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89 Hairstyles For Long Faces You Can Try For a Good Look!

There is a lot of talk around matching. So today, we are talking about the hairstyles for long faces. It is said that the aim is to create an oval shape in any way possible. They are the best shapes for anybody. So we can try to mimic the same form by cutting off the length from the top and the sides. You will see the use of colors and cuts to get this done. We have more than eighty images that you can choose from in this section. So give it the chance to get you inspired!

We are also showing you some hairstyles for long faces men adore as well! You can wear th try out any of these styles with ease and get them to look perfect. They are mostly about the way you get the locks colored than anything else. You can add waves and curls on them to make them look polished. Or you can go for a subtle and sleek approach and add want and head out. They are sure to be the best thing you try this summer. Do not shy away from the use of colors as well.

Here are 89 hairstyles for long faces for all hair lengths and textures.

The hint of colors

There is a hint of red on these hairstyles, and that is adding in the needed depth here. You can do the same if you want to make your hair stand out. The cut is short here with layers, and that seems to be the trendy one right now. The ruffled layers and the messy attire is what makes us want to try it out even more!

hairstyles for long facesCenter parted hairstyles for long faces

Parting your hair is a personal choice for sure. Some women stick to the same style for years as they do not want to change up the look. But a right partition can set your face thoroughly. We are showing you how you can get the same for yourself with these centered sections. They are adorable, and we want you to be able to look the same with this.

Side shave with a twist!

Side shaves are great as they add that oomph to any look. When you have one, you can leave them as they are and it creates a statement on its own. We love the use of shorter sections of hair on the side here. They are precise and do not need any form of styling! The colored part on the bottom is lovely as well.

A lot of layers in hairstyles for long faces

Layering is perfect for a lot of reasons. You can see there are some lovely layers on this hairdo here. They are great for framing the face, and they are also giving this hair the flair that it needs. The partition of the locks on the middle makes it look smaller and gets it to a whole new level of goodness. Color them and you are set for days!

Sweeping them to one side

When you have a long face, you want to add a framing section on your hair. You can use your hair as an accessory and add it to your attire! We suggest you sweep the section of hair to the side and then you have this look. They are red carpet looks that were sported by celebs too. Here we are showing you the same style to get you inspired!

Brown hues on dark hair

Dark hair and brown tones are the right combinations for sure. We love to see hair that has these highlighted layers on them. You can see that the hair is thin here. So there is not a lot of volume on them. You can set them with a hairspray nonetheless and give it that oomph. Add a bit of texture by adding curls with your wand, and you are ready.

The Kim Kardashian hair

Kim Kardashian has her hair on point all the time. When you look at her hair, it is always looking perfect. Not even a layer of it is misplaced, and that amuses us for sure. You can see that her hair here is also excellent. They are swept to the side, and they have some good colors on them as well. We are fans of the way she has carried it off too.

Courtney Cox’s hairstyles for long faces

Are you looking for hairstyles for long faces over 40 years of age? Then you are in the right place. You can see the hair has this sections here with the dark color and the layers are perfect too! We love the way the hair looks on Courtney as well. The ‘friends’ star has had her hair in this style for long. But it still manages to look stunning on her!

The most common shade of blonde

Blonde is not a new color for anyone. But they are a safe one for sure. You can style your hair in this shade if you are not sure of how other hues will look on you. They can suit anyone, and we are in awe of this look right here. The layers and the hair color is excellent here. And the dark hair on the base is perfect as well.

Single long layer!

If you are not used to having a lot of layers on the hair and want to test out the waters, this is the way! You can see that these hairstyles for long faces are amusing! There are not a lot of layers here. It almost looks like a big cut out bangs. They are comfortable as they do not come around the eyes. We love the inward curve on end too.

Bob hairstyles for long faces

Bob is one look that suits everyone, and we love them. There are styles that anyone can get and pull off with ease. You can see that there are darker shades on the top of the hair here. Then they are followed on by blonde hues that have platinum tones on them! This length is fabulous, and we love how it makes her look as well. So it is also suitable for mature women.

Reese Witherspoon’s perfect hair

Reese is beautiful, and her acting skills have impressed most people. But the thing to notice here is that her hair is lovely too. You can see her blonde hues here and how they have the perfect tone to suit her complexion. The love for the curls and waves are also never going out of our collection it seems. We also adore these appearances she makes for red carpets!

Braided hairstyles for long faces

Braiding your hair can add a new level of perfection on the hair. They can get the hair to look managed and ads on that charm as well. There are braiding styles that can change the whole look you have. The simplest ones are the cutest as well. We love the way you can add on some sections and add on to the complexity too. Here are some that are perfect for you!

Messy and perfect

You can add some texture on the hair and get this messy bun for an event. The full-frontal bangs are neat, and they are adding that perfect look. This is one that Keira Knightly has been seen wearing for years! We can see that the hair gets a charming effect as we put the longer wavier sections on the sides. Keep it on the side for a glossier look.

Short hairstyles for long faces

Looking for short hairstyles for long faces over 50 years of age? You are at the right place! We are showing you a way to get that stunning short look with a bang of color on them. This is perfect for women who are working as it needs no time to be styled! This is also good for young women! There is no age limit on the styles for sure!


Showing them off!

You need to be able to show off the hairstyle you get on social media sites. So please get a look that has the charm like this one! There are wild curls on them, and they are not too bold! If you have a medium length of hair, this is perfect for you. If not you can cut them to this length to get that look.

Jennifer Aniston’s ever so perfect look

Jennifer is known to have the hair that everybody adores. You can always check out her famous Rachel look on the internet. But it seems like she has no bad hair day ever! You can see her long bangs here and get inspired by them. The colors she has on is stunning, and the central part seems to work great for her. We are sure you are stunned by her locks and looks too!

The perfect Nina hair!

Nina Dobrev is beautiful, and a lot of her fans has loved her hair! When she was starring in ‘The vampire diaries.’ Her look was impressive on every picture of that time, and we want to try them out as well. These are perfect hairstyles for long faces that anyone can wear. The long hair with the curls is giving us hair goals here as well.

Highlights on hairstyles for long faces

You can add on some highlights on the hair to get the needed dimension. There are some stunning looks you can combine with these lighter shades. Add them on the sections you want to push out! They are going to get the hair to look balanced if you pair them with darker tones.

Shoulder-length hairstyles to try

This is the perfect compromise for anyone who is stuck between the extremes of the hair length! They are not only adored by us, but they are sported by celebs as well! Dakota Johnson has been seen wearing the same for a lot of times. Copy her look to look as good as she does. These are some hairstyles that work for all face shapes.

Significant volume in hairstyles for long faces

You can get the look you want when you add on extensions. Yes, they are the key to getting that needed thickness in your hair. Not everyone is blessed with hair that is dense and healthy. But everyone can attain the perfect look with the use of these wigs. Try them in colors you want to get that classy look.

Adding that unique touch!

When we see hairstyle for long face thin hair, we think there will be no volume on them for some reason! But the truth is you can add that thickness to any hair if you know the techniques! All you need is a good hair comb and hairspray. Backcomb your hair and add the spray. It sets it in place and makes you look great!

Red carpet hairstyles for long faces

Here we have the short hairstyles for long faces 2017 saw, and we are sure it is traced to your mind. You can see that there are some dark brown hues on the hair here. They are framed using curls, and the whole look is perfect for the red carpet. So for the rest of us, we can use them to head out to a special event.

Bangs to inspire you

Bangs can add so much dimension to the hair. They can make you feel good about yourself and add the needed confidence back to your personality. You can keep them full on the front or add on some side swept long ones in there as well. Check out the ones we thought were worth sharing! Try them out if you are intrigued!

Wild natural curls

Here we are showing you some curly hairstyles for long faces. They are liberating and add a sense of perfection on the things we are born with! We all need to be more accepting of ourselves and embrace ourselves and the features we are born with naturally. Here are the red tones on the hair that inspires us as well.

Trendy hairstyles for long faces

When you check your Instagram and go through the profiles of some models and artists, you can see these hairstyles on them. There are layers on them, and the colors are fantastic as well. You can see how to add layers on the hair and make them work for you! The tools you use can make a big difference here.

Throwback to the golden days!

This can be taken as an image that makes you laugh out loud for some reason! There are rolled up sections of hair on the top here, and a ribbon tops it. The red fabric has polka dots on them, and they are reminding us of the good old days! This was a great expressive hairstyle back then.

Loved by popular celebs

Celebrity hairstyles are famous for some reasons. They are perfect with all the layers that are there, and each hair strand seems to be working out for them. We are in awe of how well they are suited for the stars, and so we are showing you some. They are sure to urge you to get your locks chopped off soon as well. So give them a try.

Perfect photos for the magazines

Magazine covers are great as they are entertaining for everyone! You can see some well-crafted hairstyles on the covers. We sure want to recreate them for a quick photoshoot. There are artistic sometimes, and they are too bold for the taste at times as well. We want you to check out these hairstyles and look at the lovely colors here.

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The long length of hairstyles for long faces

Add on hair extensions, and you are there with the same hair length as the ones we have here. These are the styles that need some space on them. You may have it on your own, or you may also get the wig as we suggested earlier. If you are looking to get that layered cut, this will be the perfect choice for you. Here are some that we recommend for all seasons!

The color schemes to try out

Colors can play a vital role in fixing the look for you. They can add depth to your hair or reduce the volume. They can also be used to add dimensions. You can check out the sections we loved the most in here. There are colors mixed in with dark and light shades, and they are forming this excellent look. We adore the fact that they are not too harsh on anyone layer.

Layered hairstyles for long faces

When you add layers to something, it tends to frame it well. So add short to long layers to the hair as you desire and you can get this look. Here we have a wide selection that you can choose from, and we are sure you will love it! Color them differently or add on some highlights, and you are set. There are also good for short hair.

Keeping it minimal

You can keep things to the more straightforward side if you do not want to get the attention to yourself. They are not that hard, and they are not too bold, either. You can say that the hair on these sections is perfect for everyday wear. There is no need for you to add on funky shapes and shades to look good. You can get browns and blondes to do the job!

Hairstyles for long faces for teenagers

Teens want that fresh and funky style that sets them aside from everyone. So we have this collection for you here. Here are different hair lengths and textures to choose from. You can find surely something for yourself here than any other article. Share the look you have with others to multiply the fun!

Shaggy haircut ideas

The shaggy cut was famous back in the day as the hairstyles that everyone needed. It was the universally flattering hairstyles for long faces and other shapes too! You may think that they are now not used by many, but there are still some stylists who add on the modern touch to the hair. Try it out once, and you are surely never going to go back to another style!

Other options to try out!

As you navigate through this collection, you are sure to have found multiple styles to get on board with. But if you are not confident on anyone, look here in this collection. We have some options that you can work out for that perfect look. There are oblong face shape hairstyles here as well. You can check the features before you decide on the look. Some stunning styles are waiting for you!

We have made sure that you see the hairstyles for long faces 2018 was famous for and some for this year as well. The wide variety of choices are lovely, and they fit people of all ages. There are hairstyles that celebrities endorsed too, so we want you to get inspired. Make sure you ask your stylist to get you the same. We have given you some tips here and there, and they will come in handy once you get the hair styled. There are a lot of layers and side swept sections on the hair we choose for long faces.

The most crucial factor in any hairdo is for you to be comfortable in it. There are people with face shapes that are unique in all proportions. So what you see in someone’s face may not look the same on you. There is some change there for sure. Thus we want you to make an informed decision. Check the compilation and choose to get the one that impresses you the most. We are confident you will be pleased with the results. If you think the hairstyles for long faces article was informative, then you can help some other people find theirs too!


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