hairstyles for women over 40

103 Classy And Effortless Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Hey ladies, are you worried about tickling of your biological clock and feel awkward trying out the chicky and youthful hairstyles? Do you spend hours searching hairstyles for women over 40 to try your hands at. If yes, this article is for you.

It is rightly said, age is just an issue of mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, it is not as easy as said. Women are bound by societal norms of “Act your age” statement. If you are over 40, it time to explore varieties of hairstyles that blend well with your biological clock and glorify your personality. Most importantly, ladies over 40 are rocking the corporate world, politics, entertainment orbit, and what not? Why wouldn’t these superwomen be left behind in fashion? Hence, this article explores various patterns of hairstyles that is apt for your age, choice and profession. Get the one that catches your attention and prove to the world that age is just a number.


Simple bob with a side fringe

Bob hairstyle has always been off the charts for it’s simplicity. It invariably is one of the most suitable hairstyles for women over 40. Besides, it is highly versatile as it can be modified into various styles by adding effects. Get this chin or below chin length touched up the look of a simple bob with a side fringe to get a trendy look. Whether you flaunt your gray hairstyle or want to highlight it with your favorite color, this style will never lose its charm.


hairstyles for women over 40


Golden blonde with front bangs

Break the stereotype that aging women should keep their hair short by adopting this stylish and effortless shoulder or below shoulder length mode to add grace to your personality. This style blends well with all facial shapes. However, if you have a round face and want to make it look slimmer, this should be one of your choices without a second thought. This too is one of the decent hairstyles for women above 40.



Rejuvenating pixie hairstyles for women over 40

Here is your low maintenance pixie cut to add credibility to your identity. If you are tall and slim, I bet you try this kicking hairstyle. Most notably, this pixie cut with soft bangs gracefully brings out your facial contours and features. Don’t forget to wear a beautiful smile and a beautiful earring to get an appealing outlook. It is one of the most followed hairstyles for women over 40.


Lengthy locks with swirled ends

As women age, they get reluctant to keep long hairstyles as it needs maintenance and is time-consuming. If you are above 40 and still blessed with long tresses, why would it chop it off? Flaunt your beautiful lengthy locks flowing down your shoulders, ending into swirled curls. If you already have wavy hair, it is an advantage. Otherwise, you can use curlers to make one. Supple and straightforward, this hairstyle suits any face type and just requires a comb and your few seconds. Whether parted from the mid-line or side, this gives you a put-together style.


Messy bob hairstyles for women over 40

Bob hairstyles are not only attractive but also flexible. If you want a bob highlighting your messy or a carefree personality, this is your cup of tea. This bob has light fringes scattered over your forehead while the remaining locks are combed in a not-so-tidy manner to give a rough, fierce look. Remember, messy is trendy.

Bright burgundy bob with side bangs

If you are searching for variety of hairstyles for women over 40, this could be one of your choices. This lip length bob has a shorter rear side while the front bangs are relatively longer, giving your hair not too short length. The side fringe is swept at the bottom, giving you a clean and up-to-date look. Furthermore, if you have a bright complexion, the vivid color of burgundy shade will do wonders.

Curly locks with smooth side bangs

Some women are fortunate to have attractive locks with volume and length, even in their 50s or 60s. If you are one, add some youthful flavor to your personality once in a while. Without spending much time in front of the mirror, this styling technique can help you get one. The good news is, it compliments any facial structure, and the free side bang that rests smoothly on your forehead helps to conceal fine lines or wrinkles.

Feathery long bob hairstyles for women over 40

Give your hair a satin finish with this easy-peachy style. The rear hair is cut in layers to give a light finish when left open over your shoulders. If you have a round face and want to make it look longer, this is your piece of cake. Similarly, it also frames your face and gives you a refined look making one of the suitable hairstyles for women over 40.

The chopped off hair

If you are a self-assertive woman and can carry this so-called masculine hairstyle with confidence and grace, this hairstyle is for you. This hair cut is out of the box for ladies and is sure to add charm to your personality. As they say- confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

Light wavy intermediate bob

Some women like to keep their hair neither long nor too short. If you are one of those and looking for a timeless yet effortless intermediate-length hairstyle, try this. Whether wavy or straight, give your thick locks a deep side parting and let your them fall generously over your shoulders. Perfect for any facial shape, this cut perks up your facial features and also hides the aging markers on your forehead and around eyes. This undoubtedly is one of the most easy-to-go hairstyles for women over 40.


Easy to go layered hairstyles for women over 40

This style is effortless and goes well with most hair texture. The rear part is cut short into layers giving an inverted and bulky look while the front part has ear-length hair. You can either flaunt your gray hair confidently or choose a tint that jumbles well with your skin tone. Women of any age can adopt this style, but it is mainly popular among those over 50.

Chin length bob with a feathery finish

Experiment with your standard bob style with different styling techniques. This layered bob is best suited for thick locks and is a trusted way of getting a voluminous look. Not all women like bangs falling over their faces. Hence, the front bangs are combed back to give feathery style. Paint your hair with your favorite color to emphasize on the feathered layers. Get style and comfort in one go. Bingo!



Get this plain, genuine, and straightforward style to save your time and energy in getting prepared for any occasion. You just need to comb your hair away towards your rear with light front bangs. As women age, they prefer comfort to style; but if you can get both, why not give it a try!

Smooth lob with a side fringe

Caramel tinted blonde hair styled into a straight, and smooth lob adds uniqueness to your personality. It is mid-length and is easy to manage. Also, the side fringe helps to conceal fine lines on your forehead. Particularly for rounded face women over 40, this glossy hairstyle mounts your face giving it a more extended appearance.

Short bob with fringes

This short bob with fringes is one of the easy to wash and wear hairstyles requiring minimal hair styling. So, if you are looking for an effortless style, try your hands on this. Grab your favorite color to add on an extra charm.

Structured  base with short side bangs

While in A-line or graduated bob involves having shorter back and longer front. This style is the opposite. Add uniqueness to your personality with this style of shorter front bangs and symmetrically cut longer back. This hairstyle goes well with most hair texture and facial features.

Ear length bob with undercut back

This ear-length bob with a tiny single layer gives a short and bulky appearance at the back while keeping front bangs relatively longer. This goes well with any facial shapes, and women over 40 will love this trendy undercut look. Remember, age is just a number. If you want to experiment any appealing hairdo, never let your age be a hindrance.

Plummy bob with wispy base

For those women over 40, who want not too short but modish look, give your hair a velvety appearance with this layered style. Furthermore, polish your presentation by swiping each layer to the side to provide an exotic feathery look. The base has a slightly wispy texture contrary to the usual smooth and looks of bob.

Straightforward and trendy

This is a simple bob with  an asymmetrical base but has delicate random layers giving a natural look. The front bang is swiped on the side to provide you a tidy look. If  you are above 40 and tired of spending hours styling your hair for office, give this no-sweat style a try.

Concave bob for thin hair

The thinning of hair is one of the changes that come with aging. Thin hair, in particular, is more distressing for women than men as it affects their self-esteem and femininity. However, with  suitable hairstyle, you can age gracefully. This concave bob is relatively more extended in the front than in the back. Likewise, the base is cut at the same level and has light layers that add volume to your occipital region. You may also choose to highlight your full back with contrasting color choices. Aging with grace is an art.

Short and vibrant

Who says short hairs can’t be trendy? Try this nape length hairstyle with sharp fronts that fuses well with any facial structure. The length of the hair is in increasing order from top to bottom, giving an excellent feathery consistency. The base is irregular with a slightly messed up look.

The curly short bob

This ear-length bob is evergreen. If you have rich ringlets and you are not sure what style you should go for, try this easily manageable short and sassy bob. Wake up, just manage your curls with comb or fingers, and there you are ready in seconds. You probably won’t even need to hunt a mirror, its that easy-peasy. This style undoubtedly is dear to women over 40 with curly hair.

Effortless and classy

After 40, women usually seek something comfortable yet trendy, but without overdoing it for their age. Meet this fusion style of bob with a slight variation. Rather than leaving your front bangs hanging down your cheeks, swirl them away to get a hassle-free and touch of classic bob style. A little volume on the top helps to make your face longer if you have a plummy face, and you wish to give it a thinner look.

Short wavy bob with side bangs

If you have wavy hair, flaunt it. Get this innovative bob style with curly fringes to perk up your persona. This style is mostly loved by women above 60 who want almost no maintenance level of hairstyle. If your granny is looking for a makeover, its high time you suggest her this vivacious look. You may thank me later.

Bob with spiky ends

This is an intermediate bob with spiky ends and a bright front fringe. Easy to carry on and medium length, this is ladies’ one of the treasured hairstyles of all times. The edges serve for camouflage of the creases on your temple.

Wavy sides with a smooth bang

This hairstyle highlights your coffee tinted curls. The overall length ends at the nape of your neck, making it hassle-free and straightforward. The back can be cut simple or in layers. The front bangs are smooth and gently combed at the side.

Pixie cut with delicate fringes

This is a short hairstyle with light fringes with light golden highlights. The hair in the auditory region is chopped off, and the rear end is short, which can be simple or stacked as per your statement. The most appealing factor of this hairstyle is that you can easily flaunt your beautiful earpieces as the ear region is free of unnecessary tresses.


The teeny-weeny cut with a side swept fringe

If you want a short back but generous front, this style is for you. Get your rear locks chopped while the front side has comparatively long strands of hair swept smoothly on either side or just left scattered over your forehead. You can easily exhibit your gorgeous earrings as the side are free of the curtains. For a peerless look, grab the hair color that matches your skin tone.



Chin length sizzling bob

Another flattering option for women over 40 is this trouble-free chin-length cut. It is mostly suitable for not- so-thick locks and requires no extra sweat in styling. The hair is parted into two parts and is combed graciously at sides to get a perfect look. In case your hair is curly at the base, it will naturally turn into cute flips, which itself is a one-off.

Neck-length bob with side swept layers

There are diversified bob styles, and this is one of them. No matter what age you are, you can go for this facile and groovy bob. While your neck length bob remains intact, your front locks are cut into light layers that sweep swiftly at the side, causing no hindrance to your daily work.


Chin length bob with side fringe

Not all women find classical bob style of full fringes appealing. So, rather than keeping the profuse edges, you can try this style with light ruffles to get a modified version of standard bob style.


Stacked back

Women over 40, in particular, love to have short hair. Not only because of the comfort but also of the variety of styles they are available in. Look at this a’ la mode style that is unique in itself and gives them a fashionista look, making them feel younger and merrier. Here, the overall length is short, cut into layers, and ends at the nape of the neck, creating a generous back. The front is simple, with short fringes or long bangs. If you want to add volume to your falling curls, go for this style.

Swept-back bob

This is the permuted version of the bob, where the length ends just below the chin. The hair is cut into deep layers at the base. The hair is swept back, and the volume of hair concentrates at the rear giving a put-together look. Isn’t this simple for all the beautiful ladies over 40?


Medium shaggy

Get this alluring randomly layered shaggy cut to get the flattering look. This shoulder-length style is easy to manage and gives you a youthful and playful look. Suitable for thick locks, it adds more volume on the top while the bottom is thinner and wavy with high layers. Why should women compromise when it comes to style? Experiment, flaunt, and play with your locks and prove to the world that age is just a number.


The teeny-weeny cut

It needs confidence and guts to carry short hair gracefully. Confident women not only exemplify the daring style but also motivate other women to create their own fashion statements. If you can create an amalgam of fashion with comfort, why stick to only one? Get this extremely voguish teeny weeny cut with layered or uniform back with delicate side swept fringes and watch the eyes rolling. This style goes well with women with a long or oval face wanting to make their face look relatively broader and fuller.


Rough and messy

If you are looking for a carefree style and have the confidence to carry it elegantly, you should go for this short and effortless style with a messy look. I remember someone saying- Messy is sassy.

Short bob with a mid brow fringe

I believe, as women age, they should give time to pamper themselves. They should experiment with their styles to create fashion innovations and keep themselves mentally fit and young, as they say, its all in your mind. Get this simple chin-length bob with short side fringes, and to give touch-up with some cheeky and playful look, try with a bang in between your brows. This not only makes you look experimental but also helps to put a shadow over the crinkles over your forehead.

Profusely curly bob

If you are blessed with luxurious curls, get this bob style with your ringlets. You just need to part your hair in your desired side and just leave your hair free and let it breathe. No matter what structure or shape your face is, you are good to go with this style. It requires minimal styling and adds a naughty touch to your personality.

Vivacious red with layers

Red is a lively and juvenile color and helps in softening the entire look. The hairstyle is at or below shoulder length cut into soft layers and adapts well with all face shapes. Short fringes may be kept to perk up your charming face.

Inverted bob

The hair is relatively longer in the front and shorter in the rear. It usually has layers or stacks at the back, giving a bumpy or voluminous appearance. Suited for both thin and thick hair, this is not only stylish but also uncomplicated, which makes it popular among modern women above 40.


Chopped off pixie

The back is cut into short layers into a V shape giving a bulky appearance while the overall length is chopped off. If you got confidence, you should flaunt this style. Easy to wash and wear, highlight your tresses with light golden or silver tint to see the gaga going.


Layered lob

This is an elegant style to keep up with your juvenile personality. If you have thick locks, get your hairdresser to do some subtle layers. No matter what the event is, brandish your shoulder-length lob with grace. Trust me, everyone is going to love this simple and sassy haircut.


Gorgeous and timeless

We all have tried this hairstyle once in a while. It is uniformly popular among all age groups because of it’s simplicity and moderate length. Highlight your locks with your favorite color to add flavor to your gorgeous locks.

Wavy concave

So what if you are a woman over 40? There are hundreds of hairstyles that apt your age, choice, personality, and nature of work, you just need to name it. If you want to try a voguish short hair, I recommend you to try this ultra-modern look. The hair is longer in front than in the back, and rather than having a full silky or curly hair, it has light wavy traces to give a trendy look. With proper blonde highlights, you can create wonders.

Chin length cut with side bang

This is everyone’s favorite, as it is undemanding and hassle-free. This style blends well with all kinds of face shapes and is super easy to carry on and maintain.


Swept-back blonde waves

Wavy hair adds a unique style to your haircut. Women over 40 usually seek for an uncomplicated yet trendy hairstyle. If you have below shoulder length hair with light waves, comb them freely over your shoulders. You may also add a side fringe to hide your skin imperfections over your forehead.


Graduated bob with fringe

These are one of the most trendy bob styles and equally popular among women above 40. It has got stacked layers in the back, adding volume and thickness, while the hair is longer in the front. In addition, you can add a short fringe to stash the subtle creases on your frons and around your eyes.


Graduated asymmetrical bob

This style combines well with straight as well as wavy tresses and fits in people with heart or oval-shaped face. The short layers provide volume at the rear, while the front bangs are more protracted and could be symmetrical or asymmetrical, which are swiped at the sides. If you want to control frizz and make it look smooth, make sure to use proper oil to add moisture and avoid hair iron or curls to prevent heat damage. Furthermore, highlight your locks with any color and get your desired playful look.

Pointed fringes and wispy crown

We all love fringes, and especially when we age, in addition to fashion, they also help to conceal the fine aging lines. This is a pixie pointed fringes that cover most of your forehead. At the same time, the crown looks spacious and has a wispy appearance giving you a full look.

Intermediate bob with spiky ends

If you are looking for a medium length hair with the smell of bob style, then this is for you. The rear locks are symmetrically cut and have spiky ends. In contrast, the front bang has a wavy look and rests at the sides, highlighting your rosy cheekbones.

Chin length locks with a soft bang

Short haircuts for women above 40, mainly in the 70s or 80s is a smart choice because you need not spend hours in front of the mirror styling your hair. This chin or above chin-length hair with soft fringes gives women the touch of stylish bob style and thus, makes them feel youthful, perky and peppy.

Short with wispy ends

This is a simple short hairstyle with rear-end long enough to reach the nape of your neck. The front bang is cut short in layers to create a side fringe. Because it is time-saving and elegant, this is everyone’s cup of tea.

Parted blunt bob

This is a normal chin or above chin level bob with parted side bangs. The length is usually uniform throughout the circumference; however, the front part is kept shorter than the other to create smooth side fringes. It gives you a playful persona and is comfortable to carry. Above all, it is perfect for any age and any face type.

Swiped back long bangs with a short rear

This is a stylish modification to the classical bob style. Most women don’t like short front hair. If you are one of those and want to get a voguish look, this invariably is your cup of tea. Perfect for any occasion, the long smooth bangs are swiftly laced in one side of your forehead, giving a squishy touch.


The furry

If you have thick hair but want to keep it real short for low maintenance, this is for you. The rear is cut into short layers while the side bangs in the front are kept relatively longer to maintain that stylish touch. This hairstyle perfectly suits ones with oval face in particular.

Gorgeous parted lob with wavy edges

Effortless and classy, this is a mid-length lob with side partition and wavy ends. Many of us have already tried this, not knowing this has always been in the fashion charts.

Pixie with side bang

This is a sophisticated hairstyle and needs a confident attitude to do justice. The back is cut short into layers while the front is stylish with asymmetrical bangs. This certainly is handy; however, needs some poise and attitude to make the most out of it in enhancing your personality.

Stylish bob with swept bangs

The front part is cut into layers with profuse bangs that are combed at the side or left scattered on the forehead while the rear back has hair cut in similar length. Likewise, the soft fringes add a lively touch to the standard bob.

Sleek and symmetrical bob

If you want to keep a simple hairstyle that is easy to wash and wear, you should try this symmetrical bob. Typically applicable for thin hair, this helps your scalp look full with the same edge tresses. You just need to comb your hair on both sides, and you are set.

Modified bob

This is a standard bob with a modification. While the classic bob has hair falling generously at the sides of your face, this style has front tresses swiftly combed back to give a hassle-free look. Therefore, if you are looking for comfort without compromising with your style, go on with this.


Above chin bob

This is a simple bob that is fit for ladies looking for a hassle freestyling and is less time-consuming. The front can be silky or wavy, while the back can be cut symmetrically, uneven, or in stacks. So, all the women over 40, aren’t you trying this sometime soon?

The shaggy pixie with spiky edges

This stylish hairstyle is for those above 40 chicks who are confident and still feel young by heart. The spike fringes lay over your forehead, giving you a sexy look, while the crown and the rear part is cut unevenly to give a shaggy and spiky texture. If you want to stand out, this should be your choice.


The brush- up cut for women above 40

This short and sweet cut requires low maintenance also ignites your confidence and grace. The hair is shorter in the front, and the side locks are chopped off. The rear part has short hair reaching out to the nape of the neck and has a feathery appearance. This is a well known “easy-to-do in the mornings” hairstyle; therefore, it is popular among women over 40.


Asymmetric waves with blunt ends

Do you love bobs but not in straight hair? Bob hairstyle is versatile and can be tried in various modes. Try this innovative style of perking up your fashion sense. Highlight your shaded curls and cut the ends asymmetrically to get the rough and flamboyant persona. Moreover, as this style matches well with round, oval, or rectangular faces, the soft creamy shade will surely set the stage on fire.


Bob with light fringes

This is your not too short style with asymmetrical rear ends and parted front. Those bright fringes help to keep up the spirit of bob style alive. Besides, these are super trendy and easy to maintain among the majority of hairstyles for women over 40.

Parted bangs with furry back

If you don’t want your back hair to look too glued, you can try this furry appearance to give uniqueness to your personality. It is also comfy and funky, and is among the easiest hairstyles for women over 40.

Feathery cut with a side fringe

Your healthy bulky hair is designed into the feathery cut with wispy ends. In contrast, the side fringe ends delicately on your forehead giving you a vibrant look. It complements well with all types of facial structures. Therefore, it is one of the well accepted hairstyles for women over 40.  Woo! Look at those cheesy cheekbones framed between with locks. You don’t look like a woman over 40!

Stylish lip length cut

If you want to make your slender and long face look fuller,  you can try this short hairstyle. It creates an illusion of width, consequently making your face broader. It is simple from the front, while the back can be cut into a graduated bob with layers or a regular one without stacks. The choice is all yours. Create your own style.

Graceful brunette hairstyles for women over 40

If you have thick and long locks, try this shaggy hairstyle cut into short layers that can be left flowing and breathing. You can let one of the side bangs fall over your cheekbone while the other is wisely tucked behind your ear. The thick layer of the hair flowing through your neck region gives you a luxurious look even at your 40s or 50s.


Shoulder length waves with side fringes

This style compliments all facial features and personalities. If you want a simple and instant official look, you should go for this. Whether wavy or straight, part your hair into two equal halves and let the flowing locks rest on your shoulders while you do the work. Most importantly, the side fringes help to conceal the imperfections around your eyes and the forehead making it an appropriate choice among hairstyles for women over 40.


Smooth and flowing

If you are fond of long hair but worried about styling, you should consider this conventional style. Pull all your silky or wavy hair back, and don’t forget to tell your hairdresser to keep a side-parted bang to spice up. This is one of the perpetual hairstyles for women over 40.


Sassy and sizzling

Do you really want to challenge the world and prove that age is just a number? You probably need to try this sassy and sizzling short pixie bob. It has a uniform length throughout, giving you a balanced look emphasizing your glossy cheekbones. The rear end looks asymmetric and alluring, it is one of the most sizzling and youthful hairstyles for women over 40.

Profusely layered feathery highlights

Layered hair suit great in women with thick and long locks. This shoulder-length style cut into layered feathers add vibrancy to your looks. The high layer makes a clear boundary between upper and lower locks giving fullness and volume in the top half part. On the contrary, the lower part has an impeccable feathery look. No matter what facial shape you have, you can go for this style.


Saucy with short side bang

What to look like a petulant diva? Set your curls into a sexy bouquet, while the short side bangs generously hang over your brows. It looks great on people with a slim face. Nevertheless, round-faced people can also try this, but make sure not to keep the length too short, as it will make you look even more plumper. Out of all curly pixie hairstyles for women over 40, this definitely is the most sought after.

The youthful and vibrant

It is undeniable that hairstyles can completely transform your looks and personality and also curtain over your age. Get your hairdresser to do this job by arranging your long, smooth locks into the extended layered feathery cut with short-sided bangs. As they say, if you can’t convince them, confuse them. Fine lines and wrinkles are evident with aging. Proper hairstyle in women over 40 aids in diverting attention from those creases. This style is one size fits all, meaning, looks good on any facial shape and skin color.

Hairstyles for women over 40 primarily focuses not only on fashion but also on comfort. Aging is inevitable but proper hair styling with make up helps you age gracefully. The bottom point is, women shouldn’t step back in fashion just because of her age. Seek help from a hairdresser to guide you through the appropriate style.A refined hairdresser can create wonders out of your locks and hence, enhance your overall personality.


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