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87 Neymar Haircut That Proved Ultimate Fashion

We’ve always seen celebrities try new hairstyles which thrill the media and all of their fans also become interested in that hairstyle. However, there is one celebrity in particular who does a lot of transition with his hairstyles that it’s quite hard to keep track of actually. That said, changing hairstyles that often isn’t a bad thing, especially for celebrities who are in constant public view. Now, you must be wondering who that person is that we’re talking about. Well, the whole wide world knows this man and his skills. We’re talking about Neymar. More importantly, focusing on Neymar hairstyles.

Since you’re thinking about it, you now realize how often we get to see Neymar’s new look as it changes all the time. One time he’s on the field with a mohawk, and the next thing you know, it’s a buzz cut. Keeping up with the tremendous amount of hairstyles, here, we’ve compiled some of them for you. We know die-hard Neymar fans want everything that he does, and hairstyle is the easiest way to it.

Here, we have carefully selected 80+ of the most amazing hairstyles that Neymar has ever come up with so far. Get your barber on the line right now; you might now want to miss this.


neymar haircut

The One-Side Undercut

Famously, Neymar introduced this hairstyle to many people when he did it himself. The classic undercut looks way better on him when done on one side. We know it’s two sides, but since only one side remains visible, let’s imagine that.

Long Hair Everywhere

This hairstyle looks a little old school as it comes from the Brazilian game that Neymar played for. That said, do you like this Neymar haircut from the past?

The Spiky Front Trail

This hairstyle has many people upon their heels. When Neymar came out with this hairstyle, everyone wanted to get this look for themselves. It’s not too late for you now as well.

Mohawk on Brown Hair

This mohawk look became famous in the 2010s, thanks to Neymar. His audacity to try out new hairstyles have always inspired many of us. Perfect for spring and fall.

Classic Neymar Mohawk

While the mohawk that we just saw was a pretty cool one, if you’re looking for that classic Neymar haircut in Mohawk style, then this is the one. With a pointy middle and lengthy back hair, it’s quite the badass look.

Messy With Blonde Tint

This messy with blonde tint hairstyle shook the fashion industry as well. When Neymar got this look, it looked like half the world’s men wanted it on their head.

Aggressive Blonde Highlights

The aggressive blonde highlight plays a perfect match with his overall look. Given the fact that Neymar has a dark beard, this forms a very contrasting effect on his appearance.

Natural Short Hair

If you already did not know, Neymar always has pretty curly hair in its natural form. Given that, he mostly straightens his hair. But not here. Here’s Neymar’s natural short hair.

Straight and Flat Look

This straight and flat look happens when a lot of sweat soaks up the hair, therefore, ridding the hair of any volume. But we think it looks pretty nice if done intentionally.

For Golden Brown Hair

We’ve seen his mohawk on blonde, and on black hair. However, this is a completely different look than most because of the color scheme here. The golden brown look might work for you.

Blonde Mohawk

Neymar haircut gains a lot of popularity because of how amazing they look. This look has every bad boy out there craving for it. For all the obvious reasons, of course.

Neymar Hairstyle – Burst Fade

You’ve probably heard about burst fades and similar hairstyles. However, part of why it remains famous is because Neymar did it as well. Why else would anyone notice otherwise?

Neymar’s Buzz Cut

Buzzcut for Neymar came out of nowhere, and fans began asking why he shaved his hair to a buzz cut. Here’s a lesson for everyone. Neymar did the buzz cut because of damages done by excessive hair dye.

Almost a Crew Cut

Crew cut remains famous all around the world, and some of the most famous people have it. The hairstyle fanatic Neymar has tried it as well. So why shouldn’t you?

Slight Front Bang

The Slight front bang hairstyle created a swirl among all of Jr’s fans. This look remains in everyone’s ability and always seemed somewhat attractive as well. What do you think about this Neymar haircut?

A Tiny Pompadour

We all know how massive pompadour hairstyles get and how amazing they look as well. Well, Neymar tried that look but not in its full volume. You should try that as well.

Neymar’s Dry Look

Often times, men use products on their hair because they want their hair a certain texture. In this picture, Neymar has a dry texture, and it looks pretty nice on him as well.

Wet Hairstyle

When it comes to different textured hair, this amazing football star seems like he’s the king of it. Although it might be sweat, this wet look has many people inspired.

Messy Curls With Fade

When it comes to messy curls, if Neymar grew his hair long naturally, this is the look he’d end up with. Of course, there are highlights here that make it more layered than usual.

Mohawk with Longer Top

It seems like this former Barcelona team player loves the hairstyle mohawk because there are always many variations of it around. This here has a longer top with some highlights.

Mohawk on Short Hair

Neymar hairstyle just seems to change eternally as the star tried altercations of the same hairstyle. How many of you think he just cut the longer top to form a shorter one on the same mohawk?

Back Braids Action

Now, this look has some uniqueness to it. The football star braided the end locks of his back hair. This has such a unique touch to it that everyone who loves Neymar haircut has to try this.

Highlighted Tips

The highlighted tips have a new touch to it as this star player tries something new every time. This also makes the mohawk look more prominent than usual.

Like Gladiator’s Helm

At first glance, the thing that came to our heads when we saw this Neymar hairstyle is that of a gladiator’s helm. Although a strange comparison, you might explain it better to your barber this way.

Short and Spiky Look

This short and spiky look gets everyone’s attention. Done right, this hairstyle looks perfect with every summer outfit you can think of in your head.

Wavy Back Style

Different than most of his other hairstyles, this Neymar hairstyle has a subtle wave back look that most men could copy. This could work for the office environment as well.

Massive Front Bang

The massive front back here reminds all men out there that bangs are not only for girls. If you weren’t convinced about this, then maybe Neymar changed your mind?

Slightly Less Daunting Bang

If the above look with that massive bang somewhat scared you then don’t worry, we’ve got another Neymar haircut for you just right here with a little less daunting sized bang. Suitable for a lot more people.

Happy Neymar Haircut

If you guys have noticed something, then you also must have realized that this hairstyle is one of the hairstyles Neymar comes back to most. It seems this is his happy hairstyle.

Flat top With Front Frails

Another one of Neymar’s all-time favorite hair looks like this one. The flat-top came as a byproduct of the straightening, and the front frail add a more natural look as well.

Neymar Hairstyle for Events

You already know that celebrities go a little over the top when it comes to attending events such as red carpets. Neymar does it, and where he went with a massive straightened mohawk.

neymar haircut

Classic Brazilian Highlights

The classic Brazillian highlight has always been fan favorite as they love to see this look on Neymar all the time. That said, if you love this look and want that classic Brazilian highlights on your head, then definitely go for it.

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His Natural Curls

Neymar haircut has changed over the years, and every once in a while, Jr goes for his natural curly hairstyle. Not sure about him, but we love this hairstyle on him.

The Subtle Look

Among all the other hairstyles that we’ve seen on top of Jr’s head, this one seems like the most subtle one so far. The low profile look on an artificially straight hair looks good and gets you ready for office work as well.

While Training

The short look like this one helps everyone with their daily activity. If this hairstyle holds up with footballer’s daily intense training, then it’ll probably work for you as well. Because, at the end of your day, if this works for professional athletes, this works for you as well.

Side Lock

If you’ve noticed here, Neymar has his hair sweeping from the back to the front. Another detail here is that the lock ends in the front on the side with a pointy look.

Slightly Longer Ends

The longer ends on the backside of Neymar’s hair has remained his signature look for quite sometime before. Anyone who tries it looks a little badass than before.

Aggressive Fade

Neymar hairstyle has always changed, and while most of the time he does mohawk, he’s also tried the fade look. Much famous around other men, do you like this look?

Symmetrical Front Bang

It also looks like Jr is a big fan of keeping bangs as some of his most repeated hairstyles has that feature. Like this one right here. The whole look has a very nice touch to it.


Another with Back Lock

This is another example of Neymar hairstyle, where he has long back hair. Usually, the back part of their hair remains shorter but not in his style book.

Towering Top Look

Neymar’s hairstyle has always remained a source of inspiration for millions of people. This look has no shortage of inspiration to it. Done on his natural hair color, the back still remains longer while the front of his hair towers. Perfect for anyone who wants a fresh new look.

Athletic Men’s Hairstyle

If you play some kind of sports, then you’ve always experienced trouble with longer hair. Sometimes it gets into your eye, and sometimes it gets in the way. This Neymar hairstyle solves that problem as the hair sits just above the eyes.

Look From the Back

People often only focus on a hairstyle that’s visible from the front. However, the back of the hair plays as important of a role as the front does. That said, this is what Jr’s hairstyle looks from the back when he has short hairs.

All Around Fade

As we said earlier, sometimes, Neymar haircut drifts back to a fade look when he gets tired of longer top and back hair. This is one of those looks where he has a relatively short top with an all-around fade going on. Perfect for men in any field.

A Versatile Look

When it comes to versatility, nothing ever beats the sweeping back look, and even this experimental football star knows that. The slightly brown highlight on the front adds more dimension to the whole look.

The World-Famous Look

We’ve already talked about this hairstyle. This particular hairstyle on Neymar haircut stands as one of the world’s most famous hairstyle ever on him. That’s because of its adaptability for many men around.

With No Bangs

Often times, we see Jr when he’s rocking bangs. However, in this look, there’s no visible bang that we know of. The whole look has a shorter and more subtle look to it than the other books he’s tried.

Long Back than Front

In many of Old Neymar Haircut, he has gone with the shorter front than the back look, and many people love that look extremely. Like here in which Jr has a longer back than the front. As a unique approach as this is, it looks pretty good on his facial structure as well. On top of that, the whole hair color also looks appealing.

Straightened Hair Mohawk

Over the years, the one Neymar haircut that’s stayed with him as his favorite one is the mohawk look. It goes perfectly with his long facial structure and compliments the features as well. In this look, he has the hairs slightly colored in the top area, which define the mohawk further.

Short Blonde Top

We’ve only rarely seen Neymar go with the short Neymar haircut. However, as rarely as Neymar goes for this hairstyle, he comes with different top colors. He has mixed colors, brown, and in this case, he’s tried the blonde top. Funnily, people also say, the top blonde helps them recognize him faster in the field. How true is this fact?

Neymar Haircut Headband

What do footballers and athletes do when their hair gets longer and tends to disturb. But still, they do not want to chop it down. Well, players use headgears like this one that Neymar is using. The headband keeps the longer hair in place and makes it more manageable.

Frisky Blonde highlight

One of Neymar’s signature haircolor effect, this look has been copied by millions and millions of football fans over the years. The black part of Neymar’s hair is his natural hair color, and the blonde adds a very nice contrasting effect to the whole look. All in a very positive way.

A Gentleman’s Look

Did you think that Neymar haircut is all about that wild and carefree look? Well, think again because it’s more than that. While he likes to keep it wild in the field, Neymar knows how to take his hair when he needs to look sharp. This Neymar haircut is perfect for formal events.

With Sunglasses on

What happens when you try to copy this Neymar haircut for good? Well, the first thing that takes place is that you look extremely stylish, and that’s a proven fact as well. Otherwise, why would millions try this hairstyle anyway?

Messy Hair With Straight Texture

This look that you see right here is the one that Neymar got with after finishing off with a match. Note that. After tirelessly running through the field, Neymar got this hairstyle. Proves it stays stylish even though you are an extreme athlete.

Neymar’s Red Carpet Look

This hairstyle looks a little bit different than the one we talked about earlier where Neymar got ready for a formal event. The other hairstyle had a subtle look while this one maintains a frisky one. However, the style still remains on point and thriving.

Amazing Fade Style

The fades that Neymar goes for are absolutely very aggressive and for a good reason. The fades look more like undercut because that is what works for Neymar the most. If he went for a traditional fade, it wouldn’t look as good. Got a similar facial structure? Try this.

Neymar’s Mohawk From Back

This is what the infamous mohawk that Neymar goes for very often looks from the back. Like most of his looks, this one carries a very badass vibe to it as well. Willing to try something more adventurous? Try this look here.

A More Gentle Curve

This hairstyle remains one of our favorites because of how different it looks from his other more common hairstyle. The gentle curve on the front of his hair makes it up for every day, all day hairstyle that many men can adopt.

Short Frisky Bangs

The short and frisky bangs that you see on Neymar haircut in this picture have always remained as one of his favorite styles. The short bang allows for a more convenient look.

Sweeping Look

If you notice closely, it’s not only the sweeping look here’s that’s the highlight. The hair also has some color to it as you see there. A little hint of burgundy to it. Its another way of adding a little dimension to your whole look.

A Little Rough Look

The highlights that Neymar haircut opts for, which is blonde most of the time, gives his hair a little rough and dry texture. It works well with Neymar’s structure, and his rugged look as well.

Burst Fade Haircut

Did you know that while normal undercut, and fade hairstyle, Neymar also likes going for the burst fade? Burst fade provides a hairstyle nearly identical to a mohawk—no wonder why he opts for it.

Small Pompadour Look

When tired of the same old spiky look that’s wither towering or looking spiky, Neymar sometimes opts for a little pompadour. Although this look comes in rarely, we think it adds subtility to his look.

Another Burst Fade Look

Here’s another example of Neymar opting for that classic burst fade look that also looks similar to an undercut. Boys and men alike love this hairstyle, and they copy it more often as well.

Highlighted Ends

The way Neymar highlights his hair makes his mohawk look more prominent than usual. The whole idea of highlighting the ends of his hair from to the back creates a center of attraction for his mohawk.


The hairstyles that Neymar tries over the years has stood as inspiration for millions of people out there. That’s what Neymar haircut is all about. Giving out inspiration to millions of people out there, these different types of hairstyles that he tried to have their own significance in the fashion world.

As we have already mentioned, millions of men around the world love this hairstyle, and it has remained as their staple look for so long as well.

So far, we’ve talked about hairstyles that have that classic Mohawk look to them while others have that short and spiky look as well. Some of the hairstyles that Neymar also tried had used color and highlighted to it as the star likes a different look most to the times.

We hope that you’ve found a hairstyle that you can stick with from our massive collections of Neymar hairstyles. Enjoy your new style, people.


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