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103 Gorgeous And Shiny Hairstyles For Round Faces

The types of hairstyles that you apply to your face depend on the type and the shape of the face that you have. While some hairstyles suit for a face, the same hairstyle might not look right to another face of a different shape. So, you need to be conscious while you apply haircuts and hairstyles to your face. Unlike the oval face type, the round faces are hardened to style. As beauty comes with the hairstyle that you try, your prime care should be on the hairstyle that you are applying. If you want to look sexy and not cute with the round face you have, here are some best hairstyles for round faces that you can try.

Beautiful and Brunette Bobs for Round Faces

If you want to get a perfect hairstyle for your round face, you can go with the simple and easy bob. The brunette bob will make your round face look sexy as it will hide your cheek and the rounded forehead too. You can draw the attention straight to your eyes, with the other part of your face ignored.


hairstyles for round faces

Simple Short Hair

Among the haircuts for round faces 2019, the short hair is the best. You can shine with the short hair you have and can look beautiful. Hairstyles can make a lot of difference in your face. The hairstyle for round chubby faces can make a lot of difference in the way you dress up too.

Shiny Long Hairstyles for round face

If you are worried about which haircut suits for rounded face females, here you have the shiny long hairstyles for females. Black hair can look incredibly gorgeous on black hair. The shine that your hair has can attract many. Try this easy and simple hairstyle.


Brunette Bob Hair for Round Face

You can add color and make your hair look beautiful. The colors that you add can make a big difference in your hairstyle and the type of face you have. If you have fair skin, the best thing that you can do to your face is to apply some shades of brunette in your hair. Try this beautiful hairstyle to look amazing!


Short Pixie for Brown Hair

If you are looking for short and medium length hairstyles for round faces and thin hair here, you have the best hairstyle Pixie bob can look very good on round faces and brown hair. So, try this beautiful and stunning hairstyle to make yourself look gorgeous.

Black hair and Short Hairstyles

If you want a sexy and cozy look, here you have the best hairstyle. Black can always be the best color if you want something good for your hair. The black hair you have can look more stunning if you try short haircuts on it. Also, you can apply some sexy red lipsticks to flaunt the look.

Way and Beautiful Brunette Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have a dark and round face, you don’t need to worry about the hairstyle that you will be applying to your face. The oval face can look gorgeous while you use some beautiful curls and stunning waves. Try this cute hairstyle.

Haircuts for Round Faces and Thin Hair

Applying a specific hairstyle could be stressful to your face. In case you have thin hair, the best thing that you can do for your hair is to apply brunette and brown color. Also, the tiny hair you have can look thick while you cut your hair short.


Black Brown Bob Hairstyles for Oval and Round Face

If you have a chubby and round face, the wrong hairstyle can look too bad on you. So, you need to be aware before choosing your hairstyle. The right haircut can make you look gorgeous and can help you flaunt your beautiful eyes, lips, and forehead. Hence, try this cute bob on your black hair and flaunt the hairstyles for a round face.



Hairstyles for Round Face – Bob Cut with Fringes

As round faces could be difficult to style, you can have a tough time picking a hairstyle that will suit perfectly for your round face. As you will require a lot to think about your forehead, cheekbones, and the jawline before you chose any hairstyle for your face, it will be very hard. But, here is a simple hairstyle that you can choose for your round face. Try this simple short bob cut with fringes to look adorable.

Straight and Short hair for round faces

The straight hair with brown shade can look perfect on the round face. Although it seems like a simple hairstyle, it is one of the most trending red carpet hairstyles. Even if the hairstyle seems simple, it can give you the best look that any other hairstyle cannot offer.

Medium Length Golden Hairstyles

It is not impossible to look good on the straight hair for your round face. The straight hair that you have can look to make you look cheerful. Also, it can make you look slim and thin. Hence, try this hairstyle.


Thick Fringes with Brown Straight Hair

The brown hair can look good on a round face. When you add a thick fringe to your hair, it can seem more adorable. The thick edges won’t look bad and old fashioned if you can manage your hair. So, you need to work on controlling your hair if you are interested in a thick fringe hairstyle.

Beautiful and Thick Light Golden Hairstyles for Round Faces

Among the best haircuts for round faces 2019, here you have a Thai cut hairstyle on your straight hair. You can get this adorable look by applying golden color to your straight hair. However, make sure that your hair does not look fizzy.

Adorable Curls on Round Face and Medium Length Hair

Curls are always beautiful. The beautiful curls that you have could give you a different look if you apply to your round face. Hairstyles for round faces include varieties of curls, including pumps. You can use thick pumps to gain a new look.

Read Head For Round Face

If you have fair skin, you can go with different colors for your hair. Like your haircut could give you a new look, so can a new hair color do. You can have a fresh look with the original colored hairstyle that you have. Try it!


 Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Round Faces

Color could be the best gift that a girl could give to a hair. The new-look that your hair color can provide you will prove a lot about hair colors. While highlights and coloring can give you a new appearance, it will make you shine. As a great color can make you look perfect, you can try this hairstyle for your round face.

Black and Wavy Shoulder Length

The beauty of the era, Aishwarya Rai, flaunts the beautiful black hair with some stunning curls. As the shoulder-length hair can give a different look to your black hair, you can make yourself look like a beauty queen. Try this beautiful hairstyle!

Long and Highlighted Hairstyles with Fringe

As already said, a fringe can make someone with a round face completely different; it can make you shine. The round face can look different while you try new hairstyles combined with small fringe. Add some color to make your hair look more beautiful.

Partly Highlighted Shiny Hairstyle

Highlighted hair always has a significant role in making you look sexy and beautiful. A person can always look up for shiny highlights if she is concerned about getting a party hairstyle for her round face.

Bangs Hairstyles for round faces

Bangs can always be flattering. A person could look completely different in bangs. So, hits are among the most preferred hairstyles for round faces. The roundness of the face can be hidden if you apply bangs hairstyles for round faces. Also, you can add edges to the bangs to make it look appealing.


Shoulder Length Hairstyles on Round Face

Shoulder-length hairstyles can look amazing on all kinds of faces. The round face can be flattered with the shoulder-length hairstyle. With the shoulder length hair you have, your face can manage to rock the hairstyle. So, try the hairdo.

Thin and Edgy Bangs Hairstyles

For a perfectly round face, the edgy bangs loo perfect. In Hollywood, the most preferred hairstyles for round faces are bangs that have edges. Your hair can hide your cheekbones and the rounded forehead and can give your face a completely new look. Try it!

Layered Waves on Shoulder Length Hair

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? If you’re going to look stunning without giving much pressure to your round face and try a simple hairstyle, you have the beautiful layered waves on shoulder-length hair. The layers start above the chin. As they start above the jaw, it will give you a completely different look. Hence, it can create an illusion to make your round face look like an oval.

Perfectly Straight and Silky Hairstyles

The straight hairstyle can be the dream for everyone. But, for people with round faces, the hairstyles might not favor. It is a hairstyle for a round face to look slim. You can go with both the shoulder length and the long hairstyle. It will suit any type of hair. Try this hairstyle.


Side Swept Hairstyles for Round Faces

Although side swept hairstyles have become an old trend, you can still flaunt it. You can gain a new look with the team swept bangs that you apply and can make your hair look effortless. Do try this beautiful old fashioned hairstyle for round face.

Beautiful Edgy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair

Do you want to look cute and sexy at the same time? If you wish, you can try the hot hairstyle that every lady wishes to have. In case you have a round face, the best hairstyle that you can apply to your thin hair is beautiful, edgy short hairstyles. The bob can look extremely beautiful and can cut the roundness of your face. Flaunt your hairstyle with it.


Elegant Hairstyle for Round Chubby Face

You could look beautiful with the round face too. If you want hairstyles for round face, here you have a perfect haircut. All you need to do is to have a fringe haircut. You will get a completely new look at it. Have fun styling your hair with double chins.

Sexy Pixie for Curly Hair

Hairstyles for round faces include sexy pixie too. You have a round face does not always mean that you have to hide your look with the hair. At times, you can show off the roundness of your face and can have better options for styling your hair too. The curls can add more beauty to your face.


Light Colored Curls with Bangs Hairstyles

If you are searching for a perfect hairstyle for a round face to look slim, here, you have a perfect hairstyle. You don’t need to make your mind about shortening your hair. The first thing you can do is turn your long hair into curls. After you set your hair into curls, you can apply some bangs to it. If the hits have edges, the hairstyle can look pretty. So, try the new haircut and shine with it. Also, you can color your hair if you want a modern look.

Medium Haircuts for Round Faces

Are you searching for medium haircuts for round faces? If you are looking for a medium-sized hairstyle for your round face, you can try the new brunette medium length hairstyle. You will shine with it. In case you want a new look, you can add some layers too. Try this new hairstyle.

Brunette Haircuts for Round Faces 2019

In 2019, the most popular hairstyle for the round face was haircuts on the brunette shade. As the hairstyle was much favored in Hollywood, people did not leave the trend in 2020 too. Brunette and shiny hair can make you look flawless.


 Hairstyle for Round Faces to Look Slim with Black Hair

Are you worried about which haircut suits for round face females? Here you have the best hairstyle that you can try. The chubby and round face that you can have can shine with the layers of short haircuts. As a short hairstyle is the best friend for girls with round faces, you can try this hairstyle.

Simple and Beautiful Hairstyles for Round Faces

Here is the new stopper look that you can try to make your hair look simple. Although this is the most common hairstyle for round faces, this is the best hairstyle that you can have. You can try this hairstyle on either long hair or short hair. Don’t worry about the length of your hair.

Modified Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyle has to come in different looks. The modified pixie is the new trend of 2020. You can apply some beautiful bangs with edges to your pixie haircut. While you do this, your face will look thin. The major attraction you will have will be your eyes and the cheekbones. However, make sure that you keep your frontal hair long.

Easy Highlighted Hair

Never try to hide the beauty of your round face. The oval face can look beautiful while you style your hair. All you need to do is leave your hair with brilliant highlights. Make sure you add some lovely accessories like earrings to your ears. Also, you can add some hairbands. It will look pretty.

The old fashioned Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces

As pixie has now come with modifications, the old fashioned pixie is not so popular. However, you can try the old fashioned pixie in case you want a stunning hairstyle. Although the pixie is old fashioned, you will get a completely new look. This is the best kind of hairstyles that you can apply to your round face.

Medium Haircuts for Round Faces with flattering waves

Waves are very flattering. The waves that you apply on your hair can make your round face a little slim. In case you want a simple and natural look, this will be the best hairstyle. Shine with it.


Simple Haircuts for Round Faces

Here is the best hairstyle for a round chubby face. The pure medium length hair can add beauty to your hair and your face both. You will shine with a natural look. Try it.

Straight Hairstyles  with middle partition for a perfectly round face

Do you have a prominent forehead and a round face? If yes, here is the best hairstyle. The straight hair may not always look beautiful. But, it can look flattering at times. Hence, why not try it? Color your hair and search pretty with it.

Completely Side Swept Bangs for Medium Length Hair

Side swept bangs are the new trend. Although the swept bangs disappeared in 2019, they are now appearing as a trend again. Most of the fashion industries are trying the hairstyle still. Don’t run late and try this hairstyle.

Hot and Fancy Curls

Fancy curls are what everyone wants. Unlike the pumps, elegant curls do not make your round face look big. Instead, it can make your hair look sexy and can make your face look thin at the same time. Try this basic hairstyle. You can go to a beach or a party with the same haircut. With this hairstyle, you should not worry about changing your hairstyle again and again wherever you go.

The Hollywood Curls

Hollywood is a great place to look at new hairstyles. As one of the most fashionable industries in the entertainment and fashion industry, the models come with new hairstyles every time. One of the fanciest hairstyles for round faces in Hollywood is the simple and easy big curls. Try it to have a Hollywood look.

Messy Curls Hairstyles for Round Faces

Curls are always messy. But the new messy curl has become the latest trend. If you want a perfect hairstyle for your round face, try this messy curls. It can make you look slim, and your hair looks thick too. Hence, don’t worry about the thin hair and try this new hairstyle. Shine with it.


Side Swept Bangs for Black Hair

Straight and silky hair never fails to make you look beautiful. Mostly when you have a round face, this is the perfect hairstyle that you can try. In case you have a chubby face and want to look thin, you can decide the side swept bangs.


Voluptuous Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces

As pixie always came with thin and soft looks, it looked beautiful. However, pixie started to come with a voluptuous and sexy look in recent days. Try this hairstyle to gain a sexy look.

Modifications of Hairstyles for Round Faces

The round faces can go with a different type of hairstyles. Here some of the basic hairstyles that can apply to your hair. Choose any of the hairstyles that you want from three.

The Messy Layered Hairstyles

As already said, layers could look beautiful with the round face. If you want a messy hairstyle, you can try this messy layers.

Simple Bobs for Round Faces

The short hairstyle can look pretty good on the round face. You can try bobs on the round face to look cute. Try this hairstyle and gain a new look.

Ponytails on a round face

If you want to flaunt your jawlines, cheekbones and show off your round face, you can try ponytail on your hair. The ponytail that you can have looked incredibly amazing. Hence, try this fantastic hairstyle.



Edgy look on different colored hair

The edges look pretty with dyed hair. Colored hair can give a new look to your round face. The edgy look can give your hair a pointed look. Hence, you can try this as one of the most beautiful hairstyles for round faces.



Sexy Black Hairstyle with Small Curls

The curls look pretty and shiny. Pumps on the end of straight hair can give you a new look. This is one of the best hairstyles for round faces. Try it.



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