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69 Stunning Prom Hairstyles That Will Rock Your Night

Prom is a pretty big deal for a girl and when the time comes around, you want everything to be perfect. Nothing less than perfect will do and we totally understand how you feel. Part of preparing for the prom means that you pick the dress of your dreams as well as planning your hair and makeup. It can be an exciting time for you and we want to be part of your excitement.

Choosing a hairstyle is a pretty big deal and you want to look magical for your prom, whether it’s junior prom or senior prom. There are a ton of hairstyles that you can choose from and we have some great options for you.  Check out these 69 Stunning Prom Hairstyles That Will Rock Your Night:

  1. Backward Braid

This backward braid style is a fairly new look and one that would be perfect for prom. It’s polished with the great looking bun, but the braid gives the look your own personal style.

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2. Bow Designs

So, it’s your junior prom and you want to make a statement. This is a cute look that is truly one of a kind. The curls are glamorous and the bow finishes the look.

3. Loose Braids

This glamorous updo would be great with a ball gown dress. A bold braid that is fresh and unique.

4. Twisted Styles

Another cool look that would brighten up anyone’s day. The twisted braid gives you the unique look you want and it’s perfect for curls.

5. Loose Styling

You don’t have to have a polished hairstyle to have a formal updo. This loose braided look is one of a kind.

6. Floral Styles

This gorgeous style is loose but not messy. It’s a great look that is made better with these floral accessories.

7. Twisty Braids

These great styles start of as twisty braids and go into a real braid. It’s a simple look that is perfect for a night out.

8. Beautiful Ringlets

A cool look like this is very traditional. These styles are popular for a reason because everyone loves them.

9. Side Swept Style

Taylor Swift is rocking her riglets in a side-swept style. These styles are perfect for the prom.

10. Twisted Bun

If you want something more than just the standard bun style, then this is the look for you. It’s polished and so very unique. Try out the look and you will see what we mean.

11. Top Braid

This is another style that is gaining in popularity. The top braid isn’t your average braid. It’s special, which makes it perfect for your big night.

12. Glamor Styles

This glamorous look that is stunning. These looks are very formal, so you need to have a dress to match a style like this one. If you want to go all out, then this is the style for you.

13. Double Braids

These double braids fall into a bun style. It’s not a polished style, but it’s still a beautiful choice.

14. Soft Looks

This is a soft look that falls lightly on your shoulders. You can have loose curls and they will go with any type of dress. The braids are horizontal and they crown the head.

15. Loose Lengths

This is a very loose style that has that messy element to it. It’s a simple look that you can use and wear with any type of dress.

16. Waterfall Braids

These ringlets look amazing with the waterfall braids. These cascading girls are truly unique and pretty.

17. Updo Vibe

A stunning braid that is bold and big. This is the kind of updo that is sure to make a strong impression. If you want to make an impact, then this is the prom hairstyle for you.

18. Stunning Braids

Another great loose style that has a rocking braid.

19. Soft Braids

These loose braids are one of a kind styles. How could you not love a style like this one?

20. Formal Looks

A formal updo that has a high bun. You can add cool accessories to the style that will take it up to another level.

21. Bold Curls

A stunning formal style that is full of curls. Braids go so well with curls. If you like that romantic look, then you have to try out this gorgeous style. It is more than what you are looking for.

22. Small Braids

These braids all connect together to create an amazing style. If you want a special style, then make an effort to create something as amazing as this one.

23. Crowning Updo

This sweet look is all about creating a look that is unique. This crown style is a very romantic style. You will definitely have a one of a kind style that will be memorable.

24. High Styles

When you are planning your prom style, you have to decide what side of yourself you want to show to the world. Is it a classic look? Or a romantic one? The sky is the limit for all the looks that you can have. A gorgeous style like this is classy and elegant. It’s the perfect style for prom.

25. Bold and Curly

A style like this is a popular one because it takes the hair off your shoulders. How could you not love a style like this one? It’s classically elegant. If you are looking for a style that is sheer elegance, then you must try out this gorgeous new look.

26. Soft Waves

A great style like this is sure to put a smile on your face. It’s not a polished style, but it’s super awesome. This actress is looking like a true prize with a messy style that is pure perfection. If you want to wow the crowd, then this is the look for you.

27. Fun Waterfall Braids

We just love the look of waterfall braids and this is a simple style to create. You can create the style in the comfort of your own home and isn’t that exactly what you want to do? You can save on salon costs by choosing a style that is simple and pretty. Add some cool accessories and you will officially have a gorgeous look for prom.

28. Sleek Styles

A gorgeous look like this is for the person who loves to have every hair in place. We love the golden accessories that are used here because they really brighten up the whole updo. These princess styles are truly unique and wonderful. The bun is so polished that it’s hard to believe that it’s even just a hairstyle.

29. Long Curls

Sometimes the simplest styles become the most beautiful. These are just flowing waves, yet they create a stunning look that you are sure to love. Her hair is so long and that creates its own elegance all on its own. All she did was add simple waves and she creates a show-stopping look that is sure to blow away everyone at the prom. Try it on for size and you will see just how perfect this style is for you.

30. Celebrity Styles

A great style like this is sure to make anyone happy. Carrie Underwood knows how to rock a formal style. It’s the perfect look for you because it will go along with any fancy dress that you can find. It’s a stunning look that has straight hair in the front and the rest is curly.

31. Wavy Styles

If you have long hair, then this wavy style is right for you. It’s classic and beautiful. These styles are perfect for a night at the prom. Again, if you need this kind of style in your life, you may need to add some extensions if you don’t already have this thick, long hair.

32. Bold and Beautiful

You will require a lot of hair to have a hairstyle like this one. If you don’t have it, then you will have to invest in getting some extensions to create such a full hairstyle. But it’s well worth all the work that it takes to get an amazing style like this one for prom.

33. Big and Bold Curls

This is a very traditional style that has been around for ages. If you are looking to keep your hair down, then you should try out this curly style that is boldly beautiful. Who doesn’t love a ton of curls? These styles are totally rocking.

34. Volumptuous Looks

A stunning style that is gorgeous because of the big style that is full of curls. The braid is loose and crowning the head. This type of style is the kind that turns heads when you walk in the room and we can totally see why. A style like this is meant to draw attention.

35. Blonde Styles

What a gorgeous color and the best part is that the hair is full of bold curls. We don’t expect you to change your hair color for prom, but you should totally try this cool style out. It doesn’t matter if it’s your junior prom or senior prom, this is the perfect look for you.

36. Fun Ringlets

A great set of ringlets that is pulled into a high ponytail. If you want to wow the crowd, then this is the style for you. These curls are going on for days and that’s the best news of all.

37. Crowning Braids

If you want an updo, you can never go wrong with braids. They are always popular for a reason; they make a style more romantic and elegant. It’s a clean look that will blow away the crowd at the prom.

38. Sparkling Accessories

This is another formal updo that has some sparkling accessories that really make the style pop. Try this look out and choose your favorite accessory and we guarantee it will brighten your day.

39. Breathtaking Looks

This style has curls for days. The crowning braid creates a romantic style that will make you feel like you are from a different era. This gorgeous style is meant to be breathtaking and they have totally succeeded in creating that look. We love the floral accessories because they complete the whole romantic vibe that we are looking for.

40. Intersecting Looks

A great intersecting braid that makes for an unusual look in the back. The rest of the style is in cascading waves. It’s actually a pretty simple style to create and one that won’t take a long time to do. Try it out and you are sure to win over everyone at your prom.

41. Cascading Curls

Waterfall braids are super popular and we can see why. The curls are polished and the braiding gives you a unique look. Why not have a simple look that you can rock all the way to the prom. If you have a simpler look, one that isn’t too fancy, then this is the style for you.

42. Braid Accessories

Another cool look that has a ton of curls all showcased by a braid. The best part is that the braid itself has some bold accessories to it. Intersect the accessories inside the braid and create a unique style that you will love for the entire night.

43. Curly Updos

If you are interested in being a princess for your prom, then this is probably the look that you are going for.  A ball gown is a perfect look for a style like this. If you are going to go to prom, why wouldn’t you want to try a glamorous style like this?

44. Bouncing Curls

A great style like this is beautiful for a lot of reasons. The curls are stunning and the way that they are styled is even better. These precious looks are exactly what you need to create memories for the biggest night of your young life.


45. Pretty Waves

This partial updo is elegant and classic. These looks never go out of style and that’s because they are so pretty. If you think about it, these styles aren’t hard to create. Take this style to the prom and wow everyone with your awesome look.

46. Twisty Partial

A cool look like this is one of a kind. If you are looking for a fresh style than this is the one for you. This hairstyle can be styled two different ways depending on the look you are going for. You can leave it down, or you can pull it up into an updo.

47. Elegant Updo

Big waves are the key to creating a stunning look like this one. You pile the waves high on top of your head to create this lovely style. Updos are the best kind of styles that you can have for your prom, so try it out.

48. Stunning Braids

If you are looking for a cool braided style, then you can’t go wrong with this look. It’s simple, yet unique and that’s the kind of look that you want for your prom. It’s a pretty look that will be Instagram-worthy in no time.

49. High Updos

A great look like this is another one that will require you to have a ton of hair. They are bold because there is so much volume that it practically uplifts the whole style. If you want a cool new style for your prom, then this is the look for you.

50. Floral Hairstyles

How gorgeous is this style that has a braid that is turned into a flower? This is a gorgeous style that is sure to steal the show. If you want a fancy new style, then this is the look for you.

51. Contrasting Colors

You won’t be able to create this style unless you have a lot of hair. Extensions may be required in order to create such a big and bold look. We love the contrasting colors that we see here.

52. Romantic Styles

A soft and romantic look like this is perfect for the prom.

53. Stunning Curls

An updo like this is created with bountiful curls. It’s a cool look that you are sure to love.

54. Soft Bow

This is a very simple style that you can do at home. It doesn’t require a hairstylist and you can pretty much brush most of it out. It’s a precious look for a junior prom.

55. Braided Styles

If braids are your passion, there are literally hundreds of ways that you can style your hair for the prom. These are just a couple of cool suggestions that you can try out.

56. Prom Styles

These styles are as precious as can be. Try it out and you will fall in love with these styles.


57. Bright Styles

Maybe you are thinking about keeping your hair down. It’s not unusual even though updos are pretty popular. If you want a sweet style that is sure to knock the socks off your date, then this is the style for you. Try it out and see for yourself. These beautiful cascading curls are sure to steal the show on your big night.


58. Simple Looks

This is a really simple look that you can create at home. If you want a simple style that is easy to put together but still creates a gorgeous look, then this is the one for you.

59. Stunning Ponytail

Who says that you couldn’t make a ponytail formal. This is a gorgeous example of how you can take a simple ponytail and make it glamorous.

60. Polished Looks

This bun is virtually perfect. The braid on the side is simple and pretty and the bun is sleek. If you want to go very formal, then this could be a great look for you.

61. Loose and Flowing

This loose style is free-flowing and beautiful. Add a few accessories to the falling hairstyles and it will brighten up the whole style.

62. Glamor Styles

If you are looking for a style that is going to blow everyone’s minds at the prom. You can choose the ponytail style that is elegant and fresh or try the braided updo and steal the show. Either way, you are going to make a good impression at the prom with these styles.

63. Special Styles

This look is stunning because it’s polished. The bang in the front is straight and sleek while the rest is bold and beautiful curls. It’s all pulled up into a partial updo that is going to impress everyone.

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64. Fun Colors

These fun styles have added colors. It’s another great example of a floral style that is simple to put together. But if you want a bit of edginess to your style, then why not add some wild colors.

65. Cornrow Braids

If you have cornrow braids, you can still have a cool updo for the prom. We love this beehive updo because it’s polished and has the kind of wow factor that you want for your big night.

66. Fishtail Braids

A stunning partial updo that has a bold and beautiful fishtail braid. If you want a cool look that is breathtakingly beautiful, then this is the look for you.

67. White-hot Florals

Here we see the floral partial updo again but it has a brighter shade of white blonde. Sometimes all you need is a fresh new color to create a look that is awesome. Her hair is so long and beautiful.

68. Fun and Curly

A gorgeous curly style that has a traditional vibe to it. If you are going for the ball gown dress, then this would be the perfect look for you. It’s glamorous and classy, a true style for a party night.

69. Simple Braiding

Another simple braid that is formed into a crown. The rest of the style is pulled up into a gorgeous updo that is perfect for the prom. Braids are perfect for prom styles, and it’s a style that you should totally rock out on your magical night.


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