Highlights for Black Hair

94 Mind Blowing Simple and Easy Highlights for Black Hair

One of the sexiest trends of 2020 will be the highlights for black hair. While black hair was already out of the pattern in 2018 and 2019, the fashion is gaining high popularity these days. Highlights to the dark hair can make you feel like you are making a significant transformation to your hair. As black is one of the most popular hair colors, it can make you one of the hottest girls in the room. So, skip the trends of the brunette and the brown hair and try the best black hair with highlights ideas on your hair.

Here are some of the best highlights for black hair 2019 that are not out of fashion in the 2020s too.

Green Highlights on Dark Hair

Do you like green highlights? If you are trying for the black hair with highlights than green is the best that you can think. The green highlights on the black will a little cheesy on your shiny hair, but it can give you one of the best looks that you can ever have. These highlights will look perfect despite your hair color, skin color, and age. So, don’t say no to the green highlights this summer.

highlights for black hair

Thick Blonde Highlights

The brunette and the brown looks perfect on the black hair. If you are thinking of modifying or dying your hair, here is the best hair color that you can choose for it. The solid pattern of the brown and slightly golden hair will make you look pretty and hot.

Red and Hot Highlights

The red highlights for black hair will make you look undeniably hot. With the fresh looks that you can try on your hair, you can apply it to any hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if you have a pixie hair or a curl, the red will never fail to give you the charm that you wish.

Bob with Highlights

The shine in the black hair will grow when you apply some pretty highlights of pink and red. If you are a fan of bob, you can try some bobs on your hair too. This cute hairstyle will be the best one for short black hair with highlights. Do try this hairstyle!



Caramel Highlights on Black hair

If you are looking for the highlights for black hair Indian, you can try some caramel highlights on black hair. This hair color looks perfect on the partly brown skin. This will be the best hairstyle that you can try for parties as well as some casual events. With no regrets, you will flaunt this highlight and fly like a bird.

Red Highlights at the end

You have already seen what red highlights look on the short black hair. Here is what the red highlight will look at the end of the hair. For a fan girl of the highlights at the end, you will love this hairstyle.


The Perfect Brunette Highlight

Brunette highlights for the black hair look perfect. The best highlights for black hair 2019 includes this type of highlight. If you want to make people a fan of your hair, then you surely have to try these impressive hair highlights on your hair. So, don’t wait for the perfect time and try this hairstyle as soon as possible. Also, you don’t need to worry about your skin color.

Highlights on the Curls

The curls look fantastic with the pretty shades of brunette and caramel highlights on black hair. You won’t have to regret the decision you make on your hair while you try this simple hairstyle. Also, you don’t need to worry about the oval face you have cause you will flaunt it with no doubt.



Golden Highlights on Black Hair

Like the curls and the long straight hair, highlights for black hair look perfect on the short hair. Short black hair with highlights of the gold will make your hairstyle one of the most beautiful hairstyles. The contrast will shine, and you can attract the attention of people with it.


Pretty Highlights on the Waves

First, think about coloring your hair into the Burnette and then think of transforming it into small curls and waves. Do you feel good about your new hairstyle? You should believe undoubtedly cause your hair will look the most beautiful of all. So, don’t miss these new highlights for your black hair.

Blue Highlights for Black Hair

Are you craving for a bold look with the straight hair you have with no modification in your long straight hair? If you are thinking of it, here’s a pretty cool idea. The color blue will look perfect if bold is what you are seeking. Your face will shine, and a little makeup will make you feel like you won’t ever try another hairstyle on your pretty black hair.

Middle Length Hair

You don’t need to worry if your medium length hair cannot be turned into anything useful. The next good thing that you can try on your perfect middle length hair is to apply some gorgeous shades of gold and brunette and make your hair flaunt after you use it. Therefore, you need to go out and grab a perfect gold hair color and use it to your hair.

Light Gold on the Waves

With the light gold waves on the black hair, you will be able to look like a princess. The princess look that you will get will be able to attract millions of hearts. So, go to a salon and ask them to this pretty hairstyle on your hair. You will make hearts melt.

The Purplish Highlights

Blacks go with everything. So, you never need to worry about what your hair will look like if you apply some shades of gorgeous purple and red in your black hair. The combination of the purple and the pink could give you a completely new hairstyle that everyone will wish for. Also, you don’t have to fear to look dull and clumsy because this hair color can go with every skin color. Try this!

Ash Grey Highlights for Black Hair

Ash Grey is the perfect hair color for the Indian and the Asian skin. It can make you look a little aged by making your hair shine. The pretty hair color can make your hair look shiny even if it has split and is rough. So, save some time and go for the ash grey color.

Dark Blue Hair Color

If you say blues are not for everyone; then you are entirely wrong. Blue is the color for everyone. Also, blue can be the color for your hair too. Your hair can look perfect if you apply some shades of blue in your hair. To make it look fascinating and adorable, you can use some shades of the dark as well as light blue. Hence, you will achieve the hair color you want and shine.

Sexy and Hot Pumps

Pumps could make you look steaming hot. While you worry about a hairstyle to go for a casual date and a friend’s birthday party, you can apply these hair pumps to shine. Also, add shades and a shade of red lipstick. Make sure you make your eyebrows and have luxurious hair.

Shiny Brunette Highlights

Brunette is always a sexy color. It could look sexier when it is applied to the black hair. For a fair skin lady, the best combination of a hairstyle could be waves with the shades of black and brunette. It can give you shine that no other hair color can provide. So, go for it.

Dark Brown Highlights for Black Hair

Highlights for Black Hair 2017 include the popular dark brown highlights. As dark brown highlights look perfect on the dark-faced ladies, it could be one of the most trending hairstyles of the year 2020. Hence, you don’t need to worry about what you need to do for your hair in the coming year. Try this awesome hair color trick to make your year go easy.

Middle Partition and the Highlights

Are you a fan of middle partition? Do you think that you won’t look good on the partition, but you want it anyway? Here you have, the best hair technique that can go along with the middle partition that you are craving. Get the looks of the 80s and 90s by applying some highlights on your hair. Also, you can try adding some waves and curls to give it more charm.

Silky Hair on Golden Highlights

Silky hair will always look good. But, it might view better when you add some highlights to it. The golden highlights that you will add will make your hair look beautiful and sexy. Don’t worry about what you need to do with your hair from now on.

High Volume Pumps

Are you craving for a sexy hairstyle? If yes, here you have the best pumps that you can apply for your luxurious hair. The pumps will always good with some highlights. So, try some highlights for black hair to add more beauty to the pumps.

Slightly Faded Blue Color

The shiny blue will never fail in making your hair look gorgeous. Highlights for the black hair and brown skin includes this type of color. The shines, and the waves would give you the best hair color. Also, people can take you as an inspiration for ruling the hair industry. Hence, don’t worry about how you will look. Go and try this hair color with no worries.

Brown on the Black

Brown can make you feel gorgeous all the time. Also, black does the same. So, you don’t need to worry about getting the Bollywood or Hollywood looks. Just go along with the hair color, and you will find the best hairstyle for you.

Rolls with the Brown Highlights on Black Hair

Have you thought about trying rolls skipping the waves? If you have thought of it, you are on the right track. Changing your hairstyle could be the best decision that you make for your hair. Also, adding some brown highlights to the rolls might give your hair another experience. So, go and explore the beauty of your beautiful hair with the thick brown highlights on the rolls.

Heavy Red Highlights

Red highlights will never make you feel like you will have to regret the color of your highlights. With the soft and sexy looks that the red highlight can give, you can increase the width of the highlights if you want. Your red highlight will look as gorgeous as ever. Every time you will want is to change your hair into the red because it will look perfect on the hair type that you have. Mostly, this highlight is suitable for dry and rough hair types.

Sexy Shades of Blue and Purple Highlights for Black Hair

The best thing that you could do for the black hair is to transform it into colors. The colors have a positive impact on your hair and can make your hair look gorgeous and beautiful. As the shades of blue and purple highlights for black hair can make your hair look stunning, you will find new ways to style it. So, go to the best salon in your town, show them the picture and ask them to transform your hair color. You will be extra in your group in terms of hairstyling and hair color. Don’t worry about the money you need to pay the salon cause it will be worth it.

Classy Highlights of Brunette

As already mentioned, the brunette is the best color when it comes to hairstyling. Your hair can look perfect with the shades of brown and brunette. It can give your hair natural glow, and people will undoubtedly be jealous of the highlight that your hair shows. Take a chance to transform your hair into a color.

Blended Highlights for Black Hair

The black hair can look natural with the highlights too. In case you are concerned about showing off the natural beauty of your black hair, then you surely need to try this perfect hair color trick on your hair. Your hair will look very natural, and people will have to question themselves if they ever think that you have used hair dyes. So, why not confuse people with the real hair color trick? Hence, get these natural hair highlights which look super cool on all type of faces and skin color.


Types of Hair and Highlights

All kinds of hair do not always go with the same highlights. As the hair type and the color depends, the highlights that you need to apply to your hair can also vary a lot. At first, you should examine your hair quality and structure. It will help you a lot to choose the appropriate hair color. So, you will be blessed with the best hair highlights that you want to apply to your hair.


Light Purple Shades

Light purple, which looks like the ash color, can surely transform your hair into one of the most delicate hair colors. All you need to do is first transform your hair into some simple curls and waves. Later, you need to take the time to polish your hair with the shades of the light purple and ash color. Here is the final result that you will get. Also, this is the best highlights for black hair Indian face.


Long Stay Pink Highlights

Pinks do generally not fade with the hair. As pink comes with different shades, you need to try the darker shade of red in your hair. With the dark shadow of pink that you apply to your hair, you can balance the hair color and get a perfect look. With time, as the color fades, you will undoubtedly get a new hair color. It stays for a long time as the fading of the pink dye takes a longer time. So, get this hair color if you want your hair dye to remain for a more extended period.

Sexy Shades of Brunette

Although brown and brunette is an outdated hair color that everyone already tried, you can still make it one of your favorite hair dyes. It can be one of the best highlights for black hair and brown skin. You will never need to worry about how you will be looking with this hair color. Always stay colored and impressive with this perfect shades of brunette.

Unique Blue Highlights for Black Hair

Highlights for black hair 2019 includes some pro tips for highlighting your hair. With the easy hairstyles and colors that you will apply to your black hair, you will look as sexy as ever. For the new look, try this fine and the perfect shade of the blue so that you can have a unique hair color. The prettiness of your hair will increase with it.

Half -Colored Hair

If you feel half-colored hair was an old and dying trend, you are wrong. The half-colored hair is back again. Like in the 90s, what everyone wishes for in the 20s is the mixture of the new and the classic style for styling and coloring their hair. So, the half-colored hair is the latest trend these days.


Red Color on the Feathers

The combination of the red and the black will never look old and faded. On the different hairstyles and cuts that you apply to your black hair, you can always utilize the highlights of red to look gorgeous. The best thing you can do to your haircut is used for the feathers that you use at the end of your hair. You will look like a bird with red feathers wanting to cover the sky. So, try it.

The Green Kylie Jenner Look

Kylie Jenner, the beauty queen, never fails when it comes to hairstyling and makeup. So, why not try the simple hair colors that she works? To get the elegant look like Kylie, you need to cut your hair into the middle length. And then, you need to try green for the short hair that you have. No wonder, you will look like Kylie.

Color Transformation

Color transformation can be a headache. So, you need to be careful while you apply colors to your hair. The hair color that you use can make you look different. If you have an Indian skin, the brunette color transformation could be the best highlights for black hair and Indian skin. Do not say no to this hair highlights if you are an Asian wanting to transform your hair.

Tiny and Shiny Highlights

Highlighting your hair is not always about the thick and crazy highlights. Sometimes, the best thing that you could do for your hair is to apply thin shades of brunette to your hair. By trying the light shades of brown, you will love the uniqueness of your hair. Get ready for the coming summer with this new hair color.


Unicorn Highlights for Black Hair

As black hair could look good on any highlights, you should surely try the unicorn highlights. The mixture of different colors on your shiny black hair can add more shine and make you look smoking hot. If you are someone who craves a warm and sexy look, here is what you need.

Light Brunette on Crazy Curls

Curls with highlights always look good. The light brunette can add more beauty to it and can make you look shiny and gorgeous. All you need to do is get ready for the summer with this simple hair color trick.

The Fading Golden

Golden can always be the color of your choice. While you want a hair color, golden will never make you regret your decision. To look more beautiful with the shades of golden, try the fading golden technique.


Neon Green Highlights

Neon is the new color of the hairstyle that will never make you regret your decision. If you want a unique look, you can try some neon highlights.

Shiny and straightforward Highlights for Black Hair

The best highlights for black hair ideas include simple highlights. These simple highlights that you apply to your naturally straight hair will add more shine. You can make your hair color look beautiful with no effort at all. Try this hair highlight!


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