86 Striking Red Hair Colors You Will Be Dying to Try

If a change is what you are looking for, then you might just want to try a beautiful shade of red. If we are honest, there is really no better shade or one that is more eye-catching than red. There are so many different shades to choose from. You can try an auburn, copper, fashion red or even a maroon. There are really a ton of options to choose from and we are going to show them to you. Redheads are always turning heads wherever they go because they are as special as unicorns. People love redheads! The life if a redhead is always a mysterious one. People love them because they are known to be wild and uninhibited and isn’t that the kind of look you are going for?

These colors are bold and bright. There are many great colors for any age and there are also many great options for different skin tones. A lot of redheads have a fair skin tone, but you don’t have to have fair skin in order to be a redhead. Check out these 86 Striking Red Hair Colors You Will Be Dying to Try:

  1. Red Braids

These braids are certainly eye-catching and it’s because of the fashion red that she is using in her hair.

red hair

2. Dark Red

This is a great looking red that you are sure to love.

3. Fashion Reds

If you are looking for a bold red, then you are sure to love this fire engine color.

4. Pretty Reds

This is a stunning shade of red that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

5. Bold Choices

This is one of the best fashion reds that we have ever seen. It’s somewhere in between a pink and red and it’s gorgeous.

6. Dreadlock Styles

A great look for the edgy girl out there that wants a unique style. It’s an auburn red that has a rusty look to it.

7. Deep Reds

This red is blended in with some natural shades. It’s a great style that is truly stunning.

8. Short Styles

A great style like this is truly stunning and it’s the perfect full color that you can use for a short style like this one.

9. Copper Looks

This fashion style is eye-catching with a bright shade of copper that you are sure to love.

10. Shocking Reds

If you like dramatic reds, then you are sure to love this deep red shade. You are sure to get a ton of compliments with a look like this one.

11. Elegant Styles

Copper is known as a more elegant shade, a style that you can rock out and have a unique look.

Reds That Are the Most Striking

There are ways that can help you choose the red that is best for you. If you already have blonde hair or a shade that is close to it, then you could try one of the lighter reds because you won’t have to bleach your hair out as much. Fashion colors are super popular right now and they are perfect for blondes. If you like unique styles, then the bright colors are perfect for you. Copper is a little more elegant for those that are looking for a classy look. Copper is a great shade that will make your eyes pop and will warm up your features.

If you have dark hair or a medium shade, then a plum, maroon or dark red styles would be a great look for you. They will also go great with your skin tone.

12. Dark Reds

If you have naturally dark hair, then this shade of red is the best one for you.

13. Bright Reds

If you love that bombshell look, then you are going to want to try a bright red like this. It’s the kind of red that will make you the star of any party that you go to.

14. Dramatic Reds

Reds are already a dramatic look, but this style is bright and eye-catching.

15. Orange Reds

If you want a dramatic red, then the fashion styles are the best way to go. There are a ton of colors to choose from including this orangey-red style.

16. Stunning Styles

This gorgeous style is another fashion red and one that is smoking hot.

17. Deep Red Styles

Another dark red that has a beautiful tone. If you have dark hair, then you are sure to love this color.

18. Cool Coppers

A great style like this has a darker shade of copper. Rihanna loves redhead styles and this is just one of many styles that she has tried out.

19. Singer Styles

This is a better example of the previous shade that Rihanna is wearing. Her hair is down here, so you get a better look at the shade of red.

20. Copper Styles

Copper is such a cool color to try out because it completely warms up your face and it’s also an unusual color.

21. Bold Reds

Another great red that is eye-catching and cool. This deep red really makes her eyes pop.

22. Bright Reds

A shocking shade of fashion red that is bold and bright.

Reds Require Constant Maintenance

Colors like this are going to require some maintenance than a natural shade would. Because your hair has been bleached to take those colors, it also is hard for the bleached hair to hold on to those colors. There are some simple things that you can do to maintain your red hair.

  • Wash your hair in cold water every single time.
  • Even before you dye your hair get into the practice of using ingredients like coconut oil and moisturizing hair masks to take care of your hair. You should definitely be doing this once your hair has been dyed.
  • Use shampoos that are recommended by your hair stylist. Once you start dyeing your hair fashion shades, you should not be using drug store shampoos especially anything that has sulfate in it because it strips the oils from your hair.
  • You can continually refresh your color by adding some semi-permanent red dye to your conditioner. It will allow you to freshen up your color every time that you wash your hair.

23. Natural Looks

If you want a red that looks a little more natural, then try out this copper shade.

24. Hot Shades

You are sure to draw the eye wherever you go with a hot shade of red like this one.

25. Deeper Styles

A great style like this has a deeply beautiful red.

26. Hot and Bright

A cool style like this is bound to be eye-catching because it’s insanely bright and beautiful.

27. Bold Shades

A look like this is bright but also dark. It’s a stunning look that you are sure to love this year.

28. Shocking Styles

This gorgeous red is breathtaking. It makes her eyes pop and it goes beautifully with her pale complexion. If you have a cool skin tone, then you should try this amazing red shade.

29. Edgy Styles

An edgy red that is bright and goes very well with her choppy bob.

30. Many Reds

Here we have four very different shades of red. They are all unique and they are all beautiful choices.

31. Celebrity Styles

As we said before, Rihanna loves being a redhead and she has used many different shades.

32. Dark Auburn

If you like the warmth that comes with the burnt or rusted reds, then the Auburn shades are great choices for you.

33. Sweet Styles

This full color is bright and wonderful for anyone that wants to make a bold statement.

34. Plum Styles

This is one of the plum colors that go so well with dark hair.

35. Amazing Reds

A stunning red that is sure to take your breath away.

36. Bright Plums

This is a bright style that will brighten up even more if you happen to be out in the sun.

37. Shockingly Bright

If you want a look that is bold and is sure to draw attention your way, then you must try this style out. It has copper reds in it with a mix of neon shades.

38. Neon Reds

This red is so light and bright that it almost looks pink.

39. Brightening Styles

This short style looks amazing in this shade of red.

40. Bold and Beautiful

She has a ton of thick, long hair and it’s in the most beautiful shade of red.

41. Bright Styling

These are relatively the same shade of red, but they are just styled differently.

42. Fashion Red Styles

Refreshing Your Red

The best way to refresh your color in between salon visits is to buy a red shampoo or to get some semi-permanent hair color and add it into your hair before you shower to brighten your style up again.

43. Hot Plum

Plum is an amazing shade of red especially if your hair is naturally dark. This bright shade makes her eyes pop.

44. Stunning Ombre

It starts off dark but then it lightens into a bright red. There are also different highlights throughout.

45. Bright Braids

A stunning shade of red that looks amazing in braids.

46. Amazing Red Styles

A great shade of copper that is sure to steal the show.

47. Deep Fashion Reds

Redheads probably have more fun than blondes, just keep that in mind!

48. Light Reds

A great style like this has a light red shade that is sure to catch the eye.

49. Hot Reds

Fashion shades are great for kids and they do come in semi-permanent colors. But unless you child has white blonde hair, the only way to get it this color is by bleaching it.

50. Natural Reds

In order to get a natural looking red like this one, there has to be some brown added to the color.

51. Cool Reds

Another deep red that is show-stopping.

52. Cool Curls

Curls are always the best way to show off cool colors.

53. Ombre Reds

The top has a dark red and it melts into a bright red shade.

54. Hot Coppers

A great color like this is unique and hot.


55. Elegant Styles

This is a beautiful shade of copper that is elegant and classy. We can see here how it just warms up her complexion.

56. Darkening Designs

Another great shade of copper but this one is darker.

57. Hot and Dark

You are sure to be the hit of any party if you show up with a red as amazing as this one.


58. Stylish Looks

A deep red that looks great with most complexions.

59. Sunset Styles

Talk about a unique style. You can have the sunset right in your hairstyles. There are many different reds here and one melts into the next one to create a style that looks like a sunset.

60. Twisty Braids

A stunning shade of plum that looks amazing with twisty braids.

61. Devine Reds

A great red like this is breathtaking and amazing. If you want a bright style, then this red is the one for you.

62. Hot New Styles

This is a bright and hot fashion red that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

63. Natural Looks

This could likely be the girl’s natural hair color, but it can be copied in a salon if you want something that looks more natural.

64. Auburn Styles

Katy Perry looks amazing as a redhead and she is pulling off this auburn look really well.

65. Lighter Reds

This is a really light shade of red and one that you can try out this year.

66. Dramatic Reds

How could you not love a red that is deep and mysterious as this one? We love it!

67. Faded Looks

Although this is a nice look, it’s likely a faded shade of red.

68. Sexy Style

She looks so sexy with this bob and the color of red makes the look even better. It’s a perfect look for someone who likes an edgy look.

69. Deep Coppers

This is a stunning shade of copper and it’s sure to make you feel like a goddess.

70. Hot Red Styling

Another edgy style that has a bold and hot color mixed with a shaved style.

71. Cool Styling

This is a great style that has a deep red and it makes her skin stand out and her eyes pop. It’s an incredible look that any girl would love.

72. Sweet Reds

This is a gorgeous ombre that starts off almost black and goes into a beautiful red. It’s an elegant style that is sure to draw the eye.

73. Breathtaking Reds

You will feel like a redheaded goddess in a style like this one. We love how glossy her hair is; it’s obvious that she takes very good care of her hair.

74. Hot and Bold

This is a rockstar red and it’s so pretty that it takes our breath away. You are sure to get compliments wherever you go with this awesome color.

75. Simple Reds

Another gorgeous and eye-catching red that you are sure to love.

76. Gorgeous Auburn

This stunning auburn brightens up her face filling it with warmth. It’s a bold color that is sure to turn heads at your next party.

77. Glamorous Styles

This is a very glamorous cut and color. You are sure to be the life of the party with a look like this.

78. Lovely Redheads

There are so many options out there for you to choose from. Find a red that really suits your personality.

79. Different Reds

There are bright reds and naturally reds, it all depends on the look that you are going for.

80. Fun Styles

These are two coppers; one is lighter than the other one. If you want a more natural style, then these are great options.

81. Multiple Colors

This cool look has a few different shades of red in it which gives it some definition.

82. A Touch of Red

This is a very natural look and it’s mostly made up of browns. There is a hint of red to it which makes it a redhead style, just a very natural one.

83. Hot and Neon

You probably won’t find a brighter red than this one. It’s a gorgeous color, but not everyone can pull off a shade of red like this one. You have to have the right complexion otherwise the color will wash out your face entirely. You want a look that makes your complexion pop, not one that washes it out.

84. Cool Plum Styles

We have two plum styles here and one is darker than the other. These are bold choices and they would be perfect options for someone who already has dark hair.

85. Fresh Red Styles

If you are looking for a bold and edgy look, then this is the one for you. It’s bright and it will be so eye-catching when you are out in the sun. Try it out and see for yourself.

86. Glistening Red

Wow, talk about amazing shine. She must have the healthiest hair on the planet to have shine like that.


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