hairstyles for oval faces

101 Most Beautiful and Flattering Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Having an oval face is the best gift from God that enhances your beauty. The oval face can have a list of options when it comes to hair styling and haircuts. As the features of it look beautiful, you will look above average and gorgeous. You will look best with any haircuts; no matter is the bob or the layers. Stick with us until the end to know about the hairstyles for oval faces that you make you will gorgeous and beautiful.


Oval faces can attract the eyes of everyone. You can get the supermodel look with the face structure you have as you don’t need to worry about hiding the features of your face. Also, you can try some classic as well as few modern hairstyles to show off your sharp jawlines and nose.

Medium Length Waved Hairstyle

The hairstyles for oval faces 2019, contains the medium length waved hairstyle. It is one of the most flattering hairstyles that you can try. Also, make sure that you add some brunette highlights to make your hair slay. Don’t say no to this beautiful hairstyle.

hairstyles for oval faces

Layered Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Layers can make your oval face shine. It is one of the most flattering hairstyles that you can apply to your oval face. You will see the difference in it right from your cheeks. Hence, you will get a completely new look.

Side Bob for Short Hair

Who says bobs does not look flattering on the oval face? Here you have the beautiful bob that can look gorgeous on the oval face. It can help you perfectly show your jawlines and cheekbones. Hence, this is the best hairstyle that you can have if you want to show off your oval face.

Shoulder Length Straight Hair

The shoulder-length hair looks good on almost every type of face. As one of the most trending hairstyles, the hairstyle can look gorgeous on any face kind. With it, you can cover some parts of your face is you are not pleased with it. However, you can also put your hair behind the ears if you do not want.

Thick Curls on Long Hair

Here you have the sexiest of all hairstyles. The beach look of thick curls on long hair can make you turn eyes everywhere you go. Although it is a classic hairstyle that every girl tries, it never goes out of trend. Shine with the gorgeous look that you will gain.

Small Waves with Thick Fringes

The wavy hair can give you a completely new look. You can turn your hair in any style and anyway you want if you have the medium length hair with waves. Also, add a thick fringe to your hair to look amazing. Try it!

Short Hairstyles for Oval faces

Are you young and want to style your hairstyle? Here you have an amazing, eye-catching unicorn hair color with waves on short hair. This look looks terrific on oval faces. Why not try this hairstyle that flaunts your beauty?

Updos with Side Fringes

If the sexy look is what you crave, here you have the hottest hairstyle that usually people do not try. The updos with side fringes can give you a beautiful and exciting look. For this look, you do not need to wait for any big event. You can try this look anywhere. Try it.

Thick Bangs with Edgy Side for Oval Faces

Who says bangs are only for the round faces? Bangs look gorgeous on oval faces as well. You can try simple bangs with edgy sides and tie your hair into a ponytail. Also, you can braid it or leave it open. You will look good, anyway.

Brunette Middle Length Hair

Middle length hair is what everyone craves. You can apply the brunette shade to your hair to make it look different. With the new look, your oval face will look similar to round.

Short Hairstyles for Oval faces Over 50

For older people, the short hairstyle can look beautiful. Along with the beauty it holds, a short haircut can also be less troublesome for older adults as they do not need to take care of it timely. Hence, try this beautiful short hairstyle to flaunt your look after the 50s. You can also try it while you are young too. Age does not matter at all.

Loose Side Ponytail for Oval Faces

Side pony is what everyone wants. The side ponytail that you make can look gorgeous on the face you have. To hide your cheekbones, you can sometimes make the pony lose and then tie it a little down than usual. You will have a completely new look.

High Volume Pixie for Oval Faces

The hairstyles for oval faces include pixie. Pixie with high volume can make your hair look different. If you are busy with your schedule and have no time styling your hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Try this super cool hairstyle.

Long Bangs for Oval faces

Unlike round faces, oval faces do not usually look good with the short bangs. So, you need to try the new long bangs for the oval face you have. The beauty of your face will be able to win many hearts. You will not need much time styling your hair too.

Side Swept bangs Hairstyles for Oval Faces

The side swept bangs is what everyone wishes to have. Like the usual hairstyle, the side swept bangs can look gorgeous everywhere. The hairstyle can look extremely stunning while you go out for a party. This will be the new trend.

Haircut for Oval Face Straight Hair

Styling the straight hair is always tricky. If you want to design the straight hair, you need an elegant haircut. After a beautiful hairstyle, you can turn your straight hair into anything you want. Try this hair technique to win the hearts of many.


Messy and Layered Pixie

Layered pixie is the best type of hairstyles that you can try on your oval face. If you want to show your cheekbones, your jawlines, and the pointed face you have, you can choose this as the best hairstyle. Try it with some layers and make it look messy. You will look great.

Curls for the Oval Face and Long Hair

Long hair and oval face always come together. As long hair can make an oval face look different, people with the oval face often try this hairstyle. Here is the new hairstyle for people with long hair and an oval face. This big curls can make your hair look different and give you a modern look. Try it.

Pumped Hairstyles

From among the hairstyles for oval faces, the short pumps are new. If you are searching for hairstyles for oval face female Indian, here is the best hairstyle you can try. This unique hairstyle does not only flatter your look but makes you look sexy.

Edgy Hairstyle with Bangs

If you are done with your long hair and thick bangs, here you have a sweet short hairstyle. The edgy hairstyle can make your hair look sexy. You can try thin bangs to add more beauty to it. Never say no to it.

Layered at the end

Not everyone likes layers at the end. If you are a fan of layers at the bottom of your hair, you have this gorgeous hairstyle, which can make your hair look silky and shiny. Try it!

Medium Hairstyles for Oval Faces and Black Hair

Black hair can look suitable for all types of faces. It can provide a high focus on your face emphasizing the characters. You will have a great and fantastic time with your hairstylist if you try this simple hairstyle. Hence, try it and enjoy your new haircut.

Thick Waves on Black Side Swept Hair

Waves and long hair go simultaneously. If you want a new hairdo, you can try waves on the side swept hair. You will gain a new look and won’t regret visiting your hairstylist. Also, you can style your hair oneself. All you need to do is take your hair to the side that favors you and add waves.

Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Shoulder length hairstyle can flatter you. The flattering look that you gain from the shoulder-length hair can make you look amazing. If you are a fan of hair color, you can add some hair color as well. This new look will drive people crazy.

Chin Length Hairstyles

If you are looking for short hairstyles for oval faces, here you have the chin-length hairstyle. This is the most popular hairstyles among the bob cuts. It can make you look younger and attractive. Many women over 50s usually try this hairstyle. To add more to the hairstyle, you can also add some side bangs.

Thick Fringes with updos for Oval Faces

An oval face can go with any hairstyle. As one of the most natural face structures to style, you never need to worry about what you choose for your hair. If you want a Hollywood look, you can go with this simple updo with the thick fringes. No doubt, you will flaunt like celebrities. Try it.

Shoulder Length Thin Curls

The shoulder-length curls can flatter your oval face. With this, you won’t look too blunt or overwhelming. It can balance the curls with the length of your hair and match perfectly with the shape of your face. So, it is one of the most desired hairstyles for women with oval faces.

Straight and Long Hair with Thin Bangs

Straight and long hair is the trend of today. For the people with oval faces, this hairstyle can look stunning. As it does not need any effort and requires only a bangs haircut, managing the hair is smooth. Hence, you can try this hairstyle with no worries.

Straight Hair

The straight hair can make your oval face look different. If you want to hide your facial features, you can straighten your hair and can make your oval face look like a round face.

Wavy Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Talking about the waves for the long hair and oval faces, the waves can make you look stunning. You can have control over your hair as you can model it into anything you want. If you have fair skin, try some light colors. You will look beautiful.

Fringes with Waves and Updos

Although most of the people do not prefer updos on an oval face, an updo will never fail to make you look beautiful. Turning your hair into an updo with some long fringes along with the waves can give you a natural as well as a different look. Try this hairstyle.

The Most Simple Hairstyle

Straight hair is one of the most straightforward hairstyles for oval faces. The hair can look flattering, and you can flaunt the straight hair. Try this hairstyle and gain a new look.

Bob Cut on Short Hair

Bobs can look extremely flawless on straight and short hair. If you are looking for hairstyles for oval face, this is the best hairstyle that you can choose. Try this simple look and win the hearts of many. If you want, try some golden color to look different.


Haircut for Oval Face Straight Hair

Here is one of the most trending haircuts for straight hair and oval face. This hairstyle looks simple. The layers will be thin and can look stunning. Try this simple hairstyle if you want to flaunt the hairstyles for oval faces 2019 look.


Stunning Pumps on Oval Faces

Who says pumps are not for oval faces? Like the round faces, pumps can look gorgeous and beautiful on oval faces too. You can get this comfortable pumps from a nearby salon. If you take care of it, the pumps will last long.


Sweet Bangs on Medium Length Hair

Bangs can go with any length of your hair. If you are approaching a bang haircut, you never need to worry about the length of your hair. Try this easy and flawless bangs if you are looking for hairstyles for oval faces. You won’t have any regret.

A Simple Wave

Waves could come in different ways. Unlike the rest of the waves, here is a simple wave that will make your hair look like you haven’t applied any hairstyles to it. If you are a fan of a simple hairstyle, try it.

Sexy Bangs

Some bangs can make you look cute, while some bangs can bring the boldness inside of you and make you look boiling and gorgeous. Here are simple bangs for short hairstyles. This simple bangs can make you look stunning.





















Layered Curls on Straight Hair

The layered curls can look fabulous. This gorgeous hairstyle can make you look different. In case you want something new for your oval face, this will be a perfect choice. Try this sexy hairstyle.

Fringes on Sexy Curls

Fringes and curls when come together can give you a new look. If you want something hot, the curls with fringes are what you should try. You will never fail to please people around you with this hairstyle.

Small Layers on Medium Length Hair

The small layers on your medium length hair can give you a new look. Apply some light makeup to flaunt this look.

Simple Ponytail Hairstyles

A simple pony will never go out of trend. It can make you look adorable. As this is one of the most straightforward hairstyles, you can try it anywhere. You can try this hairstyle at a formal event or a party too. It will never fail to make you look stunning. Try this hairstyle to look gorgeous.

Updos with French Braid on Oval Face

The best thing you can do for your oval face is to try some beautiful hairstyles for oval faces. Show off your beautiful face by taking the hair upwards. For this, the best thing you can do is tie it into an updo. If you are tired of natural updos, try this easy, simple updo with french braid.

Short Bangs for Fizzy Hair

Are you tired of long bangs? Here you have short bangs hairstyles for oval faces. You can look perfect with the short bangs. As it is one of the most underrated hairstyles, you cannot imagine the beauty of short hits. Although it is underrated, the short bangs can look beautiful. So, try it.

Waves with Middle Partition

Middle partition has already become out of trend. However, it remains in the list of hairstyles for oval faces. As the separation goes along with the round as well as oval faces, the trend is still shining somehow. If you have an oval face, here is what you can try. You can try partition and turn your straight hair into waves at the end. Shine with it.

Easy and Simple Curls for Side Swept Hair

Are you searching for a perfect hairstyle for an oval face? The side swept hair can make you look adorable. To add more to it, you can try some simple party curls on your hair. The hairstyle can look flattering anywhere you go. Go out to a party or a formal occasion with this hairstyle. You won’t look less pretty.

Messy Bangs with Waves at the end

Messy bangs could be the best haircut for oval face straight hair. You can try the messy bangs anywhere. It can look perfect if you have curly hair. You won’t regret styling your hair with it. Be sure to rock the party and look cool with it.

Pixie for Thick and Straight Hair

You can try a long pixie if you have thick and straight hair. The pixie will look flattering and can correctly handle your hair. You can try this hairstyle if you have an oval face. While you are busy with the workload and cannot give time to style your hair every day, this will be the perfect office hairstyle.

Greenish-Blue Updos

Updos can come with any color. If you are a color freak, you can try some greenish-blue updos. Your hair will look beautiful. Also, you will not look dull as your hair color will be different than the usual time. Even if you don’t like colorful hair, you should certainly try this new color once in your lifetime.

Side Swept Bangs for Long Hair

Long hair can look extremely beautiful with the side swept bangs. If you are searching for hairstyles for oval faces, this might be the right choice. As your facial features will be shown off beautifully, there is no doubt that this hairstyle will fail. Try it.

Long Bangs for Thin Hair

Are you tired of styling your thin hair? Do you sometimes want to make it look thick? If yes, here you have the best technique to make your hair look thick. You can try bangs on the frontal part of your head. After trying some hits, leave the rest of the hair open. In this way, you will make your hair look voluminous. This is one of the best hairstyles for oval faces.

Pixie With Bangs

The pixie with bangs can be tricky, yet it can work correctly for the oval face. When you are tired of a typical pixie, you can try this haircut and can look stylish. Try this beautiful hairstyle.

Bold Brunette Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Are you looking for a hairstyle that can make your oval face look bright and sexy? If yes, here you have the best hairstyle and hair color that can be appropriate to your face. The shades of brown can give your oval face a sexy look. The hairstyle looks best if you have medium length hair.

Straight and Highlighted Hair

The simple straight hair with some highlights and color can never go out of trend. It can work for anyone and on any occasion. Some people often try this hairstyle as their signature hairstyle too. Hence, you can try this hairstyle with no fear of worrying about how you will look.


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