101 Beautiful Pixie Bob Ideas That Will Have Heads Turning

If you are looking for a fresh new look to take into fall this year, then you can’t go wrong with a pixie bob. It’s a popular look right now and even celebrities are giving it a try. A pixie bob is classy and elegant; it can even be made to look cool and edgy. It’s all in how you style the look just for you. It’s also an easy to manage style that doesn’t take long to put together in the morning.

Check out these 101 Beautiful Pixie Bob pixie bob Haircuts That Will Have Heads Turning:

  1. Classic Looks

This is another classic look that is styled to perfection.

pixie bob

2. Edgy Looks

Kaley has styled her hair off to the side and the spikey look gives her some edge.

3. Messy Looks

A messy style like this is exactly what you need for a casual day. The hair has a deep part which gives it a lot more volume.

4. Shaved Styles

This rockstar style is a little edgier. The hair is pushed forward to show off the shorter hair in the back.

5. Cute Looks

This cute look is styled to perfection. You are sure to be turning heads wherever you go with this style.

6. Classy Style

Michelle Williams chopped off her hair into a pixie style and she has never looked back.

7. Hot Blonde

This style is choppy and it looks great in a white-hot color.

8. Pixie Styles

A great style like this is exactly what you are looking for.

9. Angled Styles

This pixie cut is longer in the front than it is in the back and it’s just on one side. It’s a sophisticated look that you are going to want to show off all the time.

10. Unpolished Styles

The great thing about a pixie bob is that the styles are endless. You can have it unpolished one day and classy the next.

11. Curly Styles

If you have naturally curly hair, you can still pull off a pixie cut.

12. Long Bobs

This style is a little longer than most and falls into more of a bob than a pixie bob.

13. Short Appeal

A cool style like this has the back shaved short and the rest of the hair styled away from it.

14. Cool Looks

Another great example of an edgy style.

15. Flowing Waves

If you have an event to go to, then you can still have a little curl to your style. This is a gorgeous example of what you can do.

16. Colored Look

Sometimes all you need for a change is a splash of color.

17. Short Pixie

This is a pixie cut that is cut short all over. The shorter you go, the more limited you will be in the style you can create.

18. Deep Part

A great style like this is well put together. If you are looking for something cool, then this is it.

19. Hot Colors

This hipster look is a little edgier. We have a bright green color and really short bangs in the front.

20. Cute Looks

This look has a long bang in the front and the sides are much shorter.

21. Summer Colors

This is a cool style and a cool color. The blue is on top and blends into the blonde.

22. High Style

This sexy bob is all about glamor. There is a deep part filled with cool waves.

23. Simple Styles

Styles like these are really easy to style in the morning.

24. Bold Looks

This style is definitely high fashion and one that you will appreciate.

25. Top Styles

Only the top is long, the rest of the style is short and shaved all the way around.

26. Sweet Styles

A cool style like this is perfect for everyday wear.

27. Pixie Looks

This sharp look is styles forward.

28. Short Back

A great look like this has the back shave and everything else is in a breezy style.

29. Classy Styles

This gorgeous look is great for a professional environment.

30. Fresh Styles

This style looks to be all one length and it’s polished perfectly.

31. Fun and Flirty

These flirty styles are fun for summer and you can now take it into the fall.

32. Fun Designs

A great style like this is perfect and very easy to style in the morning.

33. Very Short Looks

This pixie is very much the same as the one that Michelle Williams is rocking. If you want a style that is low-maintenance, then this is the one for you.

34. Messy and Fun

This is a simple look that you a could have for a day of running errands or going to the beach. You don’t always have to be polished.

35. Bold and Red

A great style like this is exactly what you need to be bold and cool.

36. Dirty Blonde Styles

It’s an unpolished and unsophisticated look, but it’s also very cool.

37. Clean and Fun

This polished look can be worn for fun and work; it’s very versatile.

38. Mohawk Style

Did you ever think that you could use your pixie bob to create a fun mohawk style? Well, you totally can.

39. Bold New Looks

A style like this is exactly what you need for a cool new look.

40. Sophisticated Styles

If you want a style that speaks of class and elegance, then this is the one for you.

41. Pixie Fresh

Another great look that is classic and polished.

42. Fun Waves

This would be a great look for a formal event that you have to go to.

43. Side Sweep

A cool style like this has all the hair swept off to the side.

44. A Cool Style

This short look is longer on top than the bottom.

45. Cool Vibes

A great look like this is sure to wow the crowd wherever you go.

46. Bold Colors

The part that stands out the most is obviously the bright purple color.

47. Cool Bobs

This is a really pretty bib, but we wouldn’t really consider it to be a pixie style.

48. Sweet Looks

How can we not love this cool style? It’s short and has some layers throughout.

49. Edgy Styling

This edgy style has a lot of volume to it. You can have it as messy as you want it.

50. High Styling

Another great style that is pushed forward with the back nice and short.

51. Hot Looks

Between the cut and the color, this is one look that is going to make you feel like a rock star.

52. Flipped Styles

This look is one of a kind and so bold.

53. Sideburn Styles

A style like this is more modern because of the shave and the sideburns.

54. Sexy Looks

If you want a sexy pixie bob, then you can’t go wrong with this asymmetrical style.

55. Bold and Blonde

You can spike this style or leave it down, it’s a very versatile style.

56. Flipped Back

There are a lot of layers here and the style looks as if it’s been windblown.

57. Long Bangs

The style is longer i9n the front than the back and it looks like there are bangs just hanging there.

58. Sharp Styling

This style is one that you are sure to love. it’s sleek and the front is very sharp.

59. Pretty Styles

This style is great because you can use it for both a casual day or a dressy one. It’s not overdone and you can style it in many different ways.

60. Layered Styles

We love the fact that there are so many choppy layers all over this style. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

61. Standard Looks

When you go this short, there will only be a few different ways that you can style it.

62. Flirty Styles

This is another great example of a flirty style that you can sport all summer long.

63. Bold and Bright

Only the top is left long in this pixie bob style.

64. Rocking Waves

You can never go wrong by adding a few waves or curls to your style.

65. Polished Grey

The grey coloring is definietly what stands out the most with this style. It’s a polished look that you can wear anywhere.

66. Messy Waves

Styles like these are so popular right now, mainly because they are great for formal events.

67. Fun Styling

As you can see here, it’s the same haircut, but you can style it in a few different and fun ways.

68. Sleek Looks

A great style like this has the front layers styled back. It’s a sexy and sophisticated look.

69. Bang Styles

You don’t see a lot of pixie styles with bangs in the front, but it does make for a cool look.

70. Flirty Waves

This is another fun style that you can wear to your next event.

71. Casual Styles

This is a very casual look that wouldn’t take long at all to style in the morning.

72. Bold Volume

There is a ton of volume with this style, but she also has thick hair which helps.

73. Angled Bobs

This style has a definite angle to it where the front is much longer than the back.

74. Stylish Bobs

This pixie bob is stylish and high fashion. If you want a cool look this year, then this is the one for you.

75. Choppy Styles

A choppy pixie cut is perfect for this bright red hair.

76.  Short Looks

This is definitely more of a pixie than a bob; it’s short all over except for in the front.

77. Coifed Styles

If you have thick hair, then this should give you some idea of how the style will look on you. We love the fact that her hair is parted so far to the side.

78. Fun and Stylish

This actress is enjoying her short style and it’s the kind that you can keep casual if you want.


79. Gorgeous Grey

If you have ever wanted to try the grey coloring, now is your chance. This style rocks.

80. Flowing Style

We get to see this cute style from every angle.

81. Fresh Looks

This is another great casual style that you can wear anywhere.

82. High Styling

This is another cool Mohawk style that will have heads turning wherever you are.

83. Long Styles

The front is much longer than most, but it gives it an edgy look.

84. Fun and Curly

A cool new look that has some sweet curls.

85. Frosted Style

With this frosted style, you get some light and dark coloring.

86. Red Love

Pixie’s always look great with red hair because it gives it even more edge.

87. Sweet Styling

Another cool and casual style that can be used for work and play.

88. Subtle Styles

A style like this is really easy to put together in the morning.

89. Amazing Looks

She is styled and ready to go for a night out on the town.

90. Messy Fashion

A stunning style like this is sure to turn heads at your next party.

91. Elegant Styles

If you like the polished and classy pixie styles, then this gorgeous style is the look you need.

92. Funky Styles

With this pixie bob, the front seems to be more polished while the back is messy and tossed around. If you want a style that you don’t have to worry about, then this is it.

93. High Fashion Styles

Another classy look that is meant to be a show stopper wherever you go.

94. Before and After

This is a cool example of a before and after pixie style. It gives you some idea of how the style will look of you are cutting off a lot of your hair.

95. Wavy Bobs

Waves are always going to be in style. Take your look up a notch by adding some waves.

96. Artsy Styles

Another cool look that is shorter than most of the ones that we have seen.

97. Trendy Styles

Another great style that is low-maintenance and easy to style.

98. Side Bang

This cute pixie cut has a sweet side bang to it.

99. Stylish and Casual

You can have a casual look that is stylish as well.

100. Simple Styling

This casual look is perfect for a day at the office or a dinner date.

101. Super Short

If you are thinking of going short, then try this hot look out.


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