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71 Spectacular Orange Hair For That Super Look

We’re pretty sure that you’re looking for a fresh new hairstyle and that you’re also looking to color your hair as well. In that case, let us make things easier for you here. You see, hair color is a very tricky thing because there are a lot of different colors out there that can easily bewilder you. All of those options around usually make you even more confused about what kind of style you want to go for. But that’s something we’re taking care of you as we now have a very nice kind of color. We present your orange hair.

Yes, orange, just like the fruit itself. The orange color on your head very subtly describes your whole personality as it comes off as a really bold one. You should always go for something that clearly resonates with your personality and nothing else. You already like the sound of this right.

Well, in that case, you’ll surely love this  orange collection that we’ve brought forward for you. Given the current situation, hairstyles have gotten bolder and bolder by the years, and you should pace with everything as well. This collection gives you a glimpse of burnt orange-colored hair that’s on different kinds of styles.


orange hair

Lob Cut Style

On a lob cut style, you should always go for styles that are clearly visible. That’s because the length of your hair is quite small because of the lob cut. That is the reason why you should always pay extra attention when it comes to short hair.

Tangerine Color

Tangerine is a type of fruit that’s similar to an orange. However, the only distinguishable factor from the outside is the little more red-ish color that’s visible. Similar to this one here.

For Asian Women

Asian women, especially the ones that remain prominent in the pop music industry, are a very versatile looking personality. They also look to experiment with their hair color. Like this amazing look here.

Shaggy Cut Look

A shaggy look cut gives your whole appearance a whole new look and makes your style elevate as well. In regards to other features, with this orange tint, you also get super layers that look quite amazing on your head.

Orange And Yellow Mix

An orange and yellow mix like this one has a lot of benefits, but at first glance, you won’t know what those are right away. Yes, the bold character that this mix of colors gives you is quite amazing and makes everything look quite distinct.

Multi-Color Mix

A multi-color mix like this one has many benefits if you ask us. The first one is that you get to mix two of your most favorite brightest colors. Well, what else do you want more from a hairstyle than get to boast two favorite colors at once?

Happy Look

A happy like this one comes from by only getting your hairstyle game very strong. The messy appearing hairstyle has that carefree attitude, which most of the ladies crave for. Well, you can get this look as well.

On Short Hair

Short hair has benefits when it comes to manageability as they are short and don’t require much work as well. Now, just imagine getting this beautiful color on your short hair and enhancing your whole appearance.

Burgundy and Orange

Both colors that you see here come from the same color family and have their own kind of unique characteristics. On that note, just admire the beauty of this amazing mix of colors here—the subdued look of burgundy and that bright punch of orange.

Orange Hair Dye

Are you thinking about giving yourself a break from everything and trying out a new color? How about this beautiful and confident looking orange dye that gives you the best in the world look? Try it out today, you beautiful lady.

Multiple Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are one of the most stylish ways of getting your hair to style. But you can do it always, and now you’re looking to upgrade your hair game. Try out this stunning look on your head. Yes, go on.

With Bangs

Bangs that are done right can always become your greatest companion as it looks way better on a stylish outfit. Casual, classic, or street style, bangs like these fit all outfit, all occasions as well. Do you like it?

For Elderly Women

Did you think that we’ll leave all about beloved elderly ladies out there alone while talking about such an amazing segment? Well, if you did, then you thought wrong—a style for elderly ladies that’ll turn their age clock significantly.

Curly Vs. Straight Look

While you imagine yourself on both curly and straight hair scenario, things can seem a little confusing. Here, let us clarify your confusion with this side-by-side look of orange hair on both textures of hair.

Bangs and Braids

Bangs and braids like this one you see right here are one of the most amazing kinds of combinations ever. While the bangs give you a very sassy look, the braids do their job of toning the sassy look down to a considerable level.

Multi-Colored Curls

Most of the looks that you’ve seen here are one of those kinds that are pretty metered emotions to it. However, this breaks the barrier and makes everything look pretty amazing. Yes, you like this style as well, and we knot it just like that.

Into A Top Bun

The top bun looks on hair has many benefits as it’s one of the easiest looks that you can go for. With this amazing orange-colored hair, you’ll emphasize your haircolor even more as it protrudes on top proudly.

Wavy Ends Look

Wavy ends look like this one here is pretty common out there, but you’re missing one point here. The wavy look may be famous but not the wavy in Orange hair Look. Quite fascinating to even look at as well.

Bright Orange Hair Dye

One of the most classic forms of orange hair is this one right here, a bright orange hair dye that’s singular in its category. Yes, you’ll probably get yourself a lot of compliments with this hair and even more.

Burgundy to Light

The meaning of burgundy to light refers to how the burgundy color fades to a light shade of yellow and orange. The fading action here alone remains applaudable. On top of that, this short hairstyle manages to amplify this look.

Long Hair, Fanta Look

You’re familiar with one of the most famous kinds of beverages around, Fanta. Yes, the one with its a distinct color. Well, this long hair has that similar kind of shade on it and also remains to pose beside this beverage can.

Almost Pink

We call this the almost pink color because how it resembles a very pinkish hue to it and looks more like it as well. However, in that vicinity, this is just another look here. Yes, another unique look from that very color frame.

Messy Shaggy Hair

A messy shaggy hair like this remains as a favorite of so many ladies out there. Even though this is a very messy look, people admire and desire this hairstyle because of the strong attitude that it projects.

Fringy Orange Hair

Fringes are cool, and fringes have always been in style as well. However, not that famous, and surely underrated, this hairstyle has the best of both worlds of bangs and lob cut. Lob cut, which people also refer to as long bob look.

The Celebrity Look

Did you know that orange is actually a very famous color as many celebrities try this color out as well? Most of the time, they try it out to revamp their looks or when attending a major event. Similar to the likes of red carpets.

Orange Hair Bob Cut

When it comes to convenience, who else can beat the bob cut, more like a short hairstyle, this bob cut makes things look pretty amazing and has that spectacular effect as well, thanks to the mesmerizing orange color. Given that, why don’t you try this right away?

Orange Highlight

Highlights are pretty much the definition of attraction magnet. Yes, have you noticed how boards that have reflective highlight strips grabs your attention more than other boards? Well, this has a similar effect. The only thing is that this does not glow in the dark, even it does look like it will.

Very Short Bleached Hair

Bleached hair will always have that signature look to it. Usually, bleach makes your hair shade lighter, which can be seen in the locks. In all, this hair has orange color on the top, which fades as it gets lower to the ends. That’s a pretty amazing look right there, you, right?

Split Shades

Do you have two favorite colors sorted out but cannot decide which one should you go for? Well, if those colors are orange and pink or any kind that comes closer, you should definitely try this one out. Split shades of pink and orange never looked better than this.

Stunning Layered Look

Do you know what makes light colors like the orange color is one of the best kinds of options for you? Well, it’s simply because of the stunning layers it gives your hair. Yes, these layers, in turn, make your whole appearance better just like that.

Subtle Orange Hair

A subtle orange hair like this one right here is a very nice alternative if all that you want is a simple yet stunning look. This isn’t as overpowering and also not as much of a hassle when required to style. Any reason you won’t get this look? We don’t think so.

Orange on Dark Hair

So many ladies out there question us about what it would look like if they get orange color on their dark shade hair. Natural hair that is black or dark brown often does pretty well with this orange look as it makes the result color a little dusty.

Golden Blonde

This amazing looking golden blonde hairstyle is one of the most captivating so far. The high key feature of this hairstyle is that it gives you that amazing sunny look. This style shines even brighter under the sun, so you might think of a beach vacation soon.

Bushy Hair

While there are curly hair textures, there are also those who are bushy looking and are very dense in texture. Well, how about just going ahead and getting that bushy hair of your a little bit more style? Seriously, try this out just one time, and you’ll fall in love.

Straight Braid Strand

A straight braid strand like this one right here is a very nice option if you want something that is chic looking and has some punch to it. Well, the braid strand gives you a chic look, and the hair color gives you that much-needed punch.

Bangs on Shaggy Hair

Bangs on shaggy hair are perhaps a very rare combination of hair, but it looks like it’s severely underrated as well. You’ll fall in love once you get this style on your head because it’s one of the most stylish looks in this category. Think about it: bangs and Shaggy hair.

Woody Brown and Orange

Since you’re thinking about mixing two kinds of hair color together that look almost alike, we present you with this mixture of woody brown and orange hair. Woddy brown, although not a very close color shade, compliments orange and looks nice as well.

Sleek Straight Hair

On a sleek and straight hair, this is one of those appearances that will surely get you truckloads of compliments. Believe us when we tell you because there’s seriously nothing that will suit you more than this look right here. Look how the sleek hair compliments this subtle orange look.

Very Bright Orange Hair

Is there a deep-down desire in your that urges you to get one of the most fashionable looking and also, a very powerful projecting hair? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in luck here. Try out this extremely bright orange hair and transform your whole appearance for good.

Uniform Color Style

Often times, you see hairstyles that do not have uniform colors to it. In some of the hairstyles, there are colors that are mixed while there is uneven boldness as well. But if those things do not suit your needs, then you should try this uniform color. Gives you an even look all the way.

For All Rock Chicks

Rock chicks out there want something that is a little more on the edgier side. The kind of music they listen to makes them feel bold all around and also makes things interesting as well. How about an orange hair ombre? A look that’ll surely get you a lot of compliments.

On Long Faux Locs

Long faux locs are in trend, and there’s a very subtle reason as to why. The reason is that faux locs help you add massive length to your hair and give you that amazing real estate that you can customize. Moreover, these faux locs come in all colors as well. Isn’t that great news?

With Little Bangs

Little bangs are the one kind of hairstyle that remains very popular among all kinds of age groups. Yes, you heard us right because these bangs give everyone something little to play with all the time. You can twirl, blow it, do whatever you want with it.

Rihanna Look

You’re seeking validation from your hair, and we know that now. Yes, you should probably get this look because you know why? Because fashion queen of the current generation, Rihanna has tried this orange hair look. If you’re also wondering what color covers orange hair, this is your answer as well. Brown.

Tangerine Hair

Tangerine hair is another shade of orange that remains very popular among people who love the color orange. Coming from the same shade family, tangerine and orange share some common features. The main differentiating factor here is the very subtle red color to tangerine.

Orange and Sandstone

Here’s another hair color that shares the same color family. If you’d love to have the color of orange on your hair but are a little bit frightened of its overwhelming appearance, you should try this orange and sandstone mix. This combination isn’t as overwhelming as orange alone.

Fiery Red Ombre

Since you’re thinking about getting an ombre hairstyle on your head, you should also get this one selection into consideration. An ombre on your dark hair, with the fading part being orange but in a fiery manner. Do you see how cool this whole appearance looks?

Office Ready

Since you’re thinking about getting yourself a little bit of fun-loving color but do not know where to start and have restrictions, most of the restrictions around are because of the office environment. But this gorgeous orange shade here remains quite perfect for the work environment as well.

Golden Orange Hair

Do you see the beauty and elegance of this hair color? What most people think of orange hair color is that they are loud and unappealing. However, this appearance here is quite the opposite. Golden look to it gives your hair that elegance and distinct dimension as well.

Chic 2000s Look

A chic 2000s look was all about making yourself look apart from others. It used to be all about unique accessories like beads, rings, and not to mention impressive hairstyle choices. Just like this orange and red mix of hairstyle. We’re pretty sure the 2000s look still remains relevant.

On Inverted Bob Cut

While ladies love their bob cut, there are other variations of this amazing look, which makes choosing even easier. Yes, this one is what we call inverted bob cut, which is a variation of the bob cut. The major attraction here is the orange top color to it. Quite stunning, right?

Rainbow in Orange

Did you think that getting the orange color only means that you can only go for this one color? We’ve shown you multi-colored hair before, but this one is a little different. As you see, this hair has multiple colors to it, forming a very beautiful looking rainbow. Wouldn’t you want a rainbow on your head?

Amazing Orange Highlight

An amazing orange highlight is the one that looks very beautiful on its own. Yes, there’ nothing more than looking beautiful wants from you because this hair color does all the work. The bright look goes with almost any kind of personality and suits almost every outfit as well.

On Long Curly Hair

Long Curly hair also take benefits from coloring because sometimes, it amplifies the curls but in a beautiful way. A prime showdown of such appearance is right here. This orange hair based curls here are a very singular example of elegance in simplicity.

Fiery Red to Blonde

A fiery red to blonde look is that one which makes your hair have different shades altogether. As you see here, the hair’s base starts as a darker shade, and by mid-line, it’s orange. Towards the ends, the hair becomes blonde and has a bleached look to it—quite a simple trick but effective.

Wet Looks With Bangs

Not sure if you already remain familiar with this, but there’s a hairstyle called wet hair look. Yes, a style that makes your hair appear wet. If you’ve already colored your hair orange or similar shade, you still have the option of going for this style. After all, you see, it’s quite a stunning look.

Wavy Ombre

A wavy ombre like this one is a pretty hard look to come by. The mix of orange with brown, both in muted form, makes this an ideal look for you. Also quite ready for any kind of office environment as well.


The whole idea of orange hair collection is to give you an idea of how amazing this appearance can look on you. Here, we’ve shown you orange hair based on curls, straight hair, with bangs, and even styles from the 2000s as well.

By now, we hope that you’ve found that perfect hairstyle for yourself and it makes you happy.


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