cute.

70. Romantic Beauty

A great style like this has romance written all over it. Try it out for yourself and you will be turning heads all night long.

71. Buns and Braids

If you are tired of the same old bun styles, then give this braided bun a try. It’s unique and a style that is sure to knock you off your feet.

72. Casual and Stylish

Casual looks don’t have to be boring. Try this awesome style out the next time you are going for lunch with the ladies.

73. Sweet Buns

This is a style that can be used for a casual event or a classy one.

74. Sweetheart Style

You are sure to brighten your daughter’s day when you create this heart-shaped style for her. It’s adorable and would be perfect for her first day at school.

75. Rock Star Look

If you want to wow the crowd at your next party, then try out this sexy style filled with kinky waves.

76. Cute Hearts

This is another cute style for girls that has a heart-shaped design in the hairstyle.

77. Fun Styling

This is a very creative way to braid your child’s hair. She is sure to be the star of her classroom when she shows up with a style like this one. Try it out and she will love you for it.

78. Beach Styles

This would be the perfect style for a day on the beach. If you are heading off for vacation, you should keep this style in mind.

79. Heart Shaped Braiding

The heart-shaped braids are a very popular look for kids. It’s a cool look that kids will love.

80. Wavy Looks

If you like messy and unpolished looks, then you are sure to love this style. It has everything you need for a casual look.

81. Short and Sweet

This is the perfect formal style to have if you have short hair. It’s bold and romantic.

82. Edgy Styles

If you are looking for an edgy and unique style, then you have found it with this fun look.

83. Creatives Updos

if you have a wedding to go to this year, then you are sure to love this creative style.

84. Sweet and Stylish

It’s a simple look, but it’s breathtaking as well.

85. Flat Braids

A flat braid like this is gorgeous because it wraps around and turns into a bun.


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