88 Ombre Hair Colors to Become Obsessed With

If you are looking for a cool look, then ombre is the choice for you. We are surprised by how popular the ombre look still is. It’s the kind of style that is usually just a fad that disappears quickly, but the ombre style is holding on strong. It’s a unique look that can help you to express your personality. With this style you can give your style more dimensional, you can also make it appear thicker. You can get a dramatic, graceful or sophisticated look; it’s all up to you. It doesn’t matter what your natural hair color is, you can have this style.

Check out these 88 Ombre Hair Colors to Become Obsessed With:

  1. Grey Designs

Grey is another color that hasn’t gone out of style and now is your chance to try it out with this cool ombre style.

ombre hair

2.  Blonde Looks

Adding color to your blonde is a very dramatic statement. It’s a great way to use color with huge commitments.

3. Soft Shades

You don’t necessarily need to have bold and dramatic colors though; this soft shade is a very pretty look.

4. Sophisticated Looks

A great style like this is truly unique. It’s just a  subtle change for someone who wants an elegant and sophisticated look.

5. Red Designs

An awesome shade of red that anyone would love.

6. Flowing Locks

This is another subtle change, it’s barely noticeable, but it makes for a nice change.

7. Subtle Highlight

The ombre here is just at the tips of the hair which gives you a very different look.

8. Reverse Ombre

A very different look that has the dark coloring on the bottom instead of the top.

9. Elegant Looks

You don’t have to try dramatic colors to get the benefits of a cool ombre style. This look will still make you feel like you have made a change and yet it’s not over the top.

10. Cool Blonde

You wouldn’t think that this look falls into the ombre style, but it does. The bottom is dramatically lighter than the top and yet the whole style lives in the blonde family.

11. Clean Colors

A simple change is all you need to feel that your look has been refreshed.

12. Dirty Blonde Styles

If you are looking for more of a natural look, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

13. Pretty Looks

Another great style that you are sure to love.

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14. Fresh Blonde

This style adds a lot of contrast because it goes from dark to very light, but the colors melt into each other, so it’s not an abrupt change.

15. Cool Looks

This transitioning look is a great way to lighten your blonde up even more.

16. Cool Vibes

We’re not sure what we love more, the ombre coloring or the cool haircut that she has.

17. Bright Styles

If you want a look that has drama and intrigue to it, then you must try out this fuschia blend. Bright colors are always a great way to make your look stand out.

18. Bomb Style

Try a look that is going to have heads turning when you walk in the room.

19. Soft Blonde

These blonde styles are beautiful and one of a kind.

20. Edgy Styles

Her style is a gradual progression and a dramatic one.

21. Short Looks

With short hairstyles you don’t have too many options when it comes to a gradual color change.

22. Beautiful Styles

A gorgeous style like this is one that you are going to want to show off all the time.

23. Sleek Styles

This edgy style comes with some edgy colors as well.

24. Fresh Styles

If you are looking for a fresh new look, then try this pretty style on for size.

25. Mesmerizing Style

Her hair is longer, so she has the luxury of doing a gradual color change. It all depends on the look you are going for.

26. Sexy Siren

If you don’t like big changes, then a style like this would be perfect for you. It’s sexy, but it’s not a big change that will have you freaking out.

27. Red Styles

If you love being a redhead, then you will love this gradual change from dark to light.

28. Cool Colors

A great color change that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

29. Great Styles

This is a great example of a cool shade that is very simple to create.

30. Bold Choices

The cut is bold here and so is the colors, we love it.

31. Shimmering Styles

There is a touch of red in this shimmering style.

32. Angled Style

The angled bob really makes this ombre style stand out. There is a lot going on for the eye to enjoy.

33. Bold Colors

A stunning style like this is all you are going to need to turn heads everywhere you go. This is the kind of look for a woman who enjoys a little drama in her life.

34. Cool Reds

If you have always had a hard time choosing between red and blonde, then look no further than this style. Now you can have them both.

35. Blonde Looks

A great style like this is all you need for a fresh new look this year.

36. Great Waves

This look is stunning and it’s also not over the top.

37. Copper Looks

You get to enjoy multiple shades of red with this style. How could you not love these bright colors?

38. Shimmering Blondes

A cool look that has some amazing tones to it. These are gorgeous shades that are perfect for any season.

39. Wispy Styles

A great look that you are sure to love. It’s wispy with some white blonde on the ends.

40. Cool Styling

A great example of an ombre style with blonde hair, we think it’s a great choice for a small change.

41. Gorgeous Shades

There is only a touch of ombre here with a longer root of dark purple. When you have hair this short, you have to have a more dramatic style.

42. Blonde Styles

If you love being a blonde, then you can’t go wrong with a look like this.

43. Fun Locks

A great style like this is everything you need in a cool look.

44. Cute Styles

This is one of the more natural styles that we have seen so far.

45. Dark Designs

Rihanna is always rocking out cool hairstyles. She has a full bang that is darker than the rest of the style and a few other pieces around her head that are darker. It’s a bold look that is sure to stand out in a crowd.

46. Pretty Pink

We have white blonde and a pale pink together. It’s a great shade that is classy and dramatic all in one.

47. Ombre Tips

A bold style like this just has the ombre on the tips. The bright shade at the bottom is sure to draw the eye.

48. Subtle Changes

This is a cool look that you are sure to love wherever you go.

49. Bold Designing

This is a cool look that is sophisticated and classy.

50. Grey Looks

If you love the grey look, then this would be a great way to try the style out.

51. Interesting Colors

We have a cool mix of purple and gray together to create some drama.

52. Blonde Ombre

This is a great way to change up your normal blonde style.

53. Dramatic Colors

There is no melting with this ombre shade; there is a dramatic shift in colors. If drama is what you are looking for, then try this look out.

54. Cool Styling

Another cool look at an ombre color change.

55. Sweet Styles

Another great example of a change in color. How could you not love a look like this one?

56. Subtle and Pretty

A great look like this is exactly what you need to have for your next party. You are sure to blow everyone away with this look.

57. Grey Designs

A style like this is exactly what you need to have a cool look.

58. Classy Styles

This short style has a look that you have always wanted. It’s clean and crisp the perfect style for you.

59. Designing Styles

You go from one end of the color spectrum to the other with this style. It’s bold, dramatic and stunning. If you want a true ombre look, then this is the style for you.

60. Purple Styles

If you prefer to have your hair dark, then you can’t go wrong with this style. We have black and a bright purple shade that really stands out.

61. Fun and Flirty

This is a flirty style that you can rock out all year long.

62. Subtle Pink

A great look that is dramatic and gorgeous. If you are looking to blow away the competition, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

63. Bright Colors

This style stands out because it’s dramatic and has some cool colors involved. The bright pink really pops on this look.

64. Cool Blondes

Another great blonde ombre style that anyone would love.

65. Dark Blonde

We get three transitions with this stunning blonde ombre style.

66. Small Styles

This ombre style is not as dramatic as the others because of the fact that the ombre is short at the top.

67. White Light

We already start off with a light blonde, but it goes even lighter. She ends up with a white blonde coloring at the bottom.

68. Creative Grey

Another great grey style that is made more dramatic by the grey look.

69. Sweet and Simple

Another simple ombre style that will give your look the little pop that it needs.

70. Stunning Shades

This is one of the more bolder looks that we have seen so far and one that is sure to bring a smile to your face. it’s edgy, bright and cool. It’s the kind of look that demands the attention that it deserves.

71. Gentleman Styles

Even guys are rocking the ombre style. Jared Leto is taking things a bit more natural, but the ombre is there.

72. Sweet Looks

Another natural ombre style that you are sure to love this year.

73. Classic Blondes

If you want a classic look that is sophisticated, then you can’t go wrong with blonde.

74. Celebrity Styles

Scarlett Johannson is totally rocking out this blonde ombre look. Everything about her style is edgy and cool.

75. Sweet and Subtle

Everything about this style is simple. There is no added drama here, just a simple change that will make you happy.

76. Light Purple 

Purple is definitely one of our favorite shades and you can even go light with it like in this photo. It’s a cool color with a lot of contrast.

77.  Caramel Colors

A fun color like this is cool and dramatic. You don’t have to go blonde to have a dramatic color, try caramel on for size.

78. Fun Colors

Blonde is a great color to add bright shades to. They will stand out better and give your look a whole new pop.

79. Cool Streaks

Kim Kardashian knows how to rock out a cool ombre style like this one. She is never afraid of trying new things.

80. Cool Vibes

Another great ombre style that is not overly dramatic.

81. Beautiful Colors

This is a lighter style for ombre. It goes from one light shade to an even lighter one.

82. Cool Coloring

This is a very different take on the ombre coloring and it’s one that you are sure to love.

83. Shades of Red

This is a gorgeous color that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

84. Cool and Blonde

This actress is loving her shocking blonde transformation. If you love these cool look, then you are sure to love this blonde ombre style.

85. Edgy Looks

If you are looking for a style that is a little edgier, then you have to try out this grey look.

86. Cool and Clean

This is a cool look that is truly one of a kind. If you like this cool designs they try this dramatic grey shade.

87. Dark Looks

No matter where you go with this style, you are sure to turn heads. We love bold, dramatic looks like this one.

88. Pretty Styles

Another pretty style that is simple and will make you happy you try it out.


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