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76 Beautiful Feed In Braids To Try This Year

If you are looking for a new hairstyle this year, then you can’t go wrong with feed-in braids. It’s a great style that you can wear for months at a time and the best part, is that it’s very creative as well. These styles can suit anyone, and they are styles that you are sure to want to show off. Check out these 76 Beautiful Feed In Braids To Try This Year:

Creating Feed-In Braids:

According to Fashionisers.com, there is a specific way that you should prepare for the braiding.

Cleaning: There is a specific way that you should clean your hair. You should always be giving the hair a deep clean with a clarifying shampoo and then giving it a deep conditioning treatment.

Conditioning: After the conditioning, you would then stretch your hair, as long as it’s natural. This gives it a smooth finish.

Choose the Braid Ratio: You have to decide what kind of style you want before you determine how much hair is going in each braid.

Install Your Braids: You then begin to install your braids using pomade gel.

Sealing the Braids: The last step is making sure that is sealing your braids so that they don’t come loose. The hair is typically sealed with hot water.

  1. Combination Styles

There are small and large braids with this style which give a creative look.

feed in braids

2. Sleek Styles

Another style that is simple and unique. This style you could use for an everyday style.

3. Stylish Bun

4. Ponytail Styles

If you like long and sexy hair, then this cool style is the one for you.

5. High Styles

These thick braids prove to be an eye-catching look.

6. Side Styles

It’s a great style that is one of a kind as well. It’s special and it is styled off to the side.

7. Red Styles

A great style like this is a great way to try a new color. You can feed-in colored extensions to create a whole new style.

8. Large Braids

This simple style is all you need to have an everyday look that will turn heads.

9. Crazy Designs

You can do a lot with feed-in braids and if you are looking for a goddess style, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

10. Stylish Locks

Another cool look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

11. Blonde Styles

If you like polished looks that are also super cool, then try this sexy style out. These styles are truly one of a kind.

12. Straight Sections

These lines couldn’t be straighter. If you want a look that is synchronized, then try this style on for size.

13. Twisty Styles

It’s an amazing scalp style and one that you could totally wear to an event.

14. Cool Braids

You can have a lot of creative styles that start from the scalp and move around.

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15. Special Styling

A great look like this is exactly what you need for an everyday style.

16. Beehive Styles

A great style like this is really unique. There are a few different creative ways that you can showcase your style.

17. Red Looks

If you are looking for a color change, this would be a great option to try out.

18. Cool Accessories

This awesome style is sexy and classy. There are accessories all throughout that make the style really stand out.

19. Simple Looks

You can’t go wrong with a style like this one because it’s easy to manage.

20. Longer Looks

A simple look that is really long and styled off to the side. Try it out for yourself.

21. Small Braids

It’s a cool style that has short braids and large braids together. It creates a very eye-catching style.

22. Bold Looks

If ponytails are your choice of style, then this is the one for you.

23. Thin Braids

A unique style that has small braids and rather large ones together.

24. Cool Buns

Whether you like buns or ponytails, this style will work for you.

25. Cool Designs

A cool design like this is exactly what you are looking for.

26. Different Styles

These four styles are similar but also different. We love the way that the braids are all pulled off to the side.

27. Moving Lines

These lines are all swirling together in a beautiful way.

28. Goddess Styles

A great style like this would be amazing for an event. You can imagine how something like this would easily turn heads at the next wedding that you went to.  We love the golden accessories that are throughout the style.

28. Golden Styles

The hair is golden and so are the accessories, it’s a pretty amazing style.

29. Long and Lazy

Another amazing style that is long and styled in a simple manner.

30. Thinner Style

A ponytail style like this has a bunch of thin braids and they are all pulled together in an amazing style.

31. Double Buns

This incredible style has a ton of small braids that have all come together. They are pulled into two buns to create a look that is really cute.

32. Classy Buns

An incredible style that has all the class in the world. A style like this is sure to put a smile on your face.

33. Cool Elements

If you want a unique style that is totally badass, then you are sure to love this braided style. It has leather strips through it that create a mesmerizing new look.

34. Hot Pink Styles

This look is sure to draw some attention your way. It’s a hot pink shade and a very bold look.

35. Simple Looks

We love the very thin braids in this style; they are sweet. Combining two different sizes will make the style stand out even more.

36. Simple and Classy

Another great look that you can pull together easily.

37. Higher Looks

The braids sort of stand up in this style and they are in a horizontal manner.

38. Classic Styles

A wonderful style that is one of a kind. It’s sexy and classy all rolled into one.

39. Incredible New Looks

Why not try this style out? It’s classy and has multiple sized braids in it.

40. Fun Styles

When you look at a style like this, you can’t help but love its simplicity.

41. Pretty Looks

A fun style like this is really pretty. If you like a look that you can keep loose, then this is a great option for you.

42. Backward Styles

This is a great way to keep the style out of your face and who wouldn’t love a simple style like this. It’s low-maintenance and you can keep it as a style for a couple of months. It’s a great protective style that will help to prevent breakage in the hair.

43. Square Designs

We love the square designs that were created in the scalp. The rest of the style has long, thick braids.

44. Middle Part

It’s a unique style that has the middle part braided as well. It’s a braided style that is easy to put together.

45. Sexy Styling

Another low-maintenance style that you can wear anywhere.

46. Interesting Styles

There are literally hundreds of way to braid your hair and this cool bun style is totally unique. The bun is low in this style and it creates a very different look.

47. Simple and Pretty

It’s a very simple look but one that is pretty enough to wear anywhere.

48. High Ponytails

These braids are thick, so when they get into a ponytail, they look very different.

49. White Styles

You can create this cool contrast by feeding in white extension to your braids. It’s a simple style that doesn’t require you to dye your hair at all.

50. Twisting Styles

This sweet bun style is large and in charge. How could you not want to try a look like this one?

51. Bright Blue

A cool style like this is sure to draw the eye your way. As you can see she just fed in blue extensions to her braids to create this bright blue style.

52. Sexy Side Styles

A great style like this is truly extraordinary because it’s simple, but it’s pulled off to the side which is the special part.

53. Simple Coloring

A style that starts off simple and gets edgy with the addition of some purple highlights.

54. Pretty Braiding

A simple style like this is sure to make any girl happy.

55. Cool and Simple

A great style that has simple braiding that pulls the style all the way down the back.

56. Golden Contrast

The golden braids look pretty cool with her natural style. There is a lot of cool contrast to the style that anyone would love.

57. Creative Goddess

This is a stunning style and one that you could totally rock out at your next event. We love how it goes from very dark to a bright white shade. It’s the perfect means of feeding in a style that practically pops out at you. If you want a style that turn heads, then this is the look for you.

58. Thicker Styles

There is just one braid in this entire style atheteh rest is loose and bouncy curls.

59. Swirling Style

How can you not love a style like this? The braids are going in every direction.

60. Ombre Looks

A great look that has simple braids with a contrasting color added in on the ends.

61. Cool Styles

A great braided look that ends in a bun.

62. Stark Contrasts

A great look that has thick braids that have some cool accessories to it. We love how the gold accessories pop out on the style. It’s amazing.

63. Shocking Curls

Talk about an amazing curly style that has a few braids on the top of the head. It’s a sexy and trendy style that is sure to draw the eye.

64. Sitting in the Process

When it comes to getting braids, you should expect to sit for a few hours at least to get it done. It’s not a simple process to go through.

65. Circling Style

A great look that has some pretty incredible braids. We love how the braids seem to circle the head. It’s a creative and pretty shiny overall style.

66. Twisting Roads

Some of the braids on here look as if they are twisting down a road. It’s an amazing style. We love the fact that she had the blue extensions fed into her natural hair.

67. Double Braiding

We love this look that has the small braids doubling up in the middle. It creates a very different look.

68. Side Styling

A great style like this is unique because we get to see braids in a horizontal fashion which creates a very cool look. The thick braids are crisscrossing in the back which makes the style even more unique. If you want a stand-up style, then this is the look for you.

69. Sophisticated Styles

We love this gorgeous and sophisticated bob. It’s tight and well pulled together and has some amazing gold accessories.

70. Shiny Styles

Another simple style that is very healthy and we can see that because of all the shine involved.

71. Gold Styles

The hair here is a thicker texture and so we can see here that it looks different from the rest. The contrasting colors are also unique.

72. Awesome Looks

Another great look that is simple but classy. It has some cool accessories with it as well.

73. Summer Looks

The light colors really make the whole look stand out. It’s unique and a little more than original.

74. Stretched Styles

A thin style that is so eye-catching. The thinner the braid the more different the style is going to look.

75. Simply Pretty

It’s a great style that is simple and well put together.

76. Star Styles

A great braided style that is unique because there are stars within the style. It’s definitely going to catch people’s attention.


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