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43 Awesome Dorothy Hamill Haircut For New Era Ladies

People out there are really making it worth everybody’s while because not only they make things happen but set trends as well. Well, we’re talking about some of the most famous personalities in the world, namely ladies who have created such a fashion influence over the years that it’s unrealistic. Take examples of women like Marilyn Monroe, who still, to this date, stands as an iconic fashion personality. The current time has Beyonce, Rihanna, and other powerhouse ladies who have set their examples like written in stones. Among them, all is Dorothy Hamill and Dorothy Hamill Haircut.

How many of you know Dorothy Hamill out there? Well, it seems like not too many if you already do not know the legacy that Dorothy has with her hairstyles. However, the hairstyle section of Dorothy Hamill’s life is certainly not the most recognized, in comparison to her legacy from her career. Now, before we start about Dorothy Hamill’s hairstyle, let’s learn about Dorothy herself. Who is she, and why exactly are we talking about her hairstyle as well? Is there something important attached to Dorothy’s life that makes everyone learn more about her?

Well, there certainly is. Anyone who does not know it yet, Dorothy Hamill is one of the world’s most recognized figure skater and remains as a legendary sports figure. That said, there’s a lot about her as well. Dorothy gained fame from her win at the 1976 Olympic Championship and 1976, World Champions in the ladies’ single section. Born and also grown in the United States of America, Dorothy became attracted to figure skating from a very young age and began practicing vigorously. During her course of fame, she also introduced everyone to a unique kind of hairstyle. Yes. That is the same hairstyle we’re talking about today.


Classic Dorothy Hamill Haircut

Back in the days, Dorothy made quite a lot of buzz with her uniquely styled hair. Those were the days when ladies did not usually get their hair too short. However, Dorothy thought differently and went for her classic look. A short and chic style that fitted each and everyone equally. This hairstyle is simple words, merges two concepts of inverted bob and bob cut into two and gives people the best experiences of both worlds. Who would not love this style?

Sleeky Front Fizz

The sleek and chic look that this hairstyle gives remains uncanny. Already among one of the most famous hairstyles, Dorothy totally slays this look and makes it look pretty amazing. The hairstyle also goes pretty well with a casual outfit that does not overshadow the elements projected by her hairstyle. Also, you might have noticed that this hairstyle goes extremely well with casual outfits like this one right here. A sweatshirt and jeans are all that it takes.

Dorothy Hamill Haircut in the 1980s

The hairstyle comes straight from the 80s era because that is during the time Dorothy gained fame immensely. After she won the Olympics and the World Championship the same year, things moved quickly for her. During that time, this hairstyle caught a lot of eyes, and people began following this amazing looking trend.

The Epic Short and Sassy One

During the late 70s, and a couple of years later, Dorothy Hamill haircut became a staple in most of the salon across the country. Not only that, but this haircut also traveled a lot more places than just the United States of America, and we’re glad it did. What you’re looking at is the haircut that began a revolution in the whole fashion industry. This is also the hairstyle that most ladies related to and thought looked the best as well. Since then, this hairstyle remains one of the most iconic hairstyles ever.

Messy Dorothy Hamill Haircut

This one of Dorothy Hamill haircut still remains today as one of the most iconic hairstyles to this date because of several reasons. One of them being that Dorothy has a very sassy look here and manages to look uncanny and careless to the level that we all aspire to. That said, this falls in the wet hair category as well. Who could pull off this look? Maybe you can. How would you know if you can or cannot without trying it out for yourself? Go ahead, girl.

Slight Undercut Look

An undercut hairstyle has a lot of features, and this hairstyle remains quite similar to that hairstyle as well. While this particular haircut remained available as an option in may stylist houses and salons, ladies did not try this hairstyle because it was quite unorthodox. However, Dorothy Hamill’s haircut brought a revolution in the hairstyle industry as millions of ladies worldwide began following the footsteps of Dorothy when it came to trying this hairstyle.

Inverted Bob Haircut

When it comes to an inverted haircut, Dorothy always had a strong preference for this hairstyle. Although not exactly one of the most famous Dorothy Hamill haircuts ever, this remains in that particular lane and shares some of the most amazing features like that as well. Do you like it? We strongly believe that Dorothy likes it anyway as well, so just another reason for you to try a new hairstyle and rock it like a queen.

With Some Volume

A hairstyle like this always remained in Dorothy’s arsenal, and since people saw her out and about, rocking this hairstyle, they loved it as well. That said, the main attraction of this hairstyle is the sheer volume that it carries and makes it look pretty amazing. You might also say that this looks like a space from space. Quite extra-terrestrial. Yes, that’s an intended pun, and yes, we do think that this one hairstyle looks extremely awesome as well. Don’t you think so?

Short and Inverted Haircut

The sole goal of this collection here is to give you ideas on how you can accentuate Dorothy Hamill’s haircut. Now, a person can only have so many variations of a single hairstyle. That is also the reason why we’re bringing close enough versions of Dorothy Hamill’s haircut. This one right here is the short and inverted haircut for short hair.

Elegantly Swept Back Hairstyle

An elegantly swept-back hairstyle remains essential if you’re out visiting a very formal party. Dorothy used this kind of technique for her hairstyle when she had to attend big and classy formal events. The kempt look with this hairstyle goes a long way and makes it look very managed, conserved, and speaks loud in terms of confidence. If you’ve noticed some of Dorothy’s style over the years, she has often sported this particular hairstyle. Have you noticed it?

Who is Dorothy Hamill

Dorothy Hamill is a very famous sports figure who made her name famous for pursuing a career as a professional figure skater. Hamill, now 63, was born on July 26, 1956, in Chicago, United States of America. However, even at the age of 63, Dorothy manages to look very young and charming.

Dorothy began taking skating lessons since the age of 8, and that sparked the inspiration to become a professional figure skater when she grew up. Hamill began her training under Otto Gold and Gustave Lussi and later moved to New York, where she practiced vigorously.

Hamill participated in many national level tournaments and competitions during her initial days and won several of them as well. After some time, in 1976, Hamill managed to win a gold medal in the short and long programs. The very same year, Hamill also managed to win the world championship, which gave her the title of a professional figure skater.

It was also during this particular time that the public began recognizing Hamill for her extreme talent and beauty as well. During those times, Hamill wore oversized eyeglasses that became famous and also did her hair in a way everyone noticed. Soon, people began calling Dorothy America’s Sweetheart. It was Dorothy who coined the term Short and Sassy look.

In her personal life area, Dorothy has married three times. Her first marriage was with Dean Paul Martin. After divorce with Dean, Hamill married Kenneth Forsythe. After that, Hamill married John MacColl. Hamill took several breaks in-between because of her injuries. At the moment, Hamill lives a healthy life.

Inverted Hairstyle & Sharp Sides

This hairstyle shares a lot of resemblance with the once that Dorothy made famous during her years as a famous celebrity. Not that we mean she isn’t a famous celebrity right now. The inverted undercut here makes the whole hairstyle look very clean while the sharp side locks give a sense of power and importance as well.

Dorothy Hamill Haircut in the 2000s

As the years went by, Dorothy began changing her hairstyle slightly as well. The short and sassy look that Dorothy introduced to the world during the late 70 and later could only fit her for a couple of years more. As Dorothy began getting older, her hairstyle changed as well. As you see, this hairstyle remains a little composed of the others. There are a lot less frisky touches here and there while the whole style projects confidence and calmness around.

Happiest Looking Dorothy

Have you noticed ever that when a woman looks pretty happy in a usual manner while there’s nothing extraordinary happening, her hairstyle looks great? Yes, 9/10 times, when a woman is happy, her hairstyle is always on point. That’s what you get with Dorothy Hamill Haircut. That’s the kind of happy look you get.

For Women In Later Days

The younger day Hamill haircut inspired a lot of people and brought about change in the fashion industry. However, there’s a lot of things that changed, and Hamill’s hairstyle remains one of them. However, even this time, Hamill inspired women in their later years. This casual and chic look suits all ages, especially women, after 35 or 40. That’s not to say that this won’t work for women in their later days or younger—just a reference for age.

White Dress and Casual Event

One of the other most crucial factors that Dorothy’s hairstyle has is the fact that it remains very versatile and goes with almost any occasion. Yes. Earlier, we showed you a hairstyle that was perfect for any kind of big and fancy event. This one right here, a little frisky than the kempt one, remains perfect for casual events and meetups. Adding a little more casual look to this, you can try different outfit and don’t have to strictly stick with white clothes.

Mid-Part Bangs From Dorothy Wedge Haircut

Dorothy gave a lot of hairstyle inspiration to millions of people out there, and she never fails to give it to this date as well. In an event supporting cancer cause and the people who survived it, Dorothy came with a single looking hairstyle. Yes. The slightly mid-part hairstyle is a very nice example of how one can tone this hairstyle up and down. In this look, Hamill has decidedly gone with toning her look down to fit her casual outfit.

With Side Part Bangs

Dorothy Hamill Haircut actually differs from year to year because we’ve actually seen how it has changed in looks over the years and for good. While the other one we just talked about had a mid-part style with some bangs, this one has a side part with a sweeping bang that we love so much. For anyone who loves bangs, this is the right choice.

Hamill’s Swept Aside Look

When it comes to versatility, we’ve already said how versatile Hamill’s hairstyle is and how it manages to look extraordinarily beautiful. Given that, here’s another hairstyle that remains very stylish and has a different look than the other ones we’ve talked about so far. In this hairstyle, the whole look is swept aside and back. You notice how the sweeping action actually looks like Hamill has tied her hair. Well, that’s the beauty of short hair. They create a great illusion.

Hamill’s Haircut for Sports Events

Hamill retired from her professional career sometimes after winning two titles of Olympic and World Championship. However, once a champion remains always a champion. That said, Dorothy Hamill’s haircut always supported her when it came to performing and later in her days while attending sports events as well. Once again. The subtle mid-part of the hair, while a thin line comes down to her forehead, maybe an accident, but it’s a beautiful accident.

For All Women with Platinum Hair

To all the women who have their hair colored in Platinum, there’s no need for you to worry about not being able to get the Dorothy Hamill haircut because you absolutely can. Dorothy’s haircut remains feasible for anyone and everyone. Remember when we told you there are variations of her hairstyle here? Well, get ready for more because there are variations of this look that we just can’t wait for you to see. Some are very distinct, while others are subtle.

For Women with Curly Hair

Like all the women who have colored their platinum blonde, you ladies who have naturally curly hair don’t worry as well. Here’s an example of how you can simply attain this Dorothy Hamill haircut that she made famous since the late 70s. Now, there will certainly be some difference here and there because of texture, but everything else remains the same. Moreover, you can try this hairstyle out with different levels of curly textured hair as well. Sometimes, the more, the better.

For Red Carpet Events

Red carpet event might just be one of the most prominent and famous events in the whole world, and what do you do when you have to attend it? Well, Dorothy has a simple solution to that. You can simply copy this style and forget about not looking up to par for the event. But rather, worry about somewhat overdoing the whole thing instead. Now, don’t get us wrong. As per a popular saying, it’s always better to overdress than under-dress. You get the idea here.

Clean Cut Bangs

The clean-cut bangs have very distinct characteristics because unlike other bangs; these do not droop to your eyes and make things uncomfortable. Instead, the bangs here are clean-cut that remains in your forehead area, giving your look a whole new dimension. Have you ever seen such a mesmerizing hairstyle before? We know we haven’t. If you look nearly, you can clearly see some of the hints of light brown shade. It adds come contrasting effect as well.

For Dark Brown Styled Hair

Usually, most of the Dorothy Hamill haircut is pretty much the same kind of blonde. However, every once in a while, Dorothy changes things up and makes it a little spicier if you know what we mean. Here’s a variation of Dorothy’s hairstyle that flourishes on the dark brown colored hair, and we absolutely love this look. Also, if you notice, there are subtle hints of blonde here and there from her previous look. They add a sense of dynamics to the overall look.

Meeting Worthy Haircut

Are you into the corporate business? If so, then we have awesome news for you. Do you remember that Dorothy Hamill haircut stood mostly in the region of sassy hairstyle? Well, that changed over the years. If you’re into corporate business with lots of formal meetings to attend to, this hairstyle gives you that formal look without compromising style. Pair this hairstyle with some formal clothing to match the ambiance, and you’re all set.

Frisky and Pointy Ends

Another thing that stands out most about this hairstyle is that how it makes Dorothy always look young and fresh. Although the retired figure skater is in her 60s, she still manages to look very you. That said, do you have the same ambition of never looking old? Well, this frisky and pointy end look might just help you out. The look remains evergreen and makes a person look much younger than she really is—all the more reasons to try it out.

Even Jennifer Lawrence Had It

So, you think that many ladies of the modern-day won’t enjoy this look that’s been around for over four decades now. Well, think again because some of the most famous and highly successful celebrities of today have tried this hairstyle in its variations. Here’s one example of Jennifer Lawrence getting things Dorothy Hamill haircut and rocking it. The hairstyle is a little different, however, with a lot of modern touches. But still awesome.

Dorothy During Award Ceremony

So far, we’ve seen Dorothy get a lot of hairstyle variations, and we love it anyway. Here are another one of Dorothy’s pictures during an award and honoring ceremony where she has a slightly varied hairstyle. If you look squintingly, you can clearly see the slight change in the hairstyle. But if you don’t see it already, let us help you with this. The hair is a little wavy in her, and the parting starts from a little from the side rather than the front. And there’s also no visible bang.

Varied Bob Cut with Bang

Here’s another variation of what people have done with Dorothy Hamill’s haircut. This dates back to the 90s, and this woman has managed to alter the prominent hairstyle for good as well. Did you ever think of modifying Dorothy Hamill’s hairstyle according to your liking? If not, then you should seriously consider that change as well. Here’s a bob cut with bangs that looks pretty unconventional but awesome.


In Conclusion, the Dorothy Hamill haircut became a staple hairstyle in the American fashion industry and later in the whole world as well. This hairstyle, as we mentioned earlier as well, remains very versatile in nature as Hamill herself has tried it on many occasions. Wheather it is for a casual meetup or an honoring event or maybe a red carpet formal event, Hamill’s hairstyle has always given her support.

There is no reason why you might not try this hairstyle for yourself. While you saw some of the most famous hairstyles by Hamill, we also showed you some of the most good-looking variations as well. You be the judge and choose the best one for yourself.


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