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121 Fantastic Hair Color Ideas For Most Epic Look

Getting that fantastic haircolor isn’t as easy as it always looks because there are a lot of things that you should actually consider here. You may or perhaps may not know this, but there is a massive number of colors out there. In other words, when putting in numbers, there are millions of color spectrum out there. That said, you probably won’t have to go through million hair colors for getting your hair done. However, you need to do your research. Luckily, we’ve done that part for you and compiled a set of more than 100+ Hair color ideas.

Yes, so without wasting any time here, let’s get on with the different kinds of hairstyles that you can get for your new look.

hair color ideas

Hint of Blonde

What’s better than trying out something subtle just for the sake of experimenting first. Here’s a look that we suggest to you strongly—a hint of blonde.

In-Grown Honey Blonde

In-grown honey blonde, in loose terms, refers to a hairstyle that looks like it’s a part of your natural hair color. It’s done by matching features with your natural hair.

High Ombre Look

If you’re pretty unsure about coloring your hair fully, consider going ombre—a nice way of transforming your whole look.

Wood Brown Color

A wood brown color has many options. Preferably, this works best for people who have natural light shade to their hair like blonde, and so on.

A Mix of Cherry Red

Here’s another example of hair color ideas that might just make you fall in love with it. Works best for all, and if done properly, these give you a 90s look as well.

Hidden Layers

Another idea in the hair color ideas segment will definitely get you a lot of compliments. Use this hidden layer idea to make everything about your hairstyle stand out.

Outstanding Color

The above spectacular image is a result of the outstanding color choice one woman made with her haircolor. Well, ladies, you can do the same thing with your hair as well.

One Straight Hair

When it comes to straight hair, there’s really not much to think about and get tensed up here. That said, how do you like this amazing hair look?

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Having a brunette hair is something that many people don’t appreciate because of the alleged “lack of versatility.” But does this change your perspective?

Hair Color 2021 Female

The Blonde ombre look has many people swooning over it because of one single reason. This color hair looks so beautiful they can’t resist.

Pinkish & Purplish

Inspired by popular celebrities, this hairstyle gets all the good looks out from the hair color of pink and purple but in a very matt look. How do you like this?

Beachy Waves

These beachy waves get you ready for Summer just in time. Absolutely perfect for that beach look, you’ll look absolutely amazing with this.

Lighter Brown

The light brown color on your hair looks absolutely amazing. Pro-tip here remains that you should probably try doing lighter on the dark shade.

Brown and Blonde Mix

This brown and blonde mix has people crazy over this. While at first, the sound of brown and blonde mix sounds bad, the end result blows everyone’s socks off.

Fading Green Hue

A fading green hue might just be your perfect color profile. Are you feeling a little bolder than last year? Let it show from your bold color choices as well.

Chestnut Brown Color

Getting ready for fall means that you go for some heavy looking color options like this chestnut brown. An absolute necessity if looking stylish is your game.

Smooth Choice

This hair color remains the choice of many ladies out there because of one thing. The unique fine finish that it leaves on your hair.

Touch of Burgundy

This versatile look has some burgundy touch  to it, which adds more depth to your whole appearance. These types of hair color Work best for the office as well.

Hair Color Ideas 2021

2021 is a crazy year for everyone, so why not just blend into the scenario. Look a little bolder, a little sassier.

Dirt Blonde Look

Since you’re not that shiny hair texture person who is totally fine, this might be your steal—the blonde dirt look.

Katy Perry Choice

The famous “Roar” singer has her own taste in look, and millions share the same enthusiasm. That said, follow her and colors.

Matt Platinum

Matt platinum hair color like this remains as a viable option for everyone and anyone. Why not try this one for a change, right?

For Bob Cut Hair

Since you you’ve cut your hair into Bob cut, you’re probably wondering for a new hairstyle. We’ve got you covered.

Wavy Brown

Wavy brown is another great way of enhancing the natural wavy texture of your hair. This adds more style without any significant damage.

Light Blonde

The light blonde stands as an option for anyone who doesn’t want that silky and shiny look a classic blonde shade gives you.

Long Straight Ombre

It’s true that ombre looks stunning on wavy and curly hair. But do we even need to talk about this amazing ombre on straight hair?

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Hair

Dark-haired ladies often find it difficult when choosing their shade of color. Well, you don’t always have to go with contrasting colors. Stick with originals.

Using Bright Colors

Using bright colors is another way of expressing your personality and enhancing your appearance at the same time. Do you like this?

Mute Colors

Using multiple mute colors gives you a very nice look that you can experiment with often like this one that does beautiful braids.

Colors for Under Look

You can create an illusion with this hairstyle anytime you want. Given the presentation, your hair has two colors. Pro-tip, get the colorful one under one layer, so when you show them off, everyone gets shocked.

For Sassy Ladies

Your hair color makes or breaks your entire look. Keeping that in mind, if a sassy look is your choice, then go for these hair color ideas.

Perfect For Work

Crushing and eliminating all the dilemmas of all ladies who go to work. This hairstyle remains perfect with any kind of work environment you throw at.

hair color ideas

Flaming Red

This flaming red look has some of the most amazing characteristics of it. Designed and styled for ultimate fashion, could this be your perfect choice?

Vibrant In The Sun

Hair color ideas vary according to requirements. If something that remains muted indoors and shines when you go out in the sunlight is your thing, consider this.

On Asymmetrical Bob

Even the type of hairstyle that you have affects your overall choices when it comes to coloring your hair. For instance, an asymmetrical bob looks great with layering blonde.

Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Did you think that short hair lack any options in comparison to long hair? If so, then think again. We’ve got this amazing mix of purple with brunette for short hair.

Blonde & Dusty Shade

Pairing your blonde with a dusty shade like grey, for example, has a great dynamic effect. The whole look gives you a sophisticated look.

Sweeping Style

Since you’ve always wanted that sweeping style, why not add some color factor to it. This layered color helps with your appearance.

Shades of Purple

Shades of purple make a great start when you’re thinking about entering the colorful realm. It’s beautiful and not obtrusive at all.

Faded Brown

The faded brown hair color ideas are all about keeping those muted colors in check. Do this by simply going for matt color choices.

Blonde and Platinum

Mixing blonde and platinum doesn’t seem like a bad idea when you look at this example. The layers that this product is unreal.

Brown on Black

Brunette shade remains as the most common natural hair color among all. Let’s change it to something fun and unique for you. What about this?

Multiple Ombre Layers

Since you’re not sure which colored ombre to go for because you have multiple favorite colors, we suggest selecting all—a nice representation of your personality.

Fade It To Lighter Shade

Going from dark to lighter shade, and vice-versa is another great way of getting the perfect look. Choosing, either way, works flawlessly.

Shades of Brown

When trying out for a new brown color, things get a little confusing with all choices. Get the best colors, and put them all in for a spectacular highlight.

Subtle Woody Shade

Going for a very subtle color always makes your appearance better. The general rule in the fashion world sometimes dictates the lesser, the better.

Full-on Rainbow

Your personality often remains like a rainbow, vibrant and lively. Why not get that look on your hair, and further project your good energy?

Redhead Edition

This look works best regardless of if you have natural red hair or not. Coloring your hair red also makes you stand out in a crowd.

That Dirty Blue

Dirty looking muted blue hair color ideas might just summarize your love for the ocean. Beautiful and large but not overwhelming in appearance.

Unique Purple Hue

Hair color ideas that include purple color never goes wrong. Most people like the color purple, and most definitely, you’ll like it as well.

For A Cute Look

Cute looks are hard to come by, but hair color makes it easier, much easier than usual. This faded brown serves the purpose well.

Shine In The Sun

When it comes to hair color, most people, especially in the corporate field, like to keep it subtle. A color that only comes out under the sun.

The Happy Color

Happy colors are all about your favorite color of choice. Most of the ladies who look happy have great hair too. Have you noticed that?

Ashy Silver Look

Platinum or similar shade of colors project immense confidence. Just like that, this ashy silver shows people that you’re not afraid of bold choices.

Mild Cherry Red

Cherry red color, in its true form, can seem daunting. That is why we have another option for you. Try this mild cherry red for yourself.

Sunshine Streaks

This particular color of hair looks like streaks of sunlight, and we can’t get enough of it. Try it, and transform your whole look today.

Magic on Curls

When you highlight your hair like this amazing blonde/brown mixture, you’re also doing magic on your curls. They twirl and look absolutely amazing.

Amazing Hair Color Ideas

The beachy vibes that this hair gives out is probably one of our favorite. While giving an outdoor vibe, this works well for any casual outing as well.

Deep Shade

Deeper looking shades often do a very well job of matching with most outfits. Also, take notice of how it makes your hair big on volume as well.

Fancy Looking Color

A fancy-looking color does more to your whole appearance. However, what is a fancy looking color exactly? Well, take this, for example.

Blonde and Caramel

Who would have thought that hair color ideas that included a mixture of blonde and caramel would look this amazing? The luscious streaks are worth the effort.

Magical Looking

Magical looking hair color ideas are usually the ones that are pretty unorthodox. It has gained more and more popularity these days among people as well.

Toffee Brown

Since everybody likes coffee, why not use that as an inspiration for hair color? That’s right; this is what a faded toffee shade looks like.

Mahogany Brown Hair

Mahogony remains as another wood-based hair color idea that’s taken the world of hair colors by storm. How do you like this color?

hair color ideas

Blonde Ends

Keeping your top hair and end hair, different colors are a better way of enhancing your look like this dark top and blonde end look. It should work great.

Natural Brown Look

Since natural brown is also among the rare ones, why not get it for yourself. It’s easy to get and look relatively natural, so blends with everything as well.

Caramel, Cherry, and Blonde

Here’s another combination of hair color ideas that you don’t usually see but look amazing—the combination of caramel, cherry red, and blonde.

Dusty & Ashy

Name a better combination of hairstyle than this one. Go on. We’ll wait. Dusty and Ashy combination of hair is probably one of the best ones out there.

Hint of Burgundy

The color burgundy may seem daunting for a lot of people out there, but it seems like they aren’t familiar with the lighter shade of burgundy.

Multi-color strands

Here’s a quick and stylish way of highlighting your hair according to your personality. Just hints of different colors together create a masterpiece.

Ashy Blonde

We’ve seen ashy silver hair colors, but what about the ashy blonde? They look amazing and remain the favorite of ladies who love muted color everything.

Cinnamon Shade Brown

You can never go wrong with cinnamon shade of brown ever in your whole life. As one of the most versatile looks ever, the cinnamon brown remains the winner always.

Fiery Red

This fiery red color remains a favorite of so many ladies. The fact that Twilight star Kristen Stewart had it makes it even more stunning.

Bubblegum Pink Shade

The bubblegum shade of pink has its own use, and also a separate fan base as well. Appealing to ladies of different backgrounds, this remains the cutest.

Sunshine Blonde

Sunshine blonde has a lot of features that appeal to it more for the summer season. Reflective to sun rays, and extremely vibrant, what more can you ask for.

Classic Ombre

An ombre look has many of the features that other hairstyles have with dual-tone. It all depends on the smoothness of the transition between two colors.

Ashy Bubblegum Pink

We earlier saw an example of the classic bubblegum pink, and that look ensured a very cute appearance. However, this color is like a darker sibling who’s cute but in a whole different way.

On Classic Bob Cut

Hairstyles affect the outcome of hairstyles a lot, as we talked about earlier. That said, if you’re looking for a perfect kind of color pallet for your bob cut, then these hair color ideas might end your search here.

Dark & Light Ombre

The combination of dark shades and light shades creates some of the most amazing looking hairs of all time. Classic ombres are a mix of dark hair, preferably brunette, and blonde hair. That’s what are you looking for?

Chocolate Cherry

This hair color idea is as sweet and delicious, looking as it sounds. Combining two of the most favorite food influenced colors created this amazing dye. An astonishing dye that’s one of a kind.

Copper Shimmer

The copper shimmer look suits anyone who wants some light to their hair but not too much. Carrying typical copper characteristics, this hairstyle has a very trendy look to it.

Burgundy Blowout

A milder version of burgundy creates an immensely rich-looking hair color. One that most ladies have not seen much of but will crave for after they see one.

Light Amber Shade

An amber shade does wonders when you do it in the right way. Given the texture of this color, what you’ll probably love about this is the sheer elegance it provides.

Pure Diamond Shade

Although this falls under the blonde shade, the typical name that stylists have given this is pure diamond. Just like its name, this looks quite fancy and amazing.

Katy Perry Purple

There was a time when Katy Perry became obsessed with the color purple when it came to her hair. Needless to say, other ladies started sharing the same enthusiasm as well.

Moderate Brown & Blonde

This combination of moderate brown and blonde creates a balanced look that’s appealing to the eye but not in an overwhelming manner—extra on hair color ideas for you.

Tainted Copper

This tainted copper has a very similar look to what you get when doing your hair with a pink-based color. But the result is unique here.

Light Purple Shade

The Light purple shade has all the characteristics of a bolder purple, like confidence projection, fun look, and more, however, without the overwhelming factor.

hair color ideas

Beautiful Mute Ombre

A muted ombre is one thing that never goes wrong no matter what. It gives a person all the things that they love and more in one hair color idea.

Light As Air

When all you want to feel like is light as air, your hair color should support you all the time. It influences your mental state as well, for the better.

Dark to Blonde

This dark to blonde combination, like many other combinations, deserves a huge shout-out. The combination provides you with much-appreciated layers that always look beautiful.

Cherry Red Fade

The fading cherry red look on straight hairs look absolutely amazing to the point where a person might make this their permanent hairstyle. It’s stylish, confident-looking, and many other good things as well.

Magical Combination

Take the color of your choice and start digging through different shades that it creates. Now use those shades in different parts of your hair that turn everything into magic. This particular hairstyle curl remains as a top example of amazing hair color ideas.

Layered Look

For short hair, the casual blonde highlight gives such good looking layers that it sometimes looks unreal. But getting it on by a professional makes you believe that the effect is real, and makes you feel good about yourself.

Almost Grey

The way that the hair goes from a darker shade to an almost grey fade is absolutely amazing. You don’t always see such amazing combinations these days in the industry.

Pinkish Hue

Here’s another picture of hair with a pinkish hue to it. Bubblegum pink might just feel a little overwhelming for some, so here’s a subtle shade of pink. It’s faded and muted in texture for that low-key effect.


These Hair color ideas 2021 might help you achieve that amazing looking hair color. Even the slightest shift in tints creates a different color, and you want to keep that in mind. We certainly hope that this extensive hair color collection has helped you get an idea of what might suit you.

We covered colors ranging from light to dark, brunette to blonde, and other colors like purple, pink, and many more. These depend on the kind of hairstyle you have and also the kind of effect you want to achieve. Get coloring already.


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