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105 Outstanding Medium Hairstyles That You Need To Try

If you want to try out medium hairstyles, then here we have some ideas for you to try out. These are the styles that make us want to experiment a lot! You can do a lot with your hair if it has these beautiful layers to them. We are sure you will adore these looks if you have short to shoulder length hair. You can make yourself look unique and adorable as you try these hairdos out. If you recently cut your hair and do not know of ways to sort them out, this will be the article that helps you out!

These are some looks that are not only popular but are also stylish and comfortable to work with. Hairdos are ranging from subtle and easy ones, and they escalate to any hard ones as well. We are sure to make you look your best this season by compiling these outstanding ideas! These are not only for women, but men can also sport them. There are ideas in here for women with all kinds of hair textures, and thus we believe this is a perfect mix! If you want a cheerful appeal. Then you can try out any of these hairstyles!

Here are some of the best medium hairstyles that you can try out for yourself!

Flawless medium hairstyles

If you desire a hairstyle that looks great on all occasions, then here are some ideas for you. You can see the twists and bends in the locks here are stunning. You can wear them to any special event, even your wedding! So what are you waiting for? Head on to your salon and get this look today to look polished and pretty for any occasion!

medium hairstyles

The long evergreen bob

The long bob is an excellent hairdo that works for women of all face shapes. This is a look that we adore and are willing to try on as well. If you want a change of looks, then this is perfect for you. There is enough space for you to mold out an updo or an elaborate hairdo as well. So you can be assured that your hair works for any special occasion as well.

Layered haircut for medium hairstyles

If you are looking to try on medium hairstyles for thick hair, then here is the answer to your search. These layers that we have on the hair makes the thick hair look a bit sleeker and lifts that weight off from your hair too. Adding layers is also an excellent option for women who want to get a thick hair appearance and suffer from thin hair! Check out these looks here and try them out!

Braided Hairstyles for a distinctive look

When you braid your hair, you create a pattern that works out beautifully and makes your hair look stunning. You can try out these braids if you want to stand out by doing the bare minimum. Here are some ideas to perform these twists for women who are looking for medium hairstyles. You can also curl the sections of hair below to make your hair look polished and well put together. The colors will shine out when you add these waves.

Red carpet look

You need to look your best when you attend a high fashion event like a red carpet. And celebs are always putting on their best foot forward when they try on a hairstyle for such occasions! We are sure you will admire this look in here. These work out well for women who desire to look fabulous and glamorous in medium hairstyles. We compiled some looks for you to check out and get inspired by in here.

Tied to the back

Here are a couple of hairstyles that have the perfect combination of chic and effortless. We are sure you will love the way your hair looks when you wear this style! If you want to try on a look that needs not a lot of effort to it, then you can try it. You can take the section of hair from the side and pin them down.

Keeping it simple

If you are not one to fuss over some intricately detailed look, then here are some ideas for you. These are simple and comfortable, as well. You can put on some braids and also add on a twisted piece of hair on the side for a quick look. Here we have some comfortable to wear ideas that you can try out. We are sure you will love the comfort that comes with these hairdos!

Casual twisted hairdo for teens

Teenagers are looking to sport a hairstyle that has the fun element to it without it being a bit too complicated. If you want to enjoy a flirty look, here are some ideas for you. It will take only a couple of minutes to do, and it looks beautiful too. If you have natural waves on your hair, then you will look even better in these hairdos. These are ideal for medium hairstyles.

Curls and waves on medium hair

If you are looking to add some curls on your hair on medium hairstyles, then here are some of the best ideas for you. We compiled the looks that work out for women of all ages. They have a vibrant appeal here, and we are sure you will love the lively feel of the waves. There is a lot of volume on these hairdos, and we live for such fun hairstyles!

Blunt cut medium hairstyles

These ends here are stunning and different as well. The blunt edges of the hair have this charm to it, and you can see that it adds a rough edge to the hair as we have never seen before. This is an easy hairstyle, and it all depends upon the skill and competence of your hairdresser. We are sure you will love the way your hair looks when you add some waves on them.

Volume on the hair

When you have thin hair, your locks seem to look flat and not too voluminous. Thus we are bringing to you the best way to add some bulk! The layers on the top add on the thickness and give a good hair vibe. Here are some hair ideas that you can try out if you want that kind of appeal. Make sure you share your experience of wearing this hairdo with us in the comments box below.

medium hairstylesSharp cut ends

You can find these sharp ends on the medium haircuts 2018, and countless women tried them on. Here we have an idea right here for you. The colors are stunning, and the cut is excellent as well. The layers in here also frame the face well. You can see there is a glamorous touch to these hairdos. Make sure you keep this article saved up and bookmarked so that you find them faster when you need it.

Flowery details on medium hairstyles

There is an addition of flowery ornaments on this look here that we adore. You can see that hairstyle makes the hair look different and fun. If you want your locks to get that flair, then this is an easy way! Here are a couple of ideas that we compiled for your sake. These are the ornaments that you can find online with ease. There are some vibrant hues as well that you can pick for yourself. The easy medium hairstyle

These looks here can be called the short to medium hairstyles, and you can try it if you have similar hair length. There is a pictorial representation of the way you can create a messy bun. You can see that the hair is twisted up and some sections are left loose as well. There is an ease to this hairstyle, and you can try them on if you have no time to create an elaborate hairstyle.

The casual knotted hairstyle

Here are some hairstyle ideas that work well for the students on the go! The charm of these hairdos is that they are comfortable and easy to get done. They are chic and elegant as well. You can place this knot on the top or keep it to the back of your head as well. No matter what you want to do, you will come out looking charming for sure! Here are some ideas to try out.

The adorable medium hairstyles

This is the section of our article that deals with the medium length hairstyles 2019. We are sure you will love to try them on. They are still relevant to this year! The waves and the chic colors are working out well for the women in here. If you want to try out a color that is as flattering as this one, then this season is your chance! This is an excellent idea to try on for a fresh appeal.

Reese Witherspoon’s stunning look

Here are a shoulder length hairstyles for beautiful hair that Reese Witherspoon endorsed. You can see her hair has this stunning blonde highlights. There are waves on the hair, and the darker sections in here add the needed depth to the look. This hair color is done well, and we love how this will work for women of all skin tones. The puff on the top here adds that youthful appeal to the hair that you can try out as well.

Central partition with wavy hair

If you want to try on a well-transitioned hairstyle, then you can try on this middle parted look we have in here. This hairdo works out well for women who have a round face. The hair on either side frames the face thoroughly and gives it a chiseled look. The slimming effect is what is adorable about this look. The waves in here are adding the needed grace to your locks.

Dark and light hues combined

There is a technique to hair coloring as well. The way you place the colors make the hair look extraordinary. You can see that the dark shades you put on add the needed depth! When you add on the lighter shade on top of these deeper tones, you can experience a color that is as well balanced as this one here. The method you use can define the locks and make any hairstyle stand out!

Keeping the same length

If you want to keep your hair sleek and pretty, then you can try out this hairstyle here. The red shades here are mixed with brown, and the mix is beautiful. There are no layers in here, and the hair has a single layer on it. This is best for women who have thick hair and do not want to deal with any flyaway hair. You can take cues from this look in here before you try it out!

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The casual look with medium hair

For an everyday look, we surely do not want to be looking too edgy! We are sure you will love the way your hair looks when you try on these hues in here. They are stylish and will set you to your path to looking the best! But they are also not too bold and extra to scare you away! These are hues that anyone can try out for a relaxed appeal. The lighter shades are adding the perfect dimension too!

medium hairstyles Rihanna’s medium hairstyles

Rihanna is a stunning woman, and her hairstyles and attires make us admire her even more. We are always in love with her extraordinary looks. You need to try out the same if you want to stand out and be as extra and edgy as the singer herself. Here her hair is tied up and has these curls to them. The hair color also sets this look apart from any other hairdo we have seen.

Celebrity inspiration for you!

These are some of the medium hairstyles 2019 that we want to recreate on our own. If you admire to be as stunning as these celebs, you can try this look in here. There is a subtlety in these hairdos, and they are perfect for commoners as well. Make sure your hair is well treated and conditioned so that your hair looks great. There can be no frizz when you try out these hairstyles, so you are sure to need to put some effort!

The elegant and subtle look

This look here is delicate, and we love the way it makes you look gracious and feminine. There is shine to these hairstyles, and you can see that the loose curls are setting it apart from any other hairstyles you can try! If you are a bride to be, you can try this one out for sure. You can also decide on the hairdo if you are heading out for a romantic date night. Your date will be stunned for sure!

Messy Bun with a hairpin!

When you are running out of time and need to look extra special, you can try out these hairstyles in here. If you have waves in your hair, you will need no help in getting this look here. You can take the hair and tie it up to the top. You can add on any hairpins and ornaments to make them look exclusive. Here is an idea you can try out to look relaxed and evergreen each day!

The glorious angled Bob

The bob is one hairstyle that we do not see being extinct anytime soon. If you have not tried on this look here, you need to try them on as soon as you can! They are versatile, and they have this charm to them that we adore as well. The angled bob in here has the charm that works for youth and women of age as well. These medium hairstyles are stunning, and a must try for anyone who wants a charming appeal.

Braids and twists for black hair

If you are one who loves getting on some twists on their hair, you will like this idea in here. You can see that the hair is twisted well and they are making the hair look thicker and healthier as well. The braids are also an option that you can substitute for the twists in here. No matter what your choice is, you are sure to love this striking and traditional form of African style!

medium hairstylesHairstyles popular back in the day

Some hairstyles worked well for women back in the day. You can see that these were images from way back, and they can surely make you feel nostalgic too. If you are one who tried them on in that era, you will know how popular they were. They were sported by women a lot in different forms. Here are some pictures we compiled that can make you feel the magic of the era as well!

Mature look you can try out

These are medium hairstyles that work best for women over 40 years of age. Older women love these as they want an easy to style and effortless appeal to their locks. We are sure you will enjoy the bob here. It has proven to be one exclusive look for women of all ages! You can also add bangs on your forehead if you want to conceal any signs of wrinkles! They are great for a lot of reasons!

Hair color inspiration for all

When you have short hair, you can spice it up in a lot of ways. The easiest one though is adding some pack of color. You can check out these shades in here and try them if you want to stand out. The blonde shades are evergreen and suit almost everyone. So that is undoubtedly a safe choice for all. They can look flattering for all skin tones. Here are some beautiful images to show you the best of these hues!

Dark tones in medium hairstyles

Here is a collection of our best shoulder length haircuts that are perfect for anyone who loves dark hues! If you want to try on these stunning combinations, then you need to head on to your salon today. People with medium to deep skin tones are going to love these hues. You can ask to get any consistency and intensity you desire in these shades so that they match up to your skin tone and make you look extraordinary!

For your wedding day

When you have set your wedding date and need to look your best, you can try these hairstyles in here. You can see that there are a lot of hairstyles on the internet that works for women of all ages! When you search for them, you can get flustered for sure. So we are here to help you out. If you have short hair, you can be feeling a bit out of options as well. So here are some looks for those brides who have shoulder length short hair.


We made sure you get the best of the hairstyles out there to try out for yourself. If you have yet to decide what look you want to try, that is okay. You can go ahead and check these hairstyles out one more time. We are confident you will find the ones to get on board with. Take them out to your hair stylist if you are not sure how to get them on yourself at home. They range from being easy ones to the ones that are a bit difficult to try out. Make your pick and look effortlessly stunning!

These are the hairstyles that fall in between and are not in the extremes of things. The collection here is different and is perfect for women of all ages. If you want to try out a look in here, then you can do so with ease! That makes them approachable for everyone. There is a fresh and new appeal to most of these looks, so it is perfect if you want to achieve a youthful vibe. Make sure you carry them off with your swag to look extraordinary!


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