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91 Easy And Eye-Catching Micro Braids To Try In 2021

Are you planning for a new braided hairstyle this summer? Are you tired of a regular box braid?  If you are planning for it, a sexy braiding hairstyle,  you will shine with the new micro braids. With the proper small and tight braids, you don’t need to worry about your braids falling off your hair. This braiding style which will stay in your hair for a long time.

Before you get into this hair technique, you will require a lot of thinking. Despite its beauty, this braiding technique does not go on all types of hairstyles. Also, it requires heavy maintenance. So, you can’t plan for it if you have a busy schedule and have no time for your hair.

Here are some of the best techniques for micro braids.

Half Micro Braids

If you are not ready for making all of your hair turn into a micro braid, you can choose the amount that you can to style. While you apply this braiding technique to your hair, you can use it to half of your hair. In this way, you will get a completely new look for your face. Shine with the best micro braids 2019 hairstyles in the 2020s too.


micro braids

The Golden

Are you a crazy fan of colored hair? If you like dyed hair, you can try it with some basic braids that look awesome. Here you have the best kind of hairstyle with glamorous color. Don’t miss this out on this new fashion trend of 2020.

Full Braids on Black Hair

Sick of your black hair? Do you want a change? Are you tired of straightening your hair? Here is the best technique that you can apply in your beautiful hair. If you have a dark American or an African face, this will be the perfect hair technique for you. So, try this hairstyle.

Braids with Different Shades

Don’t stress if you are tired of having a single hair color on your hair. The new trend of 2020 comes with the most beautiful hair colors that you can apply to your hair on only time. The mixture of half your hair into a brunette and a half into light golden can make you look like you want to rock the micro braids you have.

The Bold and Sexy

Tired of sticking to the cute hairstyles? Get this sexy and bold look with micro braids hairstyles 2019. No matter what the length of your hair is, you will surely rock this pretty hairstyle.

Broken Micro Braids

With this simple braiding technique, you can make your hair look completely natural. You don’t need to worry about people thinking that you put a lot of effort into your hair. So, try this technique and be in style with the acknowledgment of no one. Stay on-trend!


On the Scalp

What about turning your straight hair into a little sexy? You can try this on the scalp technique by braiding the hair on your scalp and leaving the others open. This hairstyle will make you look flawless and on style.

Updo with the Braids

Who says braids don’t go well with the updos? You can look gorgeous with your updo with these tiny braids. While you still enjoy your braided hairstyle, you can escape the heat of summer and try to place all your hair at the top of your head. Good luck with this new hair technique.


Very Tiny Braids

Micro braids are tiny. But, you could make it, even more, smaller by braiding it into short forms. Your hair won’t look like you are trying to add effort to it. With this casual look, you can go anywhere, and people will love it.


Braids with Waves

What would it look like if you add twists to the waves? Stunning, right? Yes, you are here. Look at how amazing it seems to add some small and tiny twists to your wavy hair. You will surely love the idea about how you will slay with this simple hair technique. No wonder you will be the girl with the prettiest hairstyle in the room wherever you go.

Full Micro Braids on Sexy Black

If you want a low maintenance hairstyle to make you go wild in the summer, here you have, the best kind of micro braids that you make you slay wherever you ago. You will want to keep this hairstyle shining in your head forever.


Micro Braids with Pony

If you are craving a sweet hairstyle that you make you look like a baby, you have got this impressive braiding technique. It can be used for any occasion to make you look both casual and beautiful at the same time. Never say NO to this pretty hairstyle.

Braids with Simple Updo

Straight micro braids look fabulous. You won’t dream of any other updo when you have your hair braided into thin braids over the scalp, and the other parts left straight. Believe it, this will be one of the most stunning hairstyles that you can apply to your beautiful hair. Try coloring it into golden to get a different shine.

Mugs with braids

How about cups on twists? Have you ever thought of it? If you have not, you should try it. These tiny and delicate braids can make you look unique and stylish on your head.

Pixie with Braids

Don’t worry if you have short hair. You can still make your short hair look pretty with simple hair techniques.


Simple and Sexy

Still confused about what to do with your gorgeous black hair? If you have no idea what to do with your black hair, take the risk and apply some crochet micro braids. There is no doubt that you will fail this impressive hair technique.

Braids on Red Head

It doesn’t matter what hair color or style that you transform your hair. You can apply this shade of red to shine with your braids. This hairstyle will make you look like you are the prettiest girl in the room.

Micro Braids with Curls

If your inspiration is a braided hairstyle, then you need to look forward to the micro braids. The curls that you add to these braids can make you look amazing. Try this beautiful hairstyle. Also, you can add some pink highlights to make it look sexier.


Stunning Updos in Brown Hair

Don’t worry about how you can transform your hair with the braids. You can turn your hair into anything you like with the simple twists that you apply to your hair. At times, you can use brunette color and then turn your hairstyle into something scorching and sexy. Best hair for micro braids includes straight hair, which can make your twist align properly.


Pony with Golden Highlights

Do you want to have a pure African hairstyle? If yes, then you can try this perfect braiding style. You will feel like you won’t have any regrets after trying this hair technique in your hair. Your brown or black hair will look as gorgeous as ever, and you will shine with the contrast of bold golden. The dark and light make the right combination. Hence, there is no doubt that you don’t rock with this hairstyle.


Straight Hairstyle with Pink Highlights

Are you trying to apply a classy style to your hair? You will surely love these highlights of pink in your soft and smooth brown hair. With no worries of your hair getting fizzy and unstable, you will rock this look anywhere you go.

Braids on Medium-Sized Hair

These classy and sexy braids will provide a different texture on your medium-sized hair. You will surely love how beautiful you look with this relaxed style. It does not require much effort at all. You will look stunning with no effort. Try this hairstyle.


Creative Designs for Braids

No matter how long or short, your hair is, you can always choose classic styles for your hair. Can you not make your hair look like you want to rock the room? Yes, you can. Despite trying the straight micro braids try this designer braiding style to make it look like you have sacrificed a lot of time styling your hair.

Simple Braids

It doesn’t matter how much effort you putt to your hair. All it matters is how it looks after your attempt. To make your hair look like you will rock it, you can apply small braids. Your long and black hair will shine with beauty.

Highlights with Curls

Try this impressive hair technique with the stresses of red and golden in your curly hair. Micro braids hairstyles wavy can make your hair look beautiful and sexy at the same time. You won’t ever regret the effort that you put on your hair to shine. Also, you can put some braids in the scalp and make it sexier.




Beautiful Black

Do you know that the best hair for micro braids is the black hair? Nothing shines better than black hair with tiny and simple twists. Your black hair will never fail to rock if you apply this simple hairstyle.


Double Buns

Double Buns can make you look like a cute little cat. Apply winged eyeliner to get an elegant look and enjoy every second of styling this hairstyle. You can make yourself look pretty amazing with this hairstyle. Also, add some round hoop earrings to make you look like you come from the Disney world.

Dark Brown Highlights

Brunette hair color will never make you fail in any hairstyling. You will get a beautiful view of your straight micro braids and can make yourself look pretty good with the texture that you apply on your hair. Hence, try this hairstyle to shine.



Shiny Black

Black will make you shine with all effort. You can leave your shiny black hair untied or can make it into an updo. Whatever style you apply to your hair, you will shine with grace. Beneath your updo, you can add some straight micro braids to make it look like you are adding some efforts to your braided hairstyle.


Perfect Black with Micro Braids

The ideal black inspires micro Braids 2018. If you have a slightly fair face, you don’t need to worry about what will suit you. Black can go with everything. So, this hairstyle can go crazy at any event. You can try this on the beach or at the wedding. Anywhere you go carrying this hair, you will look pretty and get admirations of almost everyone.

Very Tiny Braids

If you think braids look only when they are thick, you are wrong. Braids can look extremely fabulous when you apply it on thin hair. The tiny and invisible micro braids styles can make everyone wonder if you are using the braiding technique in your hair. You will feel like your braided hair is everything you want for your hair throughout your lifetime.

Curls with Braids on Scalp

Damm these sexy curls on the braids. You won’t ever say no to this perfect hairstyle if you are a hair freak. Don’t you worry about the compliments that you will receive? Everyone will love your hair and will ask you hairstyling ideas. You will shine in the room if you try this gorgeous hairstyle. Apply little shades of red and pink with golden highlights on your hair. Also, you can add some heavy makeup to your face to make yourself look prettier.


Cute Designer hairstyles

If you have a baby face and might be wondering how the braids look on you, you need to try this cute designer hairstyle. You can shine flawlessly with this simple hairstyle technique. All you need to do is apply some braids and shine.


Shiny Braids

Although the shiny braids might be familiar, this is the most beautiful of all hairstyles that you can have. You won’t regret having this simple hairstyle and turning millions of heads. If you head out to the sunlight with this cute and sexy hairstyle, you will shine very bright. So, try this hairstyle this summer.


Thin Hair Technique

Do you have thin hair? You don’t need to worry about it. The simple mico braids hairstyles 2019 can turn your dull and thin hair into something charming. So, you don’t need to worry about the volume of your hair.



Hot Braids

Who says braids are only for the cute looks? You can have tiny and straightforward braids on your sexy dress up. This can make you feel like you are on a different level of being hot. With the easy hairstyle, you will rock the floor in 2020.


Rose Golden Highlights

Have you ever dreamed of rose gold hair? You probably have done. But, have you thought of it with some twists? The twists that you apply to your hair can look appealing when you use the highlights of the golden rose.



Sexy Curls

No wonder curls never make you fail the stage. You won’t ever fail to look hot and bold with the little number of coils. No matter what the size and texture of your hair are, you will have this excellent final look that you will make you look like you want this hairstyle for life. Try this simple technique to rock the micro braids hairstyles wavy.


Brown and Sexy Curls

If you are willing to transform your hairstyle into something crazy, you need to know well about proper hair colors for your braids. Also, you need to learn about how to add curls to make your hair look more sizzling hot. No matter if you wear specs or not, this hairstyle won’t make you feel like a nerd.


The Crazy Updo

If you have incredibly thick hair, you never need to worry about styling it. Your thick black hair will look gorgeous with the micro braids. You won’t say NO to this hairstyle if you apply it once to your hair. So, what are you searching for? Go to a salon and transform your hair into a crazy updo with some cool braids.

Half Pony on Micro Braids

Are you planning for a half pony? If yes, then here you go. You have this perfect half ponytail made with the micro braids. Your hair will give you the utmost satisfaction with hair styling. So, don’t ever say no to this hairstyle.

Sexy Updos

Are you in doubt about styling your hair? If you have a significant doubt on it, go with the sexy updos that you can try with your braids. Add some highlights to your hair to make your updo more realistic and sexy. You will look fantastic if you apply this simple technique to your hair.

Sweet Braiding Styles

Can you image soft and invisible micro braids styles to your hair? Here you have, the most delightful of all braids. These braids don’t even look like they occupy a place in your hair. They stay in between the scalp but give your hair a completely new look. You can flaunt any party with this hairstyle. Add a cute flower matching with your hair color to look prettier.



Natural Waves on Micro Braids

Natural waves can make you feel beautiful. It can add more to your look if you add more to your natural curves. Have you imagined some braids in your naturally perfect hair? If not, go for the idea. You won’t regret it.

Ash Grey

Colored hair is ruling the hair industry of 2020. You won’t regret having colored hair as the new trend. Also, colored braids have a different place in the hair industry. Almost everyone interested in style their hair is now coming up with the coloring on braids ideas. You can apply an ash grey color to your hair to make yourself look pretty.


Braids on Thai

You might have enjoyed the Thai cut hair on your straight hair. But, how about this hairstyle on the simple twists? This straight micro braids hairstyle can give you a completely new look. You will feel like you are enjoying the same old haircut but with a modern look. So, go for this hairstyle, you will have no regrets.

The Perfect Curls on Micro Braids

Curls could not entertain you all the time. But, your curls will make you satisfied if you add some braids to it. With no regrets of having the same old curls, you can flaunt the micro braids 2019.


Styling  Hair

Imagine having different styles on your hair. You won’t regret putting techniques in your hair when you have the micro braids that will make people die for your hairstyle. Your simple hairstyle can get turned to different styles with some small twists. Apply some makeup in your face according to the styling. You will have no regrets at all.



Scattered Thick Braids

Micro Braids don’t always have to be tiny. You can apply the micro braiding into your hairstyle in the solid form too. While you use thick braids in your hair, your hair will look completely different. In this way, you can use the same braiding technique for more than once. Hence, you can make your hair look like you have changed the style with a single touch.



The Golden Highlights

Golden Highlights are cool and crazy at the same time. You won’t regret having these highlights in any hairstyle you have. As the color favors from bridal hair to the causal beach hair, it looks perfect on braids too. You can enjoy your new look with the original color of your braided hair.



Messy Updo

Messy Updos are classic. You will feel like you are flaunting your braided hairstyle if you turn the braids into a simple updo. Everything you need to do is collect all your hair at the top and then tie it. With no effort at all, you can get this easy and simple look. You will enjoy all of it.


Mermaid Braids on Micro

How will it look when the mermaid and the micro braids go together? Here is the result. You will be shocked to know that this kind of hairstyle can suit anyone. Also, you can try this hairstyle from a prom party to a beach. Hence, you will have no regrets.



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