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120 Superb Ponytail Hairstyles For Ultimate Look

Since the dawn of time, there are particular hairstyles that are extremely attractive to women. There are hairstyles like braids and others like bob cuts and more that are easy and look stylish as well. Just like that, there’s one hairstyle in particular that remains one of the easiest to do and also one of the most beautiful looking. We call that hairstyle Ponytail Hairstyles.

You’ve probably heard about that hairstyle before or maybe, you’ve even tried this hairstyle as well. In either case, there’s a lot that you ought to know about this extremely easy yet sometimes, complicated hairstyles. In this post, we’ve gathered a massive number of the collection that shows you different kinds of hairstyles that are available out there.

Are you all ready and geared up to get started? We thought so.


ponytail hairstyles

Cornrow Dutch Braid

Alas, we started with one of the ponytail styles that isn’t much of an easy one. In any case, there’s a big chance that you’ll be able to get this right.


Bella Hadid Style

Bella Hadid, scientifically, the most beautiful woman’s signature style is a ponytail as well, and she looks stunning. Are you convinced yet?


Split Braid Ponytail

Split braid ponytail has its own dynamic look. However, it shares some features with cornrow dutch braid style that also ends in a ponytail. Choose wisely.

Tie With Hair

Tieing with your hair is another great way of modifying your existing look and elevating it overall. See how stunning and creative this looks?

Braid and Hair Tie

Here’s a combination of two of the most unique looking styles into one. There’s a braid on top with a tie that’s done with the hair itself. An ingenious solution to when you can’t find any hair tie.

Braided Knot

A spectacular way of doing your is this braided knot ponytail, which stands out from other ladies in the crowd. How do you like this piece?

Pony Hairstyles Black Women

Black women or white, the ponytail is one of that extremely versatile hairstyle that you can easily try on. But if you’re wondering black women, benefit from this hairstyle as well.

Athletic Hairstyle

Did you know that most of the female athletes that you see around mostly do ponytail hairstyles? This makes sure hair does not get in their way when they are training or competing.

White Dye Ponytail

A white dye ponytail like this one stands out from the crowd because the color itself is quite distinct. Moreover, you also get that unique look as well.

Dark and Styled Hair

Your hair color determines your whole appearance as it’s the foundation of your hair as well also, how you style it—upscale your ponytail with this look.

High Rise Ponytail

Do you see it? Even professional models like these go for that simple-looking ponytail and instantly elevate the whole attitude given by this style. We call this high rise ponytail.

Ponytail Hairstyles For Kids

Young kids also want to look their best, and nobody should stop them in this regard as well. Add a little style to their same old boring school girl braid.

Flurry Style Pony

The way this hairstyle looks from the front and the back is what gives it the flurry style name. It flurries down from the ponytail so nicely.

Bushy Hair Remedy

You know that bushy hair is a little hard to style and tame. But this good old ponytail does the whole job just fine and even more so. Do you like this?

Young Girls Look

Young girls look all about getting that carefree attitude going on in their hairstyle and making sure that it stays that way. Kind of like this hairstyle here.

Side-Part Style

A side-part style like this hair has many benefits and makes your whole appearance a treat to look at. Simple and very stylish in its looks, try it now.

Perfectly Placed Pony

A perfectly placed pony means that you hit the center-right, and it stays that way. A perfectly placed ponytail hairstyle really is a treat to the eyes.

Elegant Style

An elegantly styled ponytail is that one which makes your appearance classy without jeopardizing your time resource. It’s quite easy to do actually. Be sure to add a similar sparkly clip.

Almost a Top Knot

Now, at first glance, this style has the accent of both a ponytail and also a top knot. It all depends on the placing of your hair. Tie. Do it wisely.

Single Braid Line

Creating a ponytail with a single line Dutch braid like this one is something that remains suitable for street style look. Do you agree with us on this?

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles With Dutch Pony

Dutch braid in a slanted manner from the front to the mid of the head. Then it dissolves into a bun from there—an elegant way of styling your hair.

Kids’ Look

Earlier, we say a kid-style ponytail hairstyle, which gave you an idea of how a hairstyle should be like. Here’s another idea just in case you did not like that.

Priyanka Chopra Look

Even one of the most talented actress both in Bollywood and Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra has tried ponytail hairstyles several times.

Pony With Messy Back

If you’re pondering about getting rid of your messy hair, there’s a way you can tame the mess. Tie it into a ponytail. Let the mess remain in the backside.

Wavy Pony Style

Do you notice how the pony on the ends of the hair is wavy? That’s another benefit that you get from trying this amazing style. Styling remains your sole decision.

On Twist Hair

Twist hair is all about getting yourself very densely textured hair. How do you manage that dense textured hair? Ponytail hairstyle is the answer you seek.

Beyonce Tried This

If there’s any more convincing you need, then this is the ultimate one. Even Queen B has tried a modified version of the ponytail. Would you like to copy this style?

Ponytail Hairstyles with Puff

Ponytail hairstyle with a puffy front remains as a very popular decision for ladies who look for a classy looking style. Yes, you can always wear this to the red carpet.

Over Afro Hair

Afro hair remains famous among African-American ethnicity holding women. A quick fix to manageability issues of this hair is what this example gives you.


Beautiful Style

The simple yet elegant charm that this hairstyle holds makes people adore your whole personality. It comes off sweet and creative while maintaining class as well.


With Bangs

Bangs sometimes make or break your hairstyle. In this case of chic looking ponytails, it makes your hairstyle and even compliments your attributes as well.

Wavy and Straight

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of what your hair looks like on a different kind of textures. This comparison helps you choose your base, straight or wavy.

Sleek and Tight

Do you see how sleek and tight the sweep from the front to the back hair is? Since you’re like that put-together look, this remains as a perfect option.

Headband Look

This kind of headband look is more famous in the braids category. But since this also has braids style, it remains as an appropriate selection for you.

One Strand Tie

As a one strand tie, this chic style gives you all that goodness of simplicity and added elegance as well. How about that in your list of considerations?

Beautiful French Braid Look

In the braids segment, French braid is probably the most famous kind of style that you can find anywhere. Pair that with a ponytail, and that’s the endgame.

Multi-tie Pony

Don’t want that single tie ponytail on your head? Well, how about this multi-tie ponytail hairstyle instead. It takes a little more time but absolutely worth the effort.

Side Frails Look

Side frail look is all about making sure that your stylish aura does not get diminished. Yes, it’s quite the majestic looking yet very simple look.

Biker Chick Look

Since you’re all about that bike group and similar clothing, try out this perfect looking biker chic hairstyle. A ponytail seriously meant for you a lot.

Tight and High Rise

This tight and high rise style is all about your hairstyle, creating a difference in your regular regimen. How about that? Change it up sometimes.

Side Bang Sweep

The highlight of this hairstyle is how the side bang on the side just sweeps into the ponytail—creating such a seamless action that’s mesmerizing.

Ponytail Hairstyles Black Women

Here’s another style of the ponytail for all the black women out there who have native African-American hair texture. Rock this look beautifully.

Deepika Padukone Style

After everything that you’ve seen so far, there are still examples of celebrity hairstyles coming in. Here’s Deepika Padukone, another actress from Bollywood and Hollywood.

Puffy Back Hair

The puffy back hairstyle is one of those hairstyles that remains a favorite for so many ladies. However, it suits better on women with massive volume to their hair.

Beautiful DIY For Kids

This is a very beautiful looking DIY ponytail merged with braid hairstyle. Kids are often bored with their school braids. Add a little touch of style with this look.

Perfectly Wavy Hair

The beauty of wavy hair sometimes remains unmatched as when done perfectly like this, it’s unmatched in beauty and elegance. You sure do agree, right?

Platinum Hair Pony

This amazing looking color is a particular kind that most ladies rarely get on their heads, but when they do, it looks spectacular. A ponytail is a justice to this hair color as well.

Headband like Ponytail

You’ve seen a braided headband look that is chic looking and has a very nice feel to it. Well, its the same one but slightly modified.

Puffy Ponytail Style

Here’s another example of that amazing looking puffy hairstyle that got you interested earlier. The more puffy look examples, the better.

Ponytail Hairstyles for Short Hair

Did you think that women who have short hair should not get excited when they think about ponytail hairstyles? Well, here’s an example showing why they should.

Creative Beauty

There are plenty of ways with which a person can easily make your hair look amazing. One of those ways is by using your own hair instead of ties.

Red Carpet Look

It’s all about how you hold your ground with any particular style. Look at this beautiful lady rocking a simple ponytail at a major event.

High Rise Ponytail

A high rise ponytail in when the hair climbs a little more towards the ceiling than they normally do.

Ombre Ponytail

Ombre hairstyles are pretty famous among ladies, and they like to show off their colors as well. Here’s how you can easily do that.

Creative Approach

Do you feel that your ponytail is a little too simple and possibly bland-looking? Try this style with easy step-by-step guide ladies.

Simple Ponystyle Hairstyles for Everyday

So, you’re not looking for some hairstyles that are not over the top but rather something that you could do every day. Here’s the perfect kind for you.

Mohawk Styled Hair

Take things up a notch and try out this beautiful and stunning looking mohawk style on your head. We’re sure you’ll look wonderful in this.

Simple Ponytail for Everyday

A simple looking ponytail is something that you can easily scale up and scale down and easily maintain as well.

Small Bulge Look

The puffy looking styled ponytails that we showed you earlier were hairstyles that had a little more volume. But not this one.

Kendall Jenner Look

One of the world’s hottest models, Kendall Jenner, often rocks a simple ponytail. What’s your excuse for not?

Ponytail Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Natural hairstyles are what we call hair that is not chemically treated to get a different texture, just like this one.

Comparison Post

Since you want a comparison between some of the most famous kinds of ponytails here, we made it easier.

Celebrities Comparison

Here’s another comparison between celebrities. Do you want the sleek one, flurry, or a swept-back style? The choice is yours.

Back tie vs. Side

A pretty good example of how a beautiful lady like you can tie your hair for different looks. The one on the left has a backside facing tie while the right one has a side tie.

One Hair, Four Styles

You’re probably wondering how versatile ponytails are? Here’s an example of one hair performing four different looks.

Twisted Ponytail for Children

Not only adults but children can also get this unique twisted locks ponytail. Not one but three different ponytails in one style.

Blonde Headband style

The highlight of this headband look is the blonde shades. The blonde shade gives the hair extra shine than other hair colors ever could.

360 Degree View

You should always research and learn about a hairstyle that you like before trying it out. How else will a busy person like you ever be able to make the right choice then?

One-Line Braid Look

This hair has the hair braided in one line that passes through the hair tie—a creative solution to bland style.

Beautiful Wavy Style

It’s all about the way you style the rest of your hair that decides how your whole look turns out. Try out this wavy look, ladies.

Side Braid and Upside Down

Braids are better when done creatively. Not only the method but also the placing of your braids as well. Here are two inspirations for you.

Zendaya Inspired Style

Among several other celebrities, Zendaya is one of the most famous young actresses right now. And she’s very into ponytails as well.

Using Accessories

Accessories can easily make or break your whole appearance and, it can also very easily elevate your whole style as well. Try it out.

Simple Blonde Style

A very simple looking hairstyle is sometimes all that you need to make your hairstyle look complete. Remember, less is more.

Sweeping With Volume

At first glance, two things strike us immediately. First is the seamless sweeping look. Second is a decent amount of volume.

Mens Ponytail

Believe it or not, but men also love ponytail, and sometimes, some men rock ponytails even better than most ladies as well.

Tightly Done Pony

A very tightly done ponytail like this one gives you no room for messy hair throughout the day. But make sure you don’t hurt your scalp.

Highlighted Hair

As we’ve mentioned earlier, highlighted hair has the ability to enhance the texture of hair, thus improving your hairstyle. Here’s the example.

Tight Rope Braids

Rope braids are a very serious fashion statement, and most of the time, they use ponytails to tie the hair up. Want to try it?

Creative Touch

Here’s another way in which you can easily enhance your dull looking ponytail. Just make it up into a braid like this one, and you’re good to go.

Beautiful Seamless Look

The one and only highlight of this whole hairstyle are how it’s in a sweeping motion and gives that uninterrupted feel. Truly astonishing.

Dry Hair Fix

When you let your dry hair do it the thing, all that it does is look static. Fix that issue with this ponytail look.

Everyday Ponytail Hairstyles

An everyday ponytail should be at least very flexible and also very easy to manage. Luckily, all that’s possible with this simple style.

Ponytail Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair can also effectively rock a ponytail. It’s just a matter of perspective that you can or cannot. Look at this example and stream inspiration.

Ponytail Hairstyles with Weave

The weave is that tiny styled weave like sections done on the hair. Well, if you’re all about getting it done, you should probably get on with it.

Ariana Grande Look

This chic looking Ariana Grande look is all about that a simple hairstyle meant to look extremely stylish. That’s the magic of ponytail hairstyles.

Messy Looking Ponytail

While most of the ponytails are pretty sleek looking and have that nice tight feel to it, this is quite different.

Mid-Way Braid Ponytail

Here’s another one in the mid-way braid segment that has an ombre and a one that goes from black to blonde. What do you think about this?

Skinny Ladies Look

This ponytail is for all the ladies out there who have that skinny face. You know that hairstyles are often affected by the facial structure as well. You might want to keep this fact into consideration.

The ponytail on Black Hair

Black hair usually is not that great at giving your hair layers. However, they are pretty good at making sure that your hair looks like a thick branch tree.

Weave Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Hair

Most of the time, weave ponytails are those with engraved looks to them. However, this one is a bit different but still pretty much with the same features.

Afro Style Hair

Afro styled hair can get messy at times, and it needs taming as well. Thankfully, you can always do this easy ponytail style, especially for athletes.

Medium Length Hair

Even the short hairdo ponytails pretty easily, so for an average length hair like this one here, it’s all a breeze. Yes, you heard it right.

Thick Ponytail Hairstyle

A thick hair texture means that you’ll always find yourself combing your hair to untangle the mess. But things get easier if you were only to opt for this look.

Golden Blonde Look

Since you’re all about that blonde look and want a hairstyle that also fits perfectly with your requirements, you can try this style—a very simple touch.

Multi-Tie Hairstyle

Multi-tie hairstyles are a very new thing in this category, and we believe it’s quite underrated as well. But we’re sure you love this creative look.

High Rise Straight Hair

A high rise straight hair like this one right here fits young ladies who are into pop or punk rock music. Get on matching accessories, and you’re good to go.

Side Burn Look

All ladies love to flick their sideburn or what people also refer to as bangs. Yes, a careless looking ponytail with this chic look.


All in all, we showed you a very massive collection of ponytail hairstyles look and gave you an idea of why it might be your next look. The reason why we emphasize ongoing through such an extensive collection is to avoid you making any rash decisions.

By now, you might have your favorite style of ponytail figured out.


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