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93 Eye-Catching Purple Hair Color Options to Rock This Year

If you haven’t noticed by now, the color purple is totally in right now when it comes to hair color choices. That’s great for any of you ladies, that like to dabble in bold colors. If you are looking for a change in style or just want to vamp up your style, then you can’t go wrong with the color purple. It’s just one of those shades that go well with any skin tone and the sky is the limit on what you can do with it. Making this color fashionable in your life is easier than you might think. Check out these 93 Eye-Catching Purple Hair Color Options to Rock This Year:

  1. Bright Highlights

A stunning style like this mixes black hair with bright purple highlights. It’s a perfect style that shows off well with the short hairstyle.

purple hair

2. Mermaid Looks

This style is exactly what you need to blow away the competition. Just look at these bright and beautiful colors. Of course, blue and purple go well together.

3. Sparkle Styles

Whether you like a little sparkle or not, you can still try out the soft purple shades that are involved here.

4. Bright Purple

What a gorgeous shade. These purple colors are everything that you are going to need for a fresh new look. We love how it starts off deep and bright and then goes super light at the ends. Try it out and see how much you love it.

5. Short and Bright

How can you not love a style like this? It’s a bright and beautiful look.

6. Dark Designs

Maybe it’s a dark look that you are after. If that’s the case, then you are sure to love this dark purple coloring.

7. Subtle Hues

It’s a great style that has some cool colors. A style with a subtle hue like this is sure to brighten your day.

8. Hot Purple Hair Color

Purple is definitely a color that you can bring into your life if you are an edgier person. As you can see here, it totally goes well with her rock star vibe.

9. Hot and Bright

Miley Cyrus is totally rocking out this bright fashion shade of purple.

10. Stunning Shades

A look like this is exactly what you need for a night out on the town. These styles are super edgy.

11. Different Shades

There are a ton of different shades with this style and they are all beautiful. If you want an eye-catching style, then this is the one for you.

12. High Colors

A bright shade of purple that is sure to blow minds wherever you go.

13. Pink and Purple

A stunning style that has pinks and purples mixing together.

14. Deep Colors

If you want a cool new look, this is the color for you.

15. Shimmering Colors

A bold shade like this uses multiple fashion shades and it creates a very edgy look.

16. Burgundy Purple

There are seriously some cool colors here. There are reds and purples involved here that are truly beautiful together.

17. Hot Coloring

A short style like this has a shimmering purple coloring. If you are looking for an amazing style, then try this one out.

18. Dark Styles

Katy Perry is always trying out new colors. This color purple was the perfect red carpet look for her.

19. Hot Purple

This polished look has a shocking shade of purple that you are sure to love.

20. Bold Fashion Shades

If you want to blow away the competition, then this is the shade of purple that you should try out. It’s remarkable in so many ways.

21. Hot and Cool

It starts off bright and then it goes very light.

22. Bold Purples

This shade of purple is deep and mesmerizing. This deep color is one of a kind.

23. White Lights

This light shade of purple is so light that it’s almost white.

24. Dark and Light

There are many different shades of purple with this look.

25. Cascading Purple

This gorgeous shade is truly beautiful and we love that it’s being showcased in a curly style.

26. Subtle Highlights

A simple hairstyle that has some cool highlights.

27. Soft Purples

Taylor Swift looks amazing in purple and it’s a style that anyone can try out.

28. Purple and Blue

This gorgeous style has purple and blue melting together. How could we not love colors like these ones?

29. Light Purple

Another great shade that is light and beautiful.

30. Pretty Shades

This short style looks amazing with these bright purple highlights. Why not try these shades out and see how you like them.

31. Purple and Grey

A soft coloring like this has some purple and grey shades together.

32. Light and Bright

These light shades make for a breathtaking style that you can wear all summer long. It’s a gorgeous shade of purple that you are sure to love.

33. Subtle Styles

A beautiful look that starts off as a soft purple and then goes into a greying style. Try it out, it’s so much fun.

34. Deeper Purple

A shocking shade of purple that is very dark. There are definitely hints of red in the style as well. You are sure to love this look.

35. Sweet Colors

Another hot shade of purple that will have people complimenting you all night long.

36. Beautiful Purples

This shade of purple is not too dark and not too light. It’s exactly the shade of purple that you need.

37. Hot and Fashionable

A bright shade of purple that has a few different hues.

38. Shining Styles

A great look like this has purple with black roots. It’s a very fashionable look.

39. Hot Hues

You are sure to draw the eye with a hot shade like this one. Try it out and you will see what we are talking about.

40. Fresh Shades

Another gorgeous shade that is sure to have people talking.

41. Purple Curls

If you like bright colors, then try out this style with the multiple shades.

42. Cool Ombre

A great look that starts off black and turns into an ombre shade of purple. These shades are truly one of a kind.

43. Long Styles

A great look like this has a few shades of purple that will make you happy.

44. Subtle Shading

A great look that is in the silver family. There is definitely a hue of purple running through it and it’s gorgeous.

45. Pretty Shades

If you are looking for a fresh new shade, then this is the shade for you. The stunning purple is exactly what you need.

46. Bold and Beautifully Purple

A shade like this is sure to draw an eye wherever you go.

47. Great Shades

A shocking shade of purple is the perfect contrast to go with black.

48. Hot Styles

A stunning style that has some bold colors swimming together.

49. Hot Purple Colors

This cool shade of purple is definitely a fashion shade which means that there will be a lot of maintenance involved to keep the color from fading.

50. Fresh Purples

A light shade of purple that is gorgeous and well put together. These styles are great for a summer look.

51. Shimmering Purples

You can mix many different shades together to create a stunning style that will turn heads wherever you go.

52. Cool Coloring

Bright shades like this require a lot of maintenance because they are vibrant. That means they are going to fade easily.

53. Stunning Light Shades

This is usually a shade that would be added to a white blonde color.

54. Pretty Purple

Another ombre shade of purple that is sure to brighten your day.

55. Cool Vibes

These styles are sure to brighten your day because they are very beautiful.

56. Black and Purple

This deep purple looks great as a contrast against the black.

57. Purple Braids

A great style like this is one of a kind. The purple braids really stand out.

58. Shimmering Shading

These purple highlights are great and they are obviously a great shade that goes well with black. We see it quite often, it’s a popular choice.

59. Muted Styles

A muted purple that changes in style throughout the look.

60. Bold Coloring

A style like this has some bright colors that fall on the end.

61. Shocking Shades

A short style like this has some bright colors. It’s the kind of style that is sure to stand out wherever you are.

62. Pretty New Looks

We have dark and light shades here that are gorgeous all around. If you are looking for a change, you can’t go wrong with this look.

63. Bright and Gorgeous

Purple and blue always look amazing together. These shades blend in well together.

64. Thick Highlights

We only see a spot of purple before it turns into another color. But the look is still pretty cool.

65. Hot New Shading

Color is always fun to play with and you will never regret that time you decided to rock out a hot purple shade.

66. Stunning Shades

This hot shade is sure to make you the cool girl at your next party.

67. Purple Tips

There are a ton of cool colors involved with this style and this look is one of a kind. The purple is only shown on the tips of the hair.

68. Deep and Dark Designs

There is a combination of red and purple here and it creates quite the stunning look.

69. Bright Purple Designs

A great style that has a hot purple shade.

70. Dark and Cool

Another great style that combines black and purple together. If you want a stunning style, then this is it.

71. Pretty and Shimmering

This style is very light and truly one of a kind. These styles are special and bright.

72. Blue Highlights

A great style that is short and has purple and blue highlights throughout.

73. Crystalized Purple

A stunning style that has some truly unique shades of purple. These shades are practically glowing and they are very beautiful.

74. Pretty Purple Looks

A stunning look that is styled in a simple way but one that has pretty coloring.

75. Cool Ombre Looks

A cool look that has a dark ombre style. The purple just sits on the ends.

76. Hot and Bold

You are going to be turning heads wherever you go with a stunning shade like this one.

77. Blueish Purple

This is a different shade of purple, it has a bluish tone to it, but it’s also a very cool shade.

78. Pretty Stunning Shades

There are too many bright shades here that it’s super hard not to love a gorgeous style like this one.

79. Lightening Shades

We love this shade of purple especially because it just sits on the ends. If you want a unique look, then this is the style for you.

80. Subtle Designs

A simple style that is a little more subtle than the rest.

81. Cool Coloring

This rockstar shade is one that you are going to want to try out this year.

82. Long Designs

This long hairstyle gives us lots of opportunities to see this stunning purple color.

83. Shocking Bright Shades

A stunning style like this has bright purples and blues together. They are beautiful and unique.

84. Gorgeous and Bright

There are so many bright and beautiful colors involved here and we just love all of them.

85. Light Purple Looks

This light coloring is great for summer. If you want a bright new color, then try this shade out.

86. Deep Purple Looks

If you love purple, then you will love this bright shade.

87. Pretty Purple Shades

A pretty shade of purple is sure to keep you popular all year long.

88. Different Designs

Another great style that has many different colors with the purple.

89. Dull Designs

Not everyone wants bright colors so try out this muted shade of purple.

90. Simple Purples

A simple look that just has a few highlights.

91. Fashionable Shades

This is a super short style that has some amazing colors to it.

92. Pretty Purple Colors

Another cool look that has a beautiful shade of purple.

93. Darkening Designs

A dark design that turns very light.


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