97 Breathtaking Purple Hair Color Styles You Will Love

If you haven’t noticed, pastels are huge right now especially when it comes to purples. Purple is a very feminine look and it doesn’t matter whether you are going dark or trying a pastel shade out. The great thing about purple is that it is an unusual color for people to see on hair, so they are bound to be mesmerized by your style immediately. It’s a mysterious color that will have people wondering who you are right away.

If you have wanted to take the plunge into purple now is the time to do it because the color is so hot right now. The hardest part about going purple will be deciding what awesome shade to go for. You also have to learn how to take care of your purple hair because like with any fashion shade, it’s going to fade over time.

How to Choose the Right Purple Shade For You

It can be hard to decide on what purple shade is right for you and we totally get that, there are so many brilliant choices. It’s best to go with a shade that compliments your complexion. If you have warm undertones to your skin, then you would do better to go with a magenta shade or a lilac one. If you happen to have cool undertones to your skin, then a great look for you would be a deep violet or a classic pastel in a lavender shade. Neutral undertones are the lucky ones because they can basically choose any color that they want, and it will look amazing. If you follow your complexion, then you can’t go wrong with color choices.

There are many ways around skin tones, however, to get the color you want. If you have skin with warm tones, but you are dying to try a cool metallic purple shade, then all you have to do is mix it up with some lilac around your face and that solves the problem. No one said you couldn’t try two different shades to mix things up. We have all the color choices that you are looking for.

Check out these 97 Breathtaking Purple Hair Color Styles You Will Love:

  1. Deep and Dark 

If you already have dark hair, then adding deep purple won’t be a huge change for you.


purple hair

2. Neon Shades

These bold and bright shades are so popular right now. She kept her roots long probably to make her roots more manageable and then lightened up the rest.

3. Multiple Shades

You can blend together a few different colors with different purples.

4. Hot Colors

Now, this is a look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The roots are purple and then there are a few different shades of pink blended in.

5. Pretty Purple

These deep purple shades are great for people who like to stay dark. If you are naturally dark-haired, then you won’t have to lighten up your hair too much.

6. Muted Purples

If you don’t want light or dark, then you can have a color that is somewhere in between.

7. Magenta Tones

This color definitely falls into the magenta family and it’s a cool choice.

8. Cool Shades

How could you not love a color as cool as this one? It’s amazing.

Things to Consider When Going Purple

One thing to keep in mind when you are choosing an unnatural color of hair. These styles are typically high-maintenance looks.

  • Purple and especially pastels shades will fade quickly, usually after only a week or two. You will either need to have frequent salon trips to keep the color looking fresh or invest in colored shampoos or color balls that you can use at home in between salon visits.
  • If you aren’t blonde and you are naturally darker, then expect to have your hair bleached at least once before the purple color will be applied.
  • If you are dying your hair cool colors, there is bound to be some damage that comes with it. It would be a good time to invest in good moisturizers and even hair masks.

9. Bold Curls

Don’t these curls look awesome with this deep purple shade?

10. Hot Looks

Another great fashion purple that you are sure to love.

11. Celebrity Colors

Katy Perry always loves trying out cool hair colors and she definitely looks amazing with this purple shade.

12. Pastel Shades

Pastel shades are so popular right now and this is a great look that is sure to get you attention wherever you go.

13. Bold Shades

Now, this is a shade of purple that demands attention.

14. Mermaid Shades

This style is very popular right now where colors are being combined in a rainbow fashion. You can try out purple and a few different colors.

15. Hot Shading 

The color starts off with a deep pastel purple and then fades to a gorgeous soft purple. If you want a style that is sure to turn heads, then this is the look for you.

16. Hot Fashion Shades

These neon shades are sure to be eye-catching. The roots are a deep purple and then the rest of the head is a multitude of colors.

17. Stunning Shades

If you are looking for a full color, then you can’t go wrong with this bold purple color.

18. Dark Purple

It’s so dark that it’s hard to tell it’s even purple, that is until you step out in the sun. If you don’t want a big change for your dark hair, then this is the shade for you.

19. Cool Ombre

This cool ombre style has a combination of black and purple. Try it out for yourself.

20. Hollywood Shades

You will feel like you belong on the big screen with a color like this one.

21. Bold Looks

This style is a cool contrast from a very dark black to a light and bright purple. If you like cool and dramatic looks, then this is a great style choice for you.

22. Cool Contrasts

This ombre style takes three different shades and has them transitioning down the hair. It’s a cool effect that you are sure to love.

23. Bold Choices

We have two very different shades of purple here, but because they are in the same family, they go well together.

24. Hot Purple

If your hair is this dark naturally, then it may take a couple of bleaching sessions to get your hair light enough for this fashion purple. She has decided just to do the bottom of her hair which will keep the top portion a lot healthier.

25. Stunning Magenta

You are sure to wow the crown with a stunning shade like this one. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

26. Bold Shades

The purple is not the primary color in this look, the blue is. She has just added purple highlights throughout.

27. Bold Neons

A great style like this has so many different and beautiful shades. There are blues and purples together that create an amazing style like this.

28. Cool Purples

This shade is gorgeous and would be perfect for someone that had a cool skin tone. These styles are unique and wonderful styles.

29. Mysterious Purples

A great color like this is exactly what you want if you have dark hair. It will give you a mysterious vibe that you are sure to love.

30. Cool Shades for Kids

kids will definitely love these cool shades, but it just needs to be known that the child’s hair would need to be bleached to achieve this color.

31. Stunning Shades

This full color is bright and beautiful, a shade that you are sure to love.

32. Bold and Neon

This is a neon shade that anyone would love if you like bold and dramatic colors.

33. Lighter Shades

This gorgeous style has a bright purple shade that goes from a bright shade to an almost white shade of purple.

34. Purple Highlights

This is a cool color but not a full color. She is just using the purple shades as highlights throughout the style.

35. Cool Colors

A great style like this is sure to turn heads at your next event.

36. Celebrity Styles

If celebrities can pull off these bold colors, then you can too! Try this flashy shade for yourself.

37. Bold Ombres

This is an amazing shade of purple because it’s not over the top, but it will still allow you to have a cool style.

38. Stunning Deep Shades

A great shade like this one is sure to make you happy. This short hairstyle is perfect for this type of ombre style.

39. Soft Shades

You can have a shade of purple without having to go neon and bright. This is a gorgeous look that allows you to have purple hair without being too dramatic.

40. Shocking Shades

If you like to blow people’s minds, then this is probably the look for you. We have a bright purple on top and a neon green color underneath. It’s actually a pretty cool look.

41. Elegant Shades

This short bob is made even more awesome by this shade of purple.

42. Chunky Highlights

This style is awesome and the highlights here are thicker than some of the ones we have already seen.

43. Purple Looks

If you have dark hair, then this could be the perfect look for you. You would only have to bleach the bottom of your hair.

44. Full Colors

This color is a great shade for a full color. It’s not too dark or too light.

45. Bright Shades

You are sure to love this shade. Every inch of it is bright and there are many different shades of purple throughout. Who says you can only have one shade of purple?

46. Light Lavender

We love this light shade of lavender and so will you.

47. Dark Designs

A style like this is sure to draw attention to you. It’s close to a magenta shade at the bottom.

48. Edgy Looks

If you prefer your color to be a little edgier, then this is a cool choice for you.

49. Ombre Styling

This is another great ombre look that you are sure to love.

50. Hot and Bright Shades

A bold style that has the top of the hair being a deep and dark purple and the rest of the hair is a shade closer to pink.

51. Bold Blues

Blues and purples go really well together as you can see here.

Purples Require Constant Maintenance

Colors like this are going to require some maintenance than a natural shade would. Because your hair has been bleached to take those colors, it also is hard for the bleached hair to hold on to those colors. There are some simple things that you can do to maintain your purple hair.

Even before you dye your hair, get into the practice of using ingredients like coconut oil and moisturizing hair masks to take care of your hair. You should definitely be doing this once your hair has been dyed.

Use shampoos that are recommended by your hair stylist. Once you start dyeing your hair fashion shades, you should not be using drug store shampoos especially anything that has sulfate in it because it strips the oils from your hair.

You can continually refresh your color by adding some semi-permanent purple dye to your conditioner. It will allow you to freshen up your color every time that you wash your hair.

52. Soft Pastels

This is a really pretty style and pastel are very popular right now.

53. Cool and Light

Another great ombre style with shorter hair.

54. Boost of Color

This is another great example of a style that has a mixture of blue and purple together.

55. Edgy Coloring

This cool shade of purple is definitely a cross between a purple and a pink.

56. Hot and Bold

This is a reverse ombre style that has the darker shade on the bottom instead of the top.

57. Fashion Shades

This is a perfect example of a fashion purpose and one that will require a lot of maintenance.

58. Darker Styles

This style is edgier and cool for someone who likes dark colors.

59. Breathtaking Pastels

This breathtaking pastel shade is one that is sure to make you smile. If you notice her darker complexion, it makes it the perfect skin tone for a shade as light as this one.

60. Dark Colors

This is a much darker and muted shade of purple. It’s not meant to be bright and bold.

61. Hotter Shades

Her long hair once again combines blues and purples together to create a style that is truly stunning.

62. Choppy Styles

Choppy styles like this bob will always showcase your bright colors in the best possible light. These hairstyles are meant to show off great colors.

63. Light Lilac

It’s a beautiful color that is really popular right now.

64.  Pretty Purples

We have a combination of purples and pinks with this gorgeous style.

65. Cool Stylings

Now, this is a really cool style that has a lot of originality. One side is dark while the other side is light. It’s a cool style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

66. Shockingly Bright

The edgy cut and the bold color together make this hairstyle perfect. If you want a look that will stand out, then this is the one for you.

67. Dark Blends

The original color starts off as black and it melts into a gorgeous purple shade. These styles that have melted colors are so beautiful.

68. Beautiful Shades

This color goes from light to dark with a beautiful shade of purple.

69. Purple Love

We love this shade of purple and it really goes well with her light complexion.

70. Dark Purple

The combination of her skin tone and this bright purple shade creates a stunning hairstyle that is sure to make her happy. If you love the color, then why not try it out for yourself.

71. Short Looks

Purple isn’t just for girls anymore, we can see how purple can brighten up a guy’s short hairstyle as well.

72. Simple Looks

This is a very small change; it’s a great look for someone who doesn’t want a bold change.

73. Stunning Purples

If you want an amazing purple hairstyle, then this one is hard to pass up. It has some incredible shades that are both light and dark. The way that the colors all blend in together is breathtaking.

74. Hot Pinks

These amazing colors all blend in so well together, but colors like these will also fade quickly so make sure you are taking care of your hair properly.

75. White Hot Shades

This light purple is so light that it’s almost a white blonde style. If you have blonde hair, this could be a great style to try out. If you have dark hair, this style would be impossible to achieve at your first salon visit. You would have to go multiple times before you could achieve a style like this one.

76. Rock Star Style

The top of the head is a more natural color while the rest of the style is a lighter shade of purple.

77. Yarn Braids

If you aren’t interested in dyeing your hair, then you could always give yarn braids a try. It’s just purple yarn that is weaved into a braid to create this dreadlock type hairstyle.

78. Edgy Ombres

This gorgeous style reminds us of the night sky and all the transitions it goes true at night. We love this ombre hairstyle because it goes from very dark to a light purple.

79. Dreadlock Styles

It’s hard to tell if the hair is actually dyed in this dreadlock style or if the dyed yarn has been used again. Either way, it’s a gorgeous style.

80. Neon Purples

This is a gorgeous look that has a different shade on each side of the head. It’s a gorgeous style that shows off some neon purples.

81. Stunning Purple

Another great example of a light shade of purple that is sure to turn heads.

Also See:

82. Greyed Purples

This purple coloring has some grey tones to it. It’s a darker look for anyone that wants a great style.

83. Stunning and Bold

A great style that is a beautifully bright and Katy Perry is pulling it off in an awesome way.

84. Sexy Styles

If you want a color that is going to match your sexy style, then this is the look for you.

85. Model Styles

This is definitely the sort of purple that is eye-catching and you are sure to get compliments wherever you go.

86. Maroon Purple

This looks like a color that is somewhere in between purple and red.

87. Shocking Neons

Not everyone can pull off these neon shades so be careful about what you choose. You really need a cool skin tone for something like this. There is a mixture of colors here that really go well together.

88. Pretty Ombre

Another great ombre style that you are sure to love.

89. Bold Shades

A great style like this is truly one of a kind. If you want a special style, then this is the one for you.

90. White Blonde Styles

This cool hairstyle starts off like a light purple and then seemingly melts into a white blonde style. It’s amazing.

91. Bright Neons

If you like cool styles, then you must try out this gorgeous neon hair color.

92. Short Styling

Another short hairstyle that is perfect for this look.

93. Cool Looks

Another great reverse ombre look that has the lighter color on top.

94. Hot and Stylish

You are sure to get a ton of compliments wherever you go with a cool hair color like this one.

95. Soft and Pretty

This purple style is really soft and pretty. It’s going to make you feel urethral.

96. Shining Purple

A dark shade of purple that is amazing for a full color.

97. Dark Purples

If you like dark colors, then you are sure to love an amazing shade like this one.


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