66 Sexy Lemonade Braids That Will Protect Your Hair

Beyonce is the girl responsible for making lemonade braids popular. She has been a trendsetter over the years and we always love her style. She has made braids popular again by wearing them to events and in her music videos. Now, we all want lemonade braids. The best part of the style is they provide protection from your hair. You can keep the style in for a couple of months and not have to worry about styling your hair all the time. There are many ways that you can rock out the lemonade braid.

Check out these 66 Sexy Lemonade Braids That Will Protect Your Hair:

  1. Lemonade Styles

How cute are these styles? Lemonade braids are long and truly a cool style choice.

lemonade braids

2. Cool Sides

If you want to blow away the competition, then you should try out this style. We love his creative she styled the sides.

3. Front Styles

She only has braids in the front and she left the rest loose and curly. We love the accessories she has in the braids in the front.

4. Round Styles

These braids go around the side of the head. They are big and bold braids.

5. Cool Elements

These smaller braids are entirely covered with cool accessories. These sure make the style stand out.

6. Thick Styles

The great thing about these styles is how cool the scalp designs are. There are virtually hundreds of ways to create a cool look like this one.

7. Thin Styles

These are thin braids that are curled around the head. They create a cool style that anyone would love.

8. Lemonade Process

When it comes to any full head braiding, you need to be patient and expect to be sitting in a chair for a few hours.

9. Swirling Looks

These braids are moving every which way to create a style that is truly beautiful. If you are looking for a cool new style, then this is the one for you.

10. One Braid

This stunning style is created with just one braid. It’s a thick one that curves around the front of the head. The rest of the style is left loose and fantastic. It’s a style that is one of a kind. If you have a formal event coming up, then this is the look for you.

11. Long Styles

Braids come in many shapes and sizes. This style is quite long and it looks like it might go all the way to her toes.

12. Tight Styles

If you love ponytails, then you can still pull back your braids in a tight style that can keep them under control.

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13. Curved Style

A great style that is truly one of a kind. We love his the braids just curve around the head.

14. Stunning Looks

You can wow the crowd at your next event with this classy and elegant style.

15. Sexy Looks

Imagine rocking this look for the rest of the summer. You will be turning heads wherever you go.

16. Long and Sexy

All the hair is swept off to one side creating a look that is fetching. Try it out and add some cool accessories of your own.

17. Blonde Looks

A cool look like this is truly stunning. If you want a new shade for this year, then add a little blonde to your look. You won’t regret rocking a style as cool as this one.

18. Zig Zag Lines

A bold look like this is exactly what you need to turn heads. We love how the scalp is in zig-zags.

19. Fun Styles

A beautiful look like this is everything you could ask for in a cool hairstyle.

20. Gorgeous Looks

A bold look like this is everything you need in a cool hairstyle. We love it.

21. Stunning Styling

We have a side ponytail year that is really rocking the house.

22. Bun Styles

This could definitely be a style that you could wear to an event. The few braids that are in front of the ear make it a more formal style.

23. Fun Styles

This is a look that you can wear anywhere, try a casual style and rock it out all day.

24. Side Swept

If you have always loved that side swept look where the hair hangs over the eyes, then this is the look for you. You can achieve the same style with the braids.

25. Bold and Braided

Another great style that you are sure to love wherever you go. We love these thick and shiny braids.

26. Purple Styles

Sometimes all you need is a little color to brighten up your life. This bold purple is definitely a cool style choice.

27. Creating the Style

It takes time to create these bold styles.

28. Stunning Celebrity Looks

It’s pretty obvious that Beyonce has made the look even more popular than it already was. This style is long and sexy, a true look that you should try out today.

29. Criss-Cross

This is definitely an eye-catching look and one that you are sure to love.

30. Beyonce Style

Here is a closeup of the lemonade braids that Beyonce has made popular.

31. Star Styles

This is a cool look that is sure to draw the eye because of the stars styled on the side.

32. Fun Looks

Styles like these are truly one of a kind, we love the side styles.

33. Simple Looks

This is the kind of casual style that you can wear anywhere. Whether you are going to the beach or to a party, this would be a cool look to have.

34. Stunning Braids

Another braided style that is simple but well put together. We love these styles.

35. Unique Looks

Accessories can really change the way your style looks and make it stand out more.

36. Side Styling

A style like this is unique and wonderful. The side style will give you volume that wouldn’t normally exist.

37. Over The Eye

If you are a fan of the sexy over the eye look, then you can still achieve that style with braids. Your hairstylist can create any type of style for your braids that you desire.

38. Cool Colors

One way that you can make your style really stand out and that’s by adding some cool colors. You don’t even need to dye your hair. You just add some colored extensions that can be weaved right into the hairstyle to make your look pop.

39. Vixen Styles

Another great style like this is gorgeous because it is flipped off to the side.

40. Sweet Styles

These two girls have amazing matching styles. They are elegant and sexy. A style like this could easily be worn to your next wedding.

41. Children’s Styles

The lemonade braid is definitely a braided look that you could try on your child. The style is easy and it will protect your child’s hair for months.

42. Sleek Styles

Lemonade braids can be styled in much the same way that you would have styled your hair without the braids.

43. Backward Braids

In this hairstyle, the braids are styled upwards instead of off to the side. It’s likely that the hair will stay in a ponytail.

44. Thin Styles

How could we not love this cool style? The braids are thin, so they create a completely different look.

45. Middle Part

A great style that has braids at every angle. We love the fact that one braid goes down the middle to create a cool new look.

46. Simple Styles

This┬ástyle is really simple and yet you can wear it anywhere. If you have to go to an event, then wear it in a bun as this style has. It’s just as easy to leave it down as well.

47. Larger Braids

You can create your style with braids of many different sizes. The larger the braid, the less time you will have to spend in the chair.

48. Simple and Sweet

This is another easy style that isn’t over the top. You can wear this style anywhere this year and it will be appropriate.

49. Bold Designs

A cool new look like this is everything that you are looking for in a style.

50. Stunning Blonde

This style has actually been dyed blonde so you can see how the look stands out overall.

51. Slick Styles

You will feel like the cool girl in the group with this amazing hairstyle.

52. High Buns

Now, this high bun is sure to draw the eye your way. It’s styled more like a beehive because there are so many braids involved in the style.

53. Braids and Curls

She only has part if her hair braided while the rest is left loose and curly.

54. Sweet Curves

Another great style that is eye-catching and stylish. How could we not love these amazing looks?

55. Side Sweeping

We love how the lemonade braids are styled in many different directions. This creates a unique look that fits your own personality.

56. Unique Looks

Another fun style that you will love showing off this year. The best part is that you can keep this gorgeous style for a couple of months.

57. Cool Designs

Not only does this style have some cool braided designs but they all come together in a low bun. It’s a unique style that will blow away the competition at your next event.

58. Sweet Looks

If you need a cool look for an event for your child, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s polished and pretty and one that will make her feel like a princess for the day.

59. Cool Side Styles

This is another great example of a side style that is eye-catching. These styles give you that sexy vibe that comes with a sweeping look.

60. Loads of Curls

You don’t have to braid all of your hair if you don’t want to. If you want to try a style that is half and half, it would probably look something like this. We love the fact that the lower hair is curly because it gives off a more elegant vibe. It’s a gorgeous look that you could wear to your next event.

61. Cool Stars

This is another great example of a braided style that likes to show off some stars. It’s a bold look that is sure to catch the eye wherever you go.

62. Back Sweep

This is a very unique look because we can see the back has been swept off to the side in an amazing way. How could we not like a style that is so bold and unique? If you are looking for an eye-catching style, one that will make you the talk at your next party, then this is the look for you.

63. Long Designs

Another cool braid that is sectioned off very differently from the rest of the styles we have seen. Some braids are higher on the head while some are lower. The braids are big so that there are less than ten all over the head. If you want a different style, one that is unique, then you can’t go wrong with this cool look.

64. Glamor Styles

This glamorous look is one for the books. It’s sexy, stylish and so classy. You are going to blow people’s mind when you take this look to your next event. It’s bold and so very cool.

65. Red Styles

She has some red coloring in her style but only just a little. She wanted to have the same effect you get when you add highlights in. Red is always going to be a color that will make your style stand out. It’s beautiful and also an edgy look for those that want to stand out in a crowd.

66. Goddess Styles

There is just something about lemonade braids that will have you feeling like a goddess. It’s a style that everyone should try out at least once in their life. If you want a cool style, then go for this stunning new look. We promise you won’t regret it.


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