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105 Dutch Braid Looks The Whole World Loves Today

Braids have always been people’s favorite when it comes to looking beautiful, cute, and even a badass independent woman. That said, there are probably several kinds of braids that you might have heard about, and all of them promise something. There are French braids, headband braids, twisted braids, rope braids, and so on. However, have you heard about the inverted French Braid? French braids remain on top of the list when it comes to people’s favorite, and for all the right reasons as well. However, there’s another in competition. You may or may not have heard about it. The braid is called Dutch Braid.

Also creatively called inverted French braid, the Dutch side here uses a slightly different method of braiding but also produces a massive difference. This hairstyle, unlike the French braid, makes the braids pop out. Or in other words, the braids become more visible.

But let’s just not dwell in the explanation here because there are a lot of types of styles in store for you today. Braids come in different forms, and they are affected by different factors as well. Here are some of the most famous ones we’ve compiled for you. And don’t worry, we’ll talk about Dutch-style braids, and it’s meaning alongside how it’s different from French Braids.


dutch braid

Double Dutch Braid

The Double Dutch Braid hair here has a very peculiar combination, as you clearly see. With double sections to it, the hair color also remains a little contrasting. Half part of the hair remains blonde while the other dark brown. And the double braids do an excellent job of separating the zones as well.

Young Girl Look

The young girl’s look is all about creating a hairstyle that fits all the requirements in general for any young girls in their teen days. That said, this can’t go wrong with those requirements.

Dutch Braid – Short Hair

Dutch braids for short hair usually seems like a rare thing that most of us do not usually come by. However, that said, it looks quite spectacular. We wonder why everyone does not try this.

Dutch Rainbow Braids

The rainbow effect on dutch braids works like a charm for anyone who’s looking for some fun addition to their hairstyle regimen. The way these colors pop out is just splendid.

For the Platinum Blonde Look

Inside blonde hairstyles as well, there are several types of blonde, and you need to be careful because colors have an effect on braids and their look. But this platinum color looks beautiful.

Single Dutch Braid

Usually, when people go for braids, they usually follow suit with the traditional ones. The traditional Dutch braids always had two sides. But this one remains a little different with only one side.

Braid For Party Wear

Conventionally, people perceive braids as only for those who want that cute look for their prom night. But what if we say that your braid does much more. For instance, it takes you to parties as well.

Goes with Corporate Attire

Corporate attire usually has ladies’ hair tied up in a bun or in a ponytail. That’s really not fair because hair does much more than that. Luckily, these braids work for corporate life as well.

Leaving Wavy Ends

Leaving wavy ends on your dutch braid looks like a solid idea. It makes your hair do its thing, which flaunts its’ beauty while the braids make you look sophisticated.

Two Strands, One Tie

You don’t always have to particularly follow the same old conventional route of going two strands pigtail on your dutch braid. You can always go for the creative ones like this one right here.

A Different Kind of Rainbow

We say one kind of rainbow earlier, which showcased colors that popped out to your face. This one is a bit subtle on the eyes, and the braid design looks bewitching as well.

Partial Blonde Hair

The partial blonde hair has a lot of interesting features up its sleeve. One of the most amazing ones is the layers that bring out the beauty of the whole look.

Single Dutch Braid

Single Dutch braid remains as one of the favorites of biker ladies out there. Rugged looks remain as the foundation of this style. The leather jacket, a braid that’s compact to fit in a helmet. All the things.

Dutch Braid Headband

We earlier talked about the different kinds of hairstyles that a dutch braid can achieve, and also about headbands from your hair. Do you like this look because we do?

For School Girls

Schoolgirls struggle when it comes to getting the right kind of hairstyle for them. It’s because of school restrictions and lack of choice. But this braid style changes it all.

Jumbo Single Braids

These braid options come in all shapes and sizes. We have the jumbo single braid look for all the ladies who do not want the extreme hassle with their hair.

For Gym Girls

To all the gym girls, there’s hardly any hairstyle that makes you look athletic and keep up with the intense workout. Surprisingly, this one does.

For Little School Girls

Has your little one asked for a new hairstyle, and you want to give it to her as well? Well, why not try some Dutch Braids? She’ll like it very much surely.

Like A Mohawk

You instantly see the specialty about this hairstyle at first glance. Straight, and protruding from the middle, this hairstyle resembles mohawk without having to cut hair.

Dutch Braids In Weave

Waving look on braids has always played a special role in making a whole look complete and look worlds apart. Did you know that this weave style braid also remains as choices for brides as well?

Into A Bun

Going up and turning into a bun like this one has won so many hearts, and people absolutely love this look. Firstly tie your hair in a braid and then end them mid-way in a bun.

How to Do a Dutch Braid on Yourself (Step By Step Tutorial)

If you always wanted a Dutch braid on yourself and also want a combo effect in your hair, or what ladies also refer to as a twirl effect, this is how you do it. This easy and intuitive guide acts as a roadmap for you.

Creative Four-Way Braid

Dutch braids are very customizable in nature and require a very nominal amount of effort as well. Okay, not that much nominal as well. But this one results in worth the effort.

Creative Two Strand Braid

Dutch Braids have that inexplicable ability to shape towards whatever a person thinks. Like this creative style where two strands follow suit and make the whole look spectacular.

Two Color Use

The two-color use in Dutch Braids yields such mesmerizing results that we are a big fan of this technique. The whole idea is to generate as much creativity as possible.

SilverBack Dutch Braid

The silverback dutch braid has a very nice effect here. The twin braid looks very amazing on this particular ashy silver color and has an unusually natural feel to it.

Dutch Braid Ties and Knots

If you ask us which one remains our favorite hairstyle in this segment, we’d probably say this one because the beauty here’s just pure magic. The separate brads turn into a bun and then again go on their separate ways.

For Tight Athletic Look

The tight athletic look has so much dynamic to it. You can try to go playing rugby with his hairstyle on, and by the end of the game, you’d still look amazing. Just make sure to use safety measures while playing.

For Bubblegum Pink Magic

For all the ladies out there who love their bubblegum pink color, why not just get it into your hair. Ever you make a decision of going with braids; you turn into a princess.

For Short Blonde Hair

Short hair feels as if Dutch Braid is out of their reach. But that’s not true, ladies. Nothing stops you from getting these beautiful braids on. Not even your short hair.

Long and Thick Dutch Braids

The braids on this picture are so luscious-looking that we just drool over it, metaphorically speaking. Get a tight and thick looking braid so that everyone appreciates your effort.

Tie It Into a Bun

Tieing it into a bun has never failed anyone when it comes to their braids. This one stands as a living example of how beautiful it suits anyone who tries it.

Dutch Braid Meaning

So you don’t know what a Dutch braid really is but still got interested in the whole thing. We understand your enthusiasm because these produce some of the best looking braids out there.

In simple words, dutch braids are the kind of braids where instead of crossing the right strand on middle and the middle to the right, as they do on normal braids, you cross them over. Yes, instead of crossing the sections/strands of hair over one another, you cross them under.

It’s what gives Dutch braids their signature look where it protrudes and separates from the rest of the hair.

Dutch Braid vs French Braid

The explanation of what Dutch braids are makes it somewhat clear on how it’s different from the most famous French Braid. But many of you still might have questions.

A French braid is a traditional braid which also uses the traditional method. In a French braid, the hair/sections are crossed over one another. It gives French braids that subtle look that mixes with the whole hairstyle.

On the other hand, Dutch braids are different.

Unlike French Braids, Dutch braids use the same three-section technique, but how they’re crossed makes all the difference. In Dutch braids, the hair/sections are crossed under one another, unlike French Braids, where they’ve crossed over.

Two Separate Ones

Just above, we saw the Dutch braids getting into a single bun. However, if that’s not your thing, then we’ve got you covered. How about two separate ones?

How to Dutch Braid Pigtails

This pigtail look on long brown braid look has always gotten it’s a fair share of popularity. Most people have only seen those on little school girls. Here’s how it looks on your brown hair as well.

Single Line Dutch Braid

The single line Dutch braiding method remains more popular among young girls who find themselves interested in theatre because these kinds of braids were pretty popular back in the days.

Thick and Colored

Since you already have a distinct favorite, how about turning it up a notch with this beautiful looking thick braid. Get your side bangs into action as well while you’re at it.

Go Fancy Sometimes

When you get invited to a pretty fancy party or an event, one of the first things that cross your mind is that what kind of hair should you get? Well, here’s your answer.

For Bridal Look

The traditional bridal look has a lot of requirements. Your hair should have that flawless look to it but shouldn’t get in your way as well. Dutch braids make sure that all of those requirements are met.

Half Up-Do For Short Hair

Here’s another kind of Dutch-based braid that’s fantastic for short hairs. The half up-do has all the necessary characteristics for a great look.

For a Modern Boss Look

Millennials have very steep requirements when it comes to their looks. Want a look that gives you that boss feels? Try this one, ladies.

Three layers Combo Braid

While the Dutch braid looks very clean, it’s the lower part that gets us intrigued the most. The three-layered combo twirl effect wins the game here.

Mid-Part with Highlights

This mid-part with highlighted hair has a very asthetic look to it. Giving a clean look, this hairstyle suits for any casual day or for an intense workout session as well.

One Side Fall

Give yourself a hairstyle revamp and try this one side fall look.

Long Twin Braid

The Long Twin braid is for anyone who wants their hair intact all day. With manageability, this also looks very stylish as well.

The Messy One

Up until now, the only kinds of braids that we say we’re the ones that were neat and clean looking. Want something different? Try this messy look.

For Girls With Specs

For all the nerds out there who struggle with fashion, let’s change that. This look changes everyone’s perspective as a game-changer for you.

Descending Braid Size

The whole idea of a descending braid size is to give an illusional effect. As you see, the braids start out as thick but shrink in size later.

Four Layered Braid

The four-layered braid gives a very beautiful and mesmerizing look to your overall attire. It also adds manageability to your day as well.

Blonde Single Strand

This single blonde strand remains as one of the easiest styles of braid that you can do at the moment. Takes a couple of minutes at most.

Pigtail Styled Braid

Pigtail styles have their own unique history when it comes to making ladies look good. This also remains popular among young girls.

Braids To Ponytails

The mixture of braids and ponytail in this example has a very nice dimension to it. Not to mention the clever mixture of braid and ponytail.

Colored Dutch Braid Style

This colored Dutch braids collection helps you get the most out of your braid in any given situation. Tie it up like this or set them loose.

Inverted Mini-mouse Look

When you want Dutch braids and also want that cute mini-mouse look with a unique twist. Well, try this inverted mini-mouse style.

Handling Roses

Well, with fire looking hairstyle like this one, what else could you be doing people? On top of that, roses make your whole look more pretty as well.

One Side In-Bound

This perfectly braided one side in-bound hairstyle has some cool features to it. Firstly, this hairstyle has that amazing single strand. Secondly, it goes on to form an inbound look.

Like a Hurricane

This Dutch braid on a green-tinted hair gives away a very hurricane-like look. Tightly woven, and intersected, this looks like a real hurricane.

Hide-Away Dutch Braids

The way this line of braid hides away in plain sight inside the hair itself has everyone guessing its end. Is this what the Bermuda triangle looks on hairs?

How To Dutch Braid on Yourself?

This is how ridiculously easy it is to do dutch braids on yourself, and by yourself. It only takes a tad bit of practice, and you’re all set for the rest of your life.

Half Cherry Brown Hair

This half cherry brown look has everyone astonished. The clever partition and coloring of the hair split the color into two shades perfectly.

Handled by Someone Else

Sometimes, doing braids on your own may become difficult. Ask for help during those times like this one.

Blonde and Mid-part

You choose from where you want your hair to part. But the most common and famous way of doing that is through the mid-section.

Three Layered of Braids

Perfect for little school girls for any kind of school event or similar occasion, this braid will certainly make the little one happy.

Dutch Braid Crown

Dutch Braid crown remains as one of the ladies most favorite styles because of its ability to turn you into a princess. Well, that’s the whole point of such a beautiful hairstyle at least.

Heart-Shaped Braid

This Dutch braid looks amazingly like a heart shape. That’s because of the way it’s braided. Traditional French braid hardly looks like this.

An Intricate Look

For all the little girls, opting for a braid look might just not satisfy you. How about trying something a little complex like this? You need a helping hand for this.

Casual Pigtail

If you already did not know this, Dutch styled braids also make for amazingly casual looking pigtails. All you got to do is try this look and get started.

Braids like Art

The one thing that comes in everyone’s mind when they first see this braid design is that it looks like art. Surely, you’d want this look very bad now.

Swept To The Side

This swept to the side look always has your hair mustered on either side of your shoulder. Perfect for ladies who like to play with their hair all the time.

Classic Dutch Braids

This represents what classic Dutch braids look like in their purest form, without any modifications. If you want something simple yet unrealistically elegant, you have to try this.


What perfectly describes than the roar of a lion. That’s right. It looks subtle, aggressive, and savage at the same time—all the traits you want from your hairstyle.

Prom Night Maybe?

When prom night is near, and you want that perfect hairstyle that wins you the miss prom title? Look no further than this tried and positively tested prom winner braid.

A Perfect Headband Braid

This headband braid remains one of our favorite so far. The massive volume of this hair makes everything look majestic and beautiful.

The 2-in-1 Braid

This 2-in-1 braid that we show you here gets people perplexed on how you did it. But the fact is that all you needed was a little push of inspiration.

Partial & One-Side

This completely new take on braids might just be your way of hairstyling. It’s a braid that does not overwhelm the whole look.

Hairs with Blonde Highlight

For all the ladies who have colored their hair with partial blonde highlights, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous in Dutch braid look. Here’s an example for you.

Hair Tie w/ Hair

The whole thing about this hairstyle, the highlight is the fact that there’s no use of bands here. The hairs tie themselves from the top of the bottom.

Meet in The Middle

There are altogether four strands of braids here, coming from top to the mid and bottom to the meet. These four separate lines meet to form a bun.

Dual Bun Look

The Dutch braid idea here gets many people excited. The clever use of two buns from two different braids is a piece of art, as you clearly see.

Get That Sassy Look

The sassy look here remains one of our favorites. You pair this with any of your casual outfits, pretty sure you’ll rock the whole day.

For the Ghetto Look

Since you want that strong street vibe of your neighborhood but also want a cute look combined, there’s no better choice than this one here.


The conclusion for this Dutch braid collection is all about giving you an idea about what Dutch braids are all about, and how it’s different from French braid. Along that journey, we also shared some of our most famous collection of braids that you might like.

This collection includes hairstyles for all kinds of color, apparel, occasions, and even for young little school girls. Certainly hoping you found something good out of this collection.


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