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102 Rainbow Hair Color Inspirations That Will Brighten Your Day

This summer, make your hairstyle look fresher, colorful and unique with the rainbow color. It is one of the hair colors that is becoming very popular and trending this year because of the incredible mixtures of fun colors. And it is not just for celebrities anymore. It is time for you to try out Harley Quinn’s adorable splash of hair colors and flaunt a fun and head-turning shades for this year.

And it does not matter whether you have long or short hair, thin or thick hair, as long as you have some hair growing in your head, then you can rock the rainbow hairdo! The rainbow color hairstyle comes with a variable light or bright shades and really, the creativity of mixing different colors know no bounds.

Try out this fun shades if you are brave enough. There are various color combinations for a rainbow color hairdo and we have just the list to help you decide about that.

Here are some of the best rainbow color hairdo that you will surely fall in love with!

102 Rainbow Hair Color Inspirations

Short Styles

This hairstyle features colors that are not only colorful and bright. Moreover, this short style really looks cool and amazing. Nonetheless, it is ideal for ladies who prefer a shorter hair length.

rainbow hair

Vivid color Shades

This rainbow color hairstyle uses bright and beautiful color shades. Much like colorful candy cones, this hair color is really beautiful and head turning with a perfect bow to finish the look. The good this about this style is that you can sport them all at once.

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Fiery Color

With a natural brown colored hair, this girl tried different shades of red and yellow that looks fiery hot! Styled with loose braid, you can see just how the colors blended together.

Very Vibrant Colors

A short curly hair makes a perfect match for very bright colors like this one. Furthermore, girls will definitely fall in love with its tight locks.

Green and Blue Shades

Green, blue, yellow: This hairdo incorporated different shades to make it look stunning. And oh, it has a purple shade that you will surely love. Overall, it is an amazing hairstyle that you are sure to like.

Pink + Rainbow Colors

With pink as the primary color on top, the rainbow shades to the tip of the hair blend brightly together. Style this wonderful hair with a half-up half-down bun in order to highlight the amazing and colorful wavy tip. Actually, you will not find a more stunning hairdo than this one.

 Radiant Shades

This hairstyle that looks a bit edgy will draw attention effortlessly.

Irregular Colored Shaves Style

With irregular shavings, each colored differently, it is indeed a very unique style that takes only the boldest to do it.

Soft Shades

Rainbow shades do not always mean bright, fun colors, you can also try some lighter shades that are soft to the eyes like this one.

Rainbow Shades for Short Hair

With a blonde color on top, the soft shades underneath are stealing the spotlight that looks pretty amazing.

Fearless and Bright Shades

You will surely love this bold rainbow shades, and with a braid style. Perfect for really long hair, this hairstyle will definitely attract every one. Aside from giving you an attractive look, it will also brighten up your day.

Color Touch

Do you want to a have a rainbow shade hairstyle? If so, just simply take some strands and color them with bright colors to make you really cool.

Eye-catching Blue Green

Well, it is actually blue-green in color, but with the addition of some strands with red highlights make it really look amazing as well as hot.

Rear Rainbow Shades

Another great hairstyle that deserves your attention. These bright color can only be seen if the hair is styled upward and properly.

Very Bright Pink

This purple and pink hairstyle has a touch of other shades for a rainbow look. Nonetheless, it is a great hairstyle for those who want to try a very short hair length.

Fall Colors

A beautiful style that will let you wear different colors. Trust us, if you wear this hairstyle you will not regret the decision you have made.

Lustrous Coloring

This is another example of hidden bright shades under a perfectly innocent blonde hair. And doing a braid surely makes the color blend together. Actually, this hairstyle looks simple yet very surprising.

Splendid Hues

A unique and splendid hairstyle that is perfect for ladies who want to rock a short haircut. Even so, this style will look more beautiful when exposed to direct sun.

Subtle Tones

A stunning and glowing hairstyle with subtle tones.

Light and Delicate Color

A breathtaking, delicate, and light rainbow hairstyle that looks good in everybody.

Shining and Vivid Style

These bold shades blend perfectly with a braided hairdo. Also, this style will draw attention effortlessly wherever you go.

Unicorn Shades

Straight or Curly, these light unicorn shades are truly awesome as well as fashionable.

The Incredible Colors

Using the primary colors for your hair and hidden underneath waiting to be revealed to certain hairstyles is truly a creative and unique way to try.

Glowing Rainbow Colors

Now, this is a much different rainbow style that you will surely love. As a matter of fact, this one is most alive during the night!

Lighter Shading

If you do not want too bright colors that will make every person turn to look, then try some light but stunning shades like this one.

Hot Rainbow Shades

Bright and bold, with a hint of fiery hotness hairstyle that is something worth having.

Fun Highlights

This looks unique and exceptional, thanks to its fun, pretty, and bright highlights.

Edgy Hairstyle

A breathtaking hairstyle that every girl out there will surely like. Also, if you want to wear an edgy hairstyle this one is for you.

Solid Equal Hues

Layered and of equal shades, you will surely fall in love with this rainbow color style. Either way, the shades used in this hairstyle are really beautiful.

Darker Rainbow Hues

If you are not into vivid shades, then go with some dark and blue and pink shades like this one. You will definitely love these hues.

Brown and Colorful

A natural brown shade hiding colorful and fun colors. Also, it is a perfect and unique hairstyle for the summer season.

Harley Quinn Colors

Remember Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad? Well, these are her choices of hair shades. Wanna try it out? In fact, this blonde hairstyle hides colorful shades as you can see in the image below.

Curly Shading

A combination of bright and light, these colors will be perfect for the summer season. With this style and its breathtaking colors, you’ll actually feel incredible the whole summer

Splendid Dark Shades

This hairstyle that has darker shades will make you stand out from the crowd. Not only that they also provide a mystic aura.

Soft and Warm Shades

Another exceptional hairstyle that will look really lovely under the sun. So if you’re a kind of girl who always walking other the sun, this hairstyle is perfect for you.

Unicorn Colors

This style that is made using bold and glowing will surely complete your summer look. Nevertheless, these hair colors will complete your summer experience.

Light Colors in Waves

Natural blonde hairs look pretty amazing when combined with light pastel shades plus the wavy hair will surely turn heads all through the season! Without a doubt, it is a type of hairstyle that is something worth getting.

Black with Bright Reds

Natural black hair will be enhanced and add a cooler look with a hint of fiery red, calm blue and yellowish! In addition, this look will brightenen up your mood.

Dusk Colors

Who does not love the beautiful colors of the sky during sunset? Well, who would not love this sunset shades of hair? Either way, if you want to achieve a bold look, then sporting this hairstyle with sunset colors is a good idea.

Purple, Blue and Bright

Because of its loud rainbow shades and base colors, this style looks really amazing. Blend colors together with a stunning fishtail braid and you will be turning heads wherever you go!

Hot Wavy Colors

Grey hairs can be enhanced with bright and loud colors like this one. This hairstyle, on the other hand, looks simple yet jaw-dropping.

Few Accent

Add some pretty pinks to your natural brown hair and you will already look amazing for the summer season. Furthermore, it will actually spice up your overall look.

Pink and Blue

Rock this season by sporting this colorful and short hairstyle.

Rainbow Colors Underneath

With a wavy hair with natural brown color, adding bright shades underneath is a fun and stunning way to try! With a simple fishtail braid, you will uncover the awesome rainbow shades underneath! Either way, every young lady will definitely love this one.

Hot and Cold Shading

These two different hair colors look really great. Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with these two beautiful hairstyles.

The Unicorn Shade

Love unicorns? Well, this girl definitely do! With light to bright colors, this wonderful and unique rainbow color will surely turn heads!

Rainbow Pixie

This pixie cut is enhanced 10 times with its vivid colors!

Sweet Shades on Waves

Subtle and sweet, this blue, pink and purple color combination on a wavy hair is absolutely breathtaking!

Loud Shades 

With golden blond hair, these loud shades will definitely make you cooler and awesome!

2-in-1 Style 

Much different than the other rainbow colors, this one only uses 2 shades that blend perfectly: a yellow on one side and a myrtle green color on the side.

Standard Rainbow Shades

The standard colors of the rainbow are used in this hair.

Very Bright Rainbow

Well, if you are brave enough, then try these very bright colors that will surely catch anyone’s attention!

Black Hairstyle with Amazing Highlights

With natural black hair, adding numerous bright shades underneath will surely create a nice contrast!

Pixie Hairstyles 

With lots of bright blue and different shaded highlights, this hairdo will definitely make you rock!

Barber Hairdo

A barber hairdo like this one can also show off some bright rainbow colors!

Pink and Purple in Curls

Pink and purple dominate, with other bright shades at the tip of the curly hair.

Dark Brown + Neon Colors

These neon colors look really amazing with a natural dark brown hair.

Faint Shades

This hairstyle that features faint shades looks really cool and trendy. These lighter shades are perfect for any hairstyles.

Fearful Bright

These bright shades are indeed astonishing! The true colors of the rainbow sectioned that will surely draw lots of attention anywhere you go.

Blue and Purple

Blue and Purple blend really nice together! These gorgeous shades match perfectly with the bottom hair colors.

Stunning Look

A very unique and loud color blending, you will surely love this hairstyle if you want to go bold once in a while.

Glitzy Coloring

Another “hidden underneath” colorings, but this time uses some bright neon shades on a natural medium brown hair.

Dark Shades in Brown

If you do not want to overly dramatic, then try using dark color shades with your natural hair color.

Beautiful and Colorful Braids

Green, pink, yellow, blue- this amazing shades of color are hidden underneath a golden brown hair and when you try an upside-down braid, you will see just how cool they blend together.

Bold Colors in White Hair 

Just look how bold this awesome granny is! While her hair already turned white, she used that to rock some bright shades and look more amazing even at such age.

Bangs with Rainbow Colors

With a white hair base, the bags and every strand underneath is colored with bright shades for a stunning and attractive hairstyle.

Shiny Rainbow Colors

A long, wavy hair is perfect for such shiny rainbow colors!

Grey Color

Looking for a short haircut that can give you an edgy look? Then this colorful rainbow hairstyle is perfect for you.

Fabulous and Bright Unicorn Colors

With this bright, neon unicorn shades, people will surely stop a moment and be in awe!

Shiny Pastel Shades

Just imagine this beautiful pastel shades in the sun. Won’t it looks like it glitters? And I know that you will surely love this very light pastel colors when hitting parties!

Hot Neon Colors

A neon rainbow colors, one that is for the boldest and bravest to rock this shades!

Simple Colors

Not too bright and not too light, these rainbow shades are very much subtle that you will surely love!

Bold Rainbow

Now, this is a bold and bright rainbow color that will surely steal the show.

Intense Hot Shades

Make your hairdo look like they are lit on fire with this amazing fiery shades. And to balance it out, it also have some cool shades below for an amazing look.

Intense Hot and Cool Shades

Much like the previous hairstyle, this one also tried the same color blending on her medium wavy hair and the result is just so amazing.

Wavy Colors on Wavy Hair 

Just a hint of different colors, this curly hairstyle is really awesome and is perfect for kids due to its color.

Goddess Shades

Have you seen any goddess with blue and purple shades of hair? Well, this one perfectly fits the description.

6 Bold Colors

Natural black hair color with 6 bright colors is truly stunning and gorgeous!

Seductive Hues

These vibrant shades are not too brilliant and not too delicate, making it perfect if you want something in between with a sexy appeal.

Shades of Goddess

If you have watched some movies with a goddess in them, then you might notice that these shades match perfectly. This hairstyle will turn you into a beautiful the sea goddess!

Pink Shades in a Ponytail

With an ombre color, she shows up her stunning pink shades with a ponytail.

Mermaid Style

Blue for the ocean and classic pink to show feminism, this hair color is truly a mermaid-inspired hairstyle. Not to mention that it goes perfectly with her classic curly hairs!

Shorter Pink Look

If you want to spice up your short hairdo, then try a lot of pink with green, yellow and blue in front for a really cool look!

Radiant Shades on Hot Curls

There is nothing more eye-catching than radiant colors, combines with amazing curls, this hairstyle will surely draw attention wherever you go.

Vibrant Colors

These vibrant colors are really hard to resist. If you are brave enough, then you will surely love these bright shades.

Fun Hues

Fun and fresh, these shades look really amazing for the summer season!

Pieces of Tones

Now, this is truly something different than the rest of hairdo colors. The colors used in this hairstyle are applied in different manners and provides a very distinct style that you’ll surely like.

Dark to Light Styles

These dark shades offer a whole different look, with lighter shades below for a fresher look, making it one of the most gorgeous rainbow hairstyles in this list.

Adorable Looks

Another great hairstyle with a soft blond natural hair. These adorable shades will make you think about the different colors of candies and I’m pretty sure you can’t get enough of these fun colors.

Rock a Shaved Hairstyle

Probably one of the boldest hairstyle you can ever try, this hairstyle showcase a shaved and mohawk design with vibrant colors for a cool rockstar look.

Prominent Floral Colors

This hairstyle combines the colors that you typically see in a garden full of colorful flowers under the sun, making it a perfect style to go during the summer.

Green Base

With a green base to blue and pink, this rainbow color is definitely a very unique one! Also, this can give you a whole new different look.

Firm Shades

An awesome rainbow style, this amazing light, and soft shades are really perfect for waves and braids.

Galactic Shades

With shades that looks like from outer space plus the white dots and 2 swirl buns make this hairstyle look like our own universe. However, if you want to try a new fun hairdo, then this one is worth considering.

Cool Unicorn Colors in Ponytails

With outstanding and stunning unicorn colors, the ponytail does a great job in showcasing the beautiful shades of her hair.

Soft Mermaid Styles

Braids and shades that match the calm sea and corals, this hairstyle is the perfect mermaid style that you will surely need to try for the next event.

Dark Bron Hair and Rainbows

Brunettes perfectly compliment the different colors of the rainbow just like this one. Actually, this hairstyle is very popular among teenagers.

Fiery Reds

A black natural hair on top and a hot red color at the lower half with the perfect braid style like this will make your hair look like it’s on fire and make you hotter and awesome.

Pastel Colors with Several Twists

Braids are the perfect styling to show off the blending of rainbow-colored hair. This hairstyle amazingly showcases the pastel colors and mix them together using various braid styles that you will surely want to try.

Bright Highlights

Don’t know what to do with your long natural black hair? Then having this hairstyle is a great idea.

Cirque Shades

Clowns love to splatter their face with different colors. Now if you admire their boldness and edgy nature, then try these bright shades that will make everyone stop and take a moment to be amazed by your hair.

These 102 rainbow-colored hairdos will definitely inspire you to try one for a more amazing and bolder hair color you will love.


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