Mohawk fade

105 Mohawk Fade Men Absolutely Hate To Love

Last time we checked, Mohawks were a thing of the past. However, there are more and more people around these days trying out this look that dominated the 80s and 90s. Yes, even back then, people were rebellious and did not care about what others thought of them. They just did whatever that they pleased, and that’s how everyone came to love the Mohawk look. However, the old ways don’t really work for this generation, so what’s the solution here? Well, we said that people are trying out Mohawks these days, but they are trying a modified version of it. It’s called Mohawk Fade.

You heard it right people, the Mohawk, but with fades on it. So, what’s the whole deal about with this look, you ask? Well, let’s just put it this way. The fashion industry took the best part of Mohawk and made it accessible for all kinds of people regardless of their professions, education level. Because honestly, mohawks just don’t go well with school regulations, and office environment as well.

However, this version of Mohawk that also incorporates fade into it; this is different. It allows anyone to rock a mohawk in the most subtle of ways. Here are some of the best-looking examples of this amazing hairstyle that we brought for you. Enjoy.

Mohawk fade

On Very Short Hair

When it comes to short hair, these gentlemen always have problems with hairstyles. The only thing that comes to their mind is the buzz cut, but there’s more to short hair than just buzzcuts.

For Young Men

Young men need some kind of an edge to their hairstyle. Luckily, this Mohawk gives all of that to you, and perhaps more. Notice the lines? Something like that.

Average Short Mohawk

The average short mohawk deals with the fact that simple-looking hair can make a very elegant looking overall style. When people see you with this look, they’ll hardly recognize you.

Clean Cut Lines

The clean-cut lines here are the major highlights here apart from the sleek looking Mohawk. These clean lines are usually in a fade hairstyle. So you know the mixture here.

Short Curly Hair

Curly hair guys know the struggle of finding the perfect kind of hairstyle. Luckily the fade style mohawk doesn’t do any kind of discrimination.

Classic Fade ft. Mohawk

If you ever felt the urge to see what a classic mixture of fade and Mohawk looks like, this is probably the closest you’ll ever get to that look.

For Black Dudes

Fades suit almost all kinds of people, from different backgrounds as well. If you’re a black dude and worrying about fade mohawk, you don’t need to.

With Shades and Moustache

Shades and mustache is a very nice combination. But do you know what else goes with this look? Well, you guessed it correctly—the Mohawk fade.

With an Afro-Top

The majority of black dudes have afro-textured hair, which is thick, and also immensely curly as well. Wondering what a mohawk would look like? See here.

With Curved End

Since you’re thinking of doing something unique with your mohawk look, how about this one. Instead of a center top, slightly curve it in the back.

Use Arts

When you go for the fade mohawk, you have an extra room where you can easily experiment like this hairstyle where there’s some art on the sides.

Leaving End Long

There’s a separate trend where people leave the end of their hair longer, and frankly, it looks absolutely amazing as well. Whoever came with this idea, give that person a medal.

Make Spikes

Back in the days, mohawk hairstyles weren’t complete without spikes of some sort. This look tries to replicate it but in a subtle way.

On Blonde Hair

What would it look like on blonde hair? See it for yourself. The shiny texture on this look makes the whole appearance better.

Aggressive Fade Mohawk

While you’re at it, getting the perfect kind of fade for your Mohawk, you might want to go a little hard or aggressive. Here’s an inspiration.

With Beard Line

If you have a thick beard like this, then you already know how this will look on you. Make sure that you also get your bead lined up for that clean asthetic.

The Infamous Mohawk

When talking about original Mohawk, what else would you get that’s more authentic than this. Coming straight from the 90s, we present you with the infamous Mohawk.

Another Art Example

This other art example works like a charm when you do a pretty high fade on your Mohawk like this one. Give you enough room for art.

Short Curly Hair

For guys who have short and curly hair, there’s no need for you to fret over your styling issue anymore. This is the solution for you.

Continuing Beard Lock

The beard lock on the side remainas as a part of the whole hairstyle here. Notice how there’s no visible intersection from hairline to beard line. That’s what you aim for.

Clean Lining Look

This clean lining cut comes in handy for taming your Mohawk the right way. Mohawk fade sometimes gets out of control. This checks everything in place.

For That Badass Look

All you want for your next hairstyle is to make you look extremely badass. That’s alright because we’ve got you all covered. How about this one?

On Platinum Blonde Hair

When it comes to men’s platinum blonde hair color, Mohawk works wonders. While the top section remains platinum blonde, the sides turn into contrasting black.

For Teen Guys

Teen boys want to style from their hairstyles, and they settle for nothing less. We’ve got that issue covered here.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Since you’re into Mohawk fades so bad, let’s introduce another kind in the segment. We present you the burst fade mohawk.

Rock Some Partial Pompadour

The partial pompadour has something of a nice look to it. Despite this looks not being a full mohawk, it does not always have to.

Slightly Curved Ends

When it comes to mohawk fades, you don’t always have to opt for that straight line. Sometimes, go for the little curves that make all the difference.

Mohawk Fade Straight Hair

Fade mohawk on straight hair comes as both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes the straight hair land perfectly, or sometimes they just don’t. In this case, they do.

For Round Faced Men

For all the round-faced men out there, since you’re feeling a little insecure about your choice, let us assure you that this looks amazing.

Men with Curly Hair

Here’s another example of a mohawk fade for someone who has a curly hair texture. Slightly longer curls here, but they serve well.

Curls with Long Ends

The curls with long ends hairstyle, as you see, remains perfect for teen boys as well—a nice choice.

Symmetrical and Lined

The Symmetrical and lined look has a lot of features to it. But the main highlight is how the whole Mohawk stays in place and doesn’t intrude on the fade.

Another for Black Male

This hairstyle meets all the requirements for a black man’s hair. Thick, curly, and small.

Blue Colored Hair

Blue colored hair gives you a very distinct look when paired with mohawk fade. While looking wild, you also look decent as well.

All Swept Back

The all swept-back look has a very corporate feel to it. As we said, the current mohawk styles remain adaptable for the corporate environment as well.

Aggressive Fade

Since you want something aggressive looking with your Mohawk, why not try this one. An aggressive fade for a bolder look.

Justin Bieber Has Tried It

The Mohawk look remains favorite of some of the most famous artists. Even singer and songwriter Justin Bieber has tried it.

Black Man Aesthetics

Here’s another example of the kind of appearance a black man striving for an asthetic look can expect from mohawk fade.

Classy Man Look

Here’s what most men thought was impossible. A classy man’s look from Mohawk. Well, this might change your thought now.

For Young Kids

Young kids want things that they see adults doing. In this case, your younger brother might want the same look you have. Give it to him.

Cleanest Mohawk Look

When you want the cleanest mohawk look, this is something that you go for. Yes, extremely clean, and asthetic looking hairstyle.

Mohawk fade

Office Environment Check

Going to office never looked so sexy, and managed before. Try this look if you don’t want to sacrifice style for the office. Works best for all corporate field.

Taper Fade Mohawk

The taper fade mohawk has some of the characteristics of fade ones but on a more subtle scale. The fade isn’t as aggressive here.

For Edgy Look

What do you do to your Mohawk when you want an edgier look? Well, what are straight lines for. Use them to your advantage.

Young Black Kids

Out there to all the young black kids, there’s no reason for you not to try this amazing hairstyle. Don’t shy away from this amazing look.

For Jet Black Hair

Having jet black hair means that there’s a lot that you can experiment with when it comes to texture—the whole look molds to your whim.

Teenage Guy’s Favorite

According to several tabloids, teenage guys just love this hairstyle. Tell us if you know why.

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Excellent Pompadour Look

Who knew that mohawk fade could make pompadour look so amazing. This is a classic example of a great mixture of both styles.

For Beard Guys

Some men just can’t live without their thick beards. Well, want a hairstyle that enhances your overall appearance? Try This.

Spikes All Over

How about a hairstyle that brings the 90s punk vibes. Well, this hairstyle with spiky touch gives you just that. Isn’t it perfect looking for you?

Massive Pompadour

The massive pompadour look suits anyone who wants to go that extra mile to achieve an amazing appearance. Works well for prom nights as well.

Awesome Mohawk Design

The way this hairstyle goes remains quite inexplicable. The layers look amazing, and the facial structure matches perfectly with every other aspect as well.

Short Mohawk Fade

Although not exactly short hair, you get the idea here. The entire appearance looks very subtle from the front and then turned to the side; it a whole another look.

Men with Jawlines

A person’s hairstyle can highlight certain aspects of a face more prominently. That said, the aspects that stand out after hair are the jawlines.

Magical Layers

The one beauty of fade styled Mohawk straight hair is that it gives hair such majestic looking layers that we can’t help but admire it. This is one of those looks.

For White Skinny Men

When it comes to hairstyles for skinny white men, they should either go for long hair or a short one because they are the only tried and tested ones.

Wavy Short Hair

Give your wavy hair a hair makeover with this amazing looking mohawk fade for short hairs. The wavy hair matches with everything here.

Spectacular Highlight

The whole point of highlighting your top hair in this manner is to make the Mohawk look more prominent. Unsurprisingly, it makes the Mohawk more noticeable.

Curly Hair Frenzy

Sometimes, all you feel like is cutting off your curly hair because they’ve become unmanageable. What if we told you there was a way of avoiding that?

Mohawk Fade with Design

This fade styled Mohawk with design has a very nice touch of art to it. Notice the simple line work on the back of the hair? That’s art.

Another Classic Example

Here’s another example of a classic mohawk fade that people love. What are you waiting for? Get this classic look and rock your day.

Burst Fade Mohawk

These two are different examples of two different requirements for black males. If you’re in the market for a new fade, a burst fade is your choice.

Boys with Long Hairs

If you’re a young man who has long hair, here’s how you can make the most out of your long hair. This fade mohawk seems like the best choice for you.

Modified Back Look

In older and conventional Mohawk, the layers would have been more prominent with an aggressive undercut. But the modified fade makes everything look subtle like this.

Mohawk fade

Massive Top Hair

The massive top hair here projects strong confidence from your personality. Giving you an edgier look, this hairstyle plays best with casual outfits.

Straight Brown Mohawk

You’ve got yourself a brown highlight and now want a robust look. Look no more because this example might just serve you perfectly.

Massive Pompadour with Lines

Here’s a combination that you don’t often see. A massive pompadour with lines that give more definition to your Mohawk. Do you like it?

Casual Everyday Look

We understand that many do not want their Mohawk very aggressive as they want it to fit in with every occasion. Opt for this look then.

Braided Mohawk

Who would have thought to pair braids with a mohawk? But whoever thought of this is a pure genius. Braids help the Mohawk stay in place all day, every day.

Over Buzzcut

Getting buzzcut for men seems like the easiest chore when it comes to hairstyling. However, add a little style to it with mohawk fade like this one right here.

Mohawk Fade With Design

It seems like you’re looking for a little more of a sophisticated design on your fades. How about this one. With the design and the braided top, this is an absolute winner.

Look Like a Cool Nerd

How about changing your style for some time and turning it over, looking like a cool nerd. You heard it right.

Jagged Top & Clean Fades

The combination of both seems like a very spectacular combination—a jagged top with a clean fade like this one you see right here.

For Highlighted Hair

Your highlighted hair has a very nice texture that can turn your look around like magic. The layers look extremely beautiful and well put out.

The Bad Boy Look

Bad boy look has a lot of fan following out there, and people seem to like this look a lot as well. Swept-back hair, leather jacket, and you’re on.

For Asian Men

Asian men usually like to keep it clean, and asthetic looking. Whatever the requirements are, the hairstyle provides all of them.

Formal Look Essentials

Since you have to attend that extremely formal event this weekend, why not go for a similar-looking hairstyle, one that adds to your appearance.

Teen Dry Hair

Dry hairs and teens seem to go hand-in-hand, and that’s not a problem here. You can actually embrace the whole look like this.

Short Hair and Beard Combo

The short hair and beard combo remain a good option for any men who have both features. All you need for this mohawk look is the beard and short hair.

Another For Black Male

Black guys want that Mohawk look, and we’ve just stumbled upon a very good looking style for you all out there.

Slight Front Bang

The small bang on the forehead gives your Mohawk a whole new look. Giving you the upper hand in style, why not try it today?

Longer Front

This longer front look on a Mohawk fade has gotten all the men keen and excited. Ready for any season, this hairstyle is a gem.

Slight Curves

The top of this hairstyle remains curved and slightly falls backward. Out for a date? Well, sweep the floor off under your date’s feet with this look.

Subtle Side Curl

90s actors tired this trick with their hair all the time. Your hair when natural falls on one side, just turn it into a gentle curl like this. Ladies love it.

Slightly Wavy Hair

Men who have slightly wavy hair with a darker tone, you should definitely try this look. If you have a full beard, that’s fine as well.

Mohawk Fade for Cool Men

Since you want a hairstyle that looks cool and goes with any outfit as well, the fade mohawk is your best option here.

Getting The Mohawk Right

It’s a critical thing that you get your Mohawk right like this one here. Talk, and discuss your haircut with your barber intentionally.

Mohawk Fade For Ladies

Ladies, get your stylist on the phone. Looking for something a little more daring & unorthodox, try this amazing look here.

Some Art Girl

Adding some art to your fade is probably the most important detail you can give your hairstyle—the whole appearance changes from a sweet lady to a boss lady.

For Silver Platinum Hair

A lot of women out there are very skeptical about their appearance and want the best kind for them. If platinum silver is the color for you, then we’ve got a hairstyle that goes with it as well.

Minimal Short Curls

What do you really do when you have a short and curly hair but want a stylish hairstyle out of it? You’ve come to the right place, gentlemen. Here’s your solution.

Burst Fade Style

Since you’ve all about mixing fade with Mohawk, here’s a little gift for you. Try this burst fade style on your Mohawk.

Mohawk fade

Short Length and Curly

If the other examples of short and curly hair did not attract your attention, then this just might do the charm. Both different than one another; they have their own dynamic look.

All Three Sides

Have you been wondering how the styled Mohawk look slike from sides, and behind? Well, we’ve got a three side look of a typical mohawk for you here.

More For Afro-Top

We feel like we’ve not covered about afro-top hair that much. Given that, here are other very good examples of Afro-top hairstyles. One is a bit short, and the other is longer. Just in case you need to make a comparison.

Blonde Top Section

Highlighting your hair only on the top part creates a very nice dynamic look. It also makes your Mohawk get more attention from other people.

Mid-Level Fade

If aggressive and uptight fade isn’t something that you’d like to go for, then we also have a mid-level fade option for you. All you need to do is ask.

For Dense Curly Hair

Do you have that dense and curly textured hair which you don’t know what to do? Since you’re here, take some inspiration with you. Try out this hairstyle; it’ll change your perspective towards your unique hair.

Some Art From Lines

Designs on hair have always been a special effect. You can do symbols and other stuff that truly makes a hairstyle your own like these designs here.


The only conclusion here is that the current Mohawk fade remains as one of the most versatile looks that any man or woman can go for. Coming in different looks and sizes, these fades look absolutely amazing when paired with Mohawk.

We’ve discussed and shown you examples for teens, young guys, older guys, guys with beards, for women, and so on. That should give you a full idea of a proper mohawk hairstyle.


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