Marley Twists

120 Marley Twists To Try For A Protective Hairdo in 2020!

Ladies, we are bringing to you a fabulous hairstyle today- the stunning Marley twists! They are the best hairdo that this year has seen and we are sure this will stay on steady. The fact that they are long-lasting hairstyles that can protect the hair in the roots is excellent! There are so many fun styles in here from this one twisted section of hair, and we cannot wait for you to try it all! These are undoubtedly the ones to get on with this summer season!

It is not just a hairstyle, and it is a way for you to show off your charming personality. There are no complicated steps on them as well. We will show you how you can get it done at home and also the images that can inspire you! This can be the perfect guide for a beginner to learn about Marley twists! We are more than excited to present this collection to you. So let us get into it! Here you will find all our tips, tricks and most importantly the process of getting these twists on your hair.

marley twists What are Marley Twists?

Marley twists are hairstyles that are sure to get your attention. But what are they to be precise? These are the twisted hairstyles that have the hair extensions on them! These are done using Marley’s hair, and thus it has that name. It is an African style of protective hairstyles that are loved by all! They can make you look like a princess for sure.

These are such stunning hairdos that can give you a thick hair appeal as well. There are perks to having hair that is thick and has these twists. They are easy to manage too!

You can say that these are the hairdos that make you feel youthful and charming. There is an involvement of two strands of hair, and all you do is twist them around itself. This is like an easy rope braids. These extensions are coarse. It can resemble natural hair more. So it is perfect to be worn as a relaxed, effortless hairdo.


How can you get Marley twist done at home?

Are you wondering how to do Marley twists now that you know what they are? Follow these quick steps here, and you are sure to get those stunning twists right in no time!

  • Divide all your combed hair into some sections, apply hair cream all over these sections, and take one out to work with on the side.
  • Grab your Marley hair extensions and create two sections, start to merge them with your natural hair.
  • You can twist the extensions clockwise, and it will lock them in place.
  • Create twists with the sections you made in the extensions now. You will repeat the same with all the hair sections all around.
  • As you reach the end, you will see some stray hair there. You can chop them off with some sharp scissors.
  • After this, you want to seal the ends of the hair extensions. For this, you can take boiling hot water and merge the ends in it.
  • Take them out and pat them till they are dry from the water.
  • Make sure you leave them to get cold before you touch them.
  • Now you are ready to flaunt your new hair!

How to differentiate between Marley twists and other styles

When you check out these twists, one thing that makes it unique is that there is a use of natural-looking hair. The hair extensions here are coarse, and thus they can get the hair to look like your own! This is looking too fake even though it is an add on!

Taking care of Marley twists

You can take care of your new hairstyle in many ways. The first being you want to keep the hair moisturized with as much deep conditioning and repairing products as possible. You want to get the hair to be sealed away from damage. If you feel the scalp to get itchy, do not touch them!

There are many anti-itching products that you can use for it! You will also need to use a very gentle diluted shampoo for your locks. This needs to be done every two weeks as well. Take your time and see to it that you leave them clean.

There can be excess build up in some of your hair strands, and that can harm your hair. It can also weight it down more. So keep it clean as much as you can. Take a silk cloth and wrap it around your head before you go to bed to protect them from being messy!

Things to know about Marley Twists

There are a lot of questions that come forward when choosing these twists. You are sure to have some queries on your mind as well. We are using this section of our article to give you the answers you need!

  • How many Marley twists hair packs do you need?

You will need at least ten packs of hair for a medium length. For anything less, you can go for five packages.

  • How long do Marley twists last?

If your hair grows fast, you can keep them only for about three to four weeks. If not, they are suitable for five to six weeks!

  • Can it help your hair to grow?

They are protective hairstyles that can keep the hair away from damage, but it has not been seen to help in hair growth.

  • How much will it cost?

The prices of these hairstyles will change according to the salon you get to. But they can cost anything between a hundred to hundred and fifty dollars. If you have thick hair, it may take more than this!

How can you style Marley twists

There are a lot of ways you can style your hair when you get these twists. From this section onwards, we will show you some good ways to keep the hair correctly done. Since you have them in twists, you can get the hairstyles to look thicker. They are also easier to manipulate. So check out the options that we are showing off here and get ready to slay the look this season. Some celebs style their locks the same way so take inspiration!

You can get them in a bun or create a beautiful Updo of sorts. This can help you look professional. So wear them to your office if you are willing to get these twists done! In case you are looking for something fun, you can add beads and other fun elements on your twists. They can be the best style for anyone who wants that youthful appeal to their locks Check them out in the latter sections of our article here.

Perfect party hairstyles

Party hairstyles need to make you feel good and have to look good on you too! We are looking at showing you some styles that have the charm and has this glam vibe also. Check them out in these images. You are sure to want to recreate them once you check them out. There are some accessories that you can add on to these hairstyles to make them even better. We suggest the use of hair clasps and some beads that match your dress.

If you want to add on some colors, then the blonde is one hue that never seems to get out of style. There are so many scales of the same color that you can wear as well. They can be as dark and as light as you want it to be! Ask your hairstylist to match the skin. This way you can get the perfect look to flaunt this season. You can also go for thick jumbo twists if you want to get that chunky style for yourself.

Some fun colors to try out

When it comes to making a hairstyle look fun, there is a lot you can do. But the best and the quickest option is to get your locks colored in various hues! They can be bright, and you can also mix it up with some other complementing colors. They can bring out the best of your skin color and add light to your eyes too. So experiment with these hues if you want that different appeal to your hair. Check out the ones we are showing off here as well.

We love the idea of browns and blondes, but the color that pops is the use of this bright blue! They are working great with these purple tones, and we adore them. Another hue that catches the heart is red. They can make you feel like a diva for sure. If these are not more to your liking, you can head on to trying to ash blonde. And the popularity they are gaining is excellent too.

Thin Marley twists

Some small Marley twists are sure to steal your heart. These are the hairstyles that are perfect if you want to keep your hair short and sweet. Some styles can take off years from your face. And the one we loved the most are categorized here. You can go through them and head on to making it your own. Add something that you think can make this style more comfortable for you. If you want, you can add thin braids on the hair as well.

You can take a lot of sections on your hair and that way the twists will look small. They can also make your hair look thicker. And as you do it, you can get volume on the desired parts of your hair. Add on some layers on, and you can enjoy the style for long. They can also help to frame your face. This way, you can get the hair to look well-balanced and get that young vibe on as well. You are sure to love this one!

For young kids

These Marley twists are not only suitable for women of older ages, but small kids can also wear them! You can get your teenage daughters to wear this style. There is no need for you to put in all the effort. You can ask your stylist to get the colors and the twists on them as they like. They can choose the afro hair as well if that seems to be comfortable for them. Help them pick out a hairdo and you are set.

When you have short hair on young kids, you can add on some hairpins and make the most of it. If they are toddlers, ask them to take a pick of a hair accessory that they want. It can be as colorful and funky as they want. It can make a cute hairdo that can be sported to birthday parties and fun events. If you are looking for options, choose the ones from this section here. We are sure you will find the best one for you.

Top bun with Marley twists

Are you annoyed by hair that falls on your shoulders and gets in your way? Then you can take the time to get all of your Marley twists and tie them in a bun. There is no saying how big that will be and how majestic it may look. You have to take the time and build the sections so that they do not fall off from your hair. Make sure you use good ties and secure the edges well.

Here you can see we collected the top buns that are best for anyone. There is not a lot of oomph on them when they get sloppy! So add that needed time and secure it in height. You are sure to love this idea for when you want to look professional. They can be hassle-free and keep you from looking too messy at work. If not, you can also wear them when you head on to a fun day out with your buddies. So give them a try.

Adding beads and clasps on Marley twists

There are so many fun things you can do to your Marley twists and one thing that makes the most sense is adding on beads. They are readily available, and they can make your whole attire look coordinated. Furthermore, you can also add on some clasps to your hair. These are golden shades of clasps that can get you the charm that you need in your hair! Make sure that you choose the ones that fit your braids here.

In this section, you can also see some of the styles of these Marley twists! There are things like yarn that you can add on to the twists. You can make these as thick as you want and use the colors of the thread to bring it out even more! And if you are comfortable with coloring, you can use hair extensions of the shade you love to do this. There are some remarkable ways to wear them after you get it! Here we are presenting all of them, so check it out.

Coloring them in blonde hues

Blonde is undoubtedly a color that makes everyone feel good. This hue is the most used and popular all around the world. If you take a closer look in some of these Marley twists, you can see some strands show this color! You can keep it subtle if you are not into making it seem too bold. And if you are willing to get a bit of attention, you can head on to salon and get these brownish tones on yourself.

Check out the massively popular ones. There are not too bold blondes in here. You can also find some brown hues on some of these. These are perfect for women who want to keep it simple and wear something comfortable. Here we are showing you some remarkable ways to get your locks colored. It does not need to be the same full head on one color thing. Spice up things and go for an alternate strand method. You can also go for a rough look like the one in the last image here.

Short Marley twists

Marley twists short hairstyles are popular now more than ever. Some women love the idea of this length of hair. They are trendy, and they are also comfortable to wear. Thus it is lovely and perfect for working women as well. You can also get out of the salon quickly with this hairstyle. It will not keep you in the salon chair for long hours. So this makes the hairdo more desirable than ever!

Here you can see our collection of the best hairstyles with these twists. They are not only thin in some of these, but they are also looking well rounded up too. If you are a lover of thick and luscious hair, try jumbo braids like the one on the bottom here. We are sure this will make you feel good. They are easy to style, and there is no need to put in a lot of effort. All you need is some right hairstyling products. This can keep your hair away from being too dry and getting frizzy.


Jumbo Marley twists

Who does not love the idea of jumbo Marley twists? These are hairstyles that are getting the attention they deserve in this year. There are not a lot of hairstyles that anyone can pull off, and so we love this! Anyone with any hair length and hair texture can work with this hairdo. Surely you need more hair extensions with this style. Thus it increases the cost here. You need to make sure that the hair is excellent quality as well.

Take thick sections of hair and start with these twists. They can make your hair get the beautiful sharp look that everyone loves. We are sure you have seen these styles on famous celebs as well. You can style them by pulling them in on a top bun. If not, you can also leave them on a half up half down hairdo. These are the best options for anyone who has always dreamt of having thick locks. We sure love the idea and thus have compiled these images for you.

Options to check out!

You must have heard about the Marley twists crochet! If you are not sure what they are, we are here to bring it to your awareness! These can be thought of as hooks that can hold your hair with the extensions and twists. When you get your hair extension on, it is most important to note that the hair holds on to it. If it falls off, then this can be a bad experience for you. So you want to make sure that you latch them on well.

Some excellent stylists can help you get this hairstyle secured. So if you are not sure to get them right at your home, it is best to book an appointment at a salon. Go to hairdressers that you trust for this. Since these are protective hairdos, you will be wearing them for weeks. So you want it to be as precise and as polished as it can be. Check out some of the styles here and take inspiration!

These are hairstyles that are sure to make you feel good. They are not too loud, but you can make them look as extra and as subtle as you want them to be. The ability of the style to mold into whatever one needs is what makes this approachable! If you are looking to change your hair and want to try on a rope braid like style, this is best for you.

Check out the images that we compiled for you, and you are sure to love trying them out! There are ways to style them and get them to match up to the look you want. There are updos and some ponytails as well. All you need is to take the time to check out these styles and try them out. You will be hooked to these hairdos once you wear them around.


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