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111 Absolute Havana Twist That Will Make Your Hair Amazing

There are plenty of types of hairstyles in the world that you can try and get working on. Among all those choices is Havana Twist, which is an absolute winner because of so many reasons. There’s a reason why Camila Cabello wrote the song Havana and millions of people love it as well. While there are only a couple of very famous twists in this particular realm of hairstyle but you can try most of the things with very ease as well.

As we always say, hairstyles tend to look very different than one another, even with just a few modifications. The reason why we have over 100 examples of Havana twist here is because of many reasons. For one, you may like one modified Havana twist or one particular than the other, and the more options, the better it gets. On the other hand, your attributes may match some of the examples here, so it becomes easier for you to choose.

So, let’s talk in brief about what exactly is Havana twist. As the name suggests, Havana Twists are a type of hairstyle that deals with twists of hairs that also give a thick dimension to your hairstyle. Most of the time, you’ll need a hair extension to try this hairstyle out, and once you get it, the limit is your creativity.

Moreover, Havana Twist also makes hair-care a very easy chore as you do not need to worry about getting timely haircuts as well. With all these benefits jumping at you from all directions, what is the catch here? Well, the catch is pretty positive all over. You end up with a very majestic hairstyle that totally changes the way you look for better. Let’s see the collection we’ve piled up for your convenience.

The Sassiest

This should be one of our favorites right away because of its bold look. You tie up your hair in a bow-tie fashion, look cute, and also super sassy. What say about that?

The Cuter Side of

What if you have that cute side to your looks but still want to try this hairstyle? Well, if you’ve been worrying about looking like a savage, then don’t. Here’s how your cuteness should amplify.

Twist All The Way

When going with this hair extension, a lot of people worry about what it may do with their hair. Once done, however, people scoff on why they even worried about it.

About That Thin

Generally, Havana Twist is pretty thick in dimensions, and some people do not like that fact. It may look like a plethora of work as well to them. However, there’s a thin alternative as well.


We get it that you are a pretty colorful person and want that to reflect in every way. Well, good news for you because you actually have that option and it looks great.

Long Havana Crochet

You clearly have the option of going with long of short Havana crochet Twist because well, it should always be your choice. Be calm because there are no strict rules here.

Accessorize Your

That is right, ladies; you can absolutely accessorize your look even with a Havana action going on. Just add some head accessories, and you’re good to go.


Even in this thick hairdo setting, if you love having your hair on one side, fortunately, you can. Thanks to the versatility of this hairstyle, anything you think of is feasible.

Accessorize Your

Again, there’s no limit of what you can do with your Havana Twists because, as we said earlier, creativity is your limit. Put rings, beads on your hair locks, and rock them.

More Havana Twist Parting

As you see here, this lovely lady has parted her hair on the side, and it looks amazing. You can try this as well on whichever side you fancy.

Keeping Havana Twist Clean

If you do not feel like doing anything with your hair in particular and just want to get the twist, you can simply opt for that only. Try them out on their own only and get amazed. After you’ve tried this, you can move towards changing it to something else after some time.

Havana Twist for Short Hair

Do you remember when we conversed about how you can get your Havana Twist for long hair just as you can for short? Well, this is what we were talking about. Look how you can customize your look as per your whim.

Thick Parts

Thick Parts in Havana twist is all about getting your hair the right size and then parting it. This makes the majority of your hair fall on one side, which you are most comfortable with.

Thick Twists

Well, with Havana Twist, you have complete control over how your hair looks. Thick, thin, groovy, you name it. However, thick ones seem to suit the majority of people.

A Little Braid

Do you want that slight braiding action in your Havana Twist? Well, good news for you because you can certainly get that. It looks really good as well.


So you do not want your hair long or short but kind of want to fiddle around the same ones. Well, what about having the extension of different lengths?


It’s unbelievable how seamless these Havana Twist can look. Although they look very different than other kinds of hairstyles like braids, Twists still look natural.

Add Beads

When we think about Twists, there are plenty of ways that you can customize your looks. Just adding some shiny accessories like beads on the twists is the easiest one to go with.

Havana Twist Bun

Did you think that you could not do one of your favorite buns with the twist happening? Think again, ladies, because you’ll only look more fashionable with that.

More Havana

What more you can do with Havana Twist is that you chose where your hair stays and where your hair falls on. Keep it streaking in the middle while the sides are let loose.

Side Swept

When you get the extensions done, just let your hair fall naturally on the side that you remain most comfortable with. After all, it’s all about comfort with fashion.

The Side Part Havana Twist

What makes side parting interesting with Havana Twist is the fact that it gives major volume to your hair. This adds more dimension to your look as well.


We understand. You don’t want to go with the generic brunette look with your Twist? Well, guess what? You do not have to because you can color your twist according to your wish.


If you love that half-up braids and also want to get the twist, you certainly can do that. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Just twist it up and half-up your hair in a braid.

One Side Braided

One thing you should realize is that your love for braiding your hair will only grow because of how manageable your hair becomes after twists.

Thick Partition

Regardless of what your favorite styles are, you certainly achieve them all the time with these twists. Thick Havanas are certainly one of the crowd’s favorite as well.

Medium Sized

When you want the best of both worlds when going for the size of your Havana Twist? Well, go for the mid-sized ones and get on with it—the best of both worlds.

Low Side

In this particular one, you part your hair a little lower on the sides than usual, people do. Then just sweep them to another direction and witness a massive difference.

With Beads

There are different creative ways that you can accessorize your Twists, and that solely depends upon you as well. Just add a couple of beads here and there, and you’re good.

Simple Thick

If you’re thinking about going for a simple and thick looking twist, then you cannot go wrong here. You simply cannot go wrong here because it’s bound to look amazing.

Partially Colored

Sure, you don’t want to add color to the whole lot, and you also care much about your Twists. Start by getting a small portion of your Twists colored. Goes a long way.

Partial Twists

Now, many of you do not want to go all the way with their twits and only want the zest of this style. Here’s good news. Your twists don’t have to twist all the way.

Another Half-Up

For all of the Half-up fans out there, here’s another way that you can get your hair look similar. Now, this isn’t actually a braid, but you get the idea.

With Highlights

If you want something different, try your extensions that are highlighted and see what difference it makes. You’ll look a world apart from anything else.

The Elegant

We called this the Elegant Havana Twist because of the way it looks. Just look at the shine here and also the subtle touch of a couple of colored strands as well.


Okay. So you don’t want to part your hairs on the side but rather in the front, or many people may refer to it as top as well. Well, here’s how you do it.


Just simply separate and part your hair in the middle and go for that subtle twist look that gets no complaints from anywhere. You know, school, workplace, or anywhere else.

With Volume

Instead of having a flat texture of your twists, let’s give it some volume. Your looks will thank you for a long time because it will look absolutely stunning.

Curly End

Going all the way with your Havana Twists isn’t something that’s written in the books. Try something new and let your hair look curly on the ends.

Beads on Twist

Adding beads never goes wrong with Havana Twist because it adds more depth to your look and makes it subtly sophisticated.

Locks In Twist

Make it seem like you’re taking a bold step and go with the shorter extension if that is your thing. Nobody got something good without taking risks.


When you go for a subtle Havana Twist look, there’s nothing much that you have to worry about. It’s pretty straightforward and looks amazing on anyone.

For Nerds

If you’re a nerd and looking for a change in your hairstyle, this is your chance. Thinking that the twists will mess up your personality, well, it’ll only make things better.

The Big Braid

Since you’re a fan of large volumes, a big braid is something that acts like a cherry on top of your twists. It adds volume, dimension, and a lot to your amazing looks.

More Beaded

Just a couple of beads to your twists make a whole lot of difference. It’s also very easy to attach any beads to your twists because they slide in and out very easily.

The Simple

This right here, in particular, is one of the most classic Havana Twists ever. Everything you see here is simple, elegant and makes everything look so comfortably fashionable.

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Part Those Havana Twists

Since you’re thinking about parting your twists, make it creative. Here’s how you can part multiple strands of your twists and make them look amazing.


If all you hear us say is add beads, don’t get us wrong. If beads are not your thing, add something else to your hair twists, add other accessories like rings.

Twists with Bun

If buns are one of your favorite things to do with your hair, then don’t let Havanas stop you from doing so. On the contrary, these twists make amazing hair buns.

With some Flare

Take a couple of twists from the inner side of your hair and get them colored. Makes a massive difference if you are bored with bland one color twists.


Did you think that Havanas make your hair very big for getting it tied into a ponytail? Well, think about it again because these make an amazing ponytail.

With Buns

As we mentioned earlier, Havana twist makes a very rich looking, high volume buns. Are you planning to go to a hair bun competition? Then get ready to win.

Classic Long Hair

This is one prime example of how long hairs look absolutely majestic in Havana twists. Unlike any other hairstyle, you’re bound to make heads turn your way.

Happy Havana Twist Bun

Add some accessories to your twists, turn it up into a bun on top, leave the side as they are. Voila, you’ve got a runway look in a couple of steps.

Want Messy

If your taste of choice in hairstyles is messy ones, then we’ve got you covered here. Havana twist, most of the time, looks pretty clean. But if messy is your thing, you have that option as well.

 Curls and Buns

Let’s say you like your twists with curly ends and also want to make buns out of them. Guess what, both of your wishes come true here, and they look amazing as well.

The Partial

When you want the twist look but don’t want to go all the way, that’s when you try the partial Havana Twist. They’re a lifesaver if you’re in jeopardy.


Another example of a highly simplistic looking twist that gets the job done. You don’t have to worry about looking extravagant all the time if you go with this choice.


If you’re not up for that shiny finish, most people get for their Havana Twist, then simply go for the unpolished look. Looks more natural as well.

Pony Raise

This is when you gather and raise your twists to make it look like a ponytail. However, you always have that option of tieing your hair with one of your own locks. Looks more sophisticated.

Another Half-up Jumbo Havana

If you want more inspiration on making your twists into a half-up, then this one is perfect for you. Just a simple technique that changes appearance drastically.


Burgundy Looking

If your favorite color is burgundy and also want your Havana Twist to look that color, then go for it. It looks absolutely mesmerizing to look at.

Locks and Beads

So this one right here is pretty bold looking and also pretty amazing as well. Part your strands and hop in a bead on each of them. Changes your look in an instant.

From Back

If you were wondering what Havana twist hairstyles look from behind, then this is the perfect example right here. Pretty cool looking, right?


This bun right here is something that makes everyone look a little more sophisticated. Tie your hair in a lock with one strand of twist and let it fall naturally to one side or the other.

The Partial One

Another very good example of what it would look like when you go for the partial way up with your twist. Don’t worry; it’s bound to look good on you.


Just another example of what thick twists look like if you decide to go for it. Remember, this is actually a choice of thickness for a majority of people out there.

Regal Looking

Sometimes, we think that Havana Twist gives ladies a very regal look while also maintaining a hint of sassiness. Well, if only that isn’t the perfect combination.


Well, if you have a very fun-loving personality and like to show that off with your outfit and by your look in general, go for this one. Absolutely fun.

For Short Hair

When you want Havanas for your short hair, just go for it because there’s every way it will look gorgeous on you. This example shows why.

Thinly Twisted

Thinly twisted Havana twists are another thing in a fashion that a lot of people take on. These give you the absolute freedom of trying different locks and add-ons than thick ones.

High Top

With short hair, you can go crazy with your looks, and that is pretty much the thing we have a say here. Add some accessories, tie the ends with flashy bands, and rock that looks.

Long Hair Twist

Thick twists on a long hair are one of the most classic Havana Twist that people also absolutely love. Go with this when in doubt and never regret anything.

Half-Up In

Plenty of you wants to tie your hair on the back like they do with Half-up braids. This turns into a subtle style statement while also making your hair more manageable.

Different Color and Style

These two examples show how you can manipulate your twists to suit your personality. You either go for the slick look or go crazy with a mini mouse theme. Your call

Different Colors

When you get confused on what color Havana Twist, you want to go for, think of your favorite colors and rank them in three. You can use one of them, two or all three if you like.

The Craziest Braided

This one is one of the crazies braided Havana twists and remains as one of our favorites as well. Just look at how the hair resembles a rose flower.

The Conclusion

Now, you have well over 100+ ideas on achieving that Havana twists that your dream will look amazing on you. With that said, always remember that your choice matters the most in making yourself comfortable and looking fashionable. While these are some of the ideas out there, who knows, the next best Havana twist may come from your side.

Keep twisting and making your hair game absolutely strong, ladies.


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